Gentek 5100 Sliding Door Reviews

Gentek 5100 sliding patio door reviews

If you’re thinking about a Gentek 5100 sliding door you may want to think about a different option instead. We recently reviewed the newer Gentek Sanctuary door and you may find it to be a better option.

If you are still considering the 5100 sliding door you’ll want to be clear about the reason. Overall this isn’t a very great door, but there might be a reason that it could still make sense for you.

Why isn’t the 5100 sliding door any good?

For starters this is a very old design. I worked for the parent company of Gentek, Associated Materials, back in 2004 and this model was not new then. It’s old.

Old doesn’t necessarily mean bad, but this was a low end option back then and it hasn’t gotten any nicer with the passage of nearly 20 years.

Here’s the picture from the cover of the 5100 sliding door brochure. Seriously.

Just in case you didn’t believe me when I said this was an OLD design, here is the picture from the cover of the brochure. Look at the TV in that living room. This is not a recent picture. I would guess they last updated this picture about 20 years ago.

Ok, but what are the real downsides?

One drawback is that this door is pretty flimsy. It comes with the vinyl frame assembled and it’s about the most wobbly thing you’ve ever seen. In my experience the door doesn’t seal very well and it really does feel cheap.

What colors are available?

Hardly any. You can only order this bad boy in white or beige. No other colors are available.

Can you get blinds in the glass in this sliding door?


Why would someone pick this model?

The one redeeming characteristic of this door is that you can get custom sizes that are not too expensive and they come in quickly.

If you need a custom sized door for a flip house or a lower end rental this could be a fine option. Otherwise I’d look for the nicer Gentek models.

What’s the bottom line?

Gentek makes some very nice products. They make a nice patio door called the Sanctuary and if you’re in the market for a sliding door that’s the option I would suggest. The Sanctuary door is pretty nice, but this 5100 model door is not.

If you’re enticed by the low cost custom sizes that are available just know that you’re getting into so you’re not disappointed later.

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