Best Replacement Windows in Colorado 2024

Best replacement windows in Colorado

You’re in luck!  We’ve found the best replacement windows in Colorado just for you.

My little sister lives in Denver and I’ve been a avid visitor for years.  If you’re looking for the best replacement windows Colorado has to offer we’ll do our best to help out.

Best replacement windows for Colorado and high altitude installations.

Best Replacement Windows Colorado by City

Select the city closest to you to find our recommended window company in your area.

Are you the best window company in these Colorado cities?  We may be looking for you, details here.

Do you need special windows for high altitude projects?

As you may have already learned there are some issues with sealed insulated glass units in windows at high altitudes. The change in pressure as sealed glass units are shipped up to higher elevations can cause problems and you’ll need to make sure you get windows that are right for your climate.

Capillary tubes can be installed in the sealed units to let some of the pressure out of the units as they’re transported. These tubes are then sealed when the windows are installed.

Your window company should be able tell you when capillary tubes may be needed. It will depend on the altitude of the house and the altitude of the window manufacturing plant.

best replacement window reviews of options available in Denver, Colorado

Should you get vinyl or fiberglass windows in Colorado?

Both types of windows will perform very well in this environment. We’ve heard about some companies telling customers they need to get fiberglass windows due to the climate or the UV rays or the altitude. This is 100% false. Good quality vinyl windows will perform just as well.

You might be surprised to hear that the companies selling the higher priced options will say this in any climate, in any state. For example, if you’re in the south they might say you need to pay more for special windows due to the heat. In the north they’ll say you should buy more expensive windows due to the cold. In the mountains they say you should buy special windows due to the altitude. It’s all just a story to justify their higher prices.

How to find the best window company to work with?

Shopping for windows can feel difficult. You probably only buy windows once or twice in your life. You’re not a window expert. That’s ok. Start by selecting your city from the list above. The companies listed there will be a helpful resource as you’re learning about the options.

What if you still have questions?

Don’t be shy, post a comment to let everyone know what you’ve learned so far!

Thanks for coming by and we hope you’ve found the site to be helpful.  For more info feel free to take a look through our detailed replacement window reviews right here.

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30 responses to “Best Replacement Windows in Colorado 2024”

  1. Carl A Horwitz Avatar
    Carl A Horwitz

    We live in a 1918 Denver bungalow. Over the years we had the original single pane windows replaced- Amerimax in the basement (solid mid-tier budget vinyl window) and Sunrise installed in the main floor (higher end vinyl).
    We’re now updating our kitchen and were really hoping for a garden window over the sink. It’s a large opening (currently two double hung windows) around 6′ wide and 4′ tall. A couple places have recommended against a garden window in CO due to weather issues (lack of insulation and condensation in the winter). It is a North facing wall.
    Thoughts? Is this a bad idea? If not, who would you recommend we go through?

  2. Sean Avatar

    What about us on the West Slope? I don’t see anyone to service Grand Junction!

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi Sean, there are great companies in the Grand Junction area. Check this page and enter your zip code for recommendations.

      1. Sean Avatar

        I got two results, and one was “Angi Doors & Windows”
        I’m leery of a company that promotes itself like that, particularly when I search for that as a company and it doesn’t appear to exist. Makes me think that they have deals with a bunch of subcontractors, and I had several really bad experiences with that previously where the parent company blamed the contractor and said they no longer worked with them, and then didn’t do anything to resolve the issue.

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