CertainTeed Windows Reviews

certainteed windows reviews

CertainTeed windows have been around of years, but the specific products and models have changed quite a bit over time.  While CertainTeed is a large and well known brand, they have never been specialists in the replacement window business.

In the past the CertainTeed branded windows were produced by smaller window manufacturers around the country and branded as CertainTeed products.  This strategy didn’t work out too well and the CertainTeed windows were discontinued several years ago.

Since CertainTeed is a major roofing and siding manufacturer they have many contractor customers who offer roofing, siding and windows.  As a result it is easy for them to distribute replacement windows to their existing customer base.  It just makes good business sense for CertainTeed to offer replacement windows.  As a result of this, they’re now back in the window business with windows produced by MI Windows.

The good news here is they are at least being honest about who produces the windows.   This is an improvement over their old window operation, but MI was traditionally a new construction manufacturer and the transition to remodeling products doesn’t always go well.

Typically a new construction focused company is used to selling thousands of windows at a time.  If a builder is building a neighborhood with 200 homes, each having 25 windows, he’s ordering 5000 windows at once.  How concerned do you think he is about each individual window?

When you’re ordering 20 replacement windows for your home you’re going to be looking at each individual window.  You’re going to be much more concerned about the quality than the new construction builder.  This is the challenge manufacturers face when they try to enter the replacement window business.

As we get moving on the CertainTeed windows reviews we’ll take a look at the following windows.  Remember that these windows are actually produced by MI Windows, not CertainTeed.

  • BrynMawr III
  • Devon II
  • New Castle III
  • New Bridge II

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10 thoughts on “CertainTeed Windows Reviews”

  1. My landlord used CertainTeed windows. The springs just spontaneously popped out of three of them so far, out of 8. Lousy quality. And once they get dirty, forget it, they stay dirty. Yuck.

  2. We have certainteed windows in our sunroom and one has fogged up a lot. How do we get it replaced? The company we got themfrom closed. It is only one window. we have the number for the bottom window but not the top one that is fogged up bad.
    How can we get a replacement,?

    1. Try calling CertainTeed. They’re a big company and I’m sure they have a plan for those calls. The plan may be to tell you that you’re out of luck, but they’ll have a plan one way or another. To my knowledge they never made their own windows. They contracted with small fabricators to product a window that was called a CertainTeed window. The problem with that strategy was that they couldn’t control then process and they had problems. I remember when their window was listed as the best window by Consumer Reports. Nobody in the industry understood it.

      Be sure to let us know what they say. I’m sure there are many other people in the same boat.

      1. I called them today, now MI windows, for a replacement screen and was rudely told you’re out of luck. We don’t make them.

  3. Doing some research between Jeld-Wen and Alliance windows (Belmont / Hawthrone series). I found that Alliance is a group that formed from CertainTeed Windows, is this true? It does sound similar as the quote I have for the Alliance windows is from ABC Supply, a major roofing supply company. In your opinion, who has the better window…Jeld-wen or Alliance?

    1. I don’t know much about Alliance. To my knowledge, CertainTeed never made their own windows. They were always private label versions of another product. The window business can get tricky like that. What did you see as the difference between the two?

  4. Terrible windows. The warranty isn’t worth the paper their written on. Windows started to discolor and glass got blotchy stains within 2 years. Installer of coarse while bragging about the quality and warranty now says oh well contact Certainteed and they’ll be glad to replace them if Certainteed pays as Certainteed made the windows not them. Good luck getting any type of reply from them. Never again!

    1. These windows were recommended by Consumer Reports many years ago and nobody in the industry could understand why. Unfortunately it was never a good window and I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with them.

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