You Should Never Buy Vytex Windows – Here’s Why

Are Vytex windows the best windows for your home?

If you’re considering buying Vytex windows you’ll want to read this post. Here we’re outlining the reasons that anyone should avoid Vytex windows.

To be fair you’ll find that a window salesman will always tell you why you shouldn’t buy this brand or that brand so you’ll want to take this with a bit of a grain of salt. We’re playing devil’s advocate here a little bit, but these are the reasons a competing salesman will tell you to avoid Vytex windows.

Remember, if you think I’m wrong about something post a comment below.

First, they’re a small regional manufacturer

Buying windows with a lifetime warranty from a small local company is risky. That’s just a fact. I’ve been in this business for nearly 20 years now and I’ve seen many well respected window manufacturers close up shop with little to no notice.

It happens. When it does it leaves all of their customers out of luck. When a company vanishes there is no access to replacement parts. There is also no warranty at all at that point.

Will Vytex vanish like so many others? I have no idea, and neither do you and neither does the salesman trying to convince you to buy these windows. That’s the risk you run buying from a small manufacturer. It’s real and it shouldn’t be undervalued.

They use cheaper hardware than other higher-end brands

As an example of this, you will see most nicer window manufacturers using upgraded block and tackle balances in their windows. Vytex uses the constant force or coil balances that you commonly see in lower priced options.

That fact by itself may not be a huge deal, but it signals to me that they weren’t trying to compete with the nicest replacement windows. Even their top of the line Potomac HP windows use the constant force balances.

You will find the higher end hardware in premium brands like Sunrise, Okna, Gentek, Preservation and more.

The air infiltration rates are higher than the competition

When I started in this business nobody ever talked about air infiltration rates, but today it’s a big deal. Even their top of the line Potomac HP model doesn’t have ratings as good as the competition. Even lower cost brands will often be slightly better.

For all the talk about magnetic weather-stripping the air infiltration rate of these windows is higher than I’d like to see.

The glass area is smaller than other models

Based on the published VT ratings it appears the Vytex models will use darker glass and/or thicker frames than other window models. That means you’ll get less visible light in the same size window than you would with other options.

That might not matter a whole lot if you have large windows. If you have an older house or smaller windows this can be a big deal.

What’s the bottom line?

Considering the price that dealers usually charge for Vytex windows there may be better options out there. You can check this section to find recommended companies all over the country. It might be worthwhile to consider an option or two before you commit to Vytex windows.

If you’ve already committed you do have three business days to cancel an order in most states. With that in mind it might be worthwhile to get a second opinion quote so you understand the options.

Remember, we are playing devil’s advocate with a post like this. Vytex windows are fine and if you’ve bought them already I wouldn’t loose any sleep thinking about it. If you’re still shopping it might be worthwhile to consider your options.

How can you find a great window company?

That part is easy.  Check this section for recommendations of window companies all over the country. There’s no better way to get new windows. You can find my company here and you can find recommendations of other companies in other parts of the country here.

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  1. I purchased Vytex windows over twenty years ago. At that time HUD has recently set window standards. I shopped several vendors and one vendor that offered more than one brand of windows. When I purchased Vytex was the only window manufacturer to meet the HUD standards. I toured the Beltsville manufacturing site and liked what I saw from an engineering standpoint. They also had low E glass with Argon fill available which was a new concept . So Vytex may still be a small local vendor, but they have now stood the test of time. The amazing thing to me is that they have survived without the constant slick advertisements from other window manufacturers.

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