Sierra Pacific Windows Reviews

Sierra Pacific Windows Reviews warranty prices and more

If you’re looking for Sierra Pacific windows reviews you’ve come to the right place. Sierra Pacific is a manufacturer of wood, vinyl and aluminum clad wood windows.

They are a little different than most manufacturers in that Sierra Pacific Windows is owned by Sierra Pacific Industries which manages over 2 million acres of timberland in the Pacific Northwest. That means they have a lot of access to lumber from which to make their wood windows.

There are a wide range of options available and we’ll be reviewing all of them.

Sierra Pacific Windows Reviews:

Aluminum Clad Wood Windows

  • FeelSafe
  • Monument
  • Transcend
  • Westchester

All Wood Windows

  • Premium

H3 Fusion Tech

  • H3 FeelSafe
  • Transcend

Vinyl Windows

  • Builders 8000 Series
  • Designers 8000 Series
  • Premium 8000 Series
  • Builders 8500 Series
  • Designers 8500 Series
  • Premium 8500 Series
Sierra pacific H3 windows reviews warranty and prices
Here you can see the Sierra Pacific H3 double hung replacement window. This model is designed to be a replacement vs a new construction window.

Is the Sierra Pacific window warranty any good?

In short, it’s pretty decent. On the wood windows you get a 20 year warranty on the wood material and 20 years on the seals in the glass. The warranty on the aluminum cladding will vary based on the type of cladding.

The labor warranty on Sierra Pacific windows is 2 years which is a little shorter than some other west coast window companies, but I’d say that’s still perfectly decent.

On the other hand, the warranty on the Sierra Pacific vinyl windows is not as good as you’d see from many other manufacturers. We tend to spend a lot of time on vinyl windows here and this warranty is just shorter than most. You get 20 years on the vinyl frames and only 10 if used in a commercial setting. Seal failures are only covered for 20 years and glass breakage coverage is shorter still.

Sierra Pacific casement window, wood clad reviews and info.
Here is a Sierra Pacific wood clad casement window.

What’s the bottom line?

Sierra Pacific makes perfectly fine windows. If you were my buddy asking me which windows to buy Sierra Pacific might be an option for a wood window but would probably not be an option for a vinyl window.

How can you find a great window company?

When shopping for windows I do always suggest finding a great installation company before you fall in love with any particular window model. There are plenty of great window options out there but not as many local companies that are great to work with.

To know which companies to avoid you can find common window sales tactics here. That’s become one of the most popular sections on the site. You can also find the most detailed window reviews on the internet here.

Remember, for more great window company info you can find our suggestions for the best local companies in 2023 right here. There’s no need to work with a company that gives you the run-around or makes the process difficult. There are plenty of fish in the sea as they say. The best way to get started is to check out our list of great window companies here.

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4 thoughts on “Sierra Pacific Windows Reviews”

  1. After having Sierra Pacific windows installed in our new home in 2018, we discovered water running across our kitchen floor after a downpour. We suspected it came from the windows, but of course, by the time we contacted the Sierra Pacific (Ace Hardware) seller, the storm was over and the floor was dry. This happens at least twice a year when we get a heavy downpour. The latest was in August 2022. Suddenly, the electrical breaker kicked in our kitchen. Removing the electrical outlet below the window, we could see water running down through the outlet and coming out under the cabinets on the kitchen floor. Checking our windows, we’ve found 6 out 16 windows all have leaks between the glass and the wood frame. To say the least, we’re not happy!

  2. 🔺🔺Sierra Pacific Windows review🔺🔺

    After our gorgeous wood windows were destroyed by wind and hail, I spent more time than necessary looking for a perfect replacement.

    We settled on Sierra Pacific, waited 4 months to get an estimate, paid our deposit, only to learn 11 months later — they cashed our check but never ordered the windows.

    19 months after we picked those babies out, we proudly stood in the front yard, marveling at their beauty.

    Until . . .

    Winter came and cold air blew through the bottom corners of every sash.

    Spring came and 75 mph gusts swirled red dust through our house.

    I’ve tried multiple calls and texts to the local company that installed them. They’ve come out to see for themselves and acknowledged there’s an air leak in every window.

    It’s important to note it’s not an installation problem, it’s a manufacturer defect on the sash. Something is missing inside the window— you can shine a flashlight through the sash corners into a dust filled gap

    Months keep dragging by. No window rep. No help. Just a whole lot of dirt sneezing, red eyes and raspy voices.

    So, I’m taking this gig online to see if I can get some attention.

    Message me if you want the name of the local company that sold us the windows.

    𝗣𝗟𝗘𝗔𝗦𝗘 𝗦𝗛𝗔𝗥𝗘 to help me get Sierra Pacific Windows’ attention.

  3. It’s the gray insulation strip seal that was cut short on both corners. Mine were replaced by manufacturers tech rep on 15 Transcend sash kits in January’23.

    1. They came out and “fixed” them. The air leaks are still there. There is a 30 degree difference from bottom corners vs top corner, which has no air leak.

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