Kensington HPP Windows Reviews

Kensington windows reviews

Update:  The friendly folks at Kensington HPP have reached out to us with some new info about their company and it’s relationship to another company formerly known as Kensington Windows.  This post is an update to an earlier post I wrote about Kensington.  Everything you’ll read in this post is accurate as far as I know based on my conversations with the folks at Kensington HPP.

So, with that said, if a google search for Kensington Windows lead you to this page you’ll fall into one of two camps.

If you have Kensington Windows in your house and you’re looking for warranty or service information:

You’ll want to pay close attention to when the windows were manufactured.  There was another company, legally unrelated to the current company, that went out of business in 2008.  They don’t exist anymore and if you have warranty issue you’re likely out of luck.

If your windows were manufactured after that you’re likely in luck and you can contact Kensington HPP or the contractor that installed them for service issues.

If you’re shopping for new windows and a contractor recommended windows from Kensington HPP then you’re in better shape.  Here’s the scoop on that company.  

After the old Kensington Windows company went out of business in 2008 and the assets of that company and another window manufacturer called Republic Windows in Chicago were purchased by Serious Materials out of California in 2009.  They were trying to get into the window business on the cheap during the financial crisis.

I remember reading an article about their maneuvers with the financing and the unions back then thinking they sounded like a smart group of people.  Unfortunately that plan didn’t work out so well and Serious left the window business in 2013.

A group of the former executives from the old Kensington Windows got together and reopened a new company called Kensington HPP that now offers windows in most of the eastern half of the country.  If you’re wondering Kensington HPP stands for High Performance Products.

They took over operations from Serious in 2013 so they’re been around in their current form for 4 years or so as of this writing.  That certainly doesn’t make them the lowest tenured company around, but we all started out somewhere.  My company is about to turn 10 years old and when we had only been in business for 4 years we still offered great service.

The models offered by Kensington HPP are:

  • Quantum 2
  • Huntington
  • Williamsport
  • Kingston
  • Euro Tilt and Turn

At this point I don’t have enough info about their products to offer great reviews, but if they send the info I’ll be happy to publish more content.

They are also the only vinyl window manufacturer in the country that uses heat mirror technology.  This is a 3 pane sealed unit with the center pane being a plastic material instead of glass.  I’ve heard of some rather high prices for Heat Mirror products.  To decide if it’s right for you be sure to get past the sales jargon and compare the efficiency ratings vs the cost.  You should be able to tell rather easily if the increase in efficiency is worth the increase in cost.

If I hear about any new info from the folks at Kensington HPP I’ll be happy to post it and if you have any experience with their company or their products feel free to post a comment for everyone to see.

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6 thoughts on “Kensington HPP Windows Reviews”

  1. Any new info on Kensington Hpp? We are considering them for replacement of 39 windows on a farm house that we are purchasing next month.

  2. I’m also looking to replace some windows and found local window dealer Premier in Lincoln, NE offers Kensington HPP windows with the Southwall Heat Mirror glass. They tout that all of the windows in the Empire State Building were replaced with them for their efficiency. I’ll need to get to the showroom to get any idea of quality and pricing.

    1. I’ve had customers send me copies of their NFRC stickers showing the ratings because I wanted to verify their claims. For example, I heard from someone who said the salesman claimed he’d get a 0.11 U-Factor which isn’t likely. I asked him to send in a picture of the sticker when the windows came in and it was 0.17. Now that’s still perfectly good, but lots of companies offer options in the 0.17-0.19 range so it’s not the super duper deal that the salesperson may make it appear to be.

      They certainly did a great sales job putting them in the Empire State Building and I do give them credit for that. The overall ratings are perfectly good, but you can get similar ratings from other companies as well.

      Let us know how it goes.

      1. Just an FYI, Kensington did not put windows in the Empire State Building. They do a great marketing job, their website’s home page states, “The Home of the only vinyl window manufactured in America with Heat Mirror glass technology.” Then when you read their story on the Empire State Building, the first line says, “Replacing the 6,514 windows in the Empire State Building with high-performance glass was estimated to cut the building’s energy costs by more than $400,000 per year.” First thought is, they state replacing the 6514 windows and they are the only manufacture in the US. The Empire State Building ended up using the original glass packs in their current windows and remanufactured them onsite to include the heat mirror technology. Not taking anything away from Kensington HPP or Heat Mirror, but it is definitely a marketing spin they use to their advantage.

        1. Yes, I always thought that was great marketing too. I believe they were owned by a company out in California for a little while and they did a great job of making it sound sexy. I don’t think you see much of a difference in efficiency ratings from regular triple pane glass, but they can make heat mirror sound pretty exciting.

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