Common Window Shopping MISTAKES

Here is the very newest video on our fancy YouTube channel. We’re highlighting 3 very common window shopping mistakes and how you can avoid them.

We deal with thousands and thousands of customers and everyone is facing the same challenging situation. You want to get good quality and good prices without overpaying or getting windows too cheap that you won’t be happy with. Everyone is facing the same challenge and everyone responds to that in the same several ways.

Mistake #1 Falling in love with a window brand before you know if there is a reputable company in your area offering that product.

We see this happen ALL the time.  In fact, you can see it too in the comments on this site.  You’ll see people write in to say that they want to buy windows made by company X but the local dealer is a jerk and they’re frustrated that they can’t find anyone else selling those windows.  Don’t fall into this trap.

Mistake #2 Falling for the today only window pricing tactics.

This is another very common mistake.  Nothing in this industry changes every day and no company has prices that will be different tomorrow than they are today.  It’s just not true, but unfortunately people don’t know any better and the salespeople can be very convincing.

In the video we’ll tell you how to get a better price out of these guys, but you still may not want to work with them.

Mistake #3 Buying windows from an installer because you think it’ll be cheaper.  

People do this all the time and they think they’ll save by avoiding the pushy in-home salesperson.  There are several downsides to that and we’ll walk through them in the video.

A cheap window installed by an independent installer can turn out to be a pretty mad move.  We’ve seen that first hand and we’d hate to see you fall into that trap.

As the YouTube channel gets going we’re going to be looking for new and interesting topics to use for our new videos. If you have a window question that you’re struggling with post a comment to let us know. We might just use it for an upcoming video.

If we use your suggestion we’ll send you a TheWindowDog t-shirt of your very own!

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Have fun!

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