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Alside Excalibur Windows Reviews

Update: While this Alside Excalibur window review was originally written several years ago it’s been updated in 2021 as we continue to work to provide the best replacement window information on the entire internet in 2021 and beyond.  See info towards the bottom of this post for the most recommended window companies in 2021.  Be sure to post a comment or send us a message with any questions!

The Alside Excalibur window was the most popular window produced by Alside for many years.  Millions of these windows have been installed all across the country.  The Alside Excalibur window is slated to be discontinued in 2014 and replaced by the newer Alside Mezzo window.

The Alside Excalibur window has been a popular option because it meets the needs of most homeowners at an affordable price.  This window came with standard features that we’re available options on competing models.


Standard features on Alside Excalibur windows:

  • Double strength glass
  • Heavy duty screen frame
  • Steel reinforced sashes
  • DP50 rated for strength
  • Sloped sill

Despite the list of standard features, the Excalibur window was often criticized online.  This had a lot to do with the fact that it was sold by Window World under the Comfort Word 4000 brand at very low prices.  This made the competition offering similar products at higher prices uncomfortable.

Not all criticism of the Alside Excalibur was unfounded.  The design was a little past its prime and several elements were due for an upgrade.  In addition the manufacturing tolerances weren’t as tight as they could have been which led to inconsistent quality.

What about the Alside warranty?

The warranty from Alside was always pretty solid and that was certainly the case with the Excalibur windows.   The warranty covers the glass seal, the windows and the hardware for as long as the original purchaser lives in the home and it is transferable when the house is sold.

If you’re looking for a window company right now, the best advice we have is to check out our list of the best window companies all over the country.  You can find it right here. 

None of the companies that we recommend are offering the Alside Excalibur model as it’s long past its prime. When shopping for new windows it’s important to work with someone who understands what is going on in the industry and is able to recommend the best windows available. Find our list of the best window companies right here.

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16 responses to “Alside Excalibur Windows Reviews”

  1. Bob Avatar

    I had Alside Excalibur windows installed in my home about 10 years ago and I want to add an additional window. What Alside window model would matche the frames I have. The Excaliber Model# is 0201 – Double Hung with the Climate Tech Elite glass package

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      The Alside Excalibur window was discontinued a while back, but you can get a very similar product with the Alside Fusion window. The Alside Mezzo will be a little bit nicer, but not the same dimensions.


    Are the Alside Excalibur Windows and the Alside Fusion Windows interchangable? I have about 5 double hung windows that have either the top window or the bottom that have lost the internal gas. I am hoping to not have to replace the entire window. Thank you.

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi William, you probably have a warranty on your Excalibur windows so the best way to get new sashes for them is just to order them up from Alside.

  3. Jay DuBell Avatar
    Jay DuBell

    I have Alside Excalibur series double hung throughout the house, from a 2000 and a 2009 replacement project… However, both time periods have been failing in the side track holding mechanisms after roughly 4-5 years after install , with broken powdered/white metal chips or recoil piece falling out making it very difficult to raise/lower, or lower pane will free fall…
    Alside rep has repaired five windows at various times over the years (at $150 per service) by cutting an opening in the vinyl side tracks and dropping in a spring mechanism which seems wrong but works, however now leaves a 3 inch gaping hole…
    Is this possibly some reasoning for the Mezzo??? Any other suggestions ??? Very frustrating…

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi Jay, the Excalibur model is an older product that has been discontinued for a little while. It did come with a notch in the top of the frame to facilitate easy balance replacement so that notch is already there. They were covered up by a small vinyl piece called a sash stop. If you’re seeing the notch and thinking they just made it recently I would guess they didn’t put the sash stops back which makes that opening visible.

      You can probably get sash stops from the Alside folks. They may even be able to get you a long piece of it and you cut off as many small sections as you need. Those windows are pretty easy to service. Likely any issue you run into will have an easy solution.

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