Kolbe and Kolbe Windows Reviews

kolbe windows reviews

Kolbe and Kolbe windows have been produced in Wisconsin for years.  The company started in 1946 and has been growing ever since.  Today Kolbe windows produces a range of quality window and door products.

Here we’ll be offering reviews on all Kolbe windows.  There are 6 main product lines including:

  • VistaLuxe Collection
  • Ultra Series
  • Heritage Series
  • Classic Series
  • Windquest Series
  • Latitude Series

Kolbe windows are available with a variety of options a finishes.  They are available for new construction and remodeling projects.  Their wood windows are available with aluminum cladding on the exterior or in an all wood design which is idea for historic properties.

While Kolbe windows is a smaller manufacturing company they have a reputation for providing quality products and a track record that is hard to beat.  Kolbe windows may not be the most inexpensive option you’ll see they do produce a quality product that should last a very long time.

Traditionally based in the midwest, Kolbe recently purchased Pointe Five windows in Colorado.  This is a sizable expansion and gives Kolbe a gateway to the west coast.  It would be reasonable to assume that this acquisition points to Kolbe’s desire to expand their presence outside of their typical coverage area.

Be sure to check back as our Kolbe windows reviews are updated.  In the meantime you can find detailed replacement windows reviews here and you can find common window sales tricks to avoid here.  


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18 thoughts on “Kolbe and Kolbe Windows Reviews”

    1. Ha, I’ve sorted through 22 comments and about a million emails today. That’s the most accurate comment I’ve heard!

  1. Hi Windowdog,

    I think your site is by far the most useful and informative site I’ve found while researching replacement windows!

    I think I’m pretty much sold on either Kolbe Ultra or Marvin Ultimate Push-Out Casements, but it looks like Kolbe & Kolbe may be having some problems with their extruded aluminum clad windows of late? Googling them brings up numerous compliants of leaking and rotting windows which appear to be associated with the K-Kron system. Would you have any insight on this and whether the purported failures were associated solely with the K-Kron finish or if this is still an issue affecting their Fluoropolymer finish as well? I’m more or less resigned to the expense of doing this “right” with the expectation of high performance and low maintenance, but with everything I’m reading, I’m starting to think those expectations are unreasonable!

    What sort of experiences have you had with these two of late?

    Thanks so much!


    1. I’ve only worked with Kolbe & Kolbe windows on a few projects so I don’t have too much experience with them specifically. Marvin is a pretty reputable company that is likely to be around for the long haul. Just read the warranty carefully so you’ll know what will be covered and what won’t.

  2. I have extensive experience with Kolbe Windows. My suggestion is to stay away from K-Kron, a painted finish, unless you need an true historic appearance. The Heritage line, roll form clad, is out shined by the Ultra Series, extruded exterior. I have had problems with the Heritage. The Ultra series are the best windows I have ever represented, sold, and installed.I like their vinyl windows also. They are pricey in a competitive market. Kolbe is a forward looking company with old fashioned values.

    1. I agree that an extruded aluminum cladding is a MUCH better option than a roll formed cladding. Thanks for writing.

  3. Hello, I live in Rhode Island and I need to replace a bow window. I am doing research and am wondering what window brand do you rate the best or close to best in the north east. Thank you.


  4. Worst windows I’ve ever had. Some don’t close. Others don’t open. The hardware falls apart.

    Wish I had a single positive thing to say about them.

  5. Three Kolbe Kolbe windows rotted out in 10 years, Patio door rotted through bottom sill. I won’t ever concider Kolbe Kolbe again. Replacement cost three times price originally bought them for.

  6. Hello WindowDog,

    Quick question in reference to two difference window brands. We are building a modern/contemporary which will have 80 windows at an altitude of 10,400 ft in Colorado. I looking at the Jeld-Wen Siteline Premire window and the Koble VistaLuxe… I have looked at a couple others, but these are the best look, for what we are looking for, unless you know another brand/line that would be similar to these two listed above. Im waiting on a quote from Koble to see what the cost is compared to the Jeld-Wen Sitelin, which is coming in at $93,000.. Ouch, lol

    Look forward to hearing what your thoughts are.



    1. I’ve dealt with Jeld-Wen more than Kolby and to be honest we’ve had more service issues than I’d like. That doesn’t mean they’re a bad option, but I would be really clear with the company providing them about how any service issues will be handled and I would not pay the final balance until everything is just the way you want it. Good luck with the project and let us know how it goes.

  7. That is my experience with K&K over 25 years. Add rotting to the equation as well. I consider these construction grade windows, although I don’t know what model was installed in my house, so that may not be fair. I’ve had everything you describe happen to mine. Never go for wood windows in a cold, damp climate – they won’t last.

  8. I have Kolbe windows and doors throughout my home. French doors, single swing doors, casements and lots of double-hung windows. They were installed in 2005. In the past 14 years we have had 7 windows that the bottom rung of the double-hung sash has rotted out. Kolbe has no reason or cause that they can point to. I bought the best windows at the time, the Ultra Series. I fully expect the rest of the double-hung windows to rot out as well. This is not what I thought I was buying. Also….when I bought the windows I paid Kolbe extra to inspect the installation….that way they can’t say they were installed wrong. They have also been onsite many times over the last 14 years to inspect water infiltration issues through the French doors and the casements. This is very dissapointing. They also will not stand behind these failures. They claim “environmental issues”….that is it…!!

  9. We have a sunroom with 12 Kolbe casement windows and six semi-circular Kolbe transom windows. The former home owners had them installed in 2013. The seals are broken in at least one section of all the transom and windows creating milky streaks in between the glass. They are a horrible window company with a grossly inferior product.

  10. I couldn’t be more disappointed with our Kolbe windows. We replaced all of the windows and french doors in our entire house with Kolbe windows and doors in 2019.
    1. The windows crank out. When opened you see that the wood behind the mechanisms is neither primed or painted. We have had nothing buy conflicting answers to as why they are not finished. About 9 months ago, one of the Kolbe reps came out and said we needed to pay an upcharge. We were never informed about that (we purchased them through DMI – another company I would never recommend). When DMI finally got back to us they said that Kolbe told them it isn’t an option. I then contacted another Kolbe distributor and they said they always tell their customers to pay the minimal upcharge to have them primed. – So who is telling me the truth! All I know is that we live by the beach and the window mechanisms can’t be removed to prime or paint! We are very worried about warping.
    2. On all of our french doors, the bottom panel is a different shade of gray then the 2 sides and top. Kolbe said they would get someone out to paint them. It has been 9 months now. Again, never came back to paint. I have called DMI a dozen times and still no one is fixing them.
    3. The weather stripping is totally splitting in half at the bottom of our french door.
    4. The lock latches on the french doors are too dificult to try and lock. I am in my upper 60’s and I don’t have the strength you try to lock them properly. That goes for many of the window locks.
    All I have to say is DON’T PURCHASE KOLBE WINDOWS! Their guarantee is a joke!

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