Polaris DynaWeld Windows Reviews

Polaris DynaWeld windows reviews

Here we look at Polaris DynaWeld Windows Reviews to see if these windows make sense for your project.

These are currently the lowest end windows available from Polaris. They means they make them to be cheap and they want to separate them from their nicer window lines. The nicer options are the UltraWeld and ThermalWeld Plus which we’ve already reviewed.

When companies design low end windows they need to cut corners. They do this to save costs and to avoid competing with their own nicer windows. Does that mean the DynaWeld windows are a good value or are they something to be avoided. Let’s find out.

What are the advantages of the Polaris DynaWeld windows?

Since this was designed to be a low end option there aren’t a whole lot of advantages. When companies design lower end options they need to take out enough features to make their higher end, and higher margin, options look like a good value.

For example, if they only took out one or two features and reduced the prices by $100 per window everyone would probably buy this window. That’s bad for them. They want everyone to pay for the more expensive models so they need to make the low end windows a bad deal.

Companies will generally take out many features and they’ll keep the prices relatively similar so the low end windows look like a bad deal. This is intentional, every manufacturer does it and it’s why low end windows are usually a bad choice for the customer.

That’s not 100% true in the case of the Polaris DynaWeld windows. They have basically all of the same features that you see in the more expensive ThermalWeld Plus line with fewer available options.

See the next section about disadvantages for more info on limited options.

What are the disadvantages?

The disadvantages of this window model have more to do with the available options than anything else. For example, there are only two color options for these windows and you can see them below.

These are the only frame colors available for these windows.
Here are the two colors for the Polaris ThermalWeld windows. They’re listed as paint colors on the Polaris website, but we think that’s a mistake on the website. I would guess they’re extruded vinyl colors instead of paint.

If you want white or tan windows then these options will be just fine for your project. If you need a different color you’ll need to upgrade to the other Polaris window lines.

Another disadvantage to the DynaWeld window line is the efficiency and you can see more on that below.

How efficient are the Polaris DynaWeld windows?

These windows are less efficient than the other Polaris lines. They need to do this because they didn’t reduce too many of the window features. Since this window has lower prices there must be a drawback. Polaris has chosen to reduce the efficiency in order to justify the prices of the other lines.

Here are the common efficiency ratings for Polaris DynaWeld windows.
Here you can see the efficiency ratings for the DynaWeld windows. There are fewer options than you’ll see in the other product lines and the ratings are not as good.

As you can see in the chart above the efficiency ratings for these windows are not as good as the other Polaris window products. You’ll also have far fewer efficiency packages available and they’ve removed the options for different spacers.

Overall the difference in U-Factor from 0.30 to 0.27 is not gigantic. If you’re just looking for a decent option and not concerned about being Energy Star certified this might be a fine choice. It’s not what I would suggest for your personal home but it might work for a rental or flip house.

What about the Polaris windows prices?

The prices for all building products, including windows and doors, has been relatively volatile for the last few years now. It can be hard to keep up, but we know that hundreds of people across the country receive quotes for Polaris DynaWeld windows every day.

If you’ve recently recieved a quote for these windows let us know by posting a comment below. I may follow up with you by sending an email. You can definitely help to make this industry easier to navigate. By adding a little transparency we can change this whole business. Please comment below to let us know you’ve received a quote.

What’s the bottom line?

Overall this is a low end window which typically isn’t a great value. It has nearly the same list of features as the more expensive Polaris windows which is nice.

Unfortunately, there are fewer options, fewer efficiency packages and worse efficiency ratings. Overall I’d say if you’re replacing windows in a low end rental or a flip house these may work great. If you’re going to be living in the house I’d look for a better option.

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