CertainTeed Windows Reviews

certainteed windows reviews

CertainTeed windows have been around of years, but the specific products and models have changed quite a bit over time.  While CertainTeed is a large and well known brand, they have never been specialists in the replacement window business.

In the past the CertainTeed branded windows were produced by smaller window manufacturers around the country and branded as CertainTeed products.  This strategy didn’t work out too well and the CertainTeed windows were discontinued several years ago.

Since CertainTeed is a major roofing and siding manufacturer they have many contractor customers who offer roofing, siding and windows.  As a result it is easy for them to distribute replacement windows to their existing customer base.  It just makes good business sense for CertainTeed to offer replacement windows.  As a result of this, they’re now back in the window business with windows produced by MI Windows.

The good news here is they are at least being honest about who produces the windows.   This is an improvement over their old window operation, but MI was traditionally a new construction manufacturer and the transition to remodeling products doesn’t always go well.

Typically a new construction focused company is used to selling thousands of windows at a time.  If a builder is building a neighborhood with 200 homes, each having 25 windows, he’s ordering 5000 windows at once.  How concerned do you think he is about each individual window?

When you’re ordering 20 replacement windows for your home you’re going to be looking at each individual window.  You’re going to be much more concerned about the quality than the new construction builder.  This is the challenge manufacturers face when they try to enter the replacement window business.

As we get moving on the CertainTeed windows reviews we’ll take a look at the following windows.  Remember that these windows are actually produced by MI Windows, not CertainTeed.

  • BrynMawr III
  • Devon II
  • New Castle III
  • New Bridge II

What if I have more questions about CertainTeed windows?

We can help!  Find our CertainTeed windows FAQ page here.  If you don’t see the answer to your question post a comment and we’ll answer your question for everyone to see.

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31 thoughts on “CertainTeed Windows Reviews”

  1. My landlord used CertainTeed windows. The springs just spontaneously popped out of three of them so far, out of 8. Lousy quality. And once they get dirty, forget it, they stay dirty. Yuck.

  2. We have certainteed windows in our sunroom and one has fogged up a lot. How do we get it replaced? The company we got themfrom closed. It is only one window. we have the number for the bottom window but not the top one that is fogged up bad.
    How can we get a replacement,?

    1. Try calling CertainTeed. They’re a big company and I’m sure they have a plan for those calls. The plan may be to tell you that you’re out of luck, but they’ll have a plan one way or another. To my knowledge they never made their own windows. They contracted with small fabricators to product a window that was called a CertainTeed window. The problem with that strategy was that they couldn’t control then process and they had problems. I remember when their window was listed as the best window by Consumer Reports. Nobody in the industry understood it.

      Be sure to let us know what they say. I’m sure there are many other people in the same boat.

      1. I called them today, now MI windows, for a replacement screen and was rudely told you’re out of luck. We don’t make them.

      2. All of the seals in my windows have warped. I installed the top of the line lifetime guaranteed windows. First I was told to get all of the numbers off of the windows (about 2 years ago) all of the numbers were faded. When I called back I was told to get estimates from local window company and they would cover the cost of the glass only, no labor costs. If another company works on the windows my “lifetime guarantee ” would be invalid.

        1. I don’t think another company would affect your warranty. People always have these ideas that everything is going to ruin their warranty. I don’t know where that comes from and it’s typically not true.

          1. I have certainteed windows that the weather stripping is falling apart where can I find new weather stripping . Got nothing from certainteed but Bull.Suppose to be life time warranty! I would be glad to pay for it

          2. HI Ken, CertainTeed doesn’t actually make windows, they just put their name on other windows. If you can find out who make your windows you may be able to get the weather stripping from them. I’d say the easiest strategy might be to file a warranty claim and that will get you in touch with the manufacturer.

    2. Just found this forum a few days ago. In case you never dealt with the Certainteed Window Warranty here is some info from https://www.certainteed.com/documents-downloads/warranty-information

      “Due to the sale of the window business assets in 2007, all CertainTeed brand window/door products are now obsolete. To start a warranty inquiry or claim, Please contact the appropriate product warranty administrator below:
      All CertainTeed Branded window & door products installed West of the Rockies
      CONTACT PlyGem Windows
      (866) 710-4524
      Email: sacramentowarranty@plygemwindows.com
      All CertainTeed Branded window & door products installed East of the Rockies
      CONTACT CertainTeed Corporation for Windows installed in or PRIOR to September 2007*
      or call (888) 454-7218 (CertainTeed Consumer Services)
      CONTACT MI Windows & Doors for Windows installed AFTER September 2007
      call (717) 365-2500 (MIWD Customer Care Department)”

  3. Doing some research between Jeld-Wen and Alliance windows (Belmont / Hawthrone series). I found that Alliance is a group that formed from CertainTeed Windows, is this true? It does sound similar as the quote I have for the Alliance windows is from ABC Supply, a major roofing supply company. In your opinion, who has the better window…Jeld-wen or Alliance?

    1. I don’t know much about Alliance. To my knowledge, CertainTeed never made their own windows. They were always private label versions of another product. The window business can get tricky like that. What did you see as the difference between the two?

  4. Terrible windows. The warranty isn’t worth the paper their written on. Windows started to discolor and glass got blotchy stains within 2 years. Installer of coarse while bragging about the quality and warranty now says oh well contact Certainteed and they’ll be glad to replace them if Certainteed pays as Certainteed made the windows not them. Good luck getting any type of reply from them. Never again!

    1. These windows were recommended by Consumer Reports many years ago and nobody in the industry could understand why. Unfortunately it was never a good window and I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with them.

  5. I bought Certainteed Replacement windows and am VERY dissatisfied. The company that manufactured this model went out of business. The installers wouldn’t/couldn’t stand behind the product. I spent many hours with Certainteed trying to get a cracked window replaced. They sent an inspector, he agreed it should be replaced . I had to sign off from any further claims ( All the seals later buckled)on all the windows I had installed (12 total) to get a replacement panel. They said I had to remove the lower part of a double hung window and take it to a glazier myself. Certainteed and the local contractor are on a permanent fecal roster. I don’t care if they are made of gold, I wouldn’t trust windows, warranties or customer service from this company.

    1. Sorry to hear about your troubles. I remember when they were the Consumer Reports Best Buy. Nobody in the business could figure out how that happened.

  6. I jumped through all the hoops CertainTeed requested. I filed a claim for 9 almost completely frosted windows. One week later they responded with a cash amount to settle. Ok, so now I have to find someone to replace 9 windows that of course will not match and what happens when the remaining 20 windows fog?
    And no, they won’t cover labor costs. I’m thinking of going back to the builder to see if they will replace them all at cost.

    1. They probably won’t, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to try. If the warranty didn’t include labor then they’re not going to cover labor. That’s just how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

  7. our CertainTeed windows are now ten years old and they have made a huge (positive) difference to the comfort of our home. one fixed window was unfortunately put into the frame upside down and it is now fogged up (is this fixable?) and one double hung wont stay up (broken sash?). I have phoned CT to get a recorded message. do you have a contact for their repairer?

    1. I don’t think they have a repairer. You can try to file warranty claim, but I’m not sure of the warranty details from 10 years ago. You may have a hard time getting them fixed up.

  8. CertainTeed windows are the worst, they are now Plygem and maybe now Mi Windows. Keep passing the poor products with new names, like a bad contractor. The windows and sliders are horrible the windows glass themselves dual pane fail, seals get distorted and now they are in your vision slowly creeping into the center. Plastic parts fail in short order, poor quality parts and do not last. Warranty requests are laborous and not worth the effort. Best to get new windows and avoid the headaches. Changing out all my windows to milgard. In comparison to milgard little to no issues. Same year windows two properties.

  9. I have CertainTeed double-glazed sliding doors (Two double, one single) installed eleven years ago in Melbourne, Australia. They have performed extremely well so far. The only issue has been a lock failure that I was able to source and fit myself. I also have fly-screen doors that they supplied. All working well – a satisfied customer!

  10. I have 2 CT windows in my garage. They are double hung with two bars in the top sash. The bars have fallen in both of the windows (the bars now slant to the side). I called MI and explained the situation. He said he would send me a claim form and they would pay for part of a replacement window, but no labor. The claim form was to be e-mailed. That was about 3 weeks ago. Nothing. I also have another double hung window in the family room that has clouded. I am going to try calling MI again. Nine of the windows were replaced this week by Renewal by Anderson. What a difference! Super expensive, but I believe worth the $$. That part of the house is very quiet and I can’t feel any air leaking from the window or beneath the window sill.

    1. Hi Nancy, I expect Mi will honor their warranty. I’d ask them for the expected timing when you contact them so you know when to follow up. It will generally take longer than 3 weeks to get custom made parts so that doesn’t strike me as unexpected. Good luck!

  11. We have 74 windows in our home and 68 are CertainTeed. 64 of the 68 CertainTeed windows have failed and none of the other 6 that were supposedly a lower quality window. Been jumping through hoops for weeks now. My neighbor has been trying to get them to honor the warranty on his failed windows for 18 months now.

  12. We had sliding vinyl certainteed basement windows installed to replace our 1932 wooden casement windows there. This was 30 years ago and they still look good as new! The only window in the basement not replaced has a window ac unit in it now. We are replacing that with a mini split ac system soon so will need a window for what will be an empty window.
    It does not sound as if MI makes replacement windows now but it would be great to get the same model.

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