Alside Sheffield Windows Reviews

Alside Sheffield review, mezzo and ultramaxx

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Here we’ll be taking a look at the Alside Sheffield windows.  The Sheffield windows used to sit near the top of the Alside window line.  Very similar products are sold under various brand names including Alside Ultramaxx and Comfort World 6000 series.  This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s  a better window than the Alside Excalibur or the Alside Mezzo (their other common offerings), but it does mean it will likely cost more.

In comparison to the newest window in the Alside line, the Alside Mezzo window (which we reviewed recently), the Sheffield doesn’t compare very well except in a few specific situations.  For example, the Alside Sheffield window is available with triple pane glass while the Mezzo window was not when initially launched.  The Mezzo window now has this feature available so that leaves one less reason to buy the Sheffield model.  Obviously this only matter to you if you’re  a triple pane kind of person.

Another point of differentiation is the fact that the Sheffield window has a few extra pieces of weather stripping.  This sounds good and the salesperson might tell a great story, but if you compare the air infiltration ratings you’ll see the Mezzo is typically better.  This tells you the extra weather stripping on the Alside Sheffield isn’t doing you much good.  It provides the salesperson a nice story to tell, but it doesn’t do much else.

The biggest drawback in my mind is that the Alside Sheffield window uses a much thicker frame which reduces the glass area considerably.  If you’re looking at samples in person take a look at the thick frame, especially the sill, and decide if that’s what you want in your home.

Alside Sheffield vs Ultramaxx

The Alside Sheffield and the Alside Ultramaxx share the same frame and ALMOST all of the same parts.  There are only 2 two differences between these 2 products.  One is the type of sill.  The Sheffield uses a sloped sill that allows water to run off and the Ultramaxx uses a pocket sill that drains water out through weep holes in the frame.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both systems.

Alside Sheffield vs Ultramaxx
The Alside Sheffield and Ultramaxx models are almost exactly the same product.

The second difference between the Sheffield vs the Ultramaxx is the lift rail on the sash.  The Sheffield has a lift rail at the very top and at the very bottom.  The Ultramaxx adds another in the middle of the window.  Having trouble visualizing what I’m saying in this section?  Don’t sweat it, these two windows are essentially the exact same product with different names.

To sum up the Alside Sheffield review I’ll say if you’re getting triple pane glass it’s a fine option.  If you’re not this window does’t really make sense and you’ll be better off saving a few bucks with the Alside Mezzo.

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16 thoughts on “Alside Sheffield Windows Reviews”

  1. Where are you finding the air infiltration test results on the Mezzo? I am having a heck of a time finding that as I’m trying to compare the Mezzo to the Simonton Reflections 5500.


    1. We got it on a sales sheet from the Alside rep who keeps calling on us. It shows 0.04 which is substantially better than Simonton. The bigger difference will be the glass area. The Simonton 5500 has a pretty thick frame that results in much smaller glass area. You can see this in the VT (visible transmittance) ratings.

  2. I’ve been seeing 0.07 quoted on the net for the Simonton and the latest testing I can find on that window is from 2010 and is much older than that. Are you getting that same info on the Simonton from their rep? It seems like of the three I was looking at (Reflection 5500, Mezzo, and Soft-lite Imperial LS), the soft-lite is more highly regarded than the other two with some putting the mezzo higher than the 5500?


    1. You’re right that the Soft-Lite Imperial LS gets a lot of good press. I do not believe the 0.07 is accurate for the Simonton 5500, but it’s hard to say how relevant these small differences are. All 3 are fine options, I don’t think I would pay substantially more for one than the other. Assuming the prices are similar I’d suggest going with the look you prefer.

  3. I had some windows replaced by Power Home Remodeling Group last year and now I want to replace the remainder. I have a limited budget and my current windows are bad. I know a lot of people say don’t get this or that window just because of the price. Well I can’t afford Marvin, Pella, Simonton, or Andersen because of the price. I have been looking at the Alside Sheffield, Soft-Lite Barrington, and a window from a local manufacturer, Advance Window. Of the 3, what would be my best choice?

  4. I received a quote of $700 a window installed for the Sheffield. I also received a quote of $550 a window for Vista. From what I am reading I should be able to get a Soft-Lite Pro for the $700 range. It also appears that the Soft-Lite is a much better window than the others mentioned. Curious if you have an opinion?

  5. Window Dog,

    You probably get so many questions, but I appreciate any opinion you can provide: I’ve gotten quotes for Simonton 5500 and Pella Encompass (1 company), and Alside Mezzo, Sheffield, and AltraMaxx (another company). The quotes are around the same price +/- $1000. I live in Pittsburgh, PA. I am interested in life time warranty most of all and Alside and Pella offer this. Thanks for your input.

    Evan B.

  6. Hello, I just had the owner of a window company provide me with the cost of replacing 5 windows for my home. He is using the manufacturer, Alside, and the specific window is identified as the “Kingsview 500” but I do not see this window as being manufactured by Alside. Am I missing something? Which window by Alside would you recommend for a California-ranch in Portsmouth, VA? Thank you – Tim

    1. Contractors will sometimes use private label programs which just means a different brochure for the same models. Alside doesn’t call anything Kingsview, so it’s probably another one of their models with a different brochure. You could ask him for the model number and that would tell us what it is.

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