Best Replacement Windows in Colorado 2023

Best replacement windows in Colorado

You’re in luck!  We’ve found the best replacement windows in Colorado just for you.

My little sister lives in Denver and I’ve been a avid visitor for years.  If you’re looking for the best replacement windows Colorado has to offer we’ll do our best to help out.

Click the city nearest to you to find the best company around.

Are you the best window company in these Colorado cities?  We may be looking for you, details here.

As you may have already learned there are some issues with sealed inserted windows at high altitudes.  The change in pressure as sealed units are shipped up to higher elevations can cause problems and you’ll need to make sure you get windows that are right for your climate.

You can be sure there are hundreds or even thousands of folks just like you trying to find the best local window installation companies.  You can help by posting any info that you’ve discovered so far.

Which companies have you met with, which have been the most helpful and how has the pricing compared?  We know the most difficult part of shopping for new windows is the lack of transparency.

Don’t be shy, post a comment to let everyone know what you’ve learned so far!

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30 thoughts on “Best Replacement Windows in Colorado 2023”

  1. I’m currently in the decision making phase for windows and I’m 99% sure I’m going to go with Alpen fiberglass replacements. They are located in Boulder and gave me a personal tour of the shop and the window fabrication process. Really, really neat stuff! They stand by their product, offer a great warranty, and have some very aesthetically pleasing windows. They also use a very unique heat mirror triple pane design (or quad pane) and have some of the best R and U values on the market. If your in the neighborhood, I would highly recommend checking them out. To make matters even better, their pricing seems very reasonable considering what you get.

    1. Thanks for that Jay! I am currently looking into Infinity from Marvin fiberglass. I’m new to the market, which do you think is the better option, and for what reason?

      1. Hi Loren, it looks like you work with a digital marketing company and you’re advertising a site for a company that sells Marvin fiberglass windows. It’s not a good practice to misrepresent yourself as a customer online. While we’re on the subject I’ll share my personal opinion that Marvin Infinity windows aren’t a very good value and have less than stellar air infiltration rates. They tend to leave that out of their sales pitch.

        1. Hello everyone, I spoke with Alpen yesterday and they do seem to have an excellent product! One major concern I have is installation of new or replacement windows. Alpen does not have their own installation team, so they rely on contractors. When I asked about warranty and installation, I was told the warranty would be void if the contractor did not correctly install Alpen windows. Not sure we will even consider Alpen knowing they rely on contractors for installation. It’s really too bad, they seem to have an excellent product, but installation in CO (and any market) is key to ensuring the longevity of windows. I do agree their pricing is competitive, at least for the lower rated windows (500 and 600 series). In my opinion, installation is the really the only concern I have with Alpen, as their product does appear to be superior. I really would like feedback on what brand of windows (Pella, Apex, Marvin, Softlyte etc) is recommended for the Colorado climate.

  2. Insignia Triple Pane Windows from Apex Energy Solutions. Homegrown company that continues to grow nationwide solely by word-of-mouth referrals and direct-marketing/selling. You won’t find a commercial, billboard, or annoying radio jingle from these guys because it’s just not how they do business. More important to them to speak to specific homeowners and offer a top product for less bc they don’t waste money on Ads. Also means full retail price is STILL less than any other brand at that level of quality bc no building marketing costs into customer price.

    Can’t disclose actual savings per agreement (it’s huge…esp if you’re one of their Promo Homeowners, but that’s limited to 2 home in a given area – still HUGE for referrals off those 2 homes though, don’t worry). Can’t blame them for not wanting competitors to know how much better the Apex offer is. They also use their own install/labor crews – not random guys who just learned to install windows – way less hassle than finding your own!

    Bottom line: if you’ve even remotely considered doing this project, DO NOT ignore their marketing team members if they’re in your neighborhood – they’re there for a reason and aren’t going door-to-door. If you see them but they haven’t approached your home, don’t get mad!! They aren’t there to high-pressure sell every homeowner – not personal, just stop them and ask! Guarantee you’ll walk away feeling like a window expert and like you just robbed a high-cost project from a normally expensive industry!

  3. Just as an additional anecdote: I had Apex come out and give me a quote and while the costs were cheaper than many of the other brands I was looking at, the pushy nature of the sales tactics combined with the fact that they are still vinyl frame windows is what turned me off from them. I’m still intending on using Alpen when money permits. Their sales pitch was this: “We don’t run promotions. The windows cost what they cost, so come back anytime you’re ready.”

    1. I tend to like the easy going approach myself. That’s how my company operates and we do pretty well. The companies that say every house is going to be the super special model home make me chuckle. They must sell a lot of windows because they keep doing it that way.

      Good luck with your project.

  4. Good morning,
    Right now we’re a few years down the road until we get new windows for the whole house (built in 2005), but I want to start my homework now so I can find a ballpark price to save up for this venture. Like everyone else, I want to find a truthful, decent priced company. But I feel so daunted by the many companies in my area (Grand Junction, CO) and I’m sure a lot of the reviews I find on Google are fake. Is there a chance you will be coming to western Colorado in the next couple of years? Thank you for your time!

    1. It is completely possible that we’ll be in Grand Junction in a few years. We’ve been expanding all over the place and you never know what the future holds!

      1. In Grand Junction yet? 😀

        I just got a quote from RBA that gave me a heart attack and I’m looking for other options.
        My house was built in the 30s, I have spent literal blood, sweat and tears over the last 12 years renovating it. It seems like people walk in and see dollar signs, and I want to be like, “*I* did 90% of what you see, I spend my money WISELY!” I tell every person to give me your best price, and if I like it I’ll call you back.
        Unfortunately here in GJ now, it’s the contractors who aren’t calling people back 🙁

        1. I do think contractors in many areas are busier than ever. It’s strange to me that companies don’t call back, but we do hear that a lot. If Renewal by Andersen gave you a written quote and you’d be interested in sharing it send over an email. I think that sort of transparency will make this process easier for everyone.

  5. Thanks for this blog. We are replacing all our windows in a house we just bought (built in ‘91) in a south Denver suburb. The Apex folks rolled thru our neighborhood pitching the model home spiel today. They’ll be back tomorrow for an estimate. It should be fun to listen to this and be prepared to laugh.

    1. I bet you lunch you’ll be selected to be a model home showing off their windows for the entire neighborhood while they plan on charing your neighbors much more because they were not selected! It’s makes me chuckle that so many people still go for that pitch when they can google anything. I see how it worked 20 years ago, but I guess it still works because people hate the idea of missing out on something or they just love feeling special. Let us know how it goes.

  6. I’ve been looking through your site and, I’ll admit, I feel like giving up. I’ve wanted to replace our original aluminum windows for all 15 of the years we’ve owned our house but with one thing and another… I’m finally ready but replacing windows seems to be the riskiest, most-likely-to-get-suckered home improvement step one can take.

    I just had the most miserable experience with Power Home Remodeling and I don’t know where to turn.

    My aluminum windows create moisture issues in the summer. We have full southern exposure on two windows so those rooms get too hot all year round.

    Can you point me in the right direction? Is it possible to buy replacement windows without being lied to, manipulated, and paying too much?

      1. Yes, they certainly can. Every window will have a condensation resistance rating. If that’s an important factor for you I’d compare those ratings. Your HVAC system is also a big driver of interior condensation. We have family in Anchorage and they never get condensation on their windows because the HVAC systems up there are designed for that climate and they keep the moisture out of the air.

    1. Ha, we’ve heard some stories about Power Home Remodeling and their sales pitch. What’s your zip code? I may know someone in Colorado who can help to make things easier.

  7. We live in a 1918 Denver bungalow. Over the years we had the original single pane windows replaced- Amerimax in the basement (solid mid-tier budget vinyl window) and Sunrise installed in the main floor (higher end vinyl).
    We’re now updating our kitchen and were really hoping for a garden window over the sink. It’s a large opening (currently two double hung windows) around 6′ wide and 4′ tall. A couple places have recommended against a garden window in CO due to weather issues (lack of insulation and condensation in the winter). It is a North facing wall.
    Thoughts? Is this a bad idea? If not, who would you recommend we go through?

      1. I got two results, and one was “Angi Doors & Windows”
        I’m leery of a company that promotes itself like that, particularly when I search for that as a company and it doesn’t appear to exist. Makes me think that they have deals with a bunch of subcontractors, and I had several really bad experiences with that previously where the parent company blamed the contractor and said they no longer worked with them, and then didn’t do anything to resolve the issue.

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