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Andersen windows reviews, prices, vs Pella and warranties

A large company like Andersen Windows makes many window models.  As a result it would be a tremendous mistake to paint them all with the same brush.  As we go through the reviews of Andersen Windows we’ll look the full line of products.  We’ll include Renewal by Andersen windows that are made for remodeling projects.

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We’ll also look at the Andersen window warranty and the Renewal by Andersen warranty along with costs of all options.

One important point to remember is that Renewal by Andersen windows are specifically designed to be replacement windows.  These models are called replacement windows or pocket windows.  This means they are designed to fit inside an existing window frame.  They are offered by independent contractors across the country under the Renewal by Andersen brand.  Products sold under the Andersen Windows brand are typically new construction windows.  These are offered through contractors or through home improvement retailers like Home Depot or Lowes.

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Andersen windows has been in business since 1902 a legacy of quality.

Andersen Windows has been producing quality products since 1902.  That is a track record that most any company would make any company proud.  Mr Andersen got his start by producing standard size windows which was a new innovation at the time.  He could produce a standard window frame in 10 minutes that had a better seal than anything else around.

Throughout the years they’ve continued to innovate.  The Andersen windows available now reflect the wide desires of consumers.  From less expensive builder grade options to the high end beautiful windows, Andersen makes them all.

You may note that folks often misspell the name of the company.  It is correctly spelled Andersen windows, not Anderson Windows.

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77 responses to “Andersen Windows Reviews”

  1. Alan Avatar

    We just had a Renewal by Andersen rep visit us (we know Nothing about windows, but our 1967 home in SC has drafty old windows…), and wound up signing up to have 8 of our 1st floor storm-glass-less double-hung windows (various sizes), replaced with fancy top-of-the-line(?) Andersen’s at a shocking cost of $17,410. (after “discounts”), or $2,176. per window incl. tax and 2.99% financing. I’m now panicking – seems like we were “taken” by the smooth-talking salesman..?

  2. Chris Avatar

    My son just bought a fixer upper in the Outer Banks. All the windows and siding needs to be replaced. The house sits up on a dune so will get some wind/rain off the sound during storms. What type of window would you suggest? He needs new sliding glass doors too.

  3. Tracy Avatar

    I’m not sure if you give reviews on sliding glass doors, but thought I would ask. I’m looking at replacing a 72” x 80” sliding door. I’m really not sure what I should be looking for. I’ve looked at an Anderson (at Home Depot) and a Pella (at Lowes). I know there’s different series in both of these doors, but unsure of which ones are better. I’m trying to keep the price under $3,000. I’m open to other brands, also. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi Tracy, what’s your zip code? I might be able to help with a solution.

      1. Tracy Avatar

        It’s 37067.

        1. thewindowdog Avatar

          Check this section for a recommended company in the area. I bet they can help out.

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