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If you’re looking for Renewal by Andersen prices you’ve come to the right place.

If you’ve recently received a quote for Renewal by Andersen windows we need your help! Comment below to let us know you have a quote to share.

Window prices have been a little volatile lately and it can be harder than ever to get an understanding of what windows really cost. A little more transparency will go a long way towards making this business easier to navigate. So, share your Renewal by Andersen quotes with our readers here.

Here are Renewal by Andersen prices from a reader in Colorado.

This quote was sent in from a reader in Colorado. It shows Renewal by Andersen prices for a 5 window order. There are three pages so stay with me.

Renewal by Andersen prices page 1

Renewal by Andersen prices page 2

As you can see in the quote above the original cost for 5 white double hung windows was $17,686 or over $3500 per window. Then, this lucky customer was offered a discount of over $4k which must have made his day.

The final price was $13,039 for the 5 windows or a per window cost of $2,607. That’s a pretty hefty price, but it’s in line with what we would expect to see from Renewal by Andersen. Note that there are grids between the glass and tempered glass included on some windows and features like that do add to the cost.

Are these Renewal by Andersen prices any good?

If you’re shopping for windows you can see pricing that is all over the map. Renewal by Andersen will tend to be one of the most expensive options around. They also have a shorter warranty than you get from many vinyl window companies and we’ve heard that the air infiltration rates will be much worse than many vinyl windows.

Whether or not they’re the right company for you is a little subjective. The windows can look very nice and for some people that might be worth the trade off of higher prices. I would tend to suggest you can find a better value elsewhere but that’s just my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

Do you have a window quote that you’d like to share?

Let us know! Post a comment below and we’ll send you an email to touch base. You can send in Renewal by Andersen prices or prices from any other window company. If you’ve received multiple quotes send them all and everyone will benefit.

I’m sure our other readers will find that info to be invaluable as they’re trying to navigate this business.

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5 thoughts on “Real Renewal by Andersen Prices”

  1. I paid 95,000 for 22 windows, 2 12 foot sliding doors, a front door and back door amd the windows arent great quality, the installation is shoddy and rushed and their not taking responsibility for the scratches the installers made.

    1. Hi Katelyn, I’m sorry to hear about your trouble. $95,000 for a window project is pretty steep, especially for a less than fantastic result. Have you contacted them to ask Renewal by Andersen to fix any issues?

      1. Yes and they arent being resposive. The salesmen told me I would loose an inch of glass space but i lost about 4 inches is what im mostly upset about. In my contract it has my picture windows and my casment listed as all shash, was that a way to drive the price up to leave room for negotiation? They also have my casement windows listed as baseframe but other windows listed as insert windows and they were all installed the same haphazard way (didnt even use shims) theirs atleast an inch of space (top and bottom) between every window that was supposed to fit “perfect” they sealed them with foam. The window caps are alluminum but they didnt install caulk for alot of them. You can literally pull the caps off some of the windows and and see the rotted frames from previous windows, didnt use tyvek (not sure of their supposed to but feels like they should for wood behind caps)

  2. I just got a quote from Renewal by Anderson. It was an outrageous $98k. That was for 15 windows and 2 sliding glass doors. They used the tactics described on your article regarding disparaging vinyl windows saying they would only last 5 years in the Las Vegas heat. I’m happy to share the quote and am obviously looking at other options. So sad the greed and lies.

    1. Wow, that is a fancy price! Of course their claims about competitors windows aren’t based in reality. My company does offer windows in the Las Vegas area at substantially better prices and they come with lifetime warranties backed by a billion dollar company. You can get a quote online by email with no pushy salesman here.

      If anyone else is looking for great window companies in other areas you can find our list of the best window companies all over the country here.

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