BF Rich Windows Reviews

BF Rich Replacement Windows Reviews

UPDATE: BF Rich is out of business.  If you have an order pending for BF Rich windows you should contact your contractor immediately and ask for your deposit back.  If you have a warranty issue with BF Rich windows that were previously installed you should contact them immediately to see if anyone is still answering the phone.

If you have any questions or comments about this situation please post them here and we’ll do our best to help out.

You can read our post about the situation here.

Below is the old post we had written about BF Rich windows.  We’ll leave it here, but it should obviously be read in a different light after these latest developments.  

BF Rich windows are a decent product produced by an old school vinyl window manufacturing company.  They’re based in Delaware as they have been for many years.  BF Rich is a relatively small company and their products are sold through independent distributors all over the eastern half of the country.

There is nothing particularly interesting about BF Rich windows.  They have a reputation for decent quality, but their designs are a little dated and their ratings are unremarkable.

We’ll be examining the following BF Rich windows:

  • SH-1000
  • Horizon
  • Chateau
  • Woodbridge
  • Vintage
  • Cabernet
  • Cabernet R-5 Green Shield
  • Elite Green Shield R-5 Ar
  • Elite Green Shield R-5 Kr

As you can see they produce quite a few replacement window models.  There is really no need for such a small manufacturer to produce so many models, but we see that happen all the time.  Many window companies just LOVE to have a whole stack of brochures.

We should note that BF Rich windows come with a great warranty.  Their lifetime warranty is one of the most comprehensive warranties out there.  We know some folks say “oh, I don’t care about warranties I don’t want the products to break in the first place”.  We get that, but the warranty tells you how the company expects the product to last.  If they think it might fail they offer a short warranty and if they’re confident that it will hold up they offer a longer warranty.  The fine print in any window warranty can tell you quite a bit and the warranty on BF Rich windows tells us they expect the windows to last.

While we’re working on these individual reviews take a look through the best replacement window reviews online right here!

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23 responses to “BF Rich Windows Reviews”

  1. Carlos Avatar

    I have a BF Rich multipoint patio door lock that is broken. Is there a replacement for this lock anywhere?

    1. Scott C Avatar
      Scott C

      I think they used Truth Hardware for some of their products. Google them and see what you can find…

  2. Gayle Eason Speed Avatar
    Gayle Eason Speed

    I am looking to see if someone honors the warranty with BF Rich. My mother got there windows in 2006. Her installer passed away a few years ago. She has a broken window that needs replacing so I have been trying to find out who can honor the BF Rich. I just saw online that they are now closed. If someone knows anyone who may honor the warranty please let me know. My mom lives in Virginia. Thank you in advance.

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi Gayle, hopefully someone will chime in with more info on the BF Rich window warranty. I would guess that you won’t get anything for free as the warranty likely would have gone away when they closed. It is possible that another company could make parts for their windows. You can also get the glass replaced by any glass replacement company, it doesn’t need to be BF Rich specific, but you’ll definitely have to pay for that.

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