Earthwise Windows Reviews

earthwise windows reviews

Earthwise windows make for an interesting story about the replacement window manufacturing business.  As replacement windows became more popular and manufacturing processes improved folks figured out they could produce windows on a pretty small scale.  Many small “local” manufacturers popped up all over the country.  Of course these companies didn’t have the resources of larger companies so they didn’t employ product designers or engineers.  They simply bought all of the parts necessary to assemble windows that were designed by someone else.  It was sort of a window kit.

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Many of these companies did well for a while, but a lot of them found that without the marketing and sales support of a larger business they were not able to grow.  Earthwise windows addressed this problem by coming up with a central brand that is produced by many small independent companies across the country.

For consumers this can be a bit of a mixed bag.  Since the products are produced by a different company in each area it’s hard to get an idea for what kind of quality you’ll get.  The company that produces Earthwise windows in Indianapolis is completely different than the company that produces them in Northern Virginia.  Is one better than the other?  Probably.  Which one is better?  Who knows.

There is nothing really unique or interesting about the Earthwise windows.  That is probably necessary because they need to be a product that can be produced with basic equipment.  In our experience they are typically sold on price.  They are one of the cheapest companies in town which can be a good thing if you’re buying windows for a rental home or if you’re flipping the house.

Check back soon for our more detailed reviews of the specific Earthwise windows.  In the meantime find the best replacement windows reviews online here and you can also find info on common replacement window sales tricks here.  It’ll be worth the read, we promise!

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34 thoughts on “Earthwise Windows Reviews”

  1. As Sesame Street’s Kermit the Frog said, “It’s not easy being green”. I’m writing to inquire if you’ve heard anything about a “green” company called Earthwise and their line of EcoView windows. They made Angie’s List (in Alabama) so someone likes them.

    Thanks for your time,

    1. Sure, we’ve heard of Earthwise. The main concern with them is that the Earthwise branded window is made by a different company in each market. That means the company that produces them in Virginia is different than the company that produces them in Alabama. Their warranty is pretty weak as it doesn’t cover installation labor or even the labor to fix a manufacturing defect.

      Since the products are produced by separate companies all over the country your warranty is actually from that little manufacturer near you, not from any bigger company. If that manufacturer goes away you’re out of luck. You might not even know their name.

      Bottom line, they make a nice brochure, but they appear to be built on a shaky foundation. I would probably keep looking.

  2. Whoa! So much misinformation given out by someone just guessing at stuff! Here are the facts about Earthwise Windows – Yes, they DO have independent mfgs. strategically located across U.S….for a reason: These mfgs. build the Earthwise brand windows specifically to perform best in their customers’ local climate – no one else does this. Other cos. build a “one size fits all” product which can’t possibly perform ideally in both a cold Northeast winter and a hot Florida summer. This approach is unique, and also just plain common sense.

    Other facts: They’re among 15th largest window mfgs. in U.S., having doubled in size in past 5 yrs. Co. offers customers a Limited Lifetime Mfg. Warranty PLUS the Good Housekeeping Seal which has additional 2-yr. money-back guarantee. This warranty comes from the Earthwise Group, LLC , not a single, local mfg. Each of the member mfgs. undergo the rigors of 3rd-party testing/verification – Earthwise holds 5 separate industry certifications and are an Energy Star Mfg. Partner. IMHO, if someone is going to speak for a product, they should do some fact-checking first.

    1. Thanks for posting! The Earthwise windows we’ve seen in person have been lacking some basic features that most nicer windows have, even something as simple as balance covers. The local salesperson for one of the Earthwise manufacturers has been trying to get our company to carry the products, but we just don’t think they’re a great fit. If you have any additional info on Earthwise windows that you’d like us to review please feel free to send it over.

      I’d be interested in a copy of the warranty that shows anyone other than the manufacturer covers the windows. The warranty on the website specifically says that the manufacturer covers the windows and it says another manufacturer “may” cover if the first one goes away, but there will be a charge. It also says “may” instead of “shall” which leads one to believe that they also may not cover any warranty issues if they don’t want to. That leaves the consumer in a risky spot.

      There are several other warranty limitations that stand out, like only 10 years of coverage for a rental house and no coverage of labor to fix a problem or even shipping to replace a defective part.

      Our goal is to provide accurate info so if we’re wrong about anything at all please send us any additional info.

      Thanks for writing!

  3. Your reply also contains misinformation and I’ll get back w/ correct info. My question is, you obviously work for a competitive window manufacturer – which one?

    More details to come…

    1. (Editors note: It looks like the link we had referenced to the Earthwise window warranty has been deleted or changed.)

      I just looked up the warranty online before responding. You can find it on the Earthwise website here. The info we referenced came specifically from that document. If there is a more current version please send it over.

  4. Are you also going to discount the Good Housekeeping Seal’s 2-year money-back guarantee…that’s in addition to the manufacturer lifetime guarantee? Just curious why a website writer is working to hard to be so negative about a good vinyl window option many consumers may want to consider.

    1. Didn’t say anything about Good Housekeeping Seal as I’m not too familiar with it. How does that process work? If a customer has a problem with their window, say a seal failure, and the original manufacturer is out of business how does Good Housekeeping magazine help them? I’d be interested to learn more about that process. What do they do, who do they call, what happens next? We’d appreciate any additional info on that.

  5. Here’s link to Good Housekeeping money-back guarantee:

    Am signing off conversation with a final thought. The homeowners reading this are smart—they’re doing their own research all over the internet and looking at actual products to decide the merits themselves. Just know there’s one invaluable tool to help you sort through the many companies in this industry: You can ask what independent, third-party certifications a company has earned. Certifications can verify aspects such as product performance, customer service and marketing claims.

  6. I looked into Earthwise Windows when my wife and I started the window replacement journey a month or so ago. I like the idea of independently owned manufacturers around the country building windows specifically for their region. It makes sense to me – kind of like a co-op setup. I’m a sucker for small guys sticking together and punching above weight.

    I was surprised that there was no technical data on the Earthwise website about their windows. It looks like their website wants you to submit your contact information if you want to know more. I’m not a fan of that philosophy. I like to establish a baseline knowledge before a sales rep gets in my ear. I’m also bothered that the link to their warranty is down. I’m assuming this is a glitch, but it was down a couple weeks ago, and it’s still down now. Maybe they are updating it to address some of the comments made by TWD – that would be nice.

    For window specifics, you have to track down their individual manufacturers for the region. I haven’t researched their windows in other location, but there’s a dearth of information abut what’s available out here. The company serving the Pacific Northwest is Western Window ( Their website stinks. In the end, I can ignore poor web design (although there’s little excuse for it in this day and age), but what really bothered is that I can’t get any technical details from their website. Some of the windows state they are Energy Star qualified, but there’s no further detail about U-Factor, SHGC, VT, DP or Air Infiltration.

    If I click on the option to see their retailers, I see stores like Richland Feed and Seed. I’m weary of windows sold in Home Depot, but pretty terrified of what I’d get from a Livestock Supply Store. I know eastern Oregon is ranch land, so it probably makes sense that their retail network consists of lumber and feed stores. As someone who lives in the (more densely packed) valley, I’d much rather see a window (or at least remodeling) professional as a contact option. There are none.

    Anyway, sorry for this essay. This is just my experience trying to find out more about Earthwise Windows in the Oregon area. Hopefully others have had more luck than me.

  7. Hi, I have been looking for windows for some time. Homeguard innovation triple pane. Back of my house faces the west so in summers and winters on sunny days my house heats up 5-6 degrees. I don’t mind investing money in my windows. They have eg10/eg8/eg7 glass. Eg10- 2 coatings low sun e, eg8- same with warm edge technology and eg7 -3 coats and warm edge. My understanding with 3 coats windows are darker. Any advice? Confused. Sales rep says eg10 lowest u factor and best window. Thanks

    1. Remember, you never need to take anyone’s word for it, or base your decision on a hunch. If you’re concerned about the sun look for windows with a low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. The U-factor will be less important to you than the SHGC rating. Similarly, you don’t need to guess as to which option will be darker, look at the Visible Transmittance rating. That will tell you how much light gets through.

      You’ll notice in areas that get much more sun than Indianapolis, think the south or the southwest, they almost never use triple pane windows. Triple pane is great for the winter, but if you’re mostly concerned with blocking the sun there are other options designed for that.

  8. I had 28 windows replaced with EarthWise windows in 2015. Every single window leaks. It appears that the sashes are too small for the frames. As a result, sunlight is visible (and, of course, air flows) through the space between both the sash and frame and between the sashes. Very few of the sashes lock together without jiggling, shoving, or otherwise adjusting the sashes. Almost every set of sashes, when locked together, is movable up and down in the frame. One set of cellar window sashes, when locked and moved in one direction, leaves a 3/4″ open space between the sash and frame to, yes, the outdoors. The manufacturer’s rep has been here twice and deemed these conditions acceptable. Last fall, I applied duct tape to the interior perimeters and the horizontal intersection of the sashes on every window–420 yards–to stop the air from coming in, but snow made it through one of the living room windows anyway. Need I advise to NOT buy these windows?

      1. Northern NY State, where the winters are at least as bad or worse than anywhere in the nation. My understanding re these windows is that it depends on the manufacturing location.

  9. I have 16 earthwide windows since 2009 and my wife and I am very pleased with them not a single problem with any of them we live in Massachusetts which speaks volumes for extreme weather types winters are -30 and summer reaches high 90s no drafts nothing negative to say we would definitely recommend them for the price

  10. I have been working with an installer in Louisville, KY that has proposed installing TruLok Double Hung windows made by Earthwise company American Window and Glass (Evansville, IN).

    Can you provide any thoughts about this manufacturer and the proposed windows? I am going to replace 26 windows in my house.

    Another installer has proposed Alside Messo ClimaTech.

    Thanks for your input!

    1. If pricing and company reputation is equal I would opt for the Mezzo. It is a better product ( I have sold several thousand of each). While I’m not a big fan of either for my personal home the Mezzo is a much better design. Both companies stand behind the product and I would opt for superspacer in lieu of intercept on both models.

  11. We had more than 30 Earthwise windows installed in our home in 2003, and today, 15 years later, they all look and operate just like they did the day they were installed. We have nothing but great things to say about Earthwise windows, and are extremely happy that we chose them! If we ever have to replace the windows in any properties that we may own in the future, they will be Earthwise, for sure!

    As for the negative comments about the lifetime warranty being with the original Earthwise manufacturing location, I respectfully disagree with the conclusion that that’s a bad thing. One of the main things that attracted us to Earthwise was the fact that they have independently-owned manufacturing locations all over the country, so if one of them ever goes out of business, there will be lots of other Earthwise manufacturing locations remaining to honor our warranty (even if we have to pay for the labor), supply us with spare parts should we ever need them, etc… With any other manufacturer that we know of, if they go out of business, the homeowners are left on their own. That’s not the case with Earthwise. In our opinion, the fact that the Earthwise Group has 23 independently-owned manufacturing locations is a great thing, not a liability.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to write. I’m sure they have many happy customers. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be around anymore. I’m not sure if your theory on the warranty is exactly right, but I hope it never becomes an issue.

  12. I’m running a spreadsheet on window comparisons in Lexington KY. So far the Trulock (American Windows & Glass, Evansville) is the best price with the strongest U Factor & SHG #’s. Finding reviews from those who have had them installed is a challenge. This is a double hung, 70A model. 16 windows, with 7 being oversized (48×75) @$400 window

  13. I just got two earthwise windows installed and have had nothing but trouble with them. In The same day after installation, The seal is shrinking in from the corners, the tension system can’t even hold up the window and it drops and the latch to tilt the window out for cleaning got caught on the metal tensioner and snapped off when I tried to pull the top sash down. I would look elsewhere And will not be buying any more of these.

    1. Hi Steve, I’m sorry to hear about your issues with the Earthwise windows. While that’s not a product my company offers I do think those are all probably relatively easy issues to address. Hopefully the company who installed them will be able to help out. Let us know how it goes.

      1. I am sure it can be fixed but I question how good the design of the window is. I should have looked at them more closely before I approved the purchase. I don’t have any confidence that they will hold up over time and will probably replace them with something else even if I have to eat the cost.

  14. These are the worst windows we have ever had and the Company went out of business near us there is no recovery for our new home. Black mold all around seams. Windows come off the track when you try to wash them. Cold air blows right through in the window so I have to put plastic up to stop this. Please do not waste your money on these windows!

    1. Hi Melinda, I’m sorry to hear about your trouble with Earthwise windows. I had been warning folks about the potential for one of these manufacturers to go out of business leaving folks with no warranty.

      Someone, I think they may hav worked for one of the Earthwise windows locations, told me that the next closest manufacturer would honor the warranty. I was skeptical at the time, but this would be a great chance to find more info on that.

      Did they tell you that you now have no warranty coverage since the individual manufacturer near you went out of business? And, have you tried calling one of their manufacturers that is still in business to see if they’ll honor your warranty?

      I know our other readers will find that info helpful. Thanks for taking the time to write.

  15. Hey there! I am in the process of looking at windows for my new location in Ezel, KY. I see your recommended windows for my area which the closest is in Lexington….for Window Universe. The form option is nice but what you get back is very impersonal. We will see what they say. I did get a quote back from Southern Home Renovations for Eartthwise Windows and for the 8 was at $4100. Fair?

    1. Hi Matt, I’ve never been a big fan of Earthwise windows. You can see some back and forth we had about them a while back in the comments here. The downside, in my opinion, is that they are a group of small manufacturers who use the same brand name but don’t back each other’s products or service. Small manufacturers are inherently risky and if one of these guys were to vanish you’d be stuck with no warranty or access to service parts as far as I’m aware. They can be cheap but if there were a problem with them in a few years you could find yourself in a pickle.

      I was one of the founders of Window Universe so I’m pretty confident you’ll be happy with what they have to offer. Emily and Drew over there will certainly be able to make a suggestion and answer any questions. I think you’ll find them to be a helpful resource.

      Let me know how it goes or if any questions come up.

  16. I don’t understand how another manufacturer in the Earthwise network can offer service on a window manufactured by another Earthwise member, since the windows the two companies build are two different windows. Parts would not interchange between the two manufacturers even though they both use the Earthwise name. And what are the chances an Earthwise member in Nevada is going to come to Texas to fix a window just because the manufacturer of a different window in Texas, using the Earthwise name, went out of business? Am I missing something?

    1. That’s the risk that I don’t think the customers necessarily understand. It’s possible two different Earthwise manufacturers build the same windows, in fact I’d guess that’s likely, but I think the chances that one would service a bad installation, or a bad product, from a bankrupt dealer in another area are pretty slim.

      When I say buying from small manufacturers is riskier than people understand this is what I mean. The products may be perfectly nice, it’s just my opinion that it’s not worth the gamble.

      1. It sounds like Earthwise is just a marketing group helping small manufacturers who know how to build windows, but not how to market their product. I would be worried about buying from a company who didn’t know how to market their own product. How long are they likely to stay in business if they cannot market themselves, especially if they decide after awhile that they don’t want to pay whatever that fee is to be a part of that group, and use that name?

        Then, wouldn’t they have to start all over, and build a new reputation from scratch, using their own name?

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