Gentek 1900 Series Windows Reviews

Reviews of Gentek 1700 and 1900 Series windows

The Gentek 1900 series is probably the middle of the road option for a new construction window. The quality is decent and they compare pretty well with other vinyl new construction windows.

As readers of the site will know, some of the Gentek windows are some of my top picks, but this model falls slightly below that mark. You’ll find it can provide a decent solution for a new construction window. If you’re a builder you might pick this model, but if you’re the homeowner I might suggest spending a little more for a nicer solution.

Gentek 1900 series casement windows and sliding windows.

What are the advantages of the Gentek 1900 Series windows?

This model will have most of the same features as the Gentek 1700 series windows that we recently reviewed. They have virgin vinyl, welded corners and upgraded balances. These are pretty nice features for a new construction window.

The 1900 series model has a few more advantages. For starters, it’s available as a double hung window and not just as a single hung. If you’re not sure about the difference between those two styles you can find more info on that here.

Beyond all of that, the 1900 series model is also available with more frame options.

Gentek 1900 series and 1700 series window frame options.

Here you can see the frame styles that are available. The 3-1/2″ flat casing is only available as an option on the 1900 series model.

This type of thing usually isn’t a huge deal to the individual homeowner as any installer can just install separate trim. This sort of feature is much more valuable to the builder as it will install faster and save time. If you’re building 1000 houses that can add up quickly.

What are the disadvantages to the 1900 Series windows?

The downsides to this model are basically the same downsides you’ll see in most vinyl new construction windows.

First, the air infiltration rate is defininltey higher than you’ll see from nicer replacement windows. For example, the air infiltration rate of this model is 3x or 4x as high as what you’ll see from the nicer Gentek window models. It’s still pretty good compared to other cheaper new construction windows, but it’s not great.

You’ll also see very limited interior color options which are increasingly important to new construction buyers.

Gentek 1900 series interior and exterior color options.

Here are the available interior and exterior colors. You’ll see there are no woodgrain interior options which ins’t a huge deal. New construction buyers generally don’t pick woodgrain. That said, new construction buyers do ask for black interiors or other solid colors and the options here are pretty limited.

Another downside is the other style options.

Gentek 1900 series and 1700 series grid styles.

Here are the grid options and you’ll see these options are pretty limited as well. There is no option for exterior grids and the available styles are pretty limited. If the style you want is included in this list then you’re in fine shape, but if you want anything else you’ll need to look for a different window.

What’s the bottom line?

Overall the Gentek 1900 Series windows can be a good option. The styles and warranty are a little limited, but everyone doesn’t want something super unique. If the style you have in mind is available that’s not an issue.

The warranty is more limited than some other options, but it’s in line with what you’ll see from most new construction windows.

If you’re building a house I’d probably recommend a nicer option, but if you’re a builder looking to pick a window model to carry this one may do pretty well for you.

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