Atrium Windows Reviews

atrium windows reviews

Update: While this Atrium windows reviews post was originally written several years ago it’s been updated in 2021 as we continue to work to provide the best replacement window information on the entire internet in 2021 and beyond.  See info towards the bottom of this post for the most recommended window companies in 2021.  Be sure to post a comment or send us a message with any questions!

Atrium windows have been around for quite a while.  They have been primarily focused on new construction products.  As was the case with many companies producing products for the new construction market, Atrium went through a difficult time in financial crisis of 2008.

They are backed by the private equity firm Golden Gate Capital and the company has turned around their finances in recent years.  While the Atrium Windows is still very focused on new construction they do offer a full compliment of replacement windows.

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We’ll be reviewing the following models from Atrium Windows:

  • Series 8900
  • Series 8700
  • Series 8300
  • Series 8100
  • Series 8050
  • Series 5700
  • Series 700
  • Series 450
  • Masterview
  • Heirloom
  • Dynasty
  • Aspirations

As you can clearly see the naming system from Atrium windows leaves a little to be desired.  This is often the case when new construction companies enter the remodeling market.   They’re used to selling to architects and builders who love numbers.  When you produce a remodeling product your customer is the individual homeowner.  In order to make the product line easier to understand for someone who doesn’t work in the industry most companies will use names rather than numbers for their products.

Of course the names don’t matter much when you’re trying to determine the quality of the product, but it does show that the manufacturer doesn’t really understand their customers.

Check back soon for detailed reviews of all of the major models from Atrium windows.  Until then you can find the best replacement windows reviews online here and you can find detailed info on common window sales tactics and strategies to avoid being “sold” here.

What if I have more questions about Atrium windows?

We can help!  Find our Atrium windows FAQ page here.  If you don’t see the answer to your question post a comment and we’ll answer your question for everyone to see.

How can I find a great window company to work with?

That part is easy.  Check this section to find our recommended window companies all over the country including my company.  I’m sure you’ll appreciate the difference. Enjoy!

Update: We now have more recommend LOCAL window companies than ever before.   Click here to see who we recommend in your town.  It's 100% free.  You'll thank me.  There is no better resource; you're going to love it.  See for yourself right here.  

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  1. I am considering reliabilt line from lowes are they worth considering if so which one is best from a tight budget.
    thank you for info

    1. Everything we’ve seen from Lowes has been less than stellar. I’d suggest checking out Angie’s List to find a local company who may be able to offer better products and better pricing. You can find discounted rates here.

    2. Don’t buy Atrium! They don’t stand by their warranty. Our slider broke and because we live in California they won’t help us!

    3. I deal with atrium windows on a large scale as a installer from a local company . These windows are crap their quality control sucks we get windows that don’t function properly all the time . We are constantly cutting welds back sashes don’t fit hell imbworking on one right now the sash is so small the pins won’t even reach side to side

      1. I purchased Atrium windows and absolutely regret it. I would NOT recommend them to my worst enemy. Piss poor quality.

    4. I just purchased a replacement window from Lowe’s Home Improvement for an Atrium new construction window that was only 3 years old, it took Atrium 6 weeks to make and ship the window. Lowe’s would not sell me the exact same new construction ‘Atrium’ brand window, I had to purchase a replacement ‘Reliabuilt’ Window by Atrium. It was not a match, not even close. The window has been in for 1 week, it just rained out, the seal on the window is broken there is condensation in between window panes. Buyer’s BEWARE!

      1. Sorry to hear about your trouble. We rarely hear about good window experiences at big box stores. They could be such a force in our industry if they did it right. I guess it’s good for every other company that they don’t seem to be able to do it right. Maybe they’ll buy my company one day and we’ll turn things around for them…

      1. They windows are crap! We just received them and they all broken and the paint is peeling we bought them at MCoyS in Texas

        1. I would think they’ll fix that for you. Atrium is more of a new construction window company which means lower quality than some of their competitors. If windows show up defective I expect they’ll be able to get that taken care of. Let us know how it goes.

  2. Thanks “Dog”…! are you saying stay away from Lowes or Reliabilt windows, perhaps both.

    I’m actually having Lowes and 3-4 more companies quote a 10+ window replacement. Just saw this posting…

    I’m budgeting $300 a window; middle of the road grade. Any suggestions of manufacture to consider?

    How about Window World / Mezzo Windows?

      1. The Mezzo is junk. How could anyone throw off on Atrium products and admire Mezzo? The Atrium 8900 is a great window. Do a video review on the Atrium 8900. Do a video review on the Mezzo and show us how the sashes are bowed, the cheap small balance and how the glass shims are missing or the wrong size. Don’t forget to show the little pieces of weatherstripping they glue in the sash corners that fall off. Also mention that the glass in the Mezzo is cheap. I have swapped out to many sashes to count. I still have nightmares. ALSIDE Mezzo sucks! I sold 4000 Mezzo’s and wish I hadn’t of sold one. Sold thousands of Atriums with outstanding success! Have had amazing success with Simonton too. Make sure you buy the top grade of any vinyl window.

        1. Hi Scott, thanks for taking the time to write. I’ve never been a fan of Atrium since I worked with one of their former production managers. The stories he would tell about what went on in their plant would blow your mind. I find the air infiltration rates on Simonton to be really high. They might be easy to install, but they’re not great for the end user. I think sometimes installers forget that what is good for them is not always what is good for their customer.

          What are the air infiltration rates on the Atrium 8900 double hung?

  3. Thanks for the speedy response! I’ll keep everyone posted on the quotes and final decision…17 windows total

  4. Andrew, what did you decide on brand? I’ve had quotes from Lowes and Home Depot. Lowes was about $3,000 cheaper and the warranties seem the same. Home Depot will repair rotting wood and add some insulation (which is included in their cost). The home owner is responsible for that if Lowes does it.

    Pella, Reliabuilt (which is Atrium, right?), and whatever Home Depot uses (Series 6100) are my options.

  5. I have just recently built my home and installed atrium 450 series new construction windows. I strongly advise anyone shopping for Windows to stay clear of this product. They come from the factory mulled completely out of square. They do not operate well at all. Even the smaller windows are so hard to lock that my wife cannot do it herself. This was a huge mistake I made installing these windows and I hope this review saves someone else from making the terrible mistake I have.

    1. Hi Matt, I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. I knew someone years ago who had been a production manager for Atrium in North Carolina and he had some stories. I don’t know enough about each of their products to paint the whole company with a broad brush, but I always hate to hear about folks having trouble with their windows.

    2. I’m in NC. We just had Hurricane Matthew visit us and leave eastern NC in a mess. During the hurricane, the wind gusts and downpours were pretty bad. Some of our Atrium 450 Windows leaked and it’s not the first time. It happened a while back during a very windy ant rainy storm and we called our general contractor that built our home. He came out and put something up under the screen so the water would drain out. It doesn’t work so I’m assuming either these Windows are defective or the installers didn’t install them correctly. We are in a mess and it’s ruining the walls underneath the windows that are leaking in our home that will be 3 years old in January 2016. Should we contact the installers? Thanks for any help that anyone can provide.

      1. Trish, I live in Kernersville NC not far from you. Sorry to hear your windows are leaking. I’ve been selling and installing Atrium windows for over 15 years and have the 450 series in my home. It sounds like a bad installation job to me! If you installed the new construction series, then outside nailing fin was suppose to be caulked and seam tape apply over the fin to be water tight.

    3. Thank you for giving a reply that will help me. I am about to build a house and need feed back like this. Thanks again.

    4. We just installed Atrium windows also. I totally agree with how crappy it is constructed and on top of that the rep. Did not care that there were issues. I strongly suggest nobody buy these windows! Unless you want a big headache and having to replace several of them at your own expense…

  6. Looking for replacement windows. Have a quote from Atrium but not finding real good reviews. Have also look d at Anderson but they are super expensive.

  7. I am approaching my one year anniversary of stepping into Lowe’s and ordering Atrium (Reliabilt) windows. Between the 2 companies it has been an awful experience. I am now on order 5….that’s right still trying to get it right. Both companies have their share of problems. I should just get my money back and start new. Any suggestions?

      1. Are atrium 3000 series any good. I’m considering to use them as replacement windows .
        I looked at simonton 6100 from HomeDepote but it is 5000 dollars more . Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

        1. Atrium tends to be more of a new construction company so their replacement products aren’t usually as nice as some other options. Did you pick one yet?

        2. Please please please stay away from atrium windows, mine are ruining my wall the moisture is causing my paint to crackle and peel on 8 of 10 windows ,this is a nightmare,will take alot of time and money to repair, my installers are trying to help fix the situation never ever use atrium windows, I guess the old adage of you get what you pay for is true, be very careful of which product you put in your home and do a lot of research before you sign any thing

  8. can you help me choose a good mid range product for vinyl replacement window on a brick 1985 house. I need a good retailer and installer package for one property. I also need advise on where I can buy windows myself and have my own installer. Lowes quoted me Atrium 5900 series , 6 window units for 2K. Do you know anything about a local New Orleans company called LAS enterprises. Been installing for years.

  9. I bought Atrium Windows 23 years ago for my entire home. I added 6 more for an addition 13 years ago. I now have fogged up window (6) and worn out latches and spring bars. I have been unable to get a response from the Atrium web site and do not know to whom I should address my issues and from whom I should get replacement parts. I am the original owner and have the receipts and warrantee papers. Those are no good without contacts. The dealers in my area are no longer in business.

    1. Your best bet is probably to contract Atrium directly. I just looked for a phone number and didn’t succeed, but there is a contact us button on their website. Be sure to let us know how it goes. I’m sure you’re not the only person out there in that position.

    2. We install the Atrium Line in Alabama. They have amazing customer support. If you lower your top panel and look up in the track you will see all the information to get your windows fixed usually with all part covered at no cost.

    3. I am talking with an independent contractor about replacing a couple of windows ruined by a roof leak. He uses Atrium 450 series double hung windows. I read your comment about having Atrium windows installed 23 years ago and now 6 are fogged up. I am curious to know how long I should expect ANY window to last without fogging issues? My home is definitely low-budget and now worth top-of-the-line windows, but I do want my windows to last! Thanks.

      1. Newer windows come with lifetime warranties against seal failure and I know of several manufacturers that do a lot of environmental testing to make sure they’re producing seals that will last. 23 isn’t too bad, especially on windows that were built back in the ’90s.

      2. “Fogging” is caused by a issue with the glass. Window companies don’t make their own glass, but rather by the glass from one of the 4 manufactures around the country. Most window manufactures warranty the glass for the life of the window, my Atrium windows carry a lifetime glass warranty against fogging and glass breakage, covering the labor as well.
        Always ask for the window NFRC label ratings. Just like buying tires, ratings matter. Also, Atrium carry a gold rating for their better series windows. Good luck!

    4. Mike, ABC Supply in North Carolina is a distributor for Atrium and their number is 336-273-4928 Atrium is located in Welcome NC. They should be able to help you. There should be a warranty sticker inside the top frame. You will need the sales order # for warranty.

    5. I had Atrium new construction windows installed my retirement home in 2009 and again in 2011 on an addition. 4 of the windows sashes in the 2011 seals failed and 1 in the 2009 remodel section seals failed. I went to the website, followed the instructions, snapped pictures of the fogged up windows and the info page on the side of each window. Sent it in on the website received an email reply that YES, my windows were under warranty. I was advised to contact the building supply my contractor purchased the windows from and within 6 weeks I had the replacements for each defective sash as well as the corresponding sash. Just picked them up today, replaced them myself and could not be happier. Very easy to replace. Follow the online video. I have heard some people have issues with Atrium but I have had a good experience with them. I suspect my windows were failing for some time before I noticed but in my opinion their warranty is top notch!

  10. You replied that I should contact them. I did4 separate times thru their web site. I did not find a phone number

    1. Sorry to hear that. I don’t know anyone there anymore so I’m low on ideas. Maybe someone else will chime in.

    2. I’m fairly certain Atrium certifies with AAMA, so you should have a gold sticker with a manufacturer code on it that AAMA can give you contact information on. I also came across 214-630-5757 on their official facebook page, though I can’t verify that for sure.

  11. My wife and I replaced 13 large windows in our 2001 brick home with double hung Reliabilt Atrium 3500 series windows (mid tier) from Lowe’s. I will list some things that I have been forced to learned to keep in mind for any window manufacturer and installer. Hope this helps.
    1. Windows are only as good as the installer, and the installer’s original measurements. The installer that measured for our windows was off by over 1/4 of an inch on multiple windows.

    2. Atrium/Reliabilt are high tech with the low-e coating, argon gas, and insulation chambers….but….none of that matters when the frames AND the sashes themselves arent square. Off by as much as 1/8 of an inch and can see daylight around the edges. An 1/8th of an inch gap along one edge of a 36 inch window is equal to having a 4 inch square hole in your window. How is that energy efficient?

    3. Atrium/Reliabilt has good customer service, and its the only thing that keeps them in business. They pump out these un-square, gap-ridden windows so fast and cheap with no quality control. They are busy running around fixing problems that should never have existed. We have had our windows for almost 3 months and had a tech come out to replace parts on all the windows and a whole sash replaced due to a leak of the argon gas (out of square likely culprit). The low-e coating turned a rusty color on the inside of the window from oxidizing I guess.

    4. Beyond the build quality (poor) your experience will be dependent on your local Lowe’s store. I have a great install manager and I keep him busy. If you have an install manager that isn’t so gracious, you might need a lot of good luck getting something done quickly or at all.

    5. Lowe’s Atrium/Reliabilt had the best price and interest free financing. The demo windows from Lowe’s (best price $5k), Home Depot (highest price $9k), and Window World (middle price $6k) all look the same, I mean identical. They all use the exact same technology, but…. who can make theirs the most square? Not Reliabilt that’s for sure, at least not from the Georgia factory.

    My recommendation…. go with Window World if you have the cash. If you dont have the cash, save up because you will regret making interest free payments for windows from crooked Lowe’s. Window World has financing available, through Wells Fargo, welcome to the gates of Hades.

    1. Good luck with the issues you’ve been having and thanks for taking the time to write. Unfortunately most companies that are mostly focused on new construction tend to make lower quality windows. The builders drive the price down so far that the companies seem to forget how to make a nice window.

      Lots of companies offer good prices and financing. If anyone else out there is looking for a great option check out our list of recommended companies here.

  12. over 8 months dealing with Atrium & Lowes. The factory rep while looking at defective windows in my house told me that the Atrium company was aware of the manufactured defective windows for the last two years. The installer was aware of the defective windows and he made the lowes saleman aware of the defective windows. All three levels of this ongoing scam are still selling this defective product as of May 2017, and proud of it. “Made in America sucker.”

  13. I am enclosing a florida room with big picture windows. One of the windows is the Reliabilt 3500, the other is the Pella 250. I’ve done some research and it seems the Reliabilt 3500 gets slightly better reviews than the Pella 250’s. Any opinions?

  14. I made a contract with a contractor who told me that Atrium 40 series windows are good quality and Vinyl is better than fiber glass etc. He is selling me total 25 windows installed for $ 12637.00. Today when they are planning to bring the material to my home I was told by their installer that there would be lot of old wood left behind as this is not part of the windows. i was given to understand that my windows will be maintenance free, when I spoke to the contractor he said we can cap this wood but I will have to pay extra bucks for that. Can you guide me please?

    1. A lot of companies charge more for capping trim. I’d suggest you go back to the contract to see what was supposed to be included. It should be pretty clear. Any company that writes vague contracts is asking for trouble. Did you get this resolved?

    2. Vinyl is cheaper than fiberglass, that’s it. Fiberglass windows are stronger, last longer and because the frame is stronger, there can be a larger glass area, plus they can be painted. Replacement windows just replace your old sashes, not the frame. If you want maintenance free, new construction windows are your best bet. If you didn’t pay for aluminum “capping” it’s not included.

  15. DO NOT buy any Atrium made windows or doors… I am withholding my name because i work at the Welcome NC plant. All patio door glass, picture window,and almost all single and double hung, sliders and casement come from the line that i am a part of. On that line they sandwich the spacer between 2 panes of glass, the glass is supposed to hang over the spacer all the way around, well if it does it does if it doesnt send it anyway, scratches or dirt between the panes, if the line is running good throw it away, if the line is having problems send it…. rest assured it is quantity over quality every time

  16. I am looking to replace 11+ windows and recently had a contract quote me atrium 8300 series windows. Do you know if these windows are any good?

  17. I had Atrium windows installed May 2018. Now that winter is here, I am not liking these windows. Moisture on the inside and you can feel the draft. Sure, much better than the 30-year-old wood windows. It’s a big disappointment. Wanted to go with Pella wood. I would not recommend these windows.

    Windows look good and operate fine, so far. Was hoping for much better. Purchase the mid-price range.

    1. I’m having the same problem. Moisture on inside of the windows. On all of them since it got cold. I have to dry all 12 windows every morning. I’ve been trying to get the company out here to fix the problem for months

    2. Which Atrium window did you purchase for your home? We are considering replacing our windows with them, but are looking at the xtreme 3000 or 8000.

  18. Installed 8900 series replacement windows last year. Had three instances of broken windows in shipment and one instance of Atrium not cutting the eyebrow window correctly. Having said that, the final result is very satisfying. The windows are quieter (we hear no road noise), better insulating (our heat bill is lower by 25%…no kidding), and they look and function very well. These windows were almost HALF of the price of comparable Andersen windows. I would do the exact same thing again.

  19. Building a new home and using atrium 450 series. I noticed most of these reviews and questions are at least 2 years old. So my question is have the quality improved over the last two years for 450 series or is there still problems. The salesperson said on a scale of 1 to 10, he would rate the windows an 8 1/2. How true is that statement.
    Thank you Debbie

    1. Hi Debbie, I’m not aware of any changes to the products. They are a new construction window so compared to other new construction windows I think they’re perfectly fine. When you find people unhappy it’s sometimes due to the product and sometimes the installation or service if/when an issue arose. I don’t think there’s any inherent problem with that model. Let us know how you like them online they’re installed.

    1. We built our house 2 yrs ago with Atrium windows. I have had 2 crack, 5 sashes replaced due to not sealing, two locks break, and 2 lift supports break. All have been covered by warranty. The sales rep for are area says he’s never seen anything like this happen before. I now have 4 new sashes in my garage from the company “for just in case” I was told. I wound not recommended there new construction windows. My contractor said they would be the best window. I really regret putting them in. Hope this helps when someone is shopping for windows.

  20. I have purchased 2 new homes with atrium windows. Both houses were built in about 2009 to 2010. Sorry do not know the window model numbers. In both houses the windows with vertical sashes and plastic hardware are nearly impossible for anyone without strong hands to operate. Even with strong hands they are quirky and not at all smooth. The horizontal sliders are less trouble. I often get called because my guests get a window open, it jams and they can’t get it down. Sometimes the plastic tab pops off the latch mechanism. In addition for my house in the snow, the vertical operating panes won’t close square. There us a visible gap that cold air streamed through. I replaced all the windows in the house in the snow with simington daylight max 7300 with metal operating hardware. I am ecstatic with the improvement. They dampen the road noise significantly more, operate smoothly and have beter efficiency ratings. On advice of my installer we purchased new windows and installer removed the exterior window trim on order to use the normal nailed flange which he felt might allow him to seal them from the cold air infiltration. Perhaps atrium has improved but I can’t recommend them. I didn’t bother to try to get warranty support. I am just done with atrium. I will replace all the windows in my other house ad soon as I get the cash together.

  21. Mold has formed under the glazing beads on all 24 of my Reliabilt 3900 windows ( between glass and underside or beading). The mold cannot be reached to clean. Windows were installed June 2017; issue noticeable 1 /1/2 – 2 years after install.

    Anyone else experiencing the same?

    An Atrium rep stated he has never seen this happen before. A customer service rep said issues with the beading is not normal. Atrium states that the mold is environmental and therefore not covered under warranty. I could accept that if there was a way to clean. A mold mitigation service told me there is no way to clean and beading would need to be replaced. Atrium has ignored all emails and questions regarding replacement beading.

    Windows have performed well otherwise.

  22. We purchased Atrium windows for our new home built back in 2008. Three years ago, the low-e film between the pains started breaking down. We reached out to our local building supply and they had changed their computer system and told me without a receipt they couldn’t help. At the time I had 2-3 panes that had gone bad. Fast forward three years, and now I have failure on more than half of my windows. One in the living room is completely opaque with the low-e “iridescent haze”. By happenstance, I found my receipt last night and called the same building supply we purchased from. The guy I talked to this time remembered our purchase and said he would call Atrium for us to see about their warranty (no need for our receipt, ugh!!). Being nosy, I pulled up the warranty from Atrium’s website based on the part number on the receipt. Since we are past the 10 year mark for purchase, they will only pay 50% of the cost to replace the panes and NO labor. What a crock of turkey crap! DO NOT RECOMMEND! Barring some miracle, I’ll be eating the cost of repairs to their JUNK!

    1. Hi there, I understand the frustration but it is never likely that a company will do more than they promised in the warranty. The warranty for any product clearly outlines what they will and will not due in case of a problem. Atrium windows are generally lower end windows that will have shorter warranties. Products with shorter warranties usually have shorter warranties because the manufacturers don’t expect them to hold up longer. No need to be mad about it, just make sure you understand the warranty next time.

    2. We just built our new home and the experience with the Atrium windows has been frustrating to say the least. We’ve had water run into our house in several spots, the windows are hard to operate because they’re not aligned right, another window had to be replaced and after MONTHS of waiting they just sent back the same old window pretending it was new. We paid for new windows and none of them are of new quality. They all seem patched together and flawed. Legal steps following soon. Please do so too. If I could keep any homeowner from going through what we’re going through, I will.

      1. Be sure to let us know how things go. I’m sure it’s a challenging situation to deal with but more info defininltey helps future Atrium window customers navigate this process.

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