Moss Windows Reviews

moss windows reviews

Moss Windows come from Moss Supply Co located in Charlotte, NC.  The windows are typically distributed through lumber yards and supply houses from Texas up to Maryland.  Moss Supply Co was listed as having sales under $30 Million which is relatively small for a replacement window manufacturer.

For a small company they sure do offer a lot of products with very confusion model numbers and names.  It’s almost like they don’t want you to understand their offering.  Here we’ll be reviewing the following models: (this is really how they list their models)

Moss replacement window reviews:

  • 3300
  • Winchester Series 4346
  • 3500
  • Lexington Series 4500
  • 6100
  • 6400
  • 6600
  • 6800


Moss new construction windows reviews:

  • Builders Series 1745
  • Builders Series 1746
  • Builders Series 1750
  • Builders-Plus Series 1845
  • Builders-Plus Series 1846
  • Builders-Plus Series 1850
  • 3200 New Construction Slider
  • 3400
  • 3600
  • Lexington Series 4600
  • 6000 New Construction
  • 6300 New Construction
  • 6300
  • 6500
  • 6700 New Construction Awning & Casement
  • 6800 New Construction Awning & Casement

Really that is their product lineup.  While it may seem strange to think that a company would deliberately produce models this confusing there is another factor to consider.

If Moss windows produce less than $30Million in products each year and they offer 24 window models, they sell on average $1 Million per window model they offer.  That’s really small.

Based on our manufacturing experience one vinyl window production line can easily produce $7,500,000 in wholesale windows per year.  That means the cost in inventory, equipment and maintenance to run 24 window models in such small volumes has to drive up the total cost of the products.

If that seems like a strange way to run a manufacturing business to you it seems that way to us as well.

While these replacement window reviews are being produced, please take a look through the best collection of window reviews online right here.  You can also find common window sales tactics to avoid here!

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  1. Richard Flakes Avatar
    Richard Flakes

    Windows or,
    I’m looking to purchase MOSS windows 3600 to enclose my back porch. Do you have any update reviews?

  2. Charles West Avatar
    Charles West

    Can someone tell me what the warranty is on Moss windows? I have two doubles that are leaking and the house is only 5 years old. I have called and left 4 messages with their customer line and have not heard from anyone. Thanks for you replies.

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