Earthwise Windows Reviews

earthwise windows reviews

Earthwise windows make for an interesting story about the replacement window manufacturing business.  As replacement windows became more popular and manufacturing processes improved folks figured out they could produce windows on a pretty small scale.  Many small “local” manufacturers popped up all over the country.  Of course these companies didn’t have the resources of larger companies so they didn’t employ product designers or engineers.  They simply bought all of the parts necessary to assemble windows that were designed by someone else.  It was sort of a window kit.

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Many of these companies did well for a while, but a lot of them found that without the marketing and sales support of a larger business they were not able to grow.  Earthwise windows addressed this problem by coming up with a central brand that is produced by many small independent companies across the country.

For consumers this can be a bit of a mixed bag.  Since the products are produced by a different company in each area it’s hard to get an idea for what kind of quality you’ll get.  The company that produces Earthwise windows in Indianapolis is completely different than the company that produces them in Northern Virginia.  Is one better than the other?  Probably.  Which one is better?  Who knows.

There is nothing really unique or interesting about the Earthwise windows.  That is probably necessary because they need to be a product that can be produced with basic equipment.  In our experience they are typically sold on price.  They are one of the cheapest companies in town which can be a good thing if you’re buying windows for a rental home or if you’re flipping the house.

Check back soon for our more detailed reviews of the specific Earthwise windows.  In the meantime find the best replacement windows reviews online here and you can also find info on common replacement window sales tricks here.  It’ll be worth the read, we promise!

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34 responses to “Earthwise Windows Reviews”

  1. C Stanton Avatar
    C Stanton

    I don’t understand how another manufacturer in the Earthwise network can offer service on a window manufactured by another Earthwise member, since the windows the two companies build are two different windows. Parts would not interchange between the two manufacturers even though they both use the Earthwise name. And what are the chances an Earthwise member in Nevada is going to come to Texas to fix a window just because the manufacturer of a different window in Texas, using the Earthwise name, went out of business? Am I missing something?

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      That’s the risk that I don’t think the customers necessarily understand. It’s possible two different Earthwise manufacturers build the same windows, in fact I’d guess that’s likely, but I think the chances that one would service a bad installation, or a bad product, from a bankrupt dealer in another area are pretty slim.

      When I say buying from small manufacturers is riskier than people understand this is what I mean. The products may be perfectly nice, it’s just my opinion that it’s not worth the gamble.

      1. C Stanton Avatar
        C Stanton

        It sounds like Earthwise is just a marketing group helping small manufacturers who know how to build windows, but not how to market their product. I would be worried about buying from a company who didn’t know how to market their own product. How long are they likely to stay in business if they cannot market themselves, especially if they decide after awhile that they don’t want to pay whatever that fee is to be a part of that group, and use that name?

        Then, wouldn’t they have to start all over, and build a new reputation from scratch, using their own name?

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