Best Replacement Windows Indiana

best replacement windows indiana

If you’re trying to find the very best replacement windows Indiana has to offer you’ve come to the right place.  I went to school at Purdue and loved living in West Lafayette.

Now our company operates in Indianapolis, Lafayette and surrounding areas.  We don’t cover the entire state which is why we’re going to be looking for the best replacement window companies in all of Indiana.

We’ll be starting with these cities:

Click the links above to see the info we have on window companies n each area.  Finding a great local window installation company is the key to any successful project.  While we’re working on that content we can point you to some great resources we have here on the site to help with your project right now.

First, I would highly suggest starting out with our start here page to get a good game plan together.  If you can get your project started off on the right foot it will be much easier.

After that you may want to check out our page on understanding replacement window ratings or even our page on window sales tactics to make sure you’re clearly understanding what you’re getting.

We sincerely hope you find all of this information to be helpful.  There is also something you can do to help.  As you’re shopping for new windows you’ll be gathering a ton of great info on the local companies in your area.

Please feel free to post anything you’d like on the companies you met with, the product you considered, the pricing you saw or the quality of the end result.  All of this information will be incredibly helpful to everyone who comes after you.

Don’t be shy, post a comment about your experience!

Thanks for coming by and we hope you’ve found the site to be helpful.  For more info feel free to take a look through our detailed replacement window reviews right here.

Update: We now have more recommend LOCAL window companies than ever before.   Click here to see who we recommend in your town.  It's 100% free.  You'll thank me.  There is no better resource; you're going to love it.  See for yourself right here.  

16 thoughts on “Best Replacement Windows Indiana”

  1. We need to replace some of our windows. They are very nice wood windows, 27 years old in Carmel, IN area. Do you have any recommendations as what type would be best as we have all wood trimming around the house. And what company do you recommend to work with?

    Thank you for all the helpful info on your site.

    1. Hi there, our company works in Carmel, IN all the time. I’ll send you over an email. I’m sure we’ll be able to help out!

      1. We live in Terre Haute and are wanting to replace eight windows. We have had two companies come out and give us a quote, Window World and Renewal by Andersen. The two quotes went from $4,300 to $15,600. Do you have any suggestions of companies to use?

        Boiler Up!

        1. Boiler Up! I don’t really know anyone in Terre Haute, but my Dad went to school at Rose Hulman and I’ve been back there with him a couple times. It’s easy to get a good steak in Terre Haute!

          I just about never think Renewal is worth the cost. Good luck with the project!

  2. Any recommendations for South Bend and if not, do you like any of the Simonton windows? They seem to be very popular up here! Thanks a lot!!

    1. South Bend Indiana? I don’t know anyone in your area and you’re a little far from our store in Indianapolis. I’m not a huge fan of Simonton, try Angie’s List to find some local contractors and see what they recommend.

  3. Hello!

    Looking to replace around 14 windows – crank outs. A couple of picture windows included. We had a rep from Anderson quote us their FiberX product (20 year parts and labor warranty) but after reading your reviews are a bit gun shy. Any other recommendations in the Fort Wayne area? Replacing 14 year old Pellas that are rotting.

    Thank you!

    1. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone great in the Fort Wayne area to recommend. Have you found another option yet?

  4. Want to put in new replacement windows in my house .I looking at mavin ultimate double hung next generation window or there magnum double hung replacement vs eagle replacement windows can give some reviews on this 3 windows i live in evansville indiana and about to to retire .i need a good window that will last for a long time

    1. Those are all nice wood windows. If you’re getting wood windows I think either of those will do the trick. I’d give the warranties a good read over so you’ll know what you’ll be dealing with if there were a problem in 10 years. I see posts from folks all the time who are shocked to discover what was in their warranty after they have a problem. It would be a much better strategy to read the Andersen wood window warranty and the Marvin wood window warranty so you’re clear on what’s included and what’s not. Good luck with the project!

  5. Great site and great info for someone looking to replace windows. We have 11 to replace and live in Kokomo. I also went to Purdue and West Lafayette is not that far .. Any suggestions for our area or is that close enough for your company to be involved ?

    Go Boilers.

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