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Find our Mi windows FAQ below. Here we’ll look at all of the common questions we get about Mi windows. If you have a question that isn’t answered we invite you to post a comment at the bottom to ask your question. We read all of the comments and will be happy to answer your question for everyone to see.

Are Mi windows good?

No. Mi windows makes lower end vinyl windows that are not very nice. They don’t make excuses for that as their goal is to produce cheap windows. They succeed. These windows might make sense for a lower end rental house or a flip house but they would not be recommended for a house you’ll be living in or any nicer house at all. Find better window options here.

What are Mi windows made of?

Mi windows are vinyl windows. Some vinyl windows can be very nice and very energy efficient. That is not the case with Mi windows. These windows are not as efficient as other options and they’ll have higher (worse) air infiltration rates than many other options too. In general Mi windows are not recommended for most projects.

Does Mi windows make windows for Window World?

Yes. Window World offers windows from Mi windows in at least some markets. Historically Window World has been focused on offering the cheapest possible options and Mi windows is a good fit for that business model. Mi windows makes cheap windows that are not nearly as nice as windows you’ll see from other manufacturers. If your goal is a quality project that will last a very long time and windows that will perform very well you’ll probably want to look for a different option.

Are Mi windows cheap?

Yes. Mi windows will be some of the cheapest windows in the market. That’s typically not a great thing for most customers as you usually don’t want the cheapest possible product installed in your home.

The windows will be in the house for decades so it’s always our recommendation to look for a nicer solution. You’ll be dealing with the windows long after you’ve forgotten the cost so buying the cheapest possible windows is usually not the best idea. Find more info on the cost of windows in 2022 here.

Is the Mi windows warranty any good?

Not really. The windows from Mi windows are lower end windows so they’re not expected to hold up as well as a nicer choice. The warranty for Mi windows is not the best warranty you’ll find in the market and we’d suggest looking at another option so you’ll at least be able to understand the differences.

Are Mi windows considered low-end?

Yes. Mi windows makes lower end windows that are definitely not as nice as other options you’ll find in the market. Mi windows generally are priced lower than other options too so you can decide if the cost savings is worth the reduction in quality. In general we’ll recommend looking for a nicer window option because the windows will be in the house for a very long time.

Why would someone buy Mi windows?

They’re cheap. That’s really the only reason anyone would buy Mi windows. They just don’t make the nicest windows in the world and we recommend looking for a nicer option. I know the low price can be attractive but the windows will be in the house for decades. It’s always our recommendation to look for a nicer option that will hold up better and will be more efficient.

Does Mi windows own Sunrise windows?

Yes. Mi windows purchased Sunrise windows. This was an interesting development as Sunrise was generally more focused on quality and Mi was historically more focused on being cheap. It’s possible that they’re going to use Sunrise to try to capture more of the higher end window market. It’s also possible that they’re going to try to cut costs in the Sunrise window manufacturing which might make Sunrise windows a little less nice. Only time will tell.

How long does it take to get Mi windows?

Most Mi windows are custom made so it will take a little while for them to be ready to install. The exact lead time will depend on the options you pick and the demand at that time. We would expect to see Mi windows in 3-4 weeks after you placed the order. Be sure to ask your dealer or installer about the current lead-time when you place your order.

Where are Mi windows made?

Most Mi windows are made in Pennsylvania. Mi operates several manufacturing facilities to produce custom windows for the new construction and replacement window markets.

Do you have a question about Mi windows that was not answered? 

Post a comment below to let us know. We’ll add your question to the list so everyone has more info. If you think we’re wrong about anything post that too and we’ll be happy to address your concern.

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Happy window shopping!

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