Vytex Potomac HP Windows Reviews

Vytex Potomac HP windows reviews

If you’re looking for Vytex Potomac HP windows reviews you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of these windows along with info on the warranty, prices, features, efficiency and more. Get ready for fun!

As we get started it’s important to note that I always suggest folks buy windows from large and well established manufacturers and this one doesn’t fall into that category. Vytex is a small manufacturer in Maryland and I’ve dealt with them before. They make fine windows, but there are real risks in these little companies.

What are the advantages of these windows?

This is billed as the top of the line Vytex window so they have most of the features that you’ll see in any nicer window. These windows will all use virgin vinyl and welded corners, that’s all very common and not really special at all.

The Potomac HP windows do a good job of getting a great seal. The air infiltration rate is 0.03 which is perfectly good. We tend to suggest looking for a window with a rating under 0.05 so this one meets that goal.

As far as the advantages go, this window is perfectly nice, but there’s nothing really remarkable about it. Now let’s look at the downsides.

What are the disadvantages of Vytex Potomac HP windows?

I already mentioned the riskiness of the small size of this company and I don’t think that should be underestimated. We do hear about these small window companies going out of business and leaving all of their customers with no warranty or access to spare parts. You don’t want to end up in that position.

In addition to that, the sales process that companies selling these windows use can certainly leave a lot to be desired. There are a few companies who sell a lot of these windows using all of the old fashioned sales tactics. There’s no need to buy windows from a company who treats you like that.

In addition to all of that, these “top of the line” windows are still using the cheaper constant force type balances vs the nicer upgraded block and tackle balances you’ll see in most nicer windows.

These are the lower end balance mechanisms used in the Vytex Potomac HP windows.
Here is the picture of these balances from the Vytex brochure. This is not the type you’d typically expect to see on hinger end windows.

How efficient are these windows?

The efficiency ratings for the Vytex Potomac HP windows are perfectly normal. They offer the same types of energy efficient glass and spacers that you can get from any nicer manufacturer and the efficiency ratings are pretty typical.

Here are common efficiency ratings for the Vytex Potomac HP windows.
Here are common Vytex efficiency ratings.

Here you can see the efficiency ratings for three common packages. The ratings here are pretty typical. A 0.27 U-Factor for double pane and 0.21 for triple pane are very average.

One thing you can see in these ratings is the very low (bad) VT rating. For example, the 0.21 U-Factor for triple pane is pretty normal, but the 0.40 VT rating means these windows don’t let in a whole lot of light. This is usually due to the thicker frames. Light is a good thing and nobody wants a dark house. In my mind that thick frame is a real drawback to this window model.

What’s the bottom line

Overall the efficiency ratings are perfectly normal and the features this window has are perfectly fine.

There is an inherent riskiness of the small manufacturer, the lower end hardware and the thicker frames blocking light that are real downsides.

I don’t think this is a window I would suggest to you if you were my buddy asking my advice. It’s a decent enough product, but not remarkable and the retail prices are usually not very competitive. I’d suggest looking for another option.

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5 thoughts on “Vytex Potomac HP Windows Reviews”

  1. I just received 2 quotes for 2 double hung windows, 1 picture window, and 1 sliding window.

    Window Nation/Vytex
    2 double hung and picture window Vytex Fortis
    1 slider – vytex potomac HD
    total – $5600

    All Thermalweld

    What is best option?

    1. Hi Jason, I’m not a huge dam of either of those options but I might be able to get you a quote by email for another model that will be a little nicer. What’s your zip code? I can see what options are available.

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