The Large Order Discount and Other Tricks

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This one made us chuckle.  It’s a combination of the “you’re getting a special deal” and the “you need to order right now to save”.  That combination is a bit of a work of art in the sales business and can be a pretty deadly combination.  We wouldn’t be surprised if this one was more successful than we know.  Here’s how it works:

You’re getting a free quote to replace the windows in your home.  When the salesperson is presenting the prices and going through all of the discounts and promotions you tell him you want to get a couple of quotes to compare.

Of course he knows that if you get other quotes you’ll see that his “special” deal is not very good at all.  What does he do?  He’ll tell you that another customer of his just placed a very large order.  Maybe it was 200 windows for an apartment building.  It just so happens that they will be placing that order tomorrow and if you act now he can put your windows on that same order which will qualify you for a volume discount.  You’ll get pricing as if you ordered 200+ windows, but you’re really only ordering 10 windows.  That sounds like a pretty fantastic deal right?  Except it’s completely not true.

Years ago I worked in one of the largest replacement window plants on the east coast.  We produced around 4,000 replacement windows per day.  That’s 20,000 windows per week, 80,000 windows per month, you get the idea.  Based on that scale, even if there really was another order from this local company (which there certainly isn’t), the plant doesn’t offer a volume discount.  Even if the plant did offer a volume discount it would be something like $10 per window, or $100 total for your 10 window project.

Once you get an idea of the scale involved in manufacturing this trick seems sillier and sillier, but most folks have no idea.

The thought of getting your windows at a special discount just because you had the good fortune to get a quote on the same day as they were going to enter a large order is just too much for some folks to resist.  Of course the discount offered is likely thousands of dollars which is necessary to get you to make a rash decision.

You can be sure that the salespeople sign up customers using this tactic all the time.  They then meet up with each other a joke about the sales they made that day.  You don’t want to be one of the people they’re joking about.

Find more info on replacement window sales tactics here and you can find our thoughts on using Angie’s List to find a reputable local contractor right here.

Have fun!

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2 thoughts on “The Large Order Discount and Other Tricks”

  1. You can absolutely get a large window order discount from the manufacturer. Milgard offers great discounts on order for 50+ windows and fantastic deals if you order 100+. You have to talk to the account manager and they can take care of this. Other companies like Anlin, Simonton, and PlyGem offer similar discounts! But I see your point that it could manipulate someone to buy from an unethical company. Our company offers these discounts all the time. Hope this helps!

    1. Well, maybe it depends on the pricing you already have. If they’re offering you a discount on a 50 window order I would bet you could get better everyday pricing. Maybe we’ll offer a service to help window installation companies negotiate with manufacturers…

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