Seaway Windows Reviews

seaway windows reviews warranty cost and prices

If you’re looking for Seaway windows reviews we’ll be happy to help out. Seaway is a smaller vinyl window manufacturer located in Erie, PA. They’ve been in business for many years and the windows are distributed all over the surrounding area.

Years ago I knew of a company that distributed Seaway windows in Northern Virginia so I assume there are other dealers out there as well. The website for Seaway talks primarily about Erie, PA so I wonder if there are still dealers in other markets. If you’ve received a quote from Seaway let us know where you are. That way we’ll be able to get a better understanding of their distribution area.

Seaway windows reviews warranty prices and more.
Here you can see Seaway double hung windows installed in a lovely home.

Is Seaway a good window option?

The windows that I have seen from Seaway were perfectly nice. The are a pretty small manufacturer which means they have the same limitations that all little manufacturers face. They typically won’t have anything to offer that is particularly unique and a bit if a riskier bet than a larger more well established company.

Their website has basically no info about the windows they make which is a little unusual for a window manufacturer. That would reinforce to me that there’s nothing super unique or special. They’re just trying to generate leads and sell window projects like every other small vinyl window manufacturer.

Is the Seaway window warranty any good?

It looks perfectly normal for a replacement window warranty. I was able to find the Seaway Encore window warranty online. It’s a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser and has the usual exclusions.

One aspect of the Seaway window warranty that was better than some others is the 8 year labor warranty. That’s more than you’ll see from a lot of vinyl window companies.

What’s the bottom line?

Seaway makes perfectly fine windows. If you were my buddy asking me which windows to buy Seaway would probably not be the option I would recommend. They’re a smaller manufacturer and that carries risks that most people undervalue. I think you can find a very comparable product from a larger and more established manufacturer. That’s what I would look for if the windows were going into my house.

How can you find a great window company?

When shopping for windows I do always suggest finding a great installation company before you fall in love with any particular window model. There are plenty of great window options out there but not as many local companies that are great to work with.

To know which companies to avoid you can find common window sales tactics here. That’s become one of the most popular sections on the site. You can also find the most detailed window reviews on the internet here.

Remember, for more great window company info you can find our suggestions for the best local companies in 2023 right here. There’s no need to work with a company that gives you the run-around or makes the process difficult. There are plenty of fish in the sea as they say. The best way to get started is to check out our list of great window companies here.

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One response to “Seaway Windows Reviews”

  1. Francine Lamont Avatar
    Francine Lamont

    I just had Seaway Windows installed in my home from Lifetime Windows, Edwardsville PA.
    The windows are beautiful and the pricing was incredible; I had several estimates.
    Lifetime Window is a small local business that uses Seaway, no regrets; should make a big difference this winter.

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