Today Only Pricing Tricks

When you’re shopping for new windows you’re likely to run across a company using today only pricing. That means that for one reason or another they’ll tell you that the price they can offer today will change tomorrow.

It’s important to remember that this is a sure fire way to know you’re getting a bad deal.

Why would a company offer today only pricing that is only good for one day?

Because they know that if you have time to think it over you won’t buy it.

Now, they won’t tell you that’s the reason. If they did nobody would buy it and then the owner of that company wouldn’t be able to make his boat payment.

How might they explain today only pricing?

Good question. Common strategies are to say they have an appointment saver discount, to a neighborhood discount, or a rebate that is ending or some other promotion that already ended but could be accessed today only. These things just aren’t true.

We write about some of these strategies on our window sales tactics section. If you haven’t seen that section of the site yet you should check it out here.

My advice to you is to know that nothing in this business changes every day. The price today is the price tomorrow and the only reason it wound’t be is if the company wants to to make a rash decision.

Now to be fair prices do change over time. We sometimes hear back from someone 2 years after they’ve recieved a quote from us and they’re ready to place an order. That customer is sometimes unhappy to learn that the price isn’t the same.

Prices do change over time, but not every day. We’re not trading pork bellies here.

Why would they price windows this way?

Sometimes these things are easier to understand if you take an example to the extreme. Imagine there are 100 window companies in any town. One of them must be offering the worst deal out of the 100 companies.

Now you don’t know which company that is, but they do. Everyone in the business knows what other companies are offering. They likely know that they have the worst deal around. They’ll even brag about it at industry meetings. They’re usually pretty proud of the prices they’re able to charge.

How would the worst company in town continue to survive if they let you shop around? They wouldn’t. The only way they can continue to exist is if they can talk you into making a bad decision. That’s why they operate that way.

Good luck with your window project!

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Have fun!

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2 responses to “Today Only Pricing Tricks”

  1. John Weeks Avatar
    John Weeks

    Do you know of any dealers in the St. Louis area that installs the Sunrise Solace window? I’m quite concerned with Alenco Home Improvements and going with them because of their BBB rating being so poor and didn’t know if any other companies in St. Louis or the surrounding area sells/installs that window? I do really like it and Alenco has quoted $15,994 for the whole house. We live in O’Fallon, MO…zip code 63368.

    The other windows in the running to replace 19 windows in our home for vinyl double hung are Window Nation at $13,500, Lakeside Exteriors installing the Provia Aspect windows at $15,700 or Zen Windows (Dennis & Rhonda) installing the Soft-lite classic with a free upgrade to Joyce Lotus for $15,400. Wondering ultimately what the 2nd best window is after the Sunrise Solace or what your opinion is for that?

    Thank you!

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi John, what did you like about the Sunrise option? I tend to always suggest finding a company you want to work with before falling in love with a window model. I do think it would be a mistake to work with a company you don’t like just to get a certain window. There are plenty of fish in the sea as they say.

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