Polaris ThermalWeld Plus Windows Reviews

Polaris ThermalWeld Windows Reviews

Here we have Polaris ThermalWeld Plus windows reviews to see if these are the best windows for your house. We’ll look at the advantages, disadvantages, warranty prices and more. Find the real info on replacement windows right here.

The ThermalWeld Plus is a middle of the line window from Polaris which is often a decent choice. In this case the ThermalWeld Plus is an upgrade over the older ThermalWeld model. Is that enough of an upgrade to make this window a decent choice in todays market? Let’s find out.

Here is the Polaris ThermalWeld Plus windows frame.  You can see it's pretty typical.
Here you can see the Polaris ThermalWeld Plus windows frame. These cool angled pictures give the brochure a very amateur look.

What are the advantages of the Polaris ThermalWeld Plus windows?

Overall, like most of the Polaris window line, this model looks to be pretty average. As an example, they advertise a very typical list of features for this model. Things like welded corners, intercept spacer, sloped sill, sash limit locks. These are things basically every window made in the last 10 years will offer.

One feature that they list that isn’t 100% typical is the continuous interlock across the entire sash. As they correctly point out, some window models will have an interlock at the sash but it won’t run continuously. Often they’ll have a break near the locks.

The pitch for this interlock would be that it improves air infiltration, but you don’t see anything about air infiltration included in their marketing. To me that would indicate that it doesn’t actually have much of an impact on the ratings, but that’s just my hunch. If anyone out there has more info on Polaris air infiltration ratings post a comment below.

Other than that interlock feature, there isn’t much that stands out.

So, to summarize the advantages of the Polaris ThermalWeld windows, I’d say they have about the same advantages as any other window.

What are the disadvantages?

One disadvantage to these windows is that they are produced by a smaller (riskier) manufacturer. That can present several problems for customers that are not always evident when the salesman is sitting in your living room.

One of these problems is that it’s very expensive for a small manufacturer to improve or update designs which means they don’t do it very often. That leads to older designs being on the market long past their sell-by date. More on this in the warranty section below.

Another disadvantage to this model is that it uses the older constant force or coil balances which aren’t as nice as the upgraded block and tackle type. That can make sense with this model as it’s not trying to be a top of the line product. it’s more of a middle of the road option so it gets middle of the road features.

Is the Polaris window warranty any good?

The warranty from Polaris is decent. We cover this in more detail in the Polaris UltraWeld review linked here.

Overall the lifetime warranty covers the windows for as long as you own the home. There are limitations, for example labor is not covered. A glass breakage warranty is available, but must be purchased separately.

In addition the warranty is much more limited when some options like internal blinds or tempered glass is included. This limits the warranty for all Polaris patio door as all patio doors have tempered glass.

Also, the warranty gets more limited when it is transferred. Overall it’s a decent warranty but more limited than some others. And, since it’s offered by a relatively small manufacturer it’s riskier than the warranty you’d get from larger companies. If Polaris were to vanish tomorrow you’d have no coverage at all. Unfortunately we’ve seen that scenario play out may times over the years.

What are prices for Polaris ThermalWeld Plus windows?

This is where we need your help. Pricing for all replacement windows has been pretty volatile over the last few years. If you’ve recently received a quote for Polaris ThermalWeld Plus windows please post a comment to let us know.

I may send you an email for more info too. The more transparency in this industry the better it will be for everyone.

How efficient are the Polaris ThermalWeld Plus windows?

To their credit the ThermalWeld windows do have pretty decent efficiency ratings. Polaris publishes charts like that showing ratings that are very solid.

Here are the efficiency ratings for Polaris ThermalWeld Plus windows.
Here you can see common efficiency ratings for Polaris ThermalWeld Plus windows.

This is just one set of info, but it shows U-Factors as low as 0.16 with the EnergySmart Ultimate Plus package and 0.27 with the Energy Smart Supreme package. These are decent ratings so I’d say the efficiency is pretty good with this window model.

One thing you don’t see in all of this data is the air infiltration rate. That rating has been a big deal to customers for several years now and I’m sure Polaris knows that. I would think if their ratings were great they’d publish that info. Why keep good ratings secret? The fact that you don’t see air infiltration ratings advertised is a sign that they might not be too good.

This picture shows the foam filled frames of Polaris ThermalWeld Plus windows.
Here you can see the foam fill in the frames. Does foam make a difference in efficiency? In this case it makes about a 0.01 difference in the U-Factor. That means it’s mostly a sales pitch with little actual benefit.

If a salesman selling these windows makes claims about Polaris air infiltration ratings ask to get that in writing and let us know. They can make claims about anything. In-home salesman are often paid 100% commission so they want to get the sale very badly. I would not trust verbal claims about something like air infiltration because there’s no way for you to verify it. Get it in writing and let us know what they say.

What’s the bottom line?

Overall, this looks like a decent but unremarkable window. The efficiency ratings are solid, but the air infiltration is suspect. The features are relatively plain which can be perfectly fine.

If you’re looking for a middle of the road option and you get a great price on these windows they may offer a fine solution. If you’re buying them you will want to be comfortable with the risks associated with a small manufacturer.

There are plenty of middle of the road windows with similar features available from larger manufacturers so you may want to consider those options as well.

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