MW Windows Out of Business – Almost

mw windows warranty

We should start out by noting that MW windows is sometimes called M&W windows by installers. They’re actually two different companies. Here we’re talking about MW Windows which was based in Rocky Mount, VA and they’re now out of business after a big lawsuit related to poor quality.

M&W Windows is still in business and is not related to MW Windows. In my opinion M&W should change their name to avoid the unfortunate association but nobody asked me.

MW Windows was faced with a pretty substantial lawsuit related to failing products and damage caused to homes from water intrusion. You can find more detail on the MW window lawsuit here.

MW WIndows water intrusion and warranty
Here’s an example of water intrusion on MW windows

If you have MW windows and you’re looking for warranty support you may still have an option.

Back in 2004 Ply Gem bought MW windows and Ply Gem is still in business. If you have a failing product you should contact Ply Gem to see if your warranty is still valid. If you have the actual printed warranty from your original windows you should read it carefully to see what is covered and what is not.

I would think getting warranty service will be difficult but the warranties are pretty easy to read. If you should still have coverage then you should demand coverage. If your original warranty has expired you shouldn’t bother contacting them as I don’t expect you’ll get any support.

How do you get MW Windows warranty support?

Contact Ply Gem and let us know how it goes. Every time I write one of these posts about a bankrupt window manufacturer lots of people find it. Usually the only people searching for a manufacturer that is out of business are people with warranty problems. You’re not alone.

Please post a comment and let us know if you were or were not able to file a warranty claim for your MW windows.

MW windows warranty damage and law suit
Here’s another example of damage caused by water intrusion through MW windows. You can see why they got sued.

How can you find a great window company?

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4 thoughts on “MW Windows Out of Business – Almost”

  1. My whole place was fitted with MW windows. Now one has a compromised thermo pane. I see that the pane could be popped out of the frame and replaced but who has replacements? Please let me know. Thanks!

    1. You should be able to find a glass company in your area who can replace the insulated glass unit. Usually that’s not particularly difficult for someone who knows what they’re doing. I don’t have a specific company to recommend in your area but I bet you can find one. If you have trouble, try looking for a company that does custom shower doors. They can often deal with other types of glass too.

    1. Some do, but many don’t. I once heard someone say that a manufacturer didn’t put their logo on a window so that once the house has been sold and the current owners don’t know where the windows came from they can’t file a warranty claim because they don’t know who made the windows. I don’t know if that’s the reason, but it is relatively common to see windows with no branding.

      Most do have some kind of warranty or serial number identifier. You can commonly find it when you lower the top sash of a double hung window and look up into the frame. Or, if it’s a casement or a sliding window you can open the window, stick your head in it and look up at the top. If you’re going to find any info that’s usually where it will be.

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