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You may find that there aren’t too many Sunrise windows reviews online.  This is because their distribution tends to be very limited.  They offer three main window lines, Essentials, Vangard and Restorations.  These lines are often only sold to one company in each market so there is little to no competition.

Is this strategy beneficial to the customer?  Well, maybe.  The goal of a distribution strategy like this is to help dealers maintain their margins.  A local dealer that makes a decent profit will be available to help the customer and they’re likely to be around for years to come which is also beneficial to the end user.

best replacement windows of 2015

The downside is that you typically don’t get the best prices and if the local dealer in your area isn’t great you don’t have any other options to get that model.

The number one thing you should avoid doing when shopping for replacement windows is falling in love with a window model before you know if they’re offered by a great company in your area.

We did also recently complete a post about Sunrise window complaints.  Find it here for more info. 

Reviews of Sunrise window models:

One thing windows from Sunrise tend to have in common is they all use the upgraded block and tackle balance system.  This mechanism is typically present in higher end windows and it’s the same basic mechanism that you’ll find in windows from Okna, Preservation, Revere, Thompson Creek and others.

These also tend to have relatively high VT ratings meaning they let in more light than some other vinyl replacement windows.  This is due to their thinner frame construction and it’s a feature that we really like.

As you’re considering Sunrise replacement windows please keep in mind our list of common window sales tactics.  We hear from folks all the time that some Sunrise window dealers can be very pushy using several of these old fashioned tricks.  Make sure you know what you’re getting into.

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What if I have more questions about Sunrise windows?

We can help!  Find our Sunrise windows FAQ page here.  If you don’t see the answer to your question post a comment and we’ll answer your question for everyone to see.

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How can I find a great window company to work with?

That part is easy.  Check this section to find our recommended window companies all over the country including my company.  I’m sure you’ll appreciate the difference. Enjoy!

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349 thoughts on “Sunrise Windows Reviews”

  1. Am considering Sunrise or OKNA because the thinner frame is more attractive than some, but am concerned that this may present a strength or sagging issue on my south facing, 43×60 double hungs. Any comments you have on 1) strength and durability of modern vinyl and 2) your opinion on whether vinyl expands and contracts enough to put stress on the seal (as some manufacturers would lead you to believe) would be appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Modern vinyl windows have more strength than you’ll ever need. The idea that vinyl windows don’t hold up is silly. It’s a notion that is often spread by salespeople selling other types of windows. I wouldn’t worry about it at all and I would be suspect of anyone who made a big deal about it. Just make sure you have a nice long warranty. That tells you how long the manufacturer expects the products to hold up.

      1. I need to caution you. Yes Sunrise makes some great windows and my company has installed them for years. The major difference between Sunrise and their Verde line and the Restorations model is. The Restoration Line is reinforced with fiberglass and has more insulation fill in frame and sashes. Because of the slim line design the non reinforced sashes on the lower lines in larger window can bow and warp.

        1. The integrity of the window must be matched with a quality installation. A strong vinyl window like The Restoration will not bow or warp when properly installed.

        2. We have installed scores of Sunrise windows, including Restorations and we have had many, many issues with warping and bowing. Our installers have been in the business for years and do excellent work. We haven’t had issues like this with any other brand. And Sunrise does not offer service on their products or honor their warranty. You are totally screwed if you have issues with their products. You won’t get anywhere with their customer service reps.

          1. I haven’t heard much negative feedback about Sunrise and I know several of the executives over there. Have you contacted anyone further up the food chain to see if they can help out?

          2. We’ve been in touch with Michael Vick over a period of several months. We were even given a delivery date when our distributor was supposed to have our replacements, but that day came and went weeks ago. Our distributor knows nothing. He won’t get back to us and another girl we spoke to at Sunrise won’t get back to us. The customer whose having issues with their windows has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars with our company and we look like idiots because we haven’t been able to solve their problems in a timely manner.

          3. This response is shocking to me and unfortunate as I am a Sunrise dealer and have been for years and there quality is exceptional. If we ever had any issues our rep Ken Hasse has always taken care of the problem no questions asked. We also offer Simonton Windows and we always offer the Sunrise product as the upgraded product line. We have 1000’s of happy customers thanks to the Quality of Sunrise.

          4. I like the folks at Sunrise too so I was surprised to hear that as well.

          5. Um, sorry, but I’m calling BS on “Katie’s” review. We’ve been using Sunrise for 20 years and have never, ever had an issue with bowing or flexing. Any time we have had an issue with service, they have always honored it. The Restorations even includes glass and screen breakage for life and they’ve never even hassled us for replacement parts, sashes or entire frames. Also, knowing other Sunrise dealers in our very large metro area, they have never made a complaint about Sunrise.

          6. Hi JB, I know the founder of Sunrise and I agree that they seem to be very reputable people. Anything can fail, and it may be a particular dealer she’s having a hard time with. We also know that there are always 2 sides to a complaint like that.

          7. JB,
            I’d be happy to send you pictures of the bowed sashes so you know it’s not BS. =)

            And to update this review for anyone shopping for Restorations, we finally did get replacement sashes from Sunrise after months of back-and-forth with Sunrise representatives. The hold up was on their end, not our dealer. To clear up any confusion, its the Restoration line we have had trouble. The Essential jobs we have done haven’t had any issues.

            And believe me, we were really sad to have these problems. We enjoyed selling their products.

          8. Unfortunately I agree. Since Sunrise does not install or sell their product to the consumer, if you have any problems, they point the finger to the installer/seller and installer/seller then points the finger at Sunrise and the consumer/purchaser is stuck with problem windows. I regret that I paid good money to have Sunrise windows installed in my home. Not satisfied.

          9. Hi Kris, sorry to hear about your trouble. I do think Sunrise generally makes a perfectly decent product, but the finger pointing between the manufacturer and installer can make solving a problem difficult.

            What is the installer saying? Generally the company you bought the windows from would be the first place to start getting any issue resolved.

          10. Unfortunately I would echo Katie’s opinion regarding Sunrise warranty support. Our company installed several windows in a large house. When we had issues with the window, I contacted the local rep, he eventually kicked it to the inhouse warranty department. They sent multiple suggestions to remedy the problems, but none worked. After nearly 18 months I told the homeowner to contact a lawyer and take legal action. After the attorney was involved, Sunrise came correct and sent us replacement windows.

          11. Sunrise has been a main window vendor of mine since 1996. I have had very minimal issues, and when I have had issues we never had any resistance on fixing the problem in a timely manner. Alway very responsive from reps in the field.
            Oh and they have best truck drivers too!

          12. We had Restorations installed in early 2020. I immediately noticed condensation on the windows. I was told it is because the new windows seal better than the old. They told my I was running the humidifier too high. I bought a couple of hygrometers; the humidity was 39%. We had a bitter cold snap in the spring with strong north winds which caused ice to form on the windows in the bedroom on the north side. I sent photos of the ice to the installer. The installer and Michael Vick both came to the house and they eventually installed new sashes with upgraded glass in the bedroom windows. Winter of 2021, more ice on the bedroom windows. I sent pictures to the installer. They eventually said they were working on a solution and that Sunrise “was being no help”. The installer’s service rep said he could see a small gap on the corners where the sashes meet. Their solution was to install some small pads in the corners between the sashes. Winter of 2022, more ice, more pictures and I even called their office. Haven’t heard anything from them. I solved the problem of excessive condensation on one of the windows by taping plastic sheeting over one of the windows on the outside. The Restorations windows are junk in my opinion. I would have been better off installing old-school aluminum storm windows.

          13. I’m calling BS on Katie also. Been using Sunrise for 18 years and the failure rate is almost non existent. We sell thousands of them each year. We don’t have have issues getting warranty service when needed.

          14. I have absolutely nothing to gain by stating my negative experience with Sunrise, so screw you Kurt Deegan. If this site allowed me to post photos, I have SEVERAL I could post that all have the same defect. I CURRENTLY have another warranty replacement on the way for a Sunrise Restoration. I really don’t care if you lucked out and haven’t had issues. We have had nothing but problems.

      2. Hello
        I am looking at the sunrise restoration for $10,158 and the soft light elements for $7700
        I have 11 double hung windows and one sliding window
        Is it worth the extra money for the sunrise windows

        1. It may depend on what options they’re including. Did the salesperson tell you why the Sunrise option was worth $2500 more?

      3. Design Pressure rating is very real and someone who tells you not to worry about the structural integrity of a frame obviously has never installed a window. Is the frame hollow? Is it foam filled? Is the foam placed in the frame? Are the sashes reinforced? Makes a big difference. I’ve seen windows smile at me after installation because of a weak sash, and those were the ever popular rated windows. So you loose a 1/2” of light around the frame. You’ll be happier with a window that functions properly.

        1. Nobody is saying don’t worry about ratings. What I do tend to say is that it’s not a smart move to get distracted by qualitative aspects like that. Does foam in the frame make a window any stronger? If it did you’d see that in the DP rating. If you don’t see a change in the rating then it has no effect. It’s very common for folks to get distracted by the feature and not the benefit. If it doesn’t have a benefit then it’s not really a feature at all.

          We’ll have a new video about that very topic coming up soon on your YouTube channel. The new video series is going to be fun!

      4. I am considering either Polaris Thermalweld, Sunrise restorations, or Soft Lite Imperial LS. 12 Double hungs to replace..Polaris is $5,800, Sunrise and Soft Lite are $8,000 to replace. I know the Sunrise and Softlite seem to be better windows but I am trying to justify spending more if the Thermalweld are comparable. I also would like to get them in a black exterior which will cost more but if concerns with color fading etc is warranted? The Polaris black windows are $1,500 more. Any thoughts?

  2. what is the “block and tackle balance system”? would sunrise be comparable to okna, but without the small company issues? higher VT than okna?

    1. It’s an upgraded balance mechanism that lasts longer than the cheaper constant force or coil system. It also operates much more smoothly and feels a little nicer. It’s used in most (but not all) higher end windows. It’s not necessarily a deal breaker, but it’s a sign that the company is making the effort to produce a nicer product.

  3. We got Sunrise Restorations with the Omega12 glass system installed about a month ago. We absolutely love them! I will be interested to see how they perform this winter, but so far we have noticed a big difference in the heat that the windows allow in. The house stays cool much longer now, as you can’t feel heat streaming in through the glass like you could with the old windows.

      1. I know I am responding to a comment that is a few months old. I just finished a three year project of getting Sunrise standard windows in my home. I opted for the Main Core (extra foam fill) and got triple pane units. All of my windows are double hung and horizontal sliders. I love them. The windows I had installed prior to the cold snap of -30F with 30 mph winds made a huge difference. They cut out road noise, do not leak air, are easy to operate, and they look nice.

        1. I just had triple pane put in. What a joke I hear the Highway ,people talking has they walk by they are very drafty! Very disappointed!!

      2. I been in my house for 28 years – original owner. I started with Norco Wood casement windows – Low-E with Argon that the builder installed (41 windows). Over the years many of their seals failed. I replaced 3 sides of the house windows with WeatherTight (Milwaukee) Restorations casements (Sunrise). These are Triple-glazed Low-e and Krypton gas filled casement windows. When it is 0 or -10 outside the original Norco casement windows have white ice that builds up on the bottom of the windows and up the sides a bit. The Sunrise triple-glazed casements have a little bit of moisture in the bottom corner of the glass – that’s it. I call them my super-windows. Going to replace 13 more of them soon. I have 2×6 wall construction and keep my house dry in winter – vented bathroom (shower) and vented kitchen stove.

        1. If condensation like that is a concern check out the condensation resistance rating of any option that you’re considering. Tripe pane windows will definitely have higher (better) condensation resistance ratings than double pane windows.

    1. I’m very glad to hear you love your Sunrise Windows with the Omega 12 glass system. I’m opting for the UltraPlus2 because I live in Maryland. What part of the country do you live in?

  4. I’ve read the Sunrise Essentials is for the budget concerned consumer. What are the differences between the Essentials and the higher end Sunrise offerings for a window construction/duribility perspective?

  5. My husband and I are currently meeting with installers (following your sage advice and finding a good installer first) but the one we like best so far offers Sunrise Vanguard and Revere Berkshire Elite. The price is great and both seem like great options. Is there any real advantage of one over the other?

    I am loving this website btw. I joined Angie’s List on your recommendation and I am glad I’m finding a good installer first. Reading about sales tactics have definitely helped me too!

    1. Glad you’re enjoying the Angie’s List subscription! We do think that’s a great place to start. I think both products can offer a good value. If the price, the options and the installers are similar you may have a tough choice to make. If any one of those factors push you one way or the other I’d go with it. You’ll be happy with either option.

      If anyone else is thinking about Angie’s List you can find discounted rates here.

        1. Nothing. I’m actually not a huge Angie’s List fan anymore. Since they got bought out a few years ago it’s really gone downhill. It’s a shame, they used to be such a great resource. Just about everyone I know in the industry feels the same way and a lot of people I know have reduced or eliminated their advertising with Angie’s List. Feels like they could have made so much more money doing things differently, but who knows. They didn’t ask for my advice.

          1. I agree with you – I used to be an Angie’s list fan, but now it is like all the other sites where they want you to leave your information so they can give it to companies and charge the company for a referral. I am glad I found your Windowdog site.

      1. Got some quotes:

        Durante Sunrise Restorations 11 DH windows installed. $9100 ( only good that day )

        Zen SofLite Nirvana 11 DH windows installed $6710
        No samples or showroom , wants me to order from brochure

        Durante bid seems high

        1. Lots of people are ordering online these days so that’s pretty common. Sounds like the Sunrise option was giving you the runaround so I’d probably skip that. They make fine windows, but I wouldn’t deal with the companies that try to pull the today only pricing. It’s not worth the headache.

  6. We are looking at replacement vinyl windows. We have narrowed our choices to Sunrise with the ultra-u plus glass system or Lindsay with the 366 LOE glass package. We are looking at casements. Any recommendations?

  7. We got the Sunrise Essentials a few months ago and the quality is simply outstanding. The narrow frame and the not overly detailed exterior are perfect. And tight they are!

    We added a couple options like fully insulated frames and laminated glass… We live on a busy street and these things are sound-killers! For sound, we were originally trying to find a double-pane unit with “dissimilar glass” (one pane being 50% thicker than the other pane) but no one could/would get it. Regular double-pane and triple-pane units are not necessarily good for sound, they sing (resonate) at road-noise frequencies.

    Happy happy

    1. Sunrise Essentials are not available in foam filled frames. The Sunrise window has insulation in one part of the frame and the Verde, Vangaurd, and Restoration models have the mainframe fully insulated. The essentials model does not have insulation. You can find out by remove one of the screws holding your window in. you will see no insulation.

    2. Very smart. I wish i had found this website before we purchased our windows – which we did after extensive research on Angie’s List.

      We did not realize the sound ramifications and went with all the options recommended for Sunrise Essentials by our installers. And…the noise is simply terrible. After a 20K+ investment in new windows, it is horrible to be unhappy – feeling like the peace and quiet of your home has been destroyed. If you live in a noisy city area, do NOT go with Sunrise without fully investigating the sound reduction needs.

      1. It definitely sucks to be unhappy with a major purchase like this. I feel for you. I am in the process of slowing doing my house. I opted to do my house over a period of years so that I could afford the options I really wanted to get. The only dealer in my city is known for quality work, and I have been happy with their work. However, they are a little on the expensive side for window installation. Anyway, I went with the standard Sunrise windows. All of my windows are triple pane and have a golden oak interior. I have a stucco house built in the 1950’s with a boiler heat system. I did do blown in fiberglass insulation to all of my walls and attic space a number of years ago. Most of my radiators are right below my windows. I thought it would be nice to have a warmer glass interior glass temperature to make my heating system more efficient which is why I opted for triple pane units (radiators no longer have to fight cool drafts coming from cold interior window panes). My windows really look nice (especially the double hung windows). I started my project last year with three large horizontal lift out sliding windows. I installed seven double hung units this year. I have four more double windows to do next year, and my house is finished. My windows have been in all kinds of weather from -20F to around 100F. They have performed flawlessly in all weather. I have not had any condensation, drafts, or other issues that are noticeable in the winter months. I also live on a fairly busy street, and my new windows substantially cut down on road noise.

        I definitely agree that a major purchase like this should be researched. I was in your boat to a smaller extent. I started my window project last year. I normally check my sills every spring. However, I forgot last year. I was cutting my grass one day in June, and I noticed some paint bubbling up on one of my window sills. I thought I was just going to have to paint my sills until I was able to easily poke my finger into the wood. I was worried my four windows on the west side of my house were letting water in every time it rained. I met with my current window installer and Window World. I gave the bid to the company that could get them done the fastest which was Window World as I really wanted to keep water from getting inside my wall. Window World windows (MI windows) suck. The only good thing I can say about them is that they keep the water from getting into my house. Those are the four windows I have yet to replace. I wish I could have done that purchase over. My current contractor gave me an estimate of about three months to do all my windows while Window World was closer to two months. My current contractor installed my three large sliders about three weeks before Window World came to my house. I definitely would gave done that one differently had I known who would have actually gotten to my house first.

  8. I was mistaken… (thank you for catching it)
    We got the “Sunrise” (standard) windows not the Essentials. The optional insulation is called Multi-Core, there is green insulation at the mounting screws.

  9. We live in Colorado and are looking at the Sunrise Latitude triple sliders (3) and double sliders (4) and one small casement. Since the Latitude model is relatively new I was wondering if any contractors, homeowners or the Windowdog had any dealings with this version of the Sunrise windows and in the slider form.

  10. We have narrowed our decision to the Sunrise Renovation Omega 12, Vytex Fortis, or Marvin Integrity. Any responses will be appreciated. Thank you. Nick

  11. Salesman sold me on 30 essentials for 18,000. Then I read essentials are low end, and not too buy. Salesman is with gobal home improvement. Now he wants to sell me a g-tech, a window made for gobal home improvement exclusively by sunrise. I saw it and then went to a sunrise dealer. And it does look the same. should I buy this window, he is offering same deal, but without the slider being included like it was before. Thanks Mike

  12. I received quotes for Sunrise and Okna 500 windows, Okna 500 being $300 cheaper. The salesperson told me that Sunrise uses Cardinal glass which is much better than Okna’s glass. Is that the case? Also, which is better Sunrise or Okna 500, if I am considering replacing two double hung windows with one slider (76 x 48)? Thanks, Natalie

    1. The glass is part of the pitch for Sunrise windows. When we were at their plant they give us the pitch as to why Cardinal glass is a great option and it did seem pretty reasonable. I don’t know that it would be worth $300 per window.

      There are only a small handful of glass manufacturers out there. Did the Okna salesperson say who is making their glass now?

      Likely it’s not a huge difference in quality, but seal failures in the insulted glass units have caused smaller manufacturers to go out of business in the past. It’s a big liability and the way Sunrise works with Cardinal does insulate them from that risk.

      If you’re unsure, I’d suggest asking the Okna salesperson about it and report back what he says. I think everyone would benefit from hearing about it.

  13. Both windows installed are comparable in price but both reps had poor comments to say about each others windows. Which window is a better. Sunrise Essentials vs. Milgard single hung?

  14. I’ve had a number of quotes now that cover the spectrum for 9 windows (approximate sizes and descriptions below) that I want to replace. The common pieces are: double panel, low E, argon, full frame replacement.

    I live in the Boston area, and plan to stay in this house for a while, so I want to get quality vinyl windows. My existing windows are old (1970s), and have seen better days. Any thoughts or feedback on choosing the right window and recommended installers is much appreciated.

    (1) Pella Impervia or 350 series $19K
    (2) Andersen composite $25K
    (3) Okna 500 $22K (pocket installation, not full frame)
    (4) Sunrise Vanguard $26K

    And the 9 windows I’m trying to replace:
    (1) Qty 1: 98″x53″: 5 panel casement (opens on the 2 ends, middle 3 are “picture”)
    (2) Qty 1: 40″x53″: 2 panel casement
    (3) Qty 1: 60″x53″: 3 panel casement (opens on the 2 ends, middle one is “picture”)
    (4) Qty 1: 25″x40.5″: Double hung
    (5) Qty 4: 40″x53″: Double hung
    (6) Qty 1: 40″x40.5″: 2 panel casement

    1. when you say “full frame replacement” are you basically saying you are buying everything that one would get with a new construction window? I thought there were two types, new construction and replacement. Your estimated seem extremely high for only 9 windows! I understand you are comparing good window lines but that still seems like an awful lot of money for windows! Are casements a lot more than double hung?

      1. Who did you use in MI? I am also considering a window project of a similar number of windows in the Detroit metro area. Would you recommend the installer?

      2. I would be interested to know where you purchased your windows. My understanding is there is only one model available per distributor.

      3. Vanguard windows from which distributor? I priced Sunrise and they said there is only one “model” to select from – I am in southeast Michigan . Seems like the reviews specify the various model option with the restoration being the best. I want to make sure I know what I’m getting. Thanks

        1. I realize this is an older post. Sunrise markets their windows in a weird way. At least in my area, one installer might be able to get lower end models (Essentials and Standard Sunrise) and another installer can sell upper tier models. In some other areas, an installer might be able to get any line.

          The rankings of window lines from worst to best is:
          1). Essentials (most say not to buy this line)
          2). Sunrise or Sunrise Classic
          3). Verde
          4). Vanguard
          5). Restorations

          All of lines very with what features they come with standard. Each subsequent line builds on the previous line.

    2. I’ve been rehabbing properties for 34 years, and you are a victim of predatory sales tactics. No replacement window should cost more than a thousand unless it’s on the space shuttle! There are companies out there that use terribly inflated prices they call “MSRP” then they offer all kinds of discounts and often even “call the boss” to reduce yhe price even more. You think you’re ggetting a great deal but you’re still paying WAY too much. Get many estimates and be sure to compare their starting price with their sale price. And if they’re over a grand for any double hung, show them the door.

      1. I generally agree with Phil’s comments as a owner of a retail window company for over 20 years. However price does depend on the product and options also. First, you need to distinguish between vinyl, fiberglass and wood clad windows as well as size and installation. Vinyl will nearly always be the least expensive, but when you add interior and exterior color and finishes to a large quality vinyl window, the price can exceed $1000.

        1. Please be careful about accusing people of “predatory Sales Practices”. If you read the description, the poster is claiming that he’s replacing nine (9) windows. However, he also states that one (1) of these windows is a five (5) panel casement. He says the 2 on the ends open and the other 3 are picture. This sounds like a bow window to me… With 2 operable and 3 fixed panels. Clearly, this is one (1) vinyl window that is going to be dramatically more than $1,000. And, not at all predatory.

  15. We have just had whole window replacement and patio door down to the rough openings. We chose Restorations triple pane which in our area were the most expensive vinyl, but felt the product was great! However, every window buy 2 have a flaw in the glass. Most have it in the same spot, three have at least 6-8 inch “lines” in between the glass. The company we went with has explained that the glass manufacturer (cardinal) is stating that there are “allowable” flaws, but they don’t agree. So we are waiting for our window company to see what can be done. We have a huge picture window which was too big they couldn’t get it in triple pane and it has at least three areas with flaws and the installing manager said, “you might just have to live with this because these are so difficult to replace.” If I’m paying top dollar is this acceptable? What if in a few years that flaw causes a seal to be broken? Your insight into how to navigate these negotiations would be appreciated.

    1. There are standards as to what is an acceptable flaw. My company will replace anything that you can see as it doesn’t cost us much and we want to make everyone happy. I can’t speak to how every other company would handle an issue like that. If you ask them they should provide you with a technical document that shows what is acceptable to them. There are engineers at the plant that have exact specs on EVERYTHING.

      The idea that an issue wouldn’t be fixed because the window is heavy seems strange.

      1. Thanks for your quick response. I should clarify…our picture window, due to size, was only available in double pane as the triple pane would be too heavy…not sure if this is correct? Reason they would be hesitant to replace the big picture window is that there is a large percentage of breakage due to the size and complexity of it all. However, not my problem. I wouldn’t have even written you with my doubts had they said like you noted that the customer’s satisfaction is paramount over flaws. When the first response is defensiveness it makes one (myself) become doubtful. I even mentioned that if there were a couple I would have probably overlooked it. Thank you for validating that I’m not making an unusual request for the windows to be replaced. I’m hoping the company will ease my concerns when they contact me and after all the appropriate personnel looks at everything. Our job has had numerous hiccups and the company has been very apologetic up until this point and very kind as to the difficulties we have had. Hopefully I will reply soon with a positive outcome. Thank you again for your insight and this is a great web-site to help home owners navigate through their “window” process.

  16. I am building a new house 2 blocks from the beach in So NJ. It is very windy here and I want to use a triple pain laminated windows that will keep the house very warm in winter and cool in summer. We will have a 28 ft wall of sliders so I want warmth. I have been looking at the Simonton 5500 replacement window. (to get the krypton gas, lamination and low e. I have to go with replacements) Also after reading your reviews, I would consider Sunrise Restoration. I also found a company in Chicago called which seems to have a good reputation and a lot of the options I’m looking for. Krypton, Low E, laminated for ocean communities. Quiet…
    Any comments or comparisons I should consider? I’ve looked for comparison but can’t find any for Lang.
    Thank you.

    1. Have you seen any actual info or test results that shows krypton reduces sound better than argon? It’s possible that it does, but I haven’t seen it.

      Someone asked about Lang windows a while back. I’m not too familiar with them. Perhaps someone else will chime in.

  17. Can you please comment on the quality of Sunrise Essentials window? Does it have as thin frame, nice appearance and good quality as other Sunrise lines? I understand that the performance is not as good as with other lines, but is there anything else to know?

  18. I live in elevation in Denver, CO. I have narrowed the vinyl window replacement options to
    Sunrise Vangard

    Are the better frame options on the Sunrise (insulated sash and block and tackle) a deciding factor versus the fact Amerimax manufactures the windows with argon at elevation? Prices are similar.

    1. I know the folks at Sunrise and I’m confident they wouldn’t ship the windows up there if they weren’t going to hold up. Good luck with your project and be sure to let us know how it goes!

      1. Hello My name is John and just getting into a window replacement project and finding so very confusing. Just talked with a dealer about Sunrise Restoration grade windows. Looking to replace 9 double hung , patio sliding door and also a front bay window. The product sounded like it was well built and has triple pane lowe glass. I have no idea how well they stack up against others and reading reviews for many brands you get some good and some bad. The lifetime warrenty sounds good. I live in NJ and this is a ranch house so work should not be too hard. My question is this a good company and reliable?? Are there better options. I did talk with Renewal by Anderson and they are quite expensive. Not sure they are any better than anyone else. Is there a good starting place to compare and do research for windows without getting overwhelmed?? Thanks in advance.

    2. Hi john,
      I have narrowed down my choices like to American with Conservation Builders and Sunrise Restoation. What did you choose?

    3. Every window is rated based on U-value, SHGC, visible light transmission, sound transmission (STC), and air infiltration. These ratings are a combination of the glass and the frame. Simple request these ratings from the salesperson for the window they are quoting to do a side by side comparison.

      With respect to the Amerimax being made at elevation with argon- Most companies have at least a 10 year warranty on the glass seal no matter where they are made. Also, most manufacturers build the IG’s with a breather tube which is closed off by the installer when the unit is installed. I would bet that Amerimax even installs breather tubes in their IG’s that are being built and sold in Colorado.

  19. We live in a Township in Ohio that is close to a hunting gun club that practices open shotgun shooting on a daily basis and the noise of gun shots is quit annoying. Also we have a major freeway bridge with heavy freight traffic 24/7 about 100 yards directly off the rear of our home as well as lots of direct sun during the day for appx. 5 hours in the summer. What would be a great recommendation of window and door slider to eliminate noise and heat during the year. We had Stanek windows at our old house and were quite pleased but they are currently out of business. We currently have builder grade Simonton now and are extremely disappointed. Problem is we dont think we will be in this house longer than 10 years due to our age bracket. We need professional and clear guidance could you please help and send your specific recommendations? Would be highly appreciated.


    2. Stanek is not out of business. They were bought by Great Daye Improvements (who also own Patio Enclosures) they still manufacture their own window.

      Most companies have laminated glass available, but it’ll cost you as that glass line has to be used in a heavier extrusion because of the weight.

  20. I’m moving into a high rise – 14th floor – it has the original (1979) 2 windows and 2 sliding glass doors. They are falling apart and you can also hear traffic from the street below. From what I’ve read so far I believe I would need laminated glass. Does that cause a large price increase? and Which of the Sunrise product would you recommend? I was told that the large sliding glass down would need to be a breakdown. Is that possible with Sunrise ? And do they offer (two tone) windows that have a brown exterior and white interior color. The HOA requires it to be brown on the exterior.
    I looked into Pella and they can do a break down and have two tone windows. I’ve just learned about Sunrise so know nothing about pricing and quality compared to Pella. I’m hoping to save some money and I’ve also heard that Pella has gone down in quality. I would really appreciate your advice. Thank you

    1. Sunrise can do two tone windows. I’ve been through their paint facility and it’s pretty neat. For the 14th floor you’ll need to check on the product requirements. You’ll see some pretty high winds up there and most residential windows won’t work.

      1. Does Sunrise warranty apply to an exterior brown window that has signs of fading? I have two or three patio sliders that are affected by strong sun. Then bottom of the sliders now show significant fading.
        Does the warranty protect me?

        1. Hi Patty, you have great timing. Our Sunrise window warranty review post should be online in the next few days. To avoid holding you in suspense, exterior colors have a 10 year warranty against fading in the Sunrise window warranty. How long ago were they installed?

  21. I just purchased 13 Sunrise Restorations casement windows (all are twin casements) to replace my original 1953 (yes, 1953!) steel casements. Largest window is 53″x50″ (quantity 3) and smallest is 36″x50″ (quantity 10). I also am getting STC 32 (soundproofed) double-pane glass with argon gas, Opti-View full screens, Omega 12 glass system and vinyl frames. I live in Dallas, TX and used Statewide Remodeling. After several concessions on the part of the very knowledgable salesman, the entire project came in at $20,500, including installation. They have a lifetime warranty that is transferable to the next new owner of the house, should I sell. In your opinion, did I get a good deal? I’m going through quite a case of sticker shock right now. Thanks!

      1. Thank you SO much for your guidance. I cancelled my contract with Statewide and went with Pella, saving around $6000.

    1. 20k for 13 windows is WAY too much money.

      What I find happening in this industry lately is a more than 300% Mark up on a window they buy or manufacture for 300 dollars or less.

      No one has that much overhead. If you’re buying a mid range standard double hung, you shouldn’t be paying any more than 500 dollars for install and materials.

      1. That window is an upscale product not mid range product mr. Know it all. Also 13 twin casements is more or less 26 windows in 13 openings. I get tired of reading post from cheap know it all people that have no clue what they are talking about.

        Thank you
        Window salesman

        1. We don’t need any name calling around here Mr Salesman. All of the readers on this site are trying to sort out a confusing industry to make sure they’re spending their hard earned money in a smart way. You’d probably benefit from trying to help them.

      2. 13for 13k better have an iron clad warranty and nfrc ratings above the best ever made.
        13 for $6500 or 500 each I would hope the company overhead is average. At minimum energy star approved. I would be skeptical to buy vinyl windows under $400 and I wouldn’t invest in vinyl over $650.

        The over price guys make us honest companies look good but the guys that give windows away with a high volume sales goal and low paid installers are what are really dragging the industry dow.

      3. We have 20 double hung windows we need replaced – plus kitchen window will be replaced with a garden window with casements on the side. Our quote was $17,900 for softlite top of the line triple pane windows – thoughts?? My house is from 1935…

  22. First off thanks for your suggestion to join Angie’s list for help in finding creditable contractors for window replacement.

    I have a rather large project where I have 25 windows that need full replacement based on the existing casing have wood rot, mold or other issues that require full replacement. I received a bid for Sunrise full replacement windows utilizing a combination of fixed encasements but mostly slider type Sunrise line windows. The quote has come in at $45,000. Based on the reviews I have read on your website, which I think is great, it appears that this manufacturer and the line of window with the same name has gotten mostly decent reviews. My questions to you are these:

    Being in MN would you suggest this manufacturer and window line or would there be an additional option I should consider?

    I know hiring a very good installer is very important to the success of a project like this. The one that I have quoting appears to be just that. My question is around warranting the install work. What would be the typical time period for the install warranty?

    Does $45,000 sound reasonable or is it way off the mark? I can send the quote if it helps.

    I appreciate your response and your work on the Window Dog website. It helps as a resource for novices in this space like me!

  23. We live in Northwest Ohio. WE have 10 replacement double hung vinyl windows in our home (from 1987) and noticed the seals are broken on some of the glass packs and a lot of condensation and water inside the panes. We don’t have a budget for 20,000 estimates, but still want to replace them with something we can afford, without wasting our money on junk. What would you do in this situation. Are we just needing to replace the “glass packs”, or “sashes”, I don’t know window terminology. Or do we need what is called replacement windows as a whole? We don’t have more than $8,000 to spend on these right now. What is the best route to go?

    1. You should be able to get 10 replacement windows installed for under $8,000 pretty easily. I can help with this program if you’d like, or I’d suggest checking out Angie’s List for a great local company. If you join up with Angie, use this link and promo code WINDOWDOG40 to save 40% off of an annual membership.

    2. Do the mechanics work and are the frame seals still good?

      If so, the cheapest way to go is having just the glass replaced. Clearview is a good manufacturer to go to.

      You should be able to get a decent mid range window installed for 500 or less.

    3. You can get 10 decent windows for no more than $5000 anything more you are getting socked with someone’s mortgage payment. That’s a good installer also. Most of the company’s really using Subcontractors so the install quality is falling on who is next in line to get the job. Find someone local that has their own installers. If you can’t go look at jobs this crew recently done there is an issue.

      1. For the most part you’re right, but there are reasonable exceptions to that line of thinking. For example, we installed windows in the Malaysian Embassy in DC a while back. They picked very fancy windows that cost several thousand dollars each. For them 10 windows cost many times that much. They got exactly the windows they wanted and they look beautiful.

        A 10 window project with regular vinyl windows can usually be done for less than $5k. You’re absolutely right about that.

      2. In my experience I have heard of but never been to a company that employed in house installers. I have evenworked for many companies that claimed to ONLY use in house installers. Me as the “to honest for my own good type” always told the truth when a client asked. But I follewed up with the fact that as a sub I maintained work comp, general liability and most of all my rep in the business and took pride in my work. The thing is you dont have to pay a sub untill the job is complete and approved where as an employee gets a check every week or you fire them. The PROBLEM is not how they hire but rather the lack of post job inspections done in the industry. If the uneducated customer is happy with the end result the inadequate installer keeps on installing

        1. You’re absolutely right that most companies pay their installers on 1099s and most of the companies who claim to have “their own” installers are lying. It’s a distinction that is only an issue because of salespeople.

  24. Love your dog, and thank you for all your feedback to people looking for help. Finding the right window and installer can be a nightmare and very time consuming.
    We are looking to replace 14 mostly sliding windows(Los Angeles area),no shading around the house, facing all 4 directions.
    Narrowed it down to Mezzo and Sunrise Vanguard, i would like your help on pricing(budget around 12k max).
    Can any contractor get the Sunrise windows or only through a local Sunrise dealer?
    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

  25. So I followed some forum input and got several quotes (two for Simonton 5500 double pane and one quote with the Sunrise Restoration triple pane).
    We liked what we heard from all of the installers and kind of liked them equally but probably liked Sunrise’s features and insulation, etc a bit more. Husband is saying they’re just windows.. Ugh…of course the Sunrise was $2000 more.
    Simonton for 10 windows (technically 12 as one window will be three and mulled into one) is just shy of $6000
    Sunrise is just over $8000.
    But again, that’s double pane vs triple pane.
    Have reviews and referrals as positive for both companies.
    Simonton’s installer has been great and informative and above and beyond providing us with research and numbers and input.
    Sunrise’s installer was informative as well, though a little pushy to make a decision on the spot and questioned why we couldn’t decide then and there. But I’ll chalk it up to being a sales person and wanting to close the deal. Not too bad (used to sales people).

    So, if both installers are equal, and we plan on staying in our home for many years to come (probably) (not a high end home by any means in my opinion), is it worth it to spend the extra $2000?

    That said, we’re not replacing all windows so that means down the road will have to choose this one again and pay more overall.

    See why we’re torn?

    1. I tend to like the Sunrise products a bit more, but the solution to your dilemma is easy. Just ask the Sunrise folks for a quote for double pane glass and let them know what you’re comparing it to. The double pane will be closer to the cost of the Simonton and then you can get the windows you want with less of an up-charge.

      1. The Sunrise rep initially told us that adding the triple pane was just about a $25 difference (from the double pane) so that would be about $300 total. We back to a busy street and get full sun exposure (all windows south facing) and get cold winters so thought triple pane would not be too excessive of an upgrade selection.

    2. I think you may have posted on another site as well, and I’d agree here with Window Dog that the Sunrise is probably a better model. The only additional thing that I’d mention is that depending on where you are located, the triple pane may be highly advisable both for your climate, and also to meet 2016 Energy Star requirements without a gimmicky glass coating. Sunrise is one of the manufacturers using a surface 4 low e coating to reach the .27 u factor required by Energy Star, which significantly reduces condensation resistance. In moderate climates this is a non-issues, but it is bad news IMO for the Northern Zone.

  26. So I’m having a hard time really finding how Verde is connected to Sunrise. Sunrise has ONE warranty page for Verde, aside from that it looks like Verde runs it’s own site apart from Sunrise. Also got a quote for $8700 for 14 Verde windows…is that par for the northern virginia area?

      1. i did send a message through the window universe website but haven’t heard back. I was hoping for a quote before friday but not sure that’ll happen.

        1. Hi Paul, I’ve been traveling for a few days, but I don’t see your contact in the system. I’ll make sure the folks at the Window Universe offie in Northern Virginia contact you right away.

    1. Sunrise only has 2 window “chassis” . The Sunrise, and the Essentials. The Essentially is not a great performer, and not impressive in any area IMO. The base Sunrise then is the basis of all of the other lines, from top to bottom: Restorations, Vanguard, Verde, V-series, and Sunrise. There may be a couple others as well, I know at one point Owens Corning had a window that was a private label Sunrise.

      The difference between the various models then is in the options added. Given the very slim lines (read: thin frame), I personally only like that window with sash reinforcement. In addition, foam fill is advisable. The higher end lines come standard with both, the base does not.

      Regarding the name structure, Sunrise is only one manufacturer but has multiple dealer networks. This is very similar to GM for instance (at least previously), where the had Chevy, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, etc. In the 80’s and 90’s those lines all had their own model of basically the same car. Same here. Sunrise actually does a better job at separating these “brands” than many other manufacturers, however one of the side effects of that is confusing consumers that do their homework.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  27. i just signed a contract for 12 restorations double hung and 1 egress slider replacement windows of which 6 of the double hungs have grids. I am being charged $10720 the salesman said there is a special going right now where you are upgraded to ultra U glass. I live in Pittsburgh. Do you think this is a good product for the climate and is it a fair price?

    1. Without knowing a lot about your project it’s hard to say. If you’re happy with it then it’s good. The only way to know how it compares to your other options would be to get a few other quotes.

  28. We just started our process of ‘window shopping’ and I’m exhausted already! I don’t see much on this post about Sunrise Verde line? We got a quote for 20 double hung window replacements and 1 picture window for $11,754. Not sure if the quality vs price add up?

    1. The Verde is comparable to the Vanguard. At a per window price in the mid $500’s, I’d say that price is pretty fair assuming that this is a reputable dealer. Probably on the low end of what they typically sell for to be honest.

  29. I just received a quote for a 48″x48″ twin casement (one side operable) sunrise restoration window (triple pane low-e argon) installed for $1,800.

    This seem a bit high. I’m in northern North Dakota, so we get hot summers and blistering cold winters.

    Thoughts? Thanks!

    1. You’re just buying one window by itself? That will always be a bit higher as there is a lot of time involved to only install one window. The best way to see how it compares is to get another quote.

  30. Hi. We need to replace 13 windows. Two will be full tear outs, but one of those is a small slider. Most of the other 12 windows are about 35 x63″. We have a quote for the Sunrise “standard” for $7200, including a free upgrade to triple pane. I cannot find much information for their “standard” window. Do you think this is the Vanguard? Salesperson said it was equivalent to the “Verde” window, which I think is a Sunrise product. Does this sound like a fair price? My first choice is actually Okna’s 1800 line, but at $11K, that is too pricey for us. Thanks.

  31. So, got a quote today for 15 double hung and 1 casement Sunrise Vanguard. No grids, and their next-to-the-bottom glass package. The quote was $12847. I thought it was pretty high. But this company did my roof two years ago and their work is impeccable. What have others paid for Vanguards? Located in Ohio, FWIW.

  32. GOOD DAY, I have looked at windows for some time now. I have narrowed it down to the Sunrise or Pella 350 window. The Sunrise seems to have a better review. The Pella 350 has a better cosmetic look on there Smoothseam interior welded corners which we like. Thinking about putting two of Pellas in the rooms that we use the most , which happen to be on the north side of house in Amarillo TX. We can have some very cold winter’s and the wind out of the north. Not sure which Sunrise windows is on the bid, but have being told they are the top line,
    with the pulley block & tackle system. Here they only offer one window with upgrades.
    Sunrise installed no grids
    no quote on Pella yet
    1 picture window 17 double hung 7,783.00
    1 picture window 17 single hung 6,679.00
    Would like to hear your opinion.

  33. We are trying to compare the Sunrise Restorations Kr90 system to the Omega12 glass. We live in Georgia (Atlanta) and the front of our house gets strong sunlight during the day. Our rep is advocating the Omega12 for this area but we would like to know if the Kr90 is better at energy and cost efficiency? We have also read that the Kr90 isn’t as clear to see through? Would like to hear your opinion. Thank you!

    1. Ask them for the VT ratings. That’s the percentage of light that gets through the window. It’ll give you a better idea of how much different the two options are. Only you can decide how dark is too dark. I’m a big sunlight person so it makes a big difference to me, but different people have different priorities.

  34. Hi, we just got a quote here in the Milwaukee area for replacing 4 wide sliders with 4 mulled double hungs and one 25/50/25 slider with a 25/50/25 double hung and a 48 x 36 picture window and a basic patio door all in a 15 year old house. Full tear out of builders junk. Contractor wants $11,000. All are Sunrise vinyl windows with standard hardware, screens & double glass. Can we do better? Seems extremely expensive but the contractor is rated A on Angie’s list.

  35. Hi, I just received a quote for 4 Sunrise Standard windows size 44/59″ and a door wall 71/80″ which totaled $6285 including permit and installation. Is that a fair price in your opinion? Also, would like to know how the Sunrise Standard compares with the Pella 350?

  36. Is $1000 per window a okay price for Sunrise windows middle range quality? 20 windows, $20,000. Seems steep to me.

      1. Thanks, just wanted verification. Trouble is we only have one dealer within a 60 mile radius. Might have to try softlite, but only one dealer there as well.

          1. Iowa, but the closest to me is Sioux Falls South Dakota. So about 60 miles from my house

    1. 500-700 per window (options can change quotes heavily) depending on company overhead and quality expectations

      1. I’ve never thought company overhead was a good excuse for high prices. Why should the customer care that you have high overhead? I get it if you said your price was high because you have great quality, customers want to pay for that. Nobody wants to pay for overhead.

  37. In the market to get 12 windows replaced. I live in NY so I have to deal with the snow and cold during the winter months. I’m torn between the Sunrise Restorations and Revere Berkshire Elite. Any suggestions?

  38. Any suggestions of a contractor to talk to in northern Virginia. I’m replacing 39 windows and a sliding glass door and have a quote from renewal but Anderson for $47,400 and another from window door and showplace with Marvin integrity for $62,000. At this point looking for vinyl Windows hopefully somewhere in the $30,000’s

  39. In the market for replacing only 6 windows in Farmington Hills MI. The previous owner replaced many prior with Andersons. I am trying now to match what already has been replaced. Gotten many quotes that range dramatically, so confusing. I like the Sunrise Vangaurd window. Can you suggest an installer in my area? 1 awning 45″X32″, 1 casement 36″X53″, 1 picture window 74″X53″, 1 small sliding 40″X29″ and 2 double hungs 48″X53″ & 27″X53″. What should I pay

    1. I guess it depends which Andersen model you are trying to match. If it’s a wood window and you’re looking at vinyl options now you want to be sure you’re comfortable with the difference. You may be able to get a quote for Andersen windows from a local lumber yard if it’s important to have an exact match.

      1. The windows are not wood. Looking to install vinyl. Any installers for Vangaurd windows in my area? Oakland county Michigan?

  40. Pricing comments & replies are confusing me. I have gotten quotes from Renewal by Andersen and a local remodel contractor. The contractor is recommending Sunrise windows. I am having a picture window with a slider on each side and a large half circle window above them installed. Also two 2 lite sliders. All need full frame including extension jambs. Andersen is over $15k and the contractor is just under $13k for the 3 windows. This seems way over-priced to me. Thanks.

  41. We live in small town MI (in Northern Zone). Just got a quote from local company for replacement of trim for bay window (w/plate + two casements), 10 double hung and 2 casements for Sunrise Restoration triple-glazed glass. Price is almost $14,000. This seems high to me… we could go with the dual-glazed models (UltraU vss and Mega glass) but in the Northern Zone they don’t meet the Energy Star U-factor rating (at least the double hung windows don’t). The company uses their in-house installation crew. Lifetime warranty. Any thoughts appreciated… I have owned many homes but never have I replaced windows.

  42. We chose Sunrise windows to replace all of the windows in our 30 year old house in 2013. My husband did a lot of research before making his decision. We love them. We especially like the narrower frames that they have, allowing much less obstruction of your view. Our house is so much quieter and easier to keep cool on the HOT Texas day (It is 103 today.) I especially liked that we could have a white frame inside and almond outside. Sunrise was the only manufacturer that we found that even offered that option. You will not be disappointed if you choose Sunrise.

  43. Hi,
    I am trying to replace 17 Windows. We live in Northern Virginia. I have a quote for $9K for Sunrise Verde Windows. I also receive a quote through a contractor for Vytex Potomac HP series Window ($9K). Our home was built in the 80’s. Which window company would you recommend? If you don’t like the option that I have listed, please recommend other window manufactures. I am looking for mid tier quality Windows that lasts long.


  44. We have received quotes for six DH replacement windows from two separate dealers/installers.
    1. Sunrise: High Efficiency, Low E, Argon, Foam filled, sculpted Georgian colonial grids – $4500 – no idea which model since it was not specified
    2. Kensington Quantum2 KG7, Low E, Argon, sculpted grids, etc – $4836
    Any opinion on which we should go with and why? Thanks!

      1. I was hoping you or someone could tell me as I didn’t really see the difference in the two other than price… I have found out the sunrise are the ultra u plus basic with a 0.25 u factor and 0.28 SHGC.

        1. Between the 2 I’d probably pick the Sunrise, but I don’t have a great reason why. Check the CR (condensation resistance) ratings to make sure they’re in the same ballpark. Sunrise makes a model or 2 with less than ideal CR ratings in the northern climate zone.

  45. We got a quote for 7ultra U Double Pane custom premium vinyl replacement windows in 4 opening in our house. They are 3 twin casement factory mulled and 1 awning window. the measurements are about 48″ by 58″ for 2 of the casements and 72″ by 58″ for 1 casement (2 windows opening) and 38″ by 38″ for the awning window. The price we were quoted was$7498.00 for white.

  46. Dear Windowdog,
    After much surfing, I stumbled upon your site. What a refreshing site you offer – thank you!
    I couldn’t find much assistance after reading all 100 comments so I thought I’d ask you direct: I’m building a new home in Michigan requiring 15 double-hungs w/stationary top lights. Also will be ordering front entrance door w/top & side lights, and rear slider with top light. Back wall (east side) will be a wall of architectural windows matching the roofline. I’m leaning towards Sunrise however could use your advice / preference if you were in my shoes. Any advice you could offer would greatly be appreciated. Thank you

    1. Sunrise makes a fine window. I know some of the folks there and I’ve found them to be very professional people. Someone told me that when they started to use an interior low-e to reach the Energy Star standard in the Northern Zone that the condensation resistance ratings got pretty bad. You might check that before you commit. Condensation can be an issue in a cold climate.

  47. I did all my windows with Sunrise. Different lines were never brought up, like Verde, etc. I went with their triple glass Ultra U-Plus with blinds between the glass. I absolutely love them. On the NFRC tag, the U-Factor was .27, The Solar Heat Gain was .25, Air Leakage was .1. I live in PA and these perform great in the Winter and in the Summer…Highly recommend.

  48. You have a great site here, tons of great information.
    I’m lookg to replace my builder grade vinyl windows and a sliding door, I live in Bloomington Minnesota, so cold in winter hot and humid in summer, also I face a busy street so sound insulation is key. I have had no quotes yet because I don’t know where to start, I joined angies list and it helped but still head is spinning, is there anyone in this area you’ve worked with or know of that you would recommend?


  49. I’m in Central IL and received a quote on Simonton 5500 and Sunrise. The quote is for 12 double hung, 1 picture and a patio door. Simonton came in at $9,950 and Sunrise at $9,900. Price goes up 2k for replacing one double hung with a bay window. These are without any options like wood look or special hardware. Does this seem like a decent price? Is one of the brands going to perform noticeably better at helping to control heating/cooling costs? My biggest concern with Sunrise is that the guy said there is a 6-8 month wait to get them from the factory.

    1. 6-8 months is a pretty long time considering it’s going to be awfully cold in central Illinois in 2 months or so. I’d probably pick the Sunrise, but the Simonton is a decent window and if you think those are the best 2 options available to you I’d be inclined to go with the company that can get it done in a timely manner. Did you see significant differences in the product?

      1. The salesmen didn’t bring any samples and I never received the Sunrise brochure. I contacted Sunrise about the 6-8 month delay. They informed me it is only a 3-4 week turnaround and attempted to contact the dealer. I received a call back and it sounds like the dealer is not that interested in selling the product and Sunrise is probably going to look for a new dealer next year. They are willing to work with a local contractor, if I can find one I like that is also willing to work with Sunrise. I wish I could just buy them direct and get the job done. I really need to get the patio door replaced so the flooring can be done before the holidays. You know of anyplace in IL that would be willing to do work in the Bloomington-Normal area?

        1. Hi Johnathan, thanks for taking the time to write and I’m sorry to hear you’re having a tough time. I don’t know anyone in your area to recommend, but if you find someone good feel free to let us know. I’m sure you’re not the only person in your part of the world looking for a great window company.

  50. I recently got a quote and they list several Sunrise Standard Picture, would this mean these are the standard series? Based on my limited research it seems like the restoration is the best model. Can someone please update me on their models.

    1. There is not a whole lot of difference when it comes to picture windows. Ask them about differences in the ratings and the look. The extrusion may not match your other windows. Not sure if that’s important to you.

  51. Hi, I am really glad I found this forum. I’ve learned a lot about Windows and I am looking for Windows for a house I am planning to build this year. I wanted to know if Sunrise is a good option in East TN. Are there other window manufacturers I should check out? We have hot humid summers and can have extremely cold periods in winter where temps dip below zero for a short periods. I want a good quality window without the cost of a Marvin or Andersen window that has an excellent energy rating. Thx

    1. I think Sunrise is a decent option. I don’t know off the top of my head if they make a true new construction window. They may only offer a replacement window or a snap in nail fin. I’d suggest checking with the dealer. An integrated nail fin is a nice option for new construction.

    2. They do offer a welded nail fin with built in j channel. Omega12 latitude s2100a glass is a good choice for TN

  52. We could really use some help, and have found some excellent info on your site. We live in OKC, OK and are replacing the windows in our family room.
    This room is approx. 20′ x 24′ and has a cathedral ceiling that rises to about 12 ft. It currently has a large (118″ wide x 96″ tall) commercial window in it that provides an incredible view of our property. We are planning to replace it with several residential windows mulled together, to make it much more attractive. We want a little airflow in this room, so here is our plan. We will divide this space into thirds and put three stationary (picture) windows at the bottom that will be about 38″ wide x 76″ tall (each). They will be topped by 3 awning windows that are roughly 38″ wide x 20″ tall (each). The awning windows will have some historic home SDL grids in them to make these windows the “focal point” of this room. We have a great design, but now we need windows…

    We have found a couple of local Sunrise dealers we have spoken with, but understand that we would most likely need the Restorations model since we believe it is the only Sunrise model that has fiber reinforced sash. That Sunrise dealer here in OKC is one of the high pressure sales types and I can’t work with them. I tried.

    There is only one Soft-Lite dealer in Oklahoma currently (in Tulsa) and they are not very responsive. We have called several times requesting a quote and can’t get the owner to call back.
    We also considered Marvin Integrity, but they look to be several thousand higher and we are just not sure we need to spend that much more at this point.

    Can you suggest any other avenue we have not considered at this point? We sure want quality windows, but still need to be prudent with our finances as well. Sure appreciate any ideas you can offer!!

  53. Need replacement windows for a historical home got quotes from two companies, one was enviro star and the other sunrise they both said they can make my exact grid pattern which I need for my house just wondering which is better. I was quoted for their higher quality windows because of color and grid pattern. House is in western mass

      1. Hello! I too live in Oklahoma City and have to deal with same Sunrise sales people. I would love to know about the guy you know here. I am going to replace 37 Caradco clad wood. The Sunrise salesman started at 53k then ended with “around” 30k. This is for the Restoration line. It was a 4 hour pitch that mainly focused on his life and not much window information. In fact I think I knew more about t he product than he did. Should I be leery of this company? They are the only company that sells Restoration and I am worried about their installlers if the sales guy was not that great.

  54. Thank you for all of the great info. I would like your advice before we make a final selection. We have narrowed our search to two windows. The Alside Ultramaxx and the Sunrise mid line, I think it’s the Verde. The quotes we received are pretty comparable, with the Sunrise being about $1,000 higher on 20 replacement windows. Most are standard size double hungs, with one awning and one picture window. I like the thinner frame and larger glass viewing area of the Sunrise product and the block and tackle system. I think the UltraMaxx were slightly more energy efficient, probably likely due to the triple pane versus the double pane on the Sunrise. I wasn’t sure about the “pocket sash” on the UltraMaxx though. It seemed like having the window drop into a pocket like that could end up collecting a bunch of debris and potentially water in there. Anyway, if you were choosing between these two products, with cost being the nominal difference that it is, which way would you go? I am trying to make a decision this week, so any quick thoughts would be appreciated.

  55. Thanks for al the great info in this thread. We’re deciding between the Sunrise and Essentials model. One thing I can’t figure out is why the Sunrise (Verde, Vanguard, etc) don’t include the interlocking rail (lip) between the upper and lower sashes. All they have is a strip of weatherstripping where the two sashes meet in the middle. Why would they forego this feature on their “higher end” model? Am I overvaluing the significance of this piece?

    1. After a bit more research I see that Sunrise refers to it in their FAQ as a “check rail” or “meeting rail”. Just adding this bit of info. 🙂

      1. The Sunrise windows fit very tight and has one of the lowest air infiltration rates in the industry. Generally manufacturers will have interlocking sashes and stick on fuzzies pads in the corners to block out air. With the Sunrise windows you’ll notice all of the weatherstripping is integrated into the frame instead of stick on most manufacturers use to fill in gaps. Sunrise design has no gaps and the sashes fit very snug. IMO one of the best designed windows out there.

        1. Discloser I am a Sunrise Restorations dealer among 3 other manufacturers. Sunrise is the only one of our models that doesn’t have an interlock and while it may seem odd. If you look at that window and operate it next to one of our other highly regarded models you can see and feel the difference

        2. Hi Chris, I think Sunrise makes a fine product. What is the air infiltration rate on the double hung model that you sell?

          1. Dog, the only Sunrise model we carry is the Restorations line and has an .02 Air Infiltration rating on the double hung. I really prefer window designs that have a straight edge on the top of the bottom sash that goes straight across which the Restorations does, as apposed to when they are notched out in the corners. With this design (sunrise isn’t the only one btw) I feel manufacturers have the ability to make everything fit tighter and don’t have the need for larger glue on weatherstripping in the corners. Not that this is necessarily superior because there are some very nice windows out there that have that design, including some that we offer, but i prefer it.

        3. I completely disagree. They’re not snug at all and incredibly leaky. I am so disappointed. I read these reviews when I was making my decision. I must have got bum windows from Sunrise. Bc these windows are terrible. I honestly feel like something’s wrong they’re so leaky and it appears to be coming from the sash and the back of the window where there is weatherstripping. The weatherstripping Is around the whole window but it’s not working bc I feel air coming in.

    2. They’ll tell you they can make the sashes with a tighter tolerance without that interlock. I don’t think I believe that, but that’s what they say.

      Maybe someone else who deals with them more will chime in. If so, please stick to something quantifiable.

  56. Hi – hoping for an update regarding the interlocking rail. I’m deciding between the Sunrise standard windows (approx. $8,000 for 15 windows – 12 double hungs, 2 casements and 1 picture) and the Alside Mezzo windows (approx. $6,700 for the same work).

    I’m getting caught-up on the interlocking rail issue, so please offer input where you can.

    Thank you.

    1. Many salespeople seem to forget a lesson they should have learned in Sales 101: the difference between a feature and a benefit. The interlocking meeting rail is an example of a feature. What do you care if a window has an interlocking meeting rail or not? You don’t. What you care about is the benefit. What does that feature actually do for you. If you’re concerned about the seal look at the air infiltration rate. You’ll find it’s decent on both of those windows which tells us that the feature doesn’t make much difference.

      There are a lot of examples like that in the window business. If you can’t clearly quantify what a particular feature is doing for you then don’t worry about it. A feature without a benefit is just a distraction.

  57. Looking at Sunrise windows (Vanguard) and Restorations

    5 Picture Windows 42X72
    1 Casement 42X72
    2 Quarter Rounds 42X42
    1 Slider 36X18
    1 Double Casement 28.5X47 (2 Windows)
    2 Single Hungs 36X70

    13 windows total. They both come with wood veneer inside and tan exterior. Both with Omega 12 Glass with LoW-E, Optview Screen and Noise Reduction Glass (NRG). We live near an airport so noise is a big issue with us.

    Quotes are $14.1K for the Vanguard and $16K for the Restorations(Cash Price). Additionally we also got a quote from Burris for $10.8K, Marvin Infinity & Integrity $25.2K, and RBA North of $35K (Crazy)

    We’ve compared the Vanguard and Restorations side by side and they are virtually identical. We prefer the sales staff and installers from Vanguard.

    Is this a reasonable price for this window? Are there any comparable companies we should be looking at? Soft-Lite?

    Thanks for your input.

    1. I should have added that all the windows, except the quarter rounds, slider, and single hungs were required to be Tempered Glass due code requirements.


    2. Hi Richard, I’ve been a little slow to get to the comments lately. Hope you got the quote i sent over. The pricing for the same project with laminated glass to reduce the sound was under $10,500 and the windows have as good or better rantings as the Sunrise and Soft-Lite models you mentioned. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

      1. Yes, thanks for the quote. Looking for a local place to go take a look at the Berkshire Elite. I assume the quote was for white interior & exterior?

        1. The color options are listed on the left side of the quote. I’ll email you the address for the local warehouse and showroom in Dallas.

  58. Hello Window Dog,

    Great site, lots of good information. Do you have any contacts in the Minneapolis, MN area that sell Sunrise Windows? We can’t find a local dealer on the sunrise website. Building a new house and want to look at Sunrise for our 30 windows.


    1. Hi Steve, I don’t know any Sunrise dealers in your area so I may not be any help on that front. I also don’t think Sunrise makes a new construction window so you may want to look at other options.

  59. Has Sunrise taken bankruptcy? I read that they did in 2015; not sure if they are still in business or if they started over or what?

    1. I haven’t heard about Sunrise windows going bankrupt. I know they’re still operating and I know several of the senior managers. They were at least partially owned by a private equity firm which usually means there is plenty of money around.

      If you have a link or any info about where you saw that please post it.

  60. Dog, HELP!

    Sunrise Restorations- (Ultra-U Plus Glass W/Opti-View Screens)

    7- 2 lite sliders (46 x 46)
    2- 3 lite sliders (69 x 54) (118 x 53)
    3- picture windows (26 x 46)
    6 are interior wood grain and 6 wht and includes 7 windows that are ext wood trimmed to be wrapped with aluminum clad

    Window World-

    Same Warranties on both

    Your contiguous response would be appreciated along with any other recommendations you would make.
    Thanks Dog!

    1. Hi Robert, I may be too late to help out. It’s been a busy time around here. If I’m not too late, what is your zip code? I may be able to provide some additional info.

  61. I need to replace 41 windows and have received 3 estimates: Window World (AMI 4000 series), The Aluminum Company (Alside Preservation), and a local window company (Sunrise Vanguard). The quotes were $19,657, $24,650, and $26,475 respectively. I am trying to figure out the best product and if the quotes are reasonable since I know this is a lot of windows. Is there one in my list that seems to stand out?

      1. We can help you there too. We have a lot of happy customer in Raleigh. I’d be happy to help if you’d like.

  62. I just love this website. It has been so informative for me. I have about 16 old wood windows that I am replacing with vinyl windows. I received a quote from Okna, for the 500 series and I really like the product, but I have a very large palladium window and a small hexagonal window which has been wrapped in tan aluminum, and since I am NOT planning on replacing those 2 windows, I need a window that will provide white interior and tan exterior (not painted!), so my option are Sunrise and SoftLite. My concern about Sunrise is that they are significantly higher than the Okna, and I have no idea which model I am getting. I though Sunrise models were : Essentials, Vanguard, Verde and Restorations. Now I am thinking, are these all different manufacturers? I am going to look at the SoftLite windows at their showroom here in NJ. Do you have a preference regarding these 3 manufacturers? After reading through the website, it would appear that all 3 of these are at the top of vinyl windows. Thanks.

    1. You can get a beige exterior and white interior from many companies. If you’re happy with the Okna why worry about paying more for another brand? There will always be salespeople trying to separate you from your money. There’s no need to let them succeed.

    2. Hi Betsy,
      Which windows did you end up getting and how do you like these?
      Who did you use in NJ and what was your experience?

  63. Hello! My husband and I are looking to replace 30 windows in the home we just purchased. It is my childhood home. It currently has wood sash windows which are beautiful but have some water damage. We need to replace our North facing windows due to leaks in the frame. The builders didn’t wrap the house when it was built in 1995. My husband and father are extremely handy and plan to take all of the siding off of the North end (2.5 stores – look out basement and two stories above) but think they can replace the windows themselves. I had a Sunrise Rep out today to quote replacing all 30 windows, including new construction for the two twin double hung windows that leak. The estimate was $35,760.00. That is WAY more than we planned to spend. He mentioned we could have the North windows done at one time and the rest at a different. The window type is “Sunrise Ultra-U Plus Glass” with the Opti-View screens and no grilles. So two questions – 1. Is Sunrise a superior window brand? We are total newbies when it comes to windows!! and 2. Is window installation something to DIY or is it something to hire out? We can’t find many brands that sell directly to the consumer.

    Thanks so much! – Suzanne

    1. The question of whether or not it’s something you can DIY is a question for your husband and your father. I can help with a window only order if you’d like. Let me know if I can help.

  64. I’m looking for replacement casement windows with blinds in them. I stumbled upon Sunrise Windows and they seem decent. I’ve always used Alside windows in my flips but they don’t offer an option for blinds. Are their other manufacturers beside Sunrise that offer blinds in the windows?

  65. Have a doozy for you all. Comparing Sunrise Restoration, Beechwood, and Pella Proline for 25 double hung windows in my home. Since I’m in for a penny in for a pound, pricing is close enough that it is not a factor in my decision making process. From the sales literature the technical numbers seem to be within a range I can live with. Pella is the biggest name out of all of them which matters to me because I know the company isn’t going bankrupt and will be around to honor their warranty. Wood is the perceived highest end material out there right now from home buyers perspective and they do look nice. Also my wife likes them. That said everyone hates on them, much like any company of their size. I’m sure there is at least some of that hate that is warranted from a performance and construction perspective. Sunrise looks amazing, love the thin profile and the fiberglass reinforced frame but have heard many issues from experienced reputable sources about the long term viability of vinyl windows not matter how “great” they are constructed or installed. They are also the smallest of the 3 companies and I have serious concerns of them being around to honor their warranty( they are already part owned by an equity firm), see Gorrel. Beechwood seems to be an interesting option. The windows look awesome. Fiberglass construction with the wood interior and aesthetics and functionality that IMO are superior to comparable Marvin. Also get the benefit of being owned by James Hardie which gives some piece of mind that they aren’t going anywhere. Big negative is that they are new at this and have no track record or even a review anywhere and I’ve read about the disaster it was for Marvin when they first got into fiberglass. I’ve got a great contractor that absolutely knows his stuff but it’s a big decision and I’m looking to get as many POVs as possible. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

      1. I don’t think there’s much of a concern about nicer vinyl windows, but it is important to consider the viability of the manufacturer. I would always be a little hesitant when a manufacturer of one thing gets into windows. Often times executives will think the window business is easier than it actually is. For example, CertainTeed sold windows for serval years thinking they could leverage their existing relationships with companies offering roofing and siding. That didn’t turn out so well and the people who bought those windows are out of luck.

        I’d look for a manufacturer who has been in the window business for a long time. I really think that is an important factor that is often overlooked.

  66. I just love this website. It has been so informative for me. Great job, thewindowdog!

    We need to replace 21 windows (14 double hung, 5 picture, and 2 casement) with a height of 70″ and various width. Here are the quotes got from different window companies.

    Renewal by Anderson for high performance Smartsun glass: $43K
    Zen (Soft lite) Nirvana: $23K (The company Softlite was sold to Harvey last year.)
    Sunrise Restorations: $25K
    Harvey classic: $17K
    Newpro with composite material (like decking) window: $35K

    I’m living in Boston, Massachusetts and trying to figure out the best product (good balance of quality and cost). Those window guys keep calling me. I need the dog and the folks here to help clear my mind. So any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Ha, I know Matt from Zen up there and I think you’d be happy with the results from his company. As you might be able to gather from the site I’m not a huge fan of Renewal and I’d say the same thing about the other composite option.

      Have you picked one yet?

  67. Hi John,
    We are looking at replacing 20 Double Hung and 1 Awning with Restorations.
    The double hung are all average size as is the awning.
    Color is white with Omega 12 Glass.
    The price I was quoted is $16,500.
    We live in Michigan and the installers have a good reputation. They include a lifetime labor warranty.
    Does that sound like a fair deal to you?
    Thanks for your help- really appreciate the information you provide to us consumers!

  68. I’ve been researching windows lately. Your site has a lot of great information. I was pretty much set on Marvin Integrity for windows until I started reading about Sunrise. I went to my local dealer tonight to check out Sunrise. They had the essential, standard sunrise, and the restoration series. I was very impressed with the restoration. I could tell right away how well built it was and how smoothly it operated. Although I’m not a big fan of vinyl, the restoration seemed like a step up in quality from the Marvin integrity wood ultrex.

    The bay window we are getting I’d about 82″x55″. The integrity we were quoted about $1,600 for the window (not installed). I thought that seemed like a good price. The Sierra Pacific H3 was about $2,400. I was actually surprised the Marvin was so much less. I’ll be curious to see where the Restoration falls when I get my quote tomorrow.

    One question I do have is about the window styles. We currently have Hurd sliders in our house (1979 split foyer). I know sliders are supposedly the least efficient style. The Sunrise dealer I went to tonight said the way Sunrise designs their slider, it’s one of the few sliders he wouldn’t hesitate picking instead of the double hung. He said the design is very similar to the Sunrise double hung (essentially just tipped on it’s side). My wife and I do like how they open like a double hung for easy cleaning. My wife doesn’t like the mechanics of opening and closing casements and I don’t think double hungs look right on our style of house. I like the look of the slider but I don’t want to choose that as a compromise if it means compromising a lot of efficiency and/or durability.

    What are your thoughts? Should I absolutely eliminate sliders as a possibility? The Sunrise dealer seemed to think Sunrise sliders are as good as other company’s double hungs.

    1. I’d suggest that you try not to put too much weight on qualitative statement like “sliders are the worst”. Just check out the ratings. Sliding windows have very similar efficiency ratings to other styles and can be better depending on which models you’re looking at.

      Look at the air infiltration rate for that slider that tilts in. I don’t know what it is off the top of my head, but I would guess it’s not great which might be a relevant factor.

        1. Restorations Double Hung is .02. I personally think that by going from Casements to sliders your going dramatically change the aesthetics and functionality of your home possibly devaluing it.

          1. That’s a strange comment. You think you can predict the value of this home by the style of the window?

          2. I have to disagree. The aesthetics will be very similar between casement and sliders, and when people are looking at a house to buy, they rarely even notice the windows unless there is a problem with them. In my experience (over 20 years), air infiltration ratings are really only significant in areas that experience frequent high wind speeds. If your house is subject to high winds, winds over 25 mph, you will see a significant difference between hung/sliders and casements.

  69. I got a quote for Vanguard windows this week for $6175 installed for the following:
    (1) 60×65 2 lite slider VG 12 glass
    (1) 66×66 2 lite slider VG 12 glass
    (1) 74×48 picture VG 12 glass
    (1) 32×42 single hung obscure glass
    (2) 32×66 single hung VG 12 glass

    Does this seem reasonable? I thought it was a bit high, but it is the first quote I have gotten. I do like the lifetime warranty they offer. I’m in Cedar Lake, IN which is essentially a far southeastern suburb of Chicago

    1. 6 windows for $6175 feels a little steep. You may want to get another quote or two to understand what your options are.

    2. It seems high to me, but a lot can depend on the installation as well as labor rates in your area. $1000 per window, especially with half the windows average sized SINGLE HUNGS is very high in the Denver market.

  70. Great advice from Window Dog. While sliders are generally less efficient than double hungs and casements, there isn’t a huge drop off. I would be wary of the “tilt-in” variety, however. In my experience these units need more service and are leakier than your standard lift off slider.

    1. I’ve had the same experience. I didn’t know Sunrise still made a tilt in slider. We offered one for a while and I ha several customers who were unhappy so we stopped offering it.

  71. I need eight windows to replace existing forty-year-old Pella casements. Having read comments on your site, I decided to go with Sunrise Restoration casement, Omega-12, full-frame replacements.

    I contacted the Sunrise distributor for mid-Michigan, located in Farwell, and a rep came out to measure and give me an estimate. I was told the price for the complete job would be $8–10 thousand. Nothing was put on paper as the contract was to be e-mailed to me. I was then to make a copy, sign, and return it with the required 50% deposit. What I received was a very basic contract for $14,000, requiring a $7,000 deposit.

    Surprised at the price increase, I decided to check another Michigan distributor that I located via the Internet, though it was some distance away in Lapeer. There, the windows I wanted could be purchased cash-and-carry. They gave me individual window prices and the installed price for each, as well as the total job.

    Shortly after, the Farwell rep called, inquiring about the contract. I asked why the contract price was so much higher than the original quote, and told him I thought he was trying to take advantage of me. His reply was that he’d gone by the “book price”.

    With the info I had from the distributor in Lapeer, I decided to take a trip to the one in Farwell and find out their price for cash-and-carry. During this visit, the job cost dropped to $10,500, with only $3,000 down. As before, a contract would be e-mailed to me. When received, the contract, still too basic, was open-ended. The deposit was written in, but the balance amount line was left blank.

    At this time, I decided to go with my gut and not have Farwell do the total job. If anything, it would be strictly a cash-and-carry deal, something I didn’t want to do because of the warranty – but they refused to give me a cash-and-carry price, despite me asking four times. It apparently was a total job, or nothing. They also refused to sell, cash-and-carry, the Restoration windows to a local Sunrise dealer who doesn’t carry that line.

    Is this the way Sunrise does business and treats potential customers? This has become a nightmare. Is there anything you can do to help, or can you recommend a good, reasonably-priced replacement casement window? I have an experienced finish carpenter to do the installation, if needed.

    Thank you.


    1. It sounds like your problem is with the dealer rather than with Sunrise. Thats one problem with these small manufacturers. When they only have 1 or 2 dealers in town you may not find someone you want to work with. Don’t worry about it, there are plenty of great window companies out there. You don’t need to work with someone who makes the process difficult.

  72. Hello. Thank you for all the info!
    Just had a quote for Sunrise Restoration. 10 openings 17 windows
    4 single casements
    2 double casements
    1 awning
    1 double casement with picture window
    2 triple casements
    Full frame replacement includes all trim work inside
    White exterior wood look interior
    Triple pane argon gas
    $18k good deal or a little room to move? Thanks a ton

    1. Hi Steve, it’s hard to say what a good price is with all of the trim and wood work contributing a fair amount to the cost. I’ve been through the Sunrise plant where they make the full frame and trim kits and it’s a nice operation. I may know someone in the area to recommend if you’d like another opinion.

  73. Can someone please answer this for me regarding the Sunrise brochure. If you notice, you’ll find an online Sunrise brochure. The brochure does not name what specific line of Sunrise windows is being depicted on this brochure. Just a bunch of window offerings, options, etc…

    The question is this: What specific line of Sunrise windows is on this brochure? Is it Essentials, Restorations, Vanguard or what?

    1. Your best bet is to ask the dealer that is recommending them. As you’re aware, they offer several models so it’s probably best to talk to the person who may be selling them to you.

  74. Thank you for this valuable resource!
    For those coming here because you’re in the beginning stages of researching your window replacement project, here’s what i did:

    1) Research the glass YOU want by reviewing the features, warranty, company history, etc. I chose Cardinal Glass.

    2) Research the type of window material YOU want (eg. wood, fiber glass, vinyl, aluminum). This includes reading up on the pros and cons as well as if possible, visually inspecting some samples. I had wood casement windows in my house (built 1984), and the condensation around the edges of the glass was causing what looks like mold on the wooden sashes. Not to mention some wood-rot. So I knew out the gate I didn’t want wood, period. After all my research, I chose vinyl.

    3) Research the window manufacturers that carry the glass YOU want and the frame material YOU want, by comparing product offerings, features, warranty, history, etc. After all my research, i chose Sunrise Restorations Windows.

    4) Research local dealers (of said product) that YOU can trust to do a good installation job. Compare dealer warranties on labor, type of labor used (hourly vs contractor), history of business, referrals by past customers, etc.

    22 casement windows (mixture of Omega12 and Ultra Uplus glass)
    Full frame installation
    1 Sliding patio door with internal blinds

    Hope this helps.

  75. Hi — We need to replace 35 windows in our 30 year-old home. We’re trying to decide between Sunrise Restorations and Soft-Lite Imperial LS.

    We know nothing about windows. What should we be looking for in terms of aesthetics, value and performance?

    Really appreciate your help.

  76. Windowdog! First off love your site and all the helpful info and people. I am in Stillwater, OK and looking for a good contact to buy and have installed Sunrise Restorations or V Class windows in our new home. Oklahoma City or Tulsa can service Stillwater so wondering if you had a good person to connect me to.

    The lumber yard is quoting out Anderson 100 windows but from what I have read the Restorations or V Class would be an all around better performer.

    Thanks did your help in advance.


  77. Question on Various Sunrise models, specifically, is the fiberglass reinforcing something we should worry about for the listed window units. Currently have 5 windows in two openings
    DH/Picture/DH and DH/DH, replacing with two single unit sliders. All specs are the same except for models, all include simulated divided lights, no other add ons or etc.
    Replacement will be a little more involved as the top and bottom frame will be replaced, but it’s not a complete tear out.
    New sliders will be O X O, 1/4- 1/2 – 1/4, 100W by 54H
    and O O, 50/50, 66W by 54H.
    Location is Atlanta GA, Both companies are highly rated and have been around a while.
    How big of a deal is the fiberglass reinforcing in this size and type window?
    And does anybody know where the Verde falls in the Sunrise lineup? I’m seeing both above, and below the Vanguard. The Verde dealer did say that the Vanguard has slightly better hardware. He also indicated we did not need the fiberglass reinforcing, (but he is limited to the Verde line, and can’t get it)
    We’ve ruled out the Sunrise Basic, but I’ll include the quote below, just for others to see. (Neither company will recommend the Essentials line.)
    Sunrise Standard $3,442.06
    Verde $3,095.71
    Restoration $3,774.31
    We did dangle the carrot of replacing 5 or 6 additional windows, (late fall or early next year) in front of the Verde dealer, and we already have a contract with them to replace the front door. That may explain part of their low price.

    1. That’s a great example of a sales pitch that may not be too relevant. If they can’t quantify why what the additional reinforcement does for you then you can sleep easy knowing it’s not too important. It should affect the DP rating if it’s worthwhile and they should be able to show you that.

      I could recommend another company in Atlanta if you’d like. $3-4k for 2 windows isn’t a stellar bargain.

      1. Nobody pitched the fiberglass, it was my research that indicated, it might be helpful to prevent sagging. As far as environmental #’s all 3 are pretty much identical. And it’s 5 windows, not 2, it is 2 holes though.
        What I’m questioning is, is the fiberglass needed, in this climate, to prevent sagging?
        From what I gathered, there are only 2 Sunrise dealers in the Atl metro area. Both can get Essential, and both discourage using them. One sells Verde, the other Sunrise,Vanguard and Restorations. Entry Point and Davis.
        If there is a 3rd dealer, I’d love to know.

        1. What I’m saying is if there is no impact on the ratings or on the warranty then there is no benefit. You don’t need to guess or have a hunch. They wouldn’t provide a lifetime warranty on a product that was going to fail (hopefully). There are a lot of things in the window business that are just there to give the salesperson something to talk about. I’d ask the rep if it impacts the ratings or the warranty and that’ll tell you if it does you any good.

  78. I have a quote from the only local dealer (Wichita, KS) of Sunrise windows to replace 13 windows in my home (5 double hung, 3 end vent sliders, and 5 sliders). The quote is for Restoration with the triple pane K90 using pocket replacement. Some of these are pretty large with the end vent slider windows being 8 feet across.

    My quote is as follows:
    5 double hungs for $4800
    3 end vent sliders for $5400
    4 sliders for $5500
    Total price = $15700 for pocket replacement. +~40% if I want full frame replacement

    The dealer has a very good reputation locally and has been around a while. Is this a reasonable quote or should I be looking elsewhere?

  79. It is getting overwhelming trying to sort out which product is right for a sunroom in Atlanta, GA that is not insulated or heated and cooled. Out of these options: Alside Mezzo, Norandex X300, Andersen 100, and Sunrise Essential, which would you choose?

    1. Have you picked a winner yet? My company has a great option in Atlanta and I’d be happy to get you in touch with someone who could get you more info.

  80. Hi,

    We’re doing our own remodeling and are ready to replace 16 double hung windows. We’ve narrowed down to either Simonton 5500 or Sunrise Verde.

    The Simonton dealer also sells Okna, but we ruled that out. He has a whole pitch against Sunrise for their block and tackle (Okna too) and frames he says warp. He said he’s had the Okna block and tackle snap and shoot into the top of the frame causing a hole a hole and that Okna doesn’t want to know about it. He said Sunrise had the same potential issue. He demonstrated the 3/4″ inch Simonton coil mechanism. He also showed how the extruded Simonton sash frames had a bunch of internal ribbing vs. Sunrise which didn’t have the ribbing due to the foam filler. He also said the air pockets in the ribs were decent insulation although not as good as foam. He said that Sunrise sash frames get a “smile” in the top rail of the bottom sash when they sag/warp.

    The Sunrise website makes a big case for block and tackle over coil tensioners.

    Although more money, we like the Sunrise Verde because the sash frames are narrower and provide more glass area. That dealer said that if didn’t go with Sunrise, Simonton would be a decent choice.

    We’re selling the house in 4 years but don’t want junk windows I believe Sunrise is between 10-15% more expensive. Thoughts on these competing sales claims and best window value?

    1. I’m surprised to hear that a Sunrise or Okna dealer would be telling you not to buy those products. They usually restrict their distribution to dealers who install a lot of their windows so you usually only hear them pushing those lines.

      Your Simonton guy most likely pays a lot less for the Simonton windows which is one reason he’d be pushing them. They’re not that nice. The air infiltration rates are a fair bit higher and the constant force balances are typically tested to wear out much sooner than a block and tackle balance. There’s a reason almost every nicer vinyl window uses the block and tackle balances.

      You want to remember that the installer has different priorities than the customer. Forgetting this is one of the biggest mistakes people make when shopping for windows. The installer wants windows that are cheap, show up fast and are easy to order. The homeowner likely has different priorities.

      I’m not a huge Simonton fan, but they’re not the worst thing out there and a buyer of your house probably won’t notice the difference. If I were in your shoes I’d probably decide based on the cost and the reputation of the dealer. When you’re selling the house the new buyer will see new windows, he won’t see new Simonton windows or new Sunrise windows.

  81. Hi,
    I’ve received a quote for windows from a company that has replaced my roof and others with good workmanship. What do you think of their window quote?
    Quote below:
    Install new Sunrise, vinyl, replacement windows for the complete house.
    • 11 Total openings
    • All windows to be Casement and Casement picture windows and one hopper window for basement.
    • All new Madera mouldings finished in white with extensions jambs except for the eyebrow top window to reuse mouldings for that opening only. This window will be glass replacement only.
    • Replace all main floor windows including one basement window. Omit the doorwall (French door)
    • Exterior of windows to be Tan and White on the interior.
    • Two tone, Georgian, Colonial grids for the two front bedroom openings and a Hub grid for the eyebrow window.
    • Glass to be Ultra U, Latitude with Low E adder.

    Thank you for you time. I appreciate knowing your thoughts and helping me decide if this sounds reasonable or if I should continue to interview. I’ve done several interviews with other companies in my area (southeast Michigan and have not been impressed but can continue).

  82. I just had an estimate for replacement windows. A full frame replacement from a reputable company in the Chicago area. The quote was for 15 casement windows, the sunrise standard window. The quote was for $14500. They are also going to replace the trim and stain it for that price. What do you think about this quote?


  83. Our windows are old rotting single pane wooden windows. It seems the wife and I need to get them replaced in the Roswell Georgia area, which is just outside of Atlanta. We don’t want to deal with rot down the road as we will be in the house for more than 20 years. We have gotten a few quotes and they seem to be miles apart. The first company was pushing for Sunrise Restoration while the other was selling Infinity by Marvin. We do have a considerable amount of windows in our home. I’ve tried to research reviews and seem to be getting good and bad on both. I’m not really sure where to start other than that. Any recommendations? Thanks for your time and patience.

  84. Hi! I have been reading your reviews and gaining wonderful information from your site. We live in Greenville,SC. I have been researching windows for more than two months now. We purchased a home a few months ago and they have single pane original 1959 windows. We want to replace 16 double hung 32 x 54 windows. We have two more newer windows 32 x38 in the kitchen we are also considering replacing. I have gotten over five quotes from YKK, magnolia windows, ViWinTech, Simonton, Atrium, Taylors, Okna and Sunrise. After all the reading I have done I have narrowed it down to Okna 500, sunrise standard or Simonton pro grade contractor. We are not planning to move. We would like good vinyl windows. At the same time we do not want to price ourselves out of the neighborhood. My only concern with the Okna 500 is that we only have one dealer in all of SC. They have only been in business since 2011. If they go out of business then I’m not sure how easy it would be to get help with warranty issues. I also don’t like that Okna does not have glass breakage warranty. I really do like the Okna Windows. My local Simonton distributor doesn’t have any windows in stock for me to see. The Sunrise quote came back $2,500 higher than Okna. Any advice or other options I should consider? Thank you!

  85. I wish I had found this website before falling into the situation I am in. My wife and I got double vinyl windows from a local dealer for $1,000 per window. Just found out that the window’s are Sunrise N22. We paid a down payment and the installation is next week. Would we be better off canceling the installation because from reading the reviews I don’t feel too comfortable with the Sunrise product.

    1. You probably can’t cancel the installation at this point. The contract will probably make that pretty clear. How did the install go and how do you like the windows?

  86. Hi windowdog, Please let me know how this quote looks. I am working with a well respected home improvement contracting company in Central N.J. I have a quote for 22 Sunrise Restorations double hung windows for house window replacement, and 2 Essential double hung windows for garage window replacement. Quote of 17.850.00 total installed. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank You.

  87. I am looking at the Sunrise Restorations. The color that I really like is Iron Ore (a painted color). The salesman is telling me that he thinks its silly to have painted vinyl because of the maintenance that you will have with it. The warranty is 10 years on fading. Does the paint really fade that bad? Is it best to avoid the painted exterior options?

    1. We’ve been offering painted exteriors for many years without a single issue that I can think of (and I bet I would have heard about one). I’ve been through the paint booth at Sunrise and they seem to do a good job. Anything that is painted may need to be repainted one day, but I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

  88. Hi WindowDog, We are in WNC, about 25 miles west of Asheville. We will be replacing whole house windows later this year in conjunction with residing our house. Looking for quality vinyl windows. We have checked out Window World near Asheville but their sales techniques turned us off and although they carry AMI windows (discovered through our own research) they would not discuss which AMI windows they are selling. See ya’!!! Seems to be a lot of Pella, Anderson, Marvin, Plygem and big box store windows in the area but have not been impressed with their vinyl window, reviews or warranties. Based on reviews on this site, we’ve looked at Sunrise, Softlite and Okna but have had to travel to SC just to look at samples…distributors in WNC seem scarce. Maybe it was the dealers lack of upkeep but was not impressed with either the Okna or Softlite display windows we saw in their showrooms. They were beaten and malfunctioning to say the least. We did like the Sunrise windows and found a low key provider in SC. To your knowledge are there any other window brands in WNC we should investigate? Any suggestions appreciated.

  89. Hi, We are in WNC, 25 miles west of Asheville and looking for quality vinyl windows. We will be residing our home in the fall and will take that opportunity to remove old cheap drafty vinyl windows an replace with new ones. We have looked around Asheville and have not been happy with what is offered. Not interested in Anderson, Pella and Window World who would not even disclose that their windows are from AMI. Looked in SC at Okna and Soft-lite but the displays were in bad shape so we were not impressed. We did like Sunrise (also in SC). Are there other comparable vinyl windows offered in the area that we should consider? Thanks for the input.

  90. I have had many estimates, but I wanted to get one from Sunrise. I found a local reseller, and suffered through the 2 hour presentation. First off, the salesman had never heard of the Essentials line, which is all I wanted a quote on. I never got that quote. He was rather insistent on pushing the Texas edition line they had made custom for them …just like every other reseller I encountered. This was from the Restorations line, but it apparently had a stainless steel spacer between the panes, a fiberglass sash reinforcement, and some type of 7-layers Aluminum(?) glass impregnation that was ‘better than anyone elses’ for SHGC. That’s all great, but I was very upfront the minute he walked in that I had already seen 8 dog-and-pony shows, and I was only interested in getting a fair deal on a midgrade window. I specifically stated that I did not care to have a luxury window, and that price was more important to me than quality. Regardless, he made me sit through 2 hours of sales rhetoric, and finally gave an estimate of $32K for 23 windows. He stated that all my windows that were 12 inches from the ground had to be tempered (which was 16 windows). Regardless, that is $1,391/window on average. 14 of my windows are 71×24, 2 are small bathroom windows. The rest are larger, but nothing huge.

    I told him initially that all the forums have been very clear that there is no vinyl window worth $1000, and that I was looking for a fair price, with $700/window installed being my current average bid. After he gave me the price, I said “Thanks, but I am not at all interested. That is way outside what I told you I was looking for.” He tried to tell me about how his window is better, and I reminded him that I just wanted ‘good enough’, not luxury. I never even got the quote on the Essentials, but he stated that if its the model he is thinking of, its only around $60/window cheaper.

    I guess the best option I have is either the WinCore 7700 or the Milgard Tuscany, both at just below $700/window installed. THat sure doesn’t sound like a good deal to me, compared to what everyone else in the forums is getting, but its the best bids I have gotten so far. Which of those two do you prefer?

    1. Hi Chad, thanks for sharing your experience. What’s your zip code? I may be able to help with a recommendation.

  91. I wish I would have found this website a long time ago. I got a quote from Feldco and another from a local distributor in the northwest suburbs of Illinois. I signed the contract on the 15th and found this website yesterday after learning that there were other product lines I wasn’t aware of. Now i’m nervous that i’m overpaying for a middle grade/basic product. After reading these reviews I wish I would have taken more time to do my research. I would have liked to end up with the Sunrise Restoration vs the standard Sunrise product I learned i’m getting. The sales rep said he didn’t know about another line of windows and he never got any good information from Sunrise when he spoke with them. I called Sunrise today and they said there’s a big difference between the two and they would have the territory rep call me today. I haven’t heard back from Sunrise yet.

    Here is my quote – $35,340
    2 – 70×70 3 Light Casements
    2 – 43×72 2 Light Casements
    3 – 70×58 3 light Casements
    3 – 58×52 2 light Casements
    1 – 46×34 Awning
    1 – 18×30 Oval
    1 – 20.5×20.5 Octagon
    1 – 9′ 3 Panel Slider
    Omega Glass
    This doesn’t include full frame installation

    Let me know what you think, I appreciate your advice in advance.

    Thank you.

    1. I also live near an airport and the planes get pretty loud. The sales rep recommended the double pane vs triple pain for sound. I found that odd but we have wooden double pane windows now and the sound isn’t bad.

      1. Hi Randy, casements are more expensive than other types of windows, but $35k for 14 units does feel a bit heavy. If you signed up on the 15th they probably won’t let you cancel today. If you haven’t had them back out to measure yet I’d make sure you’re ordering. Without measuring again they haven’t’ started manufacturing anything yet. Good luck with the project.

    2. Hi Randy – What did you end up installing? We are working with a contractor who stated that the efficiency difference between the Sunrise standard and the Restoration model is minimal. We are looking to go with the Ultra U Plus versus the Omega 12 or AR90 (triple pane) because when looking at samples the latter two appeared more grey.

  92. This is a question for The Windowdog:
    I am a contractor in Southwest Colorado and finding quality vinyl windows is a hot contention around here. What brand would YOU recommend? I find most clients don’t mind spending a bit more for better quality. It seems every brand I’ve looked up has more unhappy customers than happy. My current clients don’t want a wood window, clad or otherwise.

  93. Hello,
    I have got two offers to replace windows plus patio door
    1. Andersen 100 series
    2. Sunrise – V Class Windows – Glass option Solace 366

    Price wise both are somewhere close and provided by respective certified installers. Cost of the job by Andersen is 14800, whereas Sunrise is 14400. Sunrise, has great points, with a lifetime warranty on product and labor, of course, Labor is a hoodwink type of offer in reality. Whereas Andersen is only a 20-year warranty.

    Could anyone help me to make a decision, I know Andersen has a name, but I see Sunrise providing some good numbers in quality, in terms of Glass, Frame, energy efficiency, etc.

    Does a window brand name make a proposition to sell or buy a house, considering if I happen to sell?

    Any help here would be great.


  94. This site is super helpful, it has tons of information!

    I need to replace 10 windows of different sizes (76×34, 60×106, 60×35 and 72×28), local sunrise dealer has quoted 6K for Sunrise Restorations Double hung windows. Did bit of a comparison with Alside Mezzo and Sunrise essentials products, pricing is around 6.5k to 7k. Not sure which one to choose, would appreciate if you could help advise.


  95. Hey Dog! Can I call you dog? I have been reading so much on your website I feel like I know you! I really appreciate the info!

    I have gotten a quote by Pella for the 350 line and by Sunrise on the Vanguard line and I really like both of these windows. I was ready to write a check to Pella just before I found your website! The bummer thing about the Pella salesman was that he flat out refused to give me a hard copy quote stating that he has been screwed over by people by taking his quotes and going to Lowes and losing business. Then I realized he also hit many of your other red flags. like a discount If I sign the contract today. Such a shame. It’s a great window and a BestBuy on Consumer Reports. I really had to revisit the Consumer Reports site after reading reviews and comments here and was amazed that many of your most coveted windows were not even tested. It’s a bit misleading by CR to only review the most advertised windows.

    After every thing I read here, I really wanted Revere but they are sadly not available in the St. John Indiana area. I got a quote from a Sunrise dealer by Preferred Window and Door Inc. which is the distributor of the Vanguard out by me and I really like this window! and it was 10,000 less that the the Pella Quote! It’s just under $32,000 for 15 windows. Several are triple pane.

    While It’s a bit high I feel the quality of the window and the transferable warranty are worth it. So, This is my Dilemma. I desperately want to get a quote for the Sunrise Restoration line of windows but I am having no luck finding a distributor. Preferred Window and Door Inc. is saying they are not licensed by Sunrise to sell it. I have no reason to not believe them. I went to Sunrise’s website and it’s not a fun experience. The “find a dealer” search is a joke. I get no results for any line of their windows no matter what zip code is used. Then you get assaulted by robo-chat. UUggh. I sent them a detailed email hoping they can link me with a distributor of the Restorations but they have not replied.

    Have you had this experience with Sunrise? Is there any other window in my area I should consider? (Your find a dealer search does not have any cities in Indiana close enough to me)

    Thanks for the website!

    1. Hi John, glad you’ve found the site to be helpful. I do always suggest not falling in love with a product first because those smaller manufacturers will have very limited distribution. Often times you’re stuck with the one dealer they might have in town. That window dealer could be a great company and there’s no issue, or they could be a not so great company and you’re left feeling like you deal to deal with these jokers to get the product you want. Don’t feel like that, there are plenty of fish in the sea as they say.

      I recently heard from a customer in Ohio who had half of his windows replaced with new Okna windows. That went well, but now that he wants to replace the other half he’s having trouble because the Okna dealer is no longer around and there is nobody else. He’s going to have windows that don’t match and there’s nothing he can do about it. That would bug me in my house, but some people don’t seem to care too much.

      Since Sunrise Windows hasn’t responded I would assume that means they don’t have an option in the area.

      I’d start by looking for some highly rated dealers or installation companies in the area and then seeing what they have to offer. Sunrise or Pella don’t make anything you can’t get elsewhere. Good luck!

    2. They are so hard to get ahold of. Not good windows. I’d look elsewhere and be thankful you didn’t get stuck with very leaky Sunrise windows like me 🙁

  96. Hi I have a question about installation method. I was quoted $11k for 11 double hung triple pane restorations windows, with a “frame in frame” installation described to me this way by the contractor:

    “A frame in frame install will be removing the window sashes and leaving the existing window frame and any trim intact. The new window frame will fit inside the old window frame. This method is the industry standard but provides some concerns. Your windows will seem a little smaller since it is now inside the old window frame behind your wall. Also if you have rot many times it is hidden under the exiting window frame and gets masked.”

    For about an extra $1k they say they will do a full frame install:
    “A full frame method everything is torn out right down to the header and shoulder studs. This would mean the widow size wouldn’t be smaller, no rot can hide under the existing window frame, and you wouldn’t have to worry about a poorly insulated old window frame still in the opening.”

    Does that seem reasonable? Should I be leaning towards a full frame install? Are the contractor’s concerns about a frame in frame install warranted?

    Thanks! Jason

    1. The vast majority of replacement windows are installed like replacement windows which is what they’re calling a frame in frame. That’s a new name, and I’d expect they call it that on purpose to make it sound bad so you pay the extra money. I generally don’t recommend replacing the whole frame unless there is some substantial issue. We find most customers don’t want to replace all of their trim and then repaint it, and there’s really not any substantial advantage.

      A lot of window salespeople get paid a percentage of the contract amount so it’s in their interest to drive up the cost. Ideas like covering rot are scary sounding ideas, that are explained that way to get you to add to the contract amount. If there isn’t any issue with the current frames my advice is typically to leave them, make the project less disruptive and don’t spend the extra money for no real reason.

  97. We got a few quotes for 17 windows, 15 of them double hung and 2 sliders:

    Company A: about $11K for Alside Mezzo
    Company B: about $11K for Pella 250
    about $14K for Pella Impervia
    Company C: about $15K for Sunrise Restorations (which he claimed only his company sells them??)
    about $19K for Marvin Infinity
    Are they all reasonable quotes? Or Company C charging me too much?

  98. I have an update to my quotes, and would like your opinion on these. We live in Indianapolis area and would need 14 double hungs, 2 sliders, and 1 pair of casement windows replaced. Here are our quotes so far:

    Company A: about 11K for Alside Mezzos
    Company B: about 11K for Pella 250 or 14K for Pella Impervia
    Company C: about 15K for Sunrise Restorations or 19K for Marvin Infinity
    Company D: about 9K for Revere Berkshire Elite
    Company E: just wating for quotes on Soft-Lite Pro and Soft-Lite Imperial LS or Elements

    Are any of these quotes reasonably priced? I would like to get, as long as they are priced fairly, higher end vinyl or fiberglass windows.

    1. Yes, I’d go company D. They should probably raise their prices, those are nicer windows than most of the others listed and the best price. Seems like an easy choice.

  99. You are comparing vinyl windows versus Fiberglass composite. Marvin Infinity and Pella Impervia are both fiberglass composite. You will always pay more for fiberglass than vinyl. Personally I would steer clear of Sunrise. They write a great warranty, but are not good at backing it up IMO.

  100. Shopping windows and have settled on Sunrise windows (not sure which model, has foam insulation and the omega 12 glass package) got quotes from window world and Pella. Quote is for 8 single hung windows and 6 ft sliding glass door 8k. Sent email as to which exact sunrise model. He said it’s identical to renovations except for locking mechanism. Thanks

  101. Hello I am looking to replace 10 casement windows and 1 8ft sliding patio door I have had sever outrageous quotes and feel really overwhelmed with this at this point. I have a contractor that can install Polaris thermal weld or ultra weld 2 lite sliders for me at a great price but they are really bulky and take up a lot of glass. So I reviewed Sunrise windows and think from what I have read on this site Sunrise has a better window. If this is true I can understand a reasonable increase for quality. But I was quoted almost $8.000 more to do my project for sunrise omega 12 glass 2 lite sliders please advise

    1. I completely understand that the process of buying new windows can feel significantly more complicated than it needs to be. What’s your zip code? We might be able to help make things a little easier.

        1. You’re going to love what we have to offer. My friends own the Window Universe location in Lakewood and they cover the whole NE Ohio area. You can find them here. Let them know Dan from The Window Dog sent you and let us know how it goes. They’re easily the best operation in town.

      1. Lindsay Pinnacle (which contractor said that they have their own style made for them by Lindsay??) $15000.00
        Euro-tech which sells Great Lakes Windows $25000.00
        Power Windows $23000.00
        A Sunshine dealer for $17000.

        I have covered the internet looking for honest reviews for all and find that no one window really stands out more than the other. They are all good and they are all bad. It’s a crap shoot. Most of the issues are with warranty service being passed along from Selling Co. to the manufacturer. Same all over.

        We are leaning to the sunrise but really don’t know what to do? any advice.

        I hope you can get back to me soon because we are ready to buy now, installation in Oct 2020

  102. I am looking into replacing the windows in my house. It is a 1967 ranch-style home. I’ve gotten quotes from a couple companies that include Sunrise Vanguard ($7800), Milgard Trinsic ($5800), Jeld Wen ($5500) and Windsor Next Dimension Pro ($5700). The Sunrise is peaking my interest due to their warranty for me and the next owner. Is it worth the extra $2,000 though?

    1. Only you can decide if it’s worth the extra $2k. I imagine $2,000 would fix a lot of problems so if the only thing that seemed better about them was the warranty that’s a pretty big percentage of the project to pay for a warranty.

      What’s your zip code? We may know someone to recommend.

  103. I just had Sunrise windows installed in the fall. 6 sliders and a bow. & Not the Essentials line but the next one up. I’m absolutely sick over this. I spent nearly $10k and these windows Are incredibly leaky. They’re no better then the “screwed and glued windows” I had before. I’ve been in contact with a guy from Sunrise which was not easy to do. I tried for months before someone actually returned my calls & I had to send an email on their website to get a call back. The guy sent me a bunch of tiny foam pieces and weatherstripping That’s a cheaper quality then what u can get at Home Depot. I swear it has to be a joke what he sent. You can feel air blowing in under the sash. And I have both locks locked, the windows don’t even feel tight when locked. It’s Incredibly depressing to spend this kind of money for absolutely nothing. I liked how my old windows operated better. These windows are flimsy. The glass is so thin, it feels like it’ll break just tapping on it. The track of the windows are freezing and this is the mildest winter we’ve ever had. I can’t imagine how cold it will be when we get a decent winter. I’m going to call the window installer back but I’m not expecting much. I feel like so should call a lawyer because I am 1000% dissatisfied with these windows. I never in a million years thought I would get windows as bad, if not worse then what I had. I literally threw my money out the window.

    1. Hi Jade, sorry to hear about your trouble. What did the dealer who you ordered the windows from say about it? Usually Sunrise windows are sold through dealers who can sometimes think they’re very fancy. I would think they could help out.

      1. I have to contact the dealer/installer again. Originally I had him come out bc I could feel air coming under the windowsill….he came out & sprayed more foam. Then I called him bc there’s water stains on one corner of my bow and he has not been out For that yet. I can tell by his responses that he’s going to make excuses, so that’s why I went straight to the manufacturer….So I could determine if it’s an installation issue or the windows. I don’t really know what they’re going to do. I wish they could remove them and I could get windows from someone else 🙂 Based on my interaction with Sunrise and what he sent me to help fix the drafts…I’m pretty confident these are just a bad quality window. It could be the installation too but I’ve been checking other people’s older windows and they don’t leak like these.

  104. I have been selling and installing windows in Denver for over 23 years. I have used dozens of brands. Sunrise has the strongest WRITTEN warranty I have ever seen, but they are the absolute worst in fulfilling the promises made in the warranty. One particular issue with excessively drafty windows took over 2 years to resolve and it took an attorney getting involved before Sunrise did the right thing.

    My suggestion- avoid this company. There are many more companies with better windows for less money.

    1. Please tell me what made it excessively drafty?? I’m considering a lawyer bc I feel mine are excessively drafty and I’m not getting much help. The air leaks in under the sash along the track.

  105. Just received a quote for 12 single hung Sunrise Restoration Windows. Vinyl, Omega 12. I thought the price seemed very high at $24K. They reduced to $15k for the “buy 2 get 1 free”. Majority of windows are roughly 4’x 4′ 6″. Doesn’t $1,250 seem high?

    1. I have been in the replacement window business for 25 years, and I would never give a quote in that manner. I think you are better off finding another company for your windows. The price of $1250 does seem a bit high, but the real issue is the dishonest bid of $24K. “Buy 2, get 1 free” is a sales gimmick. Sunrise is not giving them a free window for every 2 they order. Their actual cost are fixed; they pay for the widows, the installation, delivery and overhead. If they would mislead you about the price, they will likely mislead you about anything else that is an issue.

  106. Hello all! I’d like to get some opinions on the following quote for Sunrise Restorations windows with Omega-12 low-e glass, no window grids or screens, full-frame installation in a brick veneer home (built in the Southern US in 1991). We’re talking about 18 windows, which include a 48×74 bay picture window (tempered glass), an entryway palladium round top 36×72 window, 2 10×56 vertical transoms, 9 double hung windows, and the following horizontal transoms: 1 48×10, 2 28×10, 2 24×10.

    Dealer is a very reputable, no pressure company with excellent reputation for doing the job right and standing behind their work with a lifetime installation and labor warranty, including any work that might be required in support of the manufacturer’s warranty. Salesperson I’m working with has been in the business for decades, is extremely knowledgeable, able to explain in precise detail exactly what will be done. Appears to knows all of his product lines extremely well. Price I was quoted is $18,500. If I were to choose a pocket installation instead, price is $13,200. The pocket installation quote is in-line with quotes I received from similar companies for Soft-Lite Elements ($13k) and Okna 800 ($12k).

    Appreciate any thoughts anyone might care to share on whether both the Restorations full-frame price and the pocket price sound reasonable, as this is a big investment for us at the moment.

  107. Getting quotes from a few Sunrise dealers (who seem reputable/good reviews). One dealer quoted Sunrise Restoration while another dealer quoted their privately branded “Restoration equivalent” made by Sunrise but w/triple pane glass – they say it’s “Restoration but with some improvements”. They appear to be full Sunrise Restoration but this has me confused as to warranty and exactly what I’m getting. Anything to watch our for with a privately labeled version of a manufacturer’s window?

    1. Typically private label window products are the exact same as the regular brand, just with a different brochure. Sometimes they’ll take an optional feature in the main model and make it “standard” in the private label model. Doesn’t necessarily make it bad, just makes it hard to compare and that’s the reason they do it.

  108. getting to the closing stages of getting new windows. replacing 21 double hung and 2 picture windows. have had two very similar quotes for Provia Endure windows, $18k. and they seem like a quality product. our last installer gave us a comparable quote for Joyce Heritage windows, $18k, and really talked them up like they are the most underrated window in the nation. never having heard of Joyce we’ve really tried to do research on them and there just isn’t any info on them, positive or negative.

    when i expressed this concern to the sales guy he said they could install Sunrise V Class windows for an $100 per window. he didn’t bring this up during his visit, maybe assuming it was out of our price range. now, he’s come back saying he could honor the 18k price and install the V Class windows. after looking more into sunrise they seem very well liked and reputable. what are your thoughts of the V Class vs. Provia Endure?

    1. The guy sounds like he’s being a little slippery with the pricing and the options. What is it that you liked about one option vs another?

  109. I am researching sliding glass doors to replace my current sliding glass door. I have a quote from a local company for white 8′ Verde Vinyl without grids with exterior top sliding screen with optional foot bolt lock. The estimate is $3,578 with a discount of $350.00 so the total cost would be $3, 228.00. Is this a typical price for this type of door? I also have a quote for a 6100 Series Alside door for $1469. I have done some research and have read that the Sunrise is better quality. I’m just surprised in the difference in price. Could someone help a girl out? Thanks!

  110. Hi Dog, I’m looking to replace my 15 windows in Oklahoma City – zipcode is 73099.

    I can’t seem to find Okna, Soft-lite, or Sunrise in my area. I did get a quote for Simonton 5500 for $10,300 – 7 eyebrow, 6 operator, and 2 picture. Is there anyone you can recommend in my area?

    1. Hi there, unfortunately I don’t know a great window company to recommend in Oklahoma City. If you find one let us know, I’m sure you’re not the only one looking.

  111. Hello all, I’m in the market for new windows and found an installer in the Golden, CO area to install the Soft-Lite Imperial line. My wife and I were going to pull the trigger last Friday but the installer contacted us and said Soft-Lite changed glass to Cardinal and the super spacer is now gone. They said the spacer was going to be stainless steel now. Does anyone know if this is true and if its the case should I be looking at other window brands now? We have not received quotes for Sunrise or Marvin but have recieved quotes for Home Depot Simonton and Renewal By Andersen. We would like Okna but heard this is impossible for our location. Any info on all of this would be great

    1. Brad – Did you get a reply from the Window Dog to your August 2020 question? My home is in Lakewood, CO and I would be interested in who you got window quotes from. Thanks

      1. I did not but I decided to get quotes for Sunrise as well. We ended up really liking the Vanguard line from Sunrise and went that route.

        1. Thanks, Brad, and what Contractor did you use to obtain and install your Sunrise Vanguard windows? I’d like to get a quote to replace my 19 year old original builder-grade Hurd Casement Windows.

          1. We talked to these three companies and had a great experience with all three.
            Paramount Siding and Windows
            Colorado Window Source
            Prestige Products Windows and Siding

  112. Hello!
    I live in Northern NJ and I’m looking to replace 18 DH windows, 2-2 Lite Sliders and 1 – 3 Lite Slider with Sunrise Vinyl Replacement Windows. All windows are original on my 1950s house. The company that came out yesterday only offered the Sunrise Essentials and V Class by Sunrise. Can you explain where the V Class line sits within Sunrise’s existing lines (Essentials, Standard, Verde and Restorations?) in terms of energy efficiency and features? It was explained to me that the V Class is the top level window Sunrise makes, but I don’t believe I need that. A good mid-level window, with the slim frame design of the V Class would be perfect.

    Also, is this a sneaky sales tactic?….I was told by this Sunrise dealer that they only offer the Essentials or V Class, but nothing in between.

    Price Quotes so far:
    Window World: $9,500 (really inexpensive, but worried you get what you pay for)
    Sunrise V Class: $19K
    Renewal by Anderson: $34K (way too high for me. I struggle to see the full value of this one)

  113. Hi,
    I am doing new construction and think it may be worthwhile to upgrade from the builder spec window Plygem classic double hung, to quotes from either Sunrise Vanguard 21,000 or Provia Endure 18,500
    1) do you think this is worthwhile?
    2) Which should I pick?

    1. I do think both of those options are nicer than the Plygem window model. Did you see anything in them that would justify the $2500 price difference?

      1. I have 9 windows with a circle top design that I would like to have in a single hung.The Provia Endure brand shifts to the lower level Ecolite ES 400 line for a circle top shape if as done a single hung.

        The Provia Ecolite would have slightly different external profile. Therefore we would then leave the front facing 4 circle tops as a fixed picture window Endure line, and do the other 5 on side and back to the Ecolite single hung. Sunrise has all the same line as single hung in the circle top design.

  114. I believe I have narrowed down my choices for new construction vinyl windows to Soft-Lite Imperial LS (offered through Zen Windows) and the Sunrise Vangard. From what I understand, their ratings are very similar, but the Imperial LS seems to have a much thicker frame, and thus a lower VT rating. That alone might sway me to Sunrise. We will have 35 windows of varying sizes (mostly fixed and casements) and the pricing is falling into the $33k to $36k range, fully installed with 7.25% sales tax (about $28k for windows only). Is that a decent price for these models? White on white, nailing fin and about 12 windows with grids within the glass. I am suffering from information overload and analysis paralysis! Thanks for any comments and insight.

    1. Hi Todd, there can be a lot that goes into the pricing. If both companies quoted pretty similar prices then you’re probably in a reasonable range. What’s your zip code?

      1. Zip is 27312. Do you think those two window lines and models will give me good value for our dollar over time? From my reading, Soft Lite and Sunrise seem to be fairly highly regarded manufacturers among professionals in these forums, no?

        1. I think those are fine options. My company also offers windows in your area and I do think the options we’d suggest would likely be a better value over time. It looks like we sent you a quote back in January. Did you receive it?

  115. We are looking to replace our windows and have narrowed it down to 2 types:
    Sunrise Restoration Omega 12 S2100a
    Okna 500 series Heat Seal Glass Deluxe package.

    Pricing quotes we received are fairly consistent. We’re doing almost all double hung with grids. One casement.

    Looking for feedback on experiences, pros/cons of each window, and if one is considered superior to the other. Thanks in advance!

  116. Need your help ,live in north Jersey. Looking at Harvey Tribute windows whats your feedback on them. Any suggestions window brands as well as installers ?


  117. Window Dog – We are looking at Sunrise windows and it is not clear to me if they are standard or an upgraded private label, but the company did state that they are quite similar to Restorations and only missing the extra foam in the second channel. My biggest question at this point is which glass package makes the most sense. We can get the Ultra U Plus (U-Factor .23 and SGHC .26) or the Omega 12 (U-Factor .22 and SGHC .19) glass package for similar pricing, but when I saw samples, the Omega 12 (with 12 versus 8 layers of reflective shields) appeared a bit more gray. We did not see a sample for the AR90 (triple pane with 8 layers of reflective shields) and it was only about 4% more. The AR90 has better efficiency (U-Factor .19 and SGHC .20) but got the impression that it was more meant for commercial buildings and even more gray. Can you help me understand the glass options and which one is both efficient and have a clear view and not grayed?

    1. Hi Angie, ask them for the VT rating for those options and you’ll see how much light is blocked. The VT is visible transmittance so it’s showing you how much light gets through. Remember, the whole purpose of a private label is to make comparing or understanding the options more difficult. There’s no other reason to use one so the companies pushing “their own” brands are usually the worst deals around.

        1. That makes sense based on the other ratings. I’d say if light is your concern the Ultra Plus would be the better option. It’s improving the overall VT rating by 10% or so and includes the frame of the window so the glass would be more than 10% brighter.

          1. Am I losing much from an efficiency perspective especially in our climate in WI? Would condensation be an issue and if so then maybe it makes sense to get higher efficiency even if bit gray?

          2. You’re generally better off with the higher SHCG and VT option in the north. On average you’ll spend more energy heating your house than cooling it and the higher SHGC means the sun is helping you a little more in the winter. The very low SHGC options are really designed to be used in the south.

            So, I’d say you’d be losing efficiency by picking the darker option in most cases. Window salespeople often don’t understand how the windows actually work, they just think lower is better which is not how it works.

  118. It may be too soon to know, but has the sale of Sunrise to MI Windows affected Sunrise negatively — their service, responsiveness, warranties? Positively? Thank you.

    1. I haven’t heard anything directly, maybe someone else will chime in. I would think it can’t help as Mi is very focused on being cheap and the only point in buying another brand like that would be to try to save on costs. We’ll see how it goes.

  119. I really appreciate your help. I’m looking at getting a Sunrise triple sliding glass patio door. Considering Vanguard vs Restorations. Is there much difference between the two? Also, since I live in Chicago, would the 8 layer coating glass or the 12 layer coating glass be better? Also, is the self-cleaning glass worth the extra money? Thank you.

    1. Hi Michele, glad you’ve enjoyed the site. I didn’t think there was any difference at all between Vanguard and Restorations when it comes to patio doors. Did the salesman tell you there was a substantial difference? It might just be that they’re trying to charge you more.

      Regarding the efficiency packages, in the North you typically want a higher SHGC to keep your house warmer in the winter. The lowest possible SHGC rating is usually not the goal in colder climates so the 12 layer coating might provide a less efficient result and it’ll probably cost more money too. That’s usually a package that you would use in the south where you’re not really concerned about a cold winter. There could be a situation where it makes sense, if you get a ton of sun through that door in the summer for example, but in most cases that’s not an option I would recommend in your area.

      I’ll be curious to hear about what the salesman said the differences were between the Vanguard and Restorations patio doors.

  120. Hello everyone,

    Got a punch in the stomach when we realized all 22 windows and two door walls needed to be replaced in our home we just bought last year. Once we stopped crying, we started getting quotes. I have narrowed it down to Sunrise Vanguard at 45k or Marvin Elevate at 50k. Any thoughts or recommendations?

    1. Hi Sheldon, what’s your zip code? I’ll be happy to make a recommendation if we can. There may be a better value out there, but hard to say for sure without a little more info. I’ll be happy to help if I can.

        1. No problem. My company can definitely help out in the Detroit area. I think you’ll find a substantial savings in costs due to the difference in business model. Check out this section to find Window Universe and you can get a quote by email with no pushy in-home salesman. I’ll be interested to hear about how different the quote is and I can also help with any questions.

  121. Debating between Window World Series 4000 vs Sunrise 2100a Omega12.

    Replacing all 11 windows plus Bow and sliding door.

    Sunrise is $1900 more in total. WW in my area is highly rated and I am using a Outlet factory to supply and install the Sunrise windows. That company is also highly rated and reputable.

    I received other quotes with united and men with tools that swear they make their own windows. I plan on living here for a long time. any help / advice would be great. Help

  122. Replacing 20 double hung and 2 casement windows. Would appreciate any feedback on the following quotes in Maryland:

    Option 1: V5000 Restoration (Sunrise)
    The installation company said the V5000 Restorations are the Sunrise Restoration windows rebranded by the Manufacturer that bought them (MI Windows). They also said MI has not made any changes to the windows. Does anyone have any more information on this? Should I be concerned since MI has a reputation for being cheap but Sunrise Restorations have a solid reputation? The install company for this quote is top notch

    Option 2: Okna Insul-tec 500 Series – DX Heat Seal Spacer Glass System
    The install company here is a decent size but no where near as much info as the company in option 1.

    Appreciate the feedback!

    1. Hi Andy, thanks for reaching out. Those are both decent options. Did you see anything in the quote for the Sunrise Windows that would be worth $2000 more? Generally I’d say the two product lines are pretty similar.

      If you’d like another option you an get a quote online from Window Universe in Maryland. Generally skipping the in-home sales pitch and commission based salesman can provide a better value as you’re not paying for those costs. You can find info here.

      For anyone else reading this from another part of the country you can find our recommendations for the best local window companies all over the country here.

  123. Hi,

    Do you know where I can see an example of the restorations interior “raw pine” painted?

    I’m really curious about this. If this is a big selling point, one would expect to see examples. Am I wrong?

    Also, would be interested how one would sand/repaint on down the road without damaging the laminate.


    ~ Sam

    1. Hi Sam, I don’t know where you could see a finished interior on a Sunrise Restorations window but the salesperson should be able to show you samples. Usually they’ll either have samples of things like that or the local Sunrise windows dealer will have a showroom with displays. If they don’t have either of those options it will be challenging for them to sell those windows, or at least that option.

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