Polaris Windows Complaints – What’s Wrong Here?

Polaris windows reviews

When you’re shopping for new windows you can find complaints about almost anyone. That’s certainly true with Polaris windows complaints too. It’s important to understand what is causing these complaints.

You’ll want to understand what causes these complaints so you can avoid finding yourself in the same situation. Maybe you can make better choices than the customer who finds themselves complaining or maybe you should avoid Polaris windows altogether. Let’s find out.

What causes Polaris windows complaints?

The most common cause of Polaris windows complaints is the sales process. This is really something caused by their old fashioned dealers rather than by Polaris themselves, but it’s something customers need to deal with.

In my experience many Polaris window dealers will still use commission based in-home salesmen who use some of the most old school window sales tactics out there.

Window salesmen scams and tactics
Most window salespeople are great folks, but if you’ve been in this business long enough you’ve surely met some characters like this fella!

Dealing with a salesman who is paid 100% commission can be a real hassle. They can be pushy, they can full of misinformation, etc. You see, these guys and gals typically don’t make any money if they don’t sell you windows right now.

Worse than that, they even have to pay for gas and tires and depreciation on their cars to get to your house. So, if they don’t get the order right away they’ve lost money. It’s not always a great deal for them and it’s often not a great deal for you either.

Other causes of Polaris windows complaints can be the limited features available or the limited Polaris warranty which we’ve also written about.

Are these complaints serious?

They can be. If you get a pushy salesman who isn’t 100% accurate with the truth you could easily find yourself in a pickle. These sales meetings can last 2 hours or more so a lot gets said but nothing gets recorded.

The risk there is that if the salesman tells you something that is inaccurate you don’t have any recourse down the road. He’ll say he never told you that and you swear that he did. It can turn into a sticky situation very quickly.

How can you tell if the company selling you Polaris windows is doing this?

It’s easy to see what is going on when it’s time for them to finally show you how much the new Polaris windows will cost. If they show you one price that is very high and then another price that is lower if you buy today, you can be sure you’re not getting a very good deal at all.

I know they can seem like very genuine, nice, helpful people. That’s their job. Just remember, if there’s a problem down the road nothing will matter if it’s not in writing. When you ask about efficiency ratings, air infiltration ratings, labor warranties, etc be sure to write all of that in the actual contract. If they won’t let you do that you should not buy their windows.

The pricing gimmicks can also be tricky. For example, if the regular price was $30,000, why is he offering to sell you the windows for $12,000. Does anyone ever actually pay the $30,000 or is that just a trick to make the $12,000 seem low?

The world of commission based in-home sales can be like the wild west. Be careful out there.

What’s the bottom line?

The Polaris windows complaints I’ve heard over the years tend to be more about the sales process than about the windows themselves. Overall the windows are decent and you can find more info in our reviews of the UltraWeld, ThermalWeld and DynaWeld windows. The options can be limited since they’re a smaller manufacturer but I’d say the products are fine.

The complaints tend to stem from the in-home sales process. Everyone says they would never fall for the old school sales gimmicks, but these window dealers sell a lot of windows so someone is buying them.

If the prices go down every time you say “no” and the salesman won’t leave your living room you should probably kick him out. Almost nothing is still sold this way, like it’s 1970, but windows are an exception to that. Buyer beware.

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