Welded Windows Don’t Matter – New Video

Hi there everyone. Our new YouTube bonus video for this week is on welded windows or welded window frames. You may hear a window salesperson going on and on about certain features. Usually it’s a high priced salesperson trying to separate himself from “the other guys”.

They’ll sometimes pick one feature or another and make a BIG deal about it to prove their value. Welded windows are a great example of this. More often than not the feature they pick out is not remarkable at all. That’s the case with welded windows.

Here you can find the newest YouTube video we’ve posted. Our YouTube channel is just getting restarted so there are only a few new videos there, but if you have a project in mind you might want to check it out and hit subscribe.

You’ll even hear the story of one of the shadiest home improvement salespeople I’ve ever met in my entire life. And I’ve met a lot of them.

As the YouTube channel gets going we’re going to be looking for new and interesting topics to use for our new videos. If you have a window question that you’re struggling with post a comment to let us know. We might just use it for an upcoming video.

If we use your suggestion we’ll send you a TheWindowDog t-shirt of your very own!

As always if you’d like to get a quote for your project from my company or a company I recommend check this section here. To stay updated on our new Window Wednesday series you can subscribe to our YouTube channel here or just come back to the site every Wednesday.

Have fun!

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