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Mi Windows reviews, warranty price and cost

As we get into these Mi Windows reviews you should know that I’m not a huge fan of these products. Mi Windows makes price point windows so they’re designed to be cheap. If you’re an engineer tasked with designing a cheap window you need to cut some corners and that’s what they did.

To be fair there’s probably a decent market for cheap windows and I know Mi windows sells a lot of them. I toured their facilities several years ago and they do have a nice operation.

Mi windows reviews, warranty, cost and more.

Mi recently bought Sunrise windows which I can only assume was an attempt to get into the higher end vinyl window business. Sunrise has been a manufacturer of much more expensive vinyl windows for several years.

I don’t know if they’ll end up making the Mi windows nicer or the Sunrise windows cheaper but it’s not always a great sign when a smaller nicer company gets bought out by a bigger cheaper company. My assumption would be they’re going to try to take costs out of the Sunrise windows business which could mean making cheaper windows there too.

Mi Windows Reviews including the following models:

  • 1255 Single Hung Window
  • 1355 Single Hung
  • 1555 Double Hung
  • 1556 Double Hung
  • 1620 Single Hung
  • 1650 Double Hung
  • 1650 Extreme Double Hung
  • and several more
Mi windows reviews and costs installation and warranty

Are Mi windows for new construction or replacement?

Mi makes both new construction and replacement windows. If you’re not sure about the difference, check this page.

In general new construction windows are much cheaper because that’s what builders want to buy. The Mi windows compare reasonably to other new construction windows. While they’re not great, none of the other new construction vinyl window options are great either. In that respect they’re good enough.

When compared with other replacement window options the Mi products just aren’t very nice. If you’re considering a remodeling project I’d look elsewhere.

Should you buy Mi windows?

Maybe they’ll make sense for a lower end rental house or a basic new construction project. If you’re living in the house or if it’s a nicer house I really would not suggest these windows. They’re just low end. They were deigned to be low end and they achieved their goal. I’d look elsewhere.

Is the Mi window warranty any good?

Generally Mi does not offer a great warranty. Their replacement window warranty leaves a lot to be desired. You’ll see much more limited coverage with Mi than you will with many other companies. That makes sense as they’re making cheap windows. You’ll almost always get a better window warranty from a company that is making nicer products.

What if I have more questions about Mi windows?

We can help!  Find our Mi windows FAQ page here.  If you don’t see the answer to your question post a comment and we’ll answer your question for everyone to see.

Looking for any additional information on Mi windows that you’re not finding here?  Post a comment and let us know.  We’ll be glad to help out!

How can you find a great window company?

When shopping for windows I do always suggest finding a great installation company before you fall in love with any particular window model. There are plenty of great window options out there but not as many local companies that are great to work with.

To know which companies to avoid you can find common window sales tactics here. That’s become one of the most popular sections on the site. 

Remember, for more great window company info you can find our suggestions for the best local companies in 2023 right here. There’s no need to work with a company that gives you the run-around or makes the process difficult. There are plenty of fish in the sea as they say. The best way to get started is to check out our list of great window companies here.

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