Alside Geneva Windows Reviews

alside geneva windows reviews

The Alside Geneva window is a bit of a strange bird.  It’s a hybrid unit that has welded sashes and a mechanically fastened frame.  This is a bit of an unusual design.  In fact, we’re not aware of another window still on the market that is built like this.

The pitch for the Alside Geneva window was that the mechanically fastened frame allows it to be more easily installed in old out of square openings while the welded sashes provided the strength needed.

alside geneva windows reviews
Here’s a glamor shot of the Alside Geneva windows.

In reality it’s just an old design that is on it’s way to the glue factory.  The Geneva window, along with the Alside Centurion window are being discontinued and replaced with the Alside Fusion window.

This is a worthwhile change as the Geneva window was long past it’s prime.  These older windows have still been sold recently with a rather large following in Boston for reasons that can’t really be explained.  Regardless, the end of the Geneva window won’t

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