Best Replacement Windows in New Jersey 2024

The absolute best replacement windows in New Jersey

Here we’ll get into the detailed info on the best replacement windows New Jersey has to offer.  While my personal experience in the Garden State is limited to the rest stops on the Turnpike and a few infamous weekends in Atlantic City, we know you’re looking for the best new windows you can get and we’re going to help out.

We’ll be talking to the best local window installation companies all over the state to bring you the very best information we can.

Here are the best replacement windows in New Jersey!

Are you the best window company in your town?  We may be looking for you, details here.

While we’re putting all of this information together we know you want to get some great info right now.  Don’t worry, we can help with that too.

There can be an almost overwhelming amount of information out there when it comes to replacement windows.  We’ve tried to make things as simple to understand as we can.  I’d suggest starting with our cleverly named Start Here page.  You’ll find our tips for getting your project going in the right direction from the beginning.

There are a couple of other highlights on the site you might also want to check out.  First, the window sales tactics page will probably help you navigate the sometimes difficult process of getting quotes for your project.

Once you’ve received a few quotes, our replacement window reviews should be able to help you navigate your options.

We hope all of this information helps and there is something you can do to help as well.  As you’re sorting through the process please fee free to post comments along the way.  Which companies did you meet with, what products have you looked at, what type of prices have you been seeing.  All of this information will be helpful to everyone else looking for new windows.

In addition, if you have any specific questions please feel free to post those as well.  We’ll be glad to try to help you get the best answers we can.

Don’t be shy, post a comment about your experience!

Thanks for coming by and we hope you’ve found the site to be helpful.  For more info feel free to take a look through our detailed replacement window reviews right here.

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15 thoughts on “Best Replacement Windows in New Jersey 2024”

  1. HI.. first of all, thanks for your evaluations on windows. I spoke with you and few months ago and settled on Simonton windows as I have a house at the shore in So. Jersey. As I was talking to the architect, he mentioned that Simonton windows have a law suit against them. Now I have to restart the process of looking.
    Even though you are no longer required to use hurricane windows, I would still use them due to noise levels and their insulation qualities. Do you have any suggestions. I under stand windows are a real integral part of keeping the house warm and quiet and dry (moisture and moldy down here)so, while I can’t get the very top of the line, I do want something very energy efficient. Thank you for your help,

  2. Teresa DiGiallorenzo says:

    I have 12 BF Rich windows installed in 2017 and i am having problems opening them & when i do they come off the track. I have had this problem since i got them. Frank Vincent from London Square Mall in Northfield NJ installed them. Two employees came last summer and said it was our fault because we didn’t know how to open them.They put the windows back on track and that worked for a while but it happened again and they said it was a safety feature. We had an appointment for Sat. June 9th 2018 between 2 & 4pm. they never showed up. I called & got the answering machine. Now I find out BF Rich is out of business . Any suggestions?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Unfortunately BF Rich has been out of business for a little while now. Working with those smaller manufacturers is always a risk. You said you bought them from the mall? If the installation company made an appointment for you 10 days ago I’d call them back. BF Rich didn’t just fail. If those guys were willing to help 10 days ago they may still be willing to help now. If not you may be out of luck.

  3. Do you have any companies you can recommend in South Jersey, Camden county area?
    Thank you!

  4. You don’t have any counties from South Jersey in your listing. What’s up with that?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Otto, I don’t know any great companies in that area, but I’d love to find one. My company currently offers windows in the area out of the warehouse in Warminster, PA. For projects in the Philly metro area we can help. Otherwise I don’t know anyone to suggest. If we find a great company to recommend we’ll post about it here.

  5. Joseph Territola says:

    Will Taylor Rae Construction come to Secaucus, N.J. to give me an estimate on replacement windows?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Your best bet would be to give them a ring and ask.

  6. Hi- I’ve been ‘stalking’ your website for the last year or so and figured why not reach out. I’m located in southern NJ and trying to pick out better brand of windows. I’ve been quoted from two reliable window installers on Simonton 5050 and OKNA 500s. I saw your video review on the 5050s which looked pretty awful. One of the installers said they would be open to trying other brands / series if I wanted so that’s where my question comes in. I’m looking to spend about 500-600 a window and also getting a slider. Are there any other brands I should be considering at my price point? OKNA has pretty good energy ratings for the foam filled dual paned glass series. I’m open to suggestions and looking for help!

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Cameron, thanks for reaching out. We might be able to help thorough my company. We cover the whole Philly metro area including into New Jersey quite a ways. What’s your zip code? I’ll be happy to help with a suggestion or two if we can service your area.

  7. Windowdog,
    My name is Harish. I live near Cherry Hill, NJ 08053 area. In our area there is window company called “JANTEK INDUSTRIES, LLC”. According to their website they manufacture windows in local area. Is JANTEK windows ever evaluated by you?
    Thank you,

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I remember hearing about Jantek long ago. I’d probably look for a more well established company. If you’d like, my company can send you a quote by email for a project in Cherry Hill. That way you can see the pricing and look at another option. You can find us here.

      1. Windowdog,
        I am not talking about Janet(JANTEK INDUSRTRY,MapleShade,NJ. I have attached their Triple Glass windows estimate from 6 months ago. I was not ready at that time.
        230 Route 70 East, Medford, NJ 08055

        Replace existing Vinyl windows and or sliding doors by measuring, manufacturing, and installing: 13
        White/White American Classic YT Triple Glass vinyl window(s)/Sliding Door(s)
        Customer Name:
        Primary Phone:

        Secondary Phone:
        SCOPE ABOVE.
        CONTRACT MODIFICATION: The products listed above are to be built to order for Customer. Therefore this
        contract cannot be changed, canceled, modified, or discharged at all by Customer except in accordance with the cancellation
        provisions provided below or by written consent by the company.
        230 ROUTE 70 EAST
        MEDFORD, NJ 08055
        If you cancel this contract within the three day period, you are entitled to a full refund of your money. Refunds must be made
        within 30 days of the contractors receipt for the cancellation notice.
        Additional Terms: the company plans to provide labor and materials to complete the above work for the amount shown below,
        Fulfillment of Order: The Company will fulfill this order unless it is unable to because of labor strikes, fires, inability to get material,
        or other conditions beyond the Companies control. Subject to weather and all other conditions beyond the control of the Company,
        work to commence within approximately 60 days and to be completed within 120 days of the date of contract.
        The following items are specifically EXCLUDED from scope of work and are the responsibility of the customer unless otherwise
        included in this contract or addendum thereto.
        -Structural alteration or repair of existing rough opening
        -Removal and replacement of window treatments and hardware
        -Moving for disconnection of electrical fixtures, appliances
        -Painting of new and/or reinstalled casings, stops, moldings, or interior or exterior walls maybe damaged during the normal
        course of window replacement.
        -Repair of pre-existing structural or cosmetic defects or deficiencies.
        -Removal and reinstallation of shutters, awnings, or storm doors
        -moving of furniture, Household items
        -Alarms/security disconnection or reconnection of system whether functional or not.
        Jurisdiction: This Contract was entered into in the state of New Jersey and the laws of such state shall govern the construction of
        this Contract. Jantek and Customer agree that venue shall be proper in Burlington County which is where Jantek is located and this
        Contract entered into.
        New Jersey applicable law: Customer agrees this Contract is subject to and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the state of
        New Jersey.
        Liquidated damages: If I end this contract without the Company’s consent, and after the cancellation time limit allowed by law (3
        days) has ended, Company is entitled to all monies paid on deposit as Liquidated Damages.
        Access to job location: I give permission to the Company (or their agents) to enter my property, and I agree to get permission for
        the Company (or their agents) to enter my neighboring properties in nesessary, so the Company can begin and/or complete its work
        according to this contract. I understand and both of us agree that if the Company is prevented from entering my property or any
        neighboring property and cannot, therefore, complete its work, then the Company will not have further responsibility to me. I must
        then immediately pay the Company the proportion of the contract price due on the front of this contract. That proportion includes the
        cost of labor performed, materials and/or articles delivered plus loss of profits by the company.
        Additional work: The contract price includes only the items purchased. If I request any additional work, I will be charged in addition
        to the contract price. The Company must notify me of the additional charge(s) before beginning any additional work and I must sign a
        change order and pay in full before additional work and/or product are performed or provided by Jantek.
        Product warranty: The company has told me I will receive the manufacturers warranty specific to the product(s) the Company
        installed for me. I will receive this warranty after the job is completed and if there are are no overdue payments. The Company has
        made no other warranties regarding the manufactured products.
        Entire agreement: Customer and Jantek Industries, LLC agree to waive any and all representations regarding his contract that are
        not mentioned in it. We also agree that this contract is the entire agreement between us and supersedes all Conversations,
        Statements and Agreements, expressed or implied between the parties, their agents or representatives. This contract cannot be
        changed unless the changes are in writing and signed by both of us. Both of us also understand and agree that our rights and
        liabilities in this contract extended to our successors, executors, administrators and assigns, as if they were names on this contract.
        Limit of liability: We agree that the Company’s liability to me cannot be greater than the contract price.
        Check policy: For your convenience, when you pay by check, you expressly authorize Jantek Industries, LLC, if your check is
        dishonored or returned for any reason, to electronically debit from your account the check amount and debit a dishonored checks fee
        not to exceed the state maximum limit, plus any applicable sales tax. The use of a check for payment is your acknowledgment of this
        policy and its terms.
        Worker’s Compensation. Workers Compensation and Public Liability insurance is carried by the Company and/or its authorized
        Sub-Contractor, and is applicable to the work to be performed under this contract.
        Attorney fees and costs. Customer is liable for any and all costs and reasonable attorneys fees incurred by Jantek Industries, LLC
        arising from or related in any manner to this Contract.
        Customer understands and agrees Jantek Industries, LLC is not liable/responsible for any and all damage or compromise of
        performance or use which may be caused during removal, replacement, installation or reinstallation of shutters, storm doors, awnings,
        interior and next area walls and/or finishes and EXPRESSLY WAIVE ANY CLAIM FOR DAMAGES FOR SAME. Customer further
        AGREES and UNDERSTANDS installation of new Jantek window(s) and/or door(s) may alter your existing openings which may not
        permit for reinstallation and/or installation of your shutters, storm doors, awnings, hardware, interior and exterior walls and/or finishes
        or may not be in the same manner as free installation of your new windows/doors.
        Pre-existing conditions: Both of us agree the Company does not assume liability for any pre-existing conditions which it cannot
        control. Including but not limited to: Misalignment of my present window and/or door frames, settlement of the building, and
        condensation conditions.
        Loss of Sill: The Jantek window usually has a greater jam depth than most metal frame windows. therefore, if the new Jantek
        window is reap placing a metal frame window, customer understands and accepts the fact that there may be a reduction of the
        existing interior sill and jam area that may impair use of existing window treatments.
        CUSTOMER EXPRESSLY waives any and all claims against Jantek industries, LLC for options customer has chosen under
        SERVICE OPTIONS. In the event customer makes a claim related to SERVICE OPTIONS, customer shall be liable to Jantek
        industries, LLC for all costs and reasonable attorneys fees incurred by Jantek industries, LLC defense of same.
        I have read and fully understand the SERVICE OPTION NOTICE AND EXCLUSIONS AS STATED above and agreed to same.
        Payment : I will pay the company 40% of the products related to the contract at time of this contract. I will pay the company
        and amount equal to 40% of the installation price at the signing of the contract.
        Amount payable on completion: I will pay the balance of the cash installation price upon completion of the installation of all
        materials described above.PRICE
        Product (Per Product
        Exhibit A specs) $7958.08 DEPOSIT
        Product 40% $3183.23
        Installatiion $3327.87 Installatiion 40% $1331.15
        Discount $1591.62 Total Deposit $4514.38
        Total Contract Price $9694.33
        Payments received be on 5 days of the date of completion are subject to interest as allowable by law.
        NOTICE TO CUSTOMER: by signing below I acknowledge that I have read the notice of cancellation located above and I have
        read this contract before I signed. By signing below I acknowledge receipt of a fully completed copy of this contract with notice of of
        This is a binding contract, not subject to cancellation except to extent provided by law.


        1. thewindowdog says:

          Got it, I meant Jantek, the autocorrect seems to have changed it. You can find basic info about Jantek here and I do think you might benefit from on online quote from our company. Working with a larger national manufacturer is a much more stable and reliable proposition. I think many customers underestimate how risky the smaller manufacturers are. In my nearly 20 years experience in this industry I’ve seen many of them vanish into thin air leaving every customer with no warranty and no access to replacement parts. That’s a position you don’t want to find yourself in.

  8. Chris Rowe says:

    We’re also S. Jersey (NJ) homeowners (2 unit condo) with a need for replacement windows and quite a few of them (40, 20 per unit) and planning to replace Anderson double hung windows in conjunction with a residing job where we are leaning towards Certainteed straight edge Cedar Impression. A contractor suggested a composite project made by Interstate or other composite windows. What are your thoughts on the quality of Interstate products for a high wind and wind blown sand exposure for our project.

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