Harvey Windows Reviews

harvey windows reviews

Harvey windows are an extremely popular product in the northeast. I worked in the replacement window business in Boston years ago and I was really surprised by the market dominance of this company that I had never heard of before.  They have showrooms and distribution centers everywhere.  With distribution from Philadelphia to Maine they certainly have New England covered.

Does that make Harvey windows better than any other option you may find in the area?  No, but it sure does make them hard to ignore.

best replacement windows of 2015

You’ll see a wide range of options when it comes to Harvey windows.  Here we’ll be reviewing the following vinyl harvey window models:

We’ll also take a loot at the Harvey Majesty Wood Windows.

Generally speaking you’ll see that smaller local or regional manufacturers really don’t have the same resources or capacity as a larger manufacturer.  That isn’t necessarily an issue, but it can be a problem in certain circumstances.

If you’re considering Harvey windows for your replacement window project you may also want to read through our other replacement windows reviews along with our info on common sales tactics and how to avoid them.

What if I have more questions about Harvey windows?

We can help!  Find our Harvey windows FAQ page here.  If you don’t see the answer to your question post a comment and we’ll answer your question for everyone to see.

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How can I find a great window company to work with?

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118 thoughts on “Harvey Windows Reviews”

  1. I’ve been scouring your site for reviews from all window manufacturers, but not so much on the Harvey products. Do you have any insight on their individual product lines?
    Thanks for any info you provide!

    1. I put 44 Harvey replacement windows in my house. Many were custom size. Each one fit perfectly, worked perfectly, and 12 years later no issues. The cost was about 1/2 of Anderson or Pella or Martin.

    2. Julie Tremblay says:

      We purchased a house that had just had all the windows replaced with Harvey vinyl windows. Half of them are now failing with the seal between the 2 layers of glass showing a film – some so bad you can’t see through them anymore. Harvey’s warranty is to sell us replacement smashes for 1/2 price – but the worse part is this “pro-rated” warranty extends to the new glass we would purchase. This means that because there is only 3 years left on the warranty the brand new glass I would need to purchase to fix the problem would only receive 3 years of warranty even though they would be brand new. Even the customer service rep at Harvey admitted this made no sense. He told me to contact a local window company for a price to replace the replacement windows since I would get a better warranty. I would NOT buy Harvey windows – look elsewhere!

      1. wow, thank you for sharing your experience. I am replacing windows as well and had a rep that recommended Harvey. Will continue my search.

      2. Totally agree. Their customer service is terrible. We have spent $1000’s on 14 new construction windows. 2 of the 8′ windows were defective. It was subtle. What we noticed was that the screens were not fitting correctly. When the inspector from Harvey came out he noted that the windows were defective and it was a manufacturing issue. He noted that it was subtle and not surprised that the issue hadn’t be caught until he came out. We have not moved in yet. Due to this, he suggested we call customer service for some compensation on replacing these windows. We called Harvey, filled out their forms, talked to customer service reps and there has been no resolution. Our contractor called, waited on hold, talked to a customer service rep and there has been no resolution. The inspector came out, placed the order, the windows were manufactured, delivered, and installed. The installation was 3 weeks ago. Still nothing from Harvey. It cost us $1000 to take out the defective windows and put in the new ones. Harvey customer service is terrible. Sure, they will send the new frames for the windows, but we haven’t even moved in yet and due to their negligence and poor manufacturing, we incurred a remediation cost and they didn’t even call us to talk about it. Warranties mean very little. You can buy new from elsewhere.

      3. We got all new Harvey windows last year. Had some issues that they rectified after awhile. However, the VIEWS screens that are in the windows (half screens, you have to pay extra for full screens) are AWFUL. Little bugs? Straight on through to bite you. I posted a review and finally a girl Jennifer called me. One of the rudest people I have ever talked to. She told me that people don’t use screens to open their windows for fresh air. HUH? The VIEWS screens are their best HUH? I talked to the contractor who installed the windows and he said since Harvey changed hands, the customer service is awful. I agree

      4. Im sorry to say you have been told false information by someone other than a true harvey rep. Harvey “energystar” rated replacement windows carry a lifetime warranty on all parts and vinyl and FULL replacement warranty on glass seal failures and stress cracks. IF, this is what you have in the home you purchased, then the 3 years left on the transferable warranty indicates the windows were manufactured in 2003 and are about 17 years old. Harvey does NOT prorate the sash at 1/2 price for this warranty. ,, But, someone led to to believe that you must purchase these new sash. Yes the new purchaser of a home with older window only get the remainder of the original purchasers warranty. Still, Someone is leading you into more purchasing than necessary. I wish I could’ve been involved for you at the onset. Ive been Contracting exclusively with Harvey for 22 years because the stand behind me AND my customers. I hope all turned out ok. Bill

    3. Ania Robinson says:

      Horrible customer service. We replaced 24 windows last summer…we spent a bit of money. On three separate occasions they sent screens that did not fit the windows, broken frames, and ripped screens. The quality of the screens is nearly laughable; they fall apart in your hands. The last set delivered still have a gap, about 1-2 centimeters off, and now our children are being eaten by mosquitos. The rep deemed this situation as being “made right by Harvey”. Do yourself a favor and avoid months of frustration.

  2. Hello Tim, our website is full of information on vinyl, wood, acoustic, impact-resistant windows and more. If you’d like, we’d be happy to have someone contact you regarding what Harvey window might best meet your needs. We can be contacted at info@harveybp.com or 8009Harvey.

      1. Jeffrey Jay says:

        I’m a contractor of 40 years and we do not currently offer Harvey Windows, but obviously the homeowner didn’t have the right side of the window latched correctly. Everyone is always looking to make a mountain out of a mole hill and of course it’s never their fault. Grow up people. Social Media should not be here to slander companies because you feel you can pull one over on non-educated viewers!

        1. thewindowdog says:

          It is definitely true that many window problems are misdiagnosed by the homeowner and often blamed on the manufacturer or installer when that is not warranted. I remember long ago we had a customer calling into our office reporting drafty windows and she was FURIOUS about it. We couldn’t schedule the service call for a few days and this customer was absolutely irate about that too. I decided I’d just cruise over to her house after work to try to address it for her. It turned out she was trying to shut the window while the lock was in the locked position. The lock was hitting the keeper and preventing the window from closing all the way. All I did was unlock it, close the window and lock it. No more draft. She was still grumpy after I left.

          There are definitely two sides to every window complaint.

  3. Dedrick L Owens says:

    I notice you have a lot of window models that you say you’ll be reviewing. However, there are no links found that point to actual reviews. For example purposes, Harvey Windows. It is apparent that you know your stuff, please point me to some reviews.

  4. I used the Majesty Double Hung Window for my entire house last summer. They’re an okay window, nothing more, nothing less. If we were going to spend another 20 years in this house we would have spent the extra money and bought Andersen.

    1. Can I ask you how much you paid per window for the Harvey Majesty Double hung windows?

  5. We had our entire home Windows replaced with Harvey Windows through our contractor who was replacing our siding. I guess you get what you pay for! The Windows have horrible stains in between the ” sealed” panes. They are defected! It’s been 101/2 years and the warranty is only for 10 so Harvey was not working with us. I am replacing all of them with Anderson Windows! Should have gotten the best from the beginning!

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I wasn’t aware that Harvey windows only had a 10 year warranty on the sealed glass units. That is a pretty week warranty when compared with many others. Thanks for posting and I’m sorry to hear about your troubles.

      1. Thank you! Yes Harvey had a 10 yr warranty for all these years up until a year after we bought all of our Windows . The warranty now is 20 years . I have to say, I am surprised Harvey is still in business!

      2. WILL Delito says:

        20 yr. warranty on glass.
        Insulating glass is warranted against material obstruction of transparency resulting from film formation or dust collection on the interior surfaces for a period of twenty years.

        1. thewindowdog says:

          She said they have a 20 year warranty now, but they had a 10 year warranty back when she bought hers. Are you saying she’s wrong?

    2. Maria Zablocki says:

      Hi patty,
      Totally agree with you. Harvey windows are the worst replacement windows you can find. We recently needed to replace about 10 of them because of the gas stains. Our whole house was replaced with Harvey windows about 10 years ago. I agree they are totally defective! Our contractor is the one dealing with the company directly and anytime he placed the order, they would send out either the wrong size or window. It has been going on for months! I really think this company is inadequate and really regret not going with Anderson. I definitely learned my lesson! I will never recommend Harvey windows to anyone….buyer please be aware!

    3. Will Buddenhagen says:

      I agree. Harvey windows are junk! I started getting water between the sealed panes within a few years and Harvey would not replace them. Whatever you do, don’t buy Harvey!

      1. I agree and had the same issue 10 1/2 years and the seals started failing. I would not buy another thing from them. If you buy a replacement sash it will cost you more than the entire window.

        1. thewindowdog says:

          How much were they charging for a sash?

  6. I am considering the Harvey Tribute vinyl replacement windows for my 1950s style house, double hung. I want top energy efficiency and acoustic level. I don’t mind paying for good quality. Is Harvey’s worth it? I have an installer already, who does all kinds of work for me. Thank you.

    1. Maria cabrera says:

      I got 3-9feet slider from Harvey company now 1 side the seal is gone Harvey said they will replace that 1 side but I have to pay for shipping and it cost $150 plus get someone to put it in. How can they do this to any one? I will never buy any thing from them again. Maria. 1- 8-2022.

      1. thewindowdog says:

        Probably the only thing to do is read the warranty to see what they’re obligated to do for you. Harvey, or any company, will almost never do more than what is listed in the warranty. If it says you’re responsible for shipping and installation then that’ll be the way it goes.

  7. I am about to replace all windows in my home. I have a couple of quotes for Harvey windows. I’ve had the Harvey wooden Majestic model installed in a different house several years back and was very pleased.
    The question i have is what is what are the main differences between the Classic (or regency) and the Tribute? I have a few quotes and found the price differences to be negligible. My main goal is energy efficiency. Is there a huge difference between the two models?

  8. I had a contractor (a grossly incompetent one) talk me into Harvey Slimline windows for a 20+ window replacement. Biggest mistake I ever made. The windows do not seal out the cold and they are made of cheap material. It’s been just 2 years and I’m already soliciting bids to replace every single one of the Harvey vinyl replacement windows, and I assure you they won’t be Harvey. Sure, their energy rating numbers all sound legit but the windows are just not good quality. The house is damp and cold inside, much worse then the 30 year old windows that were replaced. Harvey as a company will only go so far to help the consumer, instead, they take the bizarre approach of protecting the installer. Never again.

    1. WILL Delito says:

      any window installed incorrectly will have problems, sue the contractor. I’ve had Slimlines for 10 years with NO issues.

      1. My installer does not recommend the slim line unless you need a narrower window to allow more light in.
        Still looking at other makes and models. Will share my opinions at a later date.

  9. James lincoln says:

    All my Harvey Windows leak. The sashes are slightly warped causing the pile seal to not seal and air is jetting where the sashes come together at the glide channels. They are leaking worse than my 1984 Rivco’s did. This should be a fun battle between them and my installer

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems. It’s hard to say whether it’s an installation issue or a manufacturing issue without seeing it. It could be that the frame was measured a little too big and forced into the opening causing it to warp or it could be that the material came warped from the plant. They should be able to figure it out. If it feels like you’re getting the runaround might be easiest to meet both the manufacturer and the installer there at the same time so they can figure it out. Good luck!

      1. James Lincoln says:

        Thanks thewindowdog,

        installer actually finally called me back and will come to investigate tomorrow. crossing fingers this get resolved.

      2. They have both spoken. Harvey would do nothing but issue wood and windows. The additional cost of staining the windows was graciously covered by my contractor, who swears he never uses silicone on wood windows. He has been in the business for a long time and is highly respected. Besides, I really believe him!!

      3. Paul Conboy says:

        Harveys alliance is to the contractor not the homeowner they are all builder grade contractor windows, listen to this old house, NO VINYL WINDOWS WIDER THEN 26 inches, not high quality windows at all.

  10. i am interest in HARVEY double hung new construction windows the TRIBUTE in particular , when you will review them?

  11. I replaced 17 Anderson windows with Harvey windows. My contractor was reliable and thorough. Unfortunately, Harvey Industries was not. Every single window had silicone on the wood interior, which cost me an additional amount from my painter to remove before he could stain and finish the window. My original contractor used no silicone in the installation of these windows. Harvey chose to ignore him and sent me new windows, wood trim, and a new window which I could pay to have replaced. I did not order seconds on windows and paid a good price to replace my Andersen windows. I do not feel I got quality windows for my money and would never use HARVEY again. I recommend you ask many questions about their guarantee before you purchase. It sounds good, but delve deeper. Most window companies will pay to replace DEFECTIVE windows but not Harvey. Quality assurance is a real zero!

    1. I wish I would have read your message before I purchased mine!

  12. Just had 11 windows put in…..very disappointed. All but 4 screens had to be returned….still waiting for them to be sent back to us it’s been almost 2 weeks. Spring latches were broken all on the right side of the screens. Top windows on 6 will not go down. Metal piece is broken on one of the windows. Salesman came to the house to ‘review the issues” once he confirmed our problems, he told us someone would call to set up an appt…a week later we get a call to tells us a “tech” will come out in a week and a half to “evaluate” the issues….ARE you KIDDING….Our original windows were Anderson and have been in the house for 51 years with no issue. Because some of our windows were getting a bit of a draft coming in and of course the recommendation is to “replace the windows”. Our contractor is now on the phone with Harvey to push this along….UGH!!!

  13. Douglas Gulija says:

    Would not recommend Harvey Windows. Purchased their acoustical windows and was guaranteed that they would reduce the street noise level I was experiencing in my two story home. Not only did windows not reduce the noise level, the company went onto deny their claims (through legal counsel no less) and I never recieved a response from a letter sent to its CEO.. Really can’t say one good thing about the experience and sincerely feel that i was taken advantage of.

  14. Amy O'Hare says:

    I’m looking for a review / comparison of the Harvey Slimline versus Classic vinyl double hung windows. Am I missing where it’s located?


    1. The slim line is not as sturdy due to its narrower frame. My installer doesn’t recommend them. The classic is a well built moderate priced window. It will satisfy most people. The Tribute and the Elite are the best window in the series. They have foamed filled sashes and frames which prevent cold air from transferring through the inner frame and sill of the windows. The classic has no foam in the frame channels at all, thus your frame will transfer some of the cold air.

      As with ANY window company, warranty work is only as good as the installer. He is the one who will go to bat for you. There are a lot on incompetent installers. Make sure they are licensed in your State, registered with BB, and furnish a long list of references. Call some of those references!

      1. thewindowdog says:

        What are the air infiltration rates for those models? I heard that they weren’t great, but I don’t have them at my fingertips.

        1. I don’t have the exact numbers but there is a small difference. You can add foam to any Harvey window. Both my brother and installer (30 years experience) have classics in their home. On a cold windy day I could not feel any drafts. For piece of mind, if I buy Harveys, I will pay the difference in price to have the foam added. I am leaning towards Harveys because they have been around for over 30 years. Try and find another company that has made vinyl windows that long. Most come and go in a few years.

          1. thewindowdog says:

            The foam won’t affect the air infiltration rate. That’s an important number to know as you’re stuck with them once you order them.

          2. The last figures I have are: air filtration: Slim line.03-.06, Classic .08-.14, and Tribute .25-.17
            I respectfully disagree with your comment about foam will not make any difference. We may be talking about two different things. Simple physics states that when you replace a space between 2 parallel objects with dense closed cell foam it provides a better barrier for the transmission of cold and heat between the frame and/or panels.. It won’t make a difference where the window edge meets the sill.

          3. thewindowdog says:

            I’m saying foam in the frames doesn’t have any impact on the air infiltration. It doesn’t. Foam around the window might help to seal it in depending on the situation. Looks like the Slim Line is the best in terms of air infiltration by a pretty wide margin. I’m not sure why anyone would pick the tribute with those numbers. Thanks for providing that info.

          4. Kenny711 – The windows do not have a thermal break between the outer facing material and the inner facing material. Since the frame is a unit (connected physically) they will transfer cold from outside. The foam would help marginally – i.e. it’s not economically worth the investment for the foam.

            It’s also important to note that the pricing of Harvey windows in more rural areas is extraordinarily high. The key point here is to check legitimate references and pricing.

      2. Dan Mcglaughlin says:

        I personally ordered and installed Harvey slimline,foam filled frames and foamed warped
        If they are properly measured and shimed, they are a decent window.
        10 years now and still like the day i installed them.
        I install for a living.

      3. Greg Twerdy says:

        The harvey classic is available with a foam filled frame for an upcharge ( 12 bucks I think)
        Its a good window that I recommend to a lot of customers although I would always rather have them go with the tribute if they can afford it
        I’ve had no problems with Harvey windows – we install classics for undet $400 / unit

  15. Truly sub standard in design and materiel…Don’t make the same mistake we did….The 15 year old xxxx brand sealed better then these new windows, Please use your money wisely..

    1. Gary, we’re sorry to hear that you are having difficulty with your Harvey windows. Have you reached out to our Field Service department? They can be reached via our website or by phone at 1-800-822-0437.

      1. thewindowdog says:

        Hi team Harvey, thanks for chiming in.

      2. This is a management issue. You may want to collect the information by complaint type, date submitted, date resolved, how resolved and any corrective actions taken to production.

  16. I bought Harvey Tribute windows and had someone with lots of experience install them.

    I live in New England and I can’t even say enough good things about how they have changed my whole life.

    My friend had recommended them and had told me that insulating and putting in the Harvey windows were the best things she had ever done and I am going to echo that sentiment.

    My house used to be cold and drafty, even at 72 degrees it felt cold in my house. This is the first Winter since I bought them, but I have been playing with how low a temperature I can put it at before I feel “cold” and I am down to 55 degrees and there still aren’t drafts and I still am not cold.

    I turn it up to 60 degrees when it is cold enough outside for the sake of the pipes, but the house itself is comfortable. If it weren’t for the pipes, I think I would keep it at 50F all day and night, and would just wear a sweatshirt. (I started with it at 70 and found out that I could wear short sleeves all the way down to 60 degrees. 55 is sweatshirt and electric mattress pad temp in my house now, but it is still never as cold as it was, no matter how low I have gone.)

    The price wasn’t bad for the Harvey Tribute. It was about $7000 for my windows installed. I have a small house, but my friends who have experienced it are looking at replacing some of their windows with Tribute with krypton.

    I suspect if there are problems for some people, it might be installer error, but I have not experienced even one problem and I can’t give the windows enough praise. Windows and insulation have saved me $1000 on my oil bill and my electric bill has been $50 a month, because I am not using all the space heaters this year and my house is also more comfortable humidity-wise. I don’t have Winter skin, where last year, my hands were cracking – this year they are soft and smooth. (I don’t understand the science enough to know if it is because I don’t use nearly enough heat or what, but I usually am using a humidifier and slathering on lotion and watching how hot my showers are, but I haven’t even thought of it this year and it is February already.)

    I felt like the Tribute windows were reasonably priced. I am fairly poor. I have never made over $35,000 a year, so, I am not sure I would have gone with Harvey if I was wealthy, I might have tried out a different brand and looked even for quadruple glass, which was talked about on the Canada site, but I already am so thrilled with the products and I have honeycomb blinds on order, for that last drop of energy assistance, because I am going to spend as little money on oil and electric heat and a/c as possible for the rest of my life.

    1. May I ask, with your Tribute windows, did you get the High Performance Package? I am located north of Boston, and am really on the fence as to whether it is worth the extra $ per window.

  17. Henry Schlongman says:

    I had Harvey windows put in my home and they are great. My home is warmer and brighter. No problems here

  18. John Fitzgerald says:

    I have been installing Harvey windows for almost 20yeats and never got a call back I just wonder who is behind all these bad reviews. Reminds me of the old saying
    Paper will never refuse ink

    1. thewindowdog says:

      You’ve never had a service call in 20 years? That doesn’t seem too likely with any manufacturer.

      1. You just HAD to say SOMETHING you moron

        1. thewindowdog says:

          Replying like a 5 year old is always a good option.

    2. Yet another in the recent stream of messages concocted to challenge legitimate complaints.

      Trolls are easy to spot if you are in the media marketing field.

      1. thewindowdog says:

        Sometimes I think posts are fake and the end up being real so I think everyone needs to make their own judgement.

  19. Frustrated in Bridgewater, Ma says:

    Getting frustrated info coming soon thought I found a great company but now being wheeled and dealed I’m afraid. More to follow if this doesn’t add up. Reviews on my experience will be posted everywhere lets hope this works out for them and me. Fingers crossed XXX

    1. I also live in Bridgewater, interested in the name of contractor and your results.

  20. Rob & Deb says:

    I think we are going with Classic. Anyone have anything good to say about them they may have them in there home our cost is coming up to about 12,231 for 11 double hung and 1 bow window and 1 picture window here in south shore mass? Is this a reasonable price? Anyone have any idea. Thank you

    1. I have been calling people on my installers list. He’s an Elite dealer. Not someone who does it on the side. HE installs them. No subcontractors. Called 10 people out of more than 100 on his list. Only one had a minor problem which was quickly solved. Two had 20 year old plus windows that still function as expected.

      Also excellent results from calling Renewal By Anderson except for price.

      I now have lists from Realiabuilt, and Anderson sold in stores. Will start calling soon.

      Remember that they are opinions. What one person may call good another may call poor.

      1. thewindowdog says:

        Remember, the guy who does the work is not always the best judge of the products. His concerns as an installer are different than your concerns as the homeowner.

  21. ALINA MONISOV says:

    From reading the reviews, I feel the Harvey Tribute is a good window. What do you think the installation price should be on a harvey tribute replacement window? I am receiving wide ranges.

    thank you!

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Depends what is involved. A typical replacement window is usually around $100 to $150 for a professional installation. The brand of window doesn’t make much difference.

  22. We are looking at getting 26 windows replaced that are approx 30 years old, and are all Harvey wood windows. We had a contractor that is well reviewed locally come and suggest that getting Harvey replacement – Majesty would be the best fit for replacement, but that we could also consider vinyl if we planned to pain all our trim white anyhow (we do – as it is dark pine stain now and we want it all to be white for a more updated look). After seeing all the comments on here about Harvey being so poor – should we be looking at Anderson replacement windows instead? I was told with the # windows we need new construction would not be the way to go. How do we decide?? I don’t want to make a terrible and costly mistake and pay $500+ each for 26 bad windows where the company is tough to deal with! Do we have to use Harvey if that is what we are replacing?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      You don’t need to use Harvey windows and I’m not a huge fan of the Andersen vinyl windows. I’d get another quote or two from reputable companies to see what they offer. It’s best to find a great company before you fall in love with a product. Did you pick a winner already?

      1. Nope – no selection yet, as we figured we would now wait until Spring to get them done. I still need to get two more quotes from other companies. Thanks for the advice!

  23. david emerick says:

    We had our old windows replaced by the Harvey wood interior/ aluminum exterior windows about 15 years back. Since then, 4 windows ( the entire top & bottom ) have developed stains, and we can’t see out of them. Two of those windows have already been replaced. Certain other windows seem to have a serious condensation problem. I wish I could go back to my old windows & storms, and replace the storms with better ones. I would never recommend Harvey. Very disappointed.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Sorry to hear about your trouble. I would expected they’d be able to help you get that fixed. Have you reached out to them?

  24. DraftyInNY says:

    Just stumbled on this website. Good commentary. We’re looking to replace 22 windows – 1 bow, 1 picture and rest double hung. Deciding between Anderson (100 & 400 series, Harvey (Tribute) & Marvin Ultrex. To stay within our alloted budget, we’re looking at installing a combo. of the above. Can anyone offer constructive advice on choosing between the above listed manufacturers?

  25. Hello,
    Need your expert advise. I am planning to replace my old DH window to some window with high STC rating. The reason is I live by state road and its very noisy. I have been approached by window installer on Harvey because of high STC rating . Not sure if he is trying to market me inspite of asking him about other manufacturers that he deals with like Andersen.
    Can you help suggest me a good quality high STC rating window out there please?
    Thank you

    1. thewindowdog says:

      What was the STC rating of the option he was offering? Typically 32 or so is pretty high, but there are some companies that can offer significantly higher options.

  26. Mr. Window Dog – Andersen has never manufactured or sold a vinyl window! It is the only material that they never brought to market because of the multitude of issues with vinyl (plastic) as a building material. The high coefficient of expansion will cause seal failure and loss of energy efficiency in little time. There is no such thing as an “energy efficient” vinyl window.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      If you’re in the window business you must know this isn’t true. If you’re not it sounds like you must have met a creative salesperson. Andersen owns SilverLine windows and they make thousands and thousands of vinyl windows. They’re one of the largest vinyl window manufactures in the country despite the way their salespeople tell stories about vinyl windows. Good luck out there.

    2. CAROL CORIA says:

      I have Anderson vinyl in my home that is 40 yrs old I was surprised to know they are vinyl.vinyl casement 41 yrs old I need to replace them just can’t find a good installer.this will be a nightmare.i have 48 windows to replace I live in Rhode island.any suggestings.help!

  27. I put in some Harvey classics probably 15 years ago. They are ok. Not sure if they change the design but the screens are sometimes hard to move up and down. The tilt feature is poor and cheap it has a little cast metal piece which swivels on I guess you’d call it the block and tackle that makes the window go up and down one of those broke. You can still open and close the window. But it’s pretty much junk. Few months after install the plastic strips which are on the outside of the sash that hold the glass partially in place distorted from the heat . They sent us a new top unit no questions. But all in all I think they are just a cheap window inline with American craftsman at Home Depot.

  28. 2manydogs says:

    I just had four vinyl casement windows installed on the workroom off my garage with the Harvey brand. As today was a nice day, I cranked all of them open for the first time. When I went to close them back up for the evening, I found that one of them didn’t want to close – I had to force it. It acted like it was caught on something… I started googling around and found your site. If I had known about the multitude of issues people are having with this brand I never would have let the contractor talk me into them! As it were, I happen to need a bunch of windows replaced on my house and spoke with a different contractor just earlier today – he mentioned the windows would be Harveys. I’m going to call him back and tell him no Harveys.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I’d guess they can be adjusted so they’ll operate correctly. I bet there’ll be an easy solution to that issue.

      1. JJ Window GUY says:

        Alside or any other casement will react the same way. The WindowDog is right! Look at all hardware and seals! Extra seals may fail WindowDOG but many hands and seals last longer…??

        1. JJ Window GUY says:

          Be Honest Casement Windows = Call Backs… = Be Honest Window DOG ! Your Claim is integrity ? Casement Windows big ?? Pitch me the home owner that.

  29. WindowHunter says:

    I am looking to replace two windows in my garage. Looked at the Harvey Slimline but was not impressed with the fit and finish especially the flash left over from the welding process at the mitered corners. I am also looking at Mathews Brothers windows. The Mathews Brothers windows albeit are priced higher than the Slimline but less than Andersen and Marvin. MB manufactures their windows in Maine.

    Mathews Brothers was not on your review list. Any thoughts on Mathews Brothers windows?

  30. I have a stone Tudor home that needs many many windows. I am looking to save costs and go with Harvey Majesty (aluminum exterior and wood interior) which my contractor recommends. I want to make sure we are making yr right decision to go with harvey and we are trying to determine if the best way to order/install with the thick stone opening, existing wood frame and removal of iron casements in mind. Advice on majesty?

  31. 7 years ago we bought our house and it had double hung Harvey Majesty wood windows throughout. They were about 5 or less years old at that time. Not long after moving in our big picture window developed a stain in between the panes. Same thing happened to a couple other windows. I emailed Harvey and sent pictures. Back then they sent me replacements for the ones I needed, free of charge since they were still under warranty. They were really good to deal with. I had the picture window glass replaced by a local glass company at that time also and it’s been great ever since. Now I have at least 5 more windows with moisture and staining between the panes. A couple are very bad and you can’t even see through them anymore. Now they are not under the same warranty anymore, sounds like after so long they only cover a percentage of it and the amount they cover goes down as it gets closer to the warranty perked ending. I’m very disappointed in these windows and considering the experience I’m having with them I wouldn’t recommend them. I feel like they should have lasted longer. I can see on the bottom of the glass in the windows that are bad where there is metal along the edge and it’s all rusted.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Sorry to hear about your trouble. What are they charging you for the glass that is out of warranty? I’d be interested to hear how they’d charge for that.

  32. I came here for a review on Harvey windows. I’m not seeing a whole lot of information on it, at least on this page. Am I missing something? This is an honest question, in case it’s readily apparent to everyone else except me.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Jay, you’re right. We haven’t completed the reviews on Harvey windows yet. What did you like or not like about the option you saw?

  33. Patrick Whalin says:

    STILL waiting and hoping for a review of the Harvey windows!

    1. @thewindowdog – Do you know when you’ll be doing the review? There are comments starting in 2014, 6 years ago. I’m trying to get a comparison of their vinyl windows.

      1. thewindowdog says:

        Hi Patrick, probably not right away. As you can tell it hasn’t been a huge priority. Going back to when I worked in Boston long ago, Harvey windows are very popular but not necessarily the nicest of the options. Was there anything in particular that you liked or didn’t like about the option you saw?

  34. I built in 2008 and went with Harvey Majesty windows. I still consider them overall well-made, but I have had my share of defective glass. During the first several years if I had to replace a double-hung sash due to escaped gas/staining between glass panes, they provided me the entire sash, complete with outside grids attached to the glass, etc. More recently, the manufacturing plant manager (in Mass.) said they no longer make ??? the Harvey Majesty window with the pine wood interior trim which is what I have (yet I still see it on the web!) – and instead they provided me only the glass itself, not even with the outside grid attached. It is no small effort to remove the original glass from their sash, due to it being siliconed against the wood frame. To make matters worse, the outside grid also had to be painstakingly removed from the compromised window using razor and putty knives, in order to then reapply it to the newly provided glass. This all takes several hours for just one sash. I find it hard to believe that Harvey no longer makes my style Harvey Majesty window, being just 12 years old now, so much for standing behind their warranty – I wonder if someone can confirm if their manufacturer was not telling the truth on this…very disappointed with this lack of service after the sale.

  35. Concened Homeowner says:

    I got a quote to get anderson, about 15 wood window replacements and 2 sliders. 30K. The contractor I was working with disappeared so I got a new one. The installer came and measured and said that anderson window sizes were off and recommended harvey because it was an exact fit and would be easier to do the inside and save alot of work. The quote came in at 24K , but the labor to install was still 10K. I am finding a hard time locating the majestic series online with some decent photos. I cant find full size windows at their showroom locations other than the mini display windows, but the wood looked kinda cheap and had nail holes in it. I still cant find any full size samples. These last two points are enough to make me think twice. Also the fact that the warranty is prorated is enough to cause alarm. As the other person mentioned, wheres the review? I am almost inclined to believe this blog could have been designed to throw the competition off.

  36. Saulo depaula says:

    Beware ! Since lasing Building products bought all Harvey branch,Harvey windows it’s not more reliable as used to be, the quality of the window is really bad, 6 weeks delivery time and they are very pricey right now. I will not offer harvy Windows to my clients anymore!

    1. thewindowdog says:

      In their defense, we do see many manufacturers on extended lead-times lately due to covid. In normal times 6 weeks would be a long time but right now it’s not too exceptional. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon.

  37. Paul Michael says:

    Does anyone know if Harvey Windows make a fiberglass/composite replacement window? I can’t seem to find it on the manufactures website. Listed on their blog: “Harvey windows offer similar or better design pressure (DP) and thermal ratings as the most popular fiberglass/composite windows. Our windows are engineered to last, and we’ve proven that performance through rigorous tests in our on-site fenestration lab (Jun 20, 2019).”

    Thank you!

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I believe Harvey windows only makes vinyl windows. Looks like they’re just saying that their vinyl windows are just as structurally strong as a fiberglass window. That’s probably true as many of the claims I’ve heard from fiberglass window salespeople aren’t based in reality.

  38. I have two large bow windows to be replaced these are located in the front of my home. I have decided not only for the cost factor but also because these windows tend to be “drafty” if not properly insulated underneath to replace them with 3 double hung windows.
    Ive had several contractors out all using different window brands and all in different price ranges.
    I am located in the northeast, NH border.
    That being said I am looking for good quality with an affordable price tag to withstand the cold winters.
    First window company is a well known chain throughout New England. Their products seem really great but there price point is so ridiculous. (Newpro)
    Next contractor uses Silver line windows.
    Ive only read BAD reviews about their products and can’t really seem to find any positives.
    My last contractor uses Harvey windows and recommended either their classic line or tribute line. This particular contractor assured me he has used Harvey windows for many many years and if a problem arises after install he will contact them directly and attempt resolve which most of the time happens as he is dedicated to using their products.
    Has anyone had any experience with any of these brands?

  39. The 88″ picture window had dried silicone string-webs on all 3-panes and silicone finger smudges that came from their factory …there were small globs of silicone on the corners of the window pane and frame. It looked like a sloppy manufacture job. I was annoyed that I had to spend a lot of time trying to get the dried silicone and the residue smudges off the panes with concern for causing damage to the glass. HarMy contractor recommended Harvey for custom replacement windows/patio doors; (2) 32″ x 33″ double hung, 88″ picture window w/double hung windows on both ends (windows opens) and 2-patio doors, left & right facing sliding glass doors,$4,700.
    vey’s customer service said it was my installer who left that mess…no my installer did not use silicone, the installation was not complete the window was resting in place when I noticed the unsightly silicone webs and finger print smudges on the panes. (The 32″x 33″ windows arrived weeks earlier and were fine.)
    With Harvey’s left and right facing patio doors I noticed the stationary exterior door frame had a weather strip around the frame, and my sliding doors (Lt. & Rt.) when closed do not touch the exterior weather strip frame. The inside frame of the door also has weather strip, my sliders close with the weather strip against the the inside of the door. I thought my installer did not install the door correctly. I looked at another patio door in my home and the stationary weather strip frame touches the interior and exterior side of the sliding door. I sent pictures of my patio doors to Harveys and they told me that this is how there patio doors are designed, universal left or right installation…Regardless, left or right facing installation, my left and right facing patio doors close with the weather strip touching on the interior side of the sliding door. The is a design flaw in my opinion. The sliding glass doors should close against both side of the stationary weather strip frame. I would not recommend Harvey’s patio doors for this reason and also because their sliding screen doors have a chintzy door lock mechanism.

  40. My contractor recommended Harvey for custom replacement vinyl windows/patio doors; (2) 32″ x 33″ double hung, 88″ picture window w/double hung windows on both ends (windows opens) and 2-patio doors, left & right facing sliding glass doors,$4,700.
    The 88″ picture window had dried silicone string-webs on all 3-panes and silicone finger smudges that came from their factory …there were small globs of silicone on the corners of the window pane and frame. It looked like a sloppy manufacture job. I was annoyed that I had to spend a lot of time trying to get the dried silicone and the residue smudges off the panes with concern for causing damage to the glass.
    Harvey’s customer service said it was my installer who left that mess…no my installer did not use silicone, the installation was not complete, the window was resting in place when I noticed the unsightly silicone webs and finger print smudges on the panes. (The 32″x 33″ windows arrived weeks earlier and were fine.)
    With Harvey’s left and right facing patio doors I noticed the stationary exterior door frame had a weather strip around the frame, and my sliding doors (Lt. & Rt.) when closed do not touch the exterior weather strip frame. The inside frame of the door also has whether strip, my sliders close with the weather strip against the the inside of the door.

    I thought my installer did not install the door correctly. I looked at another patio door in my home and the stationary weather strip frame touches the interior and exterior side of the sliding door.

    I sent pictures of my patio doors to Harvey and they told me that this is how their patio doors are designed, universal left or right installation…Regardless, left or right facing installation, my left and right facing patio doors close with the weather strip touching on the interior side of the sliding door.

    The is a design flaw in my opinion. The sliding glass doors should close against both side of the stationary weather strip frame. I would not recommend Harvey’s patio doors for this reason and also because their sliding screen doors have a chintzy door lock mechanism.

    Harvey’s customer service was helpful in looking into my concerns, they are sending me a new sash for the double hung silicone mess. I just hope my Harvey’s windows/patio doors hold up.

    I know a lot of people feel that Home Depot’s windows are not as good as…. but I can tell you from my experience, I used Home Depot to install new windows in a 3-family rental building . Home Depot’s price for replacement vinyl windows with installation was costly. (I decided on HD at that time because my sister’s independent window manufacturer went out of business and her windows’ life-time- warranty became void.)
    My HD windows were installed 20 years ago and with each tenant turnover I clean and inspect the windows, if I see cloudiness in the panes, if they are not closing properly, or if they are hard to slide up and down I place a call to Home Depot and they schedule a tech to come out and resolve the problem at no charge. For this reason I highly recommend Home Depot, they sell middle of the road and higher-end doors and widows. If you plan on staying in your home Home Depot’s life time window warranty is outstanding!

  41. Harvey Windows has terrible customer service and does not stand by their warranty. I have lived in my house for 12 years and it was built brand new. About two years ago we started to get water into the garage ceiling. It eventually got really bad during heavy wind swept rain. After pulling of the siding around the window and checking all the flashing it was the window that was causing the leak. It is a side by side window with a half circle window on top. There were two little vents on the bottom of that top frame that were all dried out and non existent. After seven phone calls each time having to give my information and the window numbers I finally got a rep that seemed like he wanted to help. After more calls and emailing pictures of everything I was told there was no defect. My $6000 insurance claim says different. Because the windows are over ten years old Harvey won’t come out and now they say there is no defect so they wont just send a replacement either. So really there is no warranty.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Tom, sorry to hear about your trouble. Have you tried pouring water in those holes to see if you can recreate the leak? That’s usually where I start when trying to figure out where water is getting in. If they’re the weep holes on the bottom of the frame it seems unlikely that water would be getting in there and then into the house, but strange things happen.

      I use a big gulp cup or something like that and try to pour water in areas where water might be getting in. Usually the bottom of a window is solid so even if water got into the frame it would be hard to get into the house. Feel free to send over a picture if you have one handy.

      1. Hi, we’re sure it’s coming in from those little holes. We used a hose right on it and the water poured through into the garage. The window is in our master bath above. I siliconed them up so we’ll see how we do with this Nor Easter. Not sure how I can post pics.

      2. So with a little more investigation and cutting out the tile and Sheetrock under the window I’ve found the leak. It’s leaking right in the middle of the two windows . The frame seems to bow down into the middle causing water to pool more. The weep holes are clear but probably can’t get the water out fast enough. Not sure how to post pictures. This seems like something Harvey should warranty.

        1. thewindowdog says:

          Could you wedge a shim under there to try to raise up the section? Sounds like it might be an installation issue if the window wasn’t property leveled.

  42. Philip Terrien says:

    Had Harvey Classic windows installed by a reputable contracter November 2021 and they are all drafty…..A rep came with the installer and they both said they were fine…..We had to put plastic over all of our windows so that we would not freeze …the windows leak air between the upper and lower sashes…also was concerned that with a power outage my pipes would freeze…..We are going to replace them again, but dont walk, RUN as fast as you can away from Harvey window company……Spend more on your windows so You dont have to go thru the expence twice like I did….

  43. I am trying to decide between a Harvey Vinyl Patio door versus a Provia Aspect Vinyl Patio door. They are both about the same. Do you have any recommendations ?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I’d tend to agree that they’re probably rather similar. If the same installer is offering both and the efficiency ratings are similar then you’re probably down to the look of them and maybe the preference of the installer. If a different installer is offering the Provia door vs the Harvey door then I’d probably pick the installer I was more comfortable with. Let us know how it goes.

  44. I am tring to decide between a

    1. Harvey vinyl patio door – $1300

    2. Simonton vinyl narrow frame patio door – $1300

    3. Provia Aspect vinyl patio door -$150o.

    What would you recommend ?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I’d probably decide between the Provia and Simonton options. They both offer many options, efficiency packages, etc so you’d want to look at what you’re getting for those prices. It’s possible that the prices are similar but the options that they are offering are not. Good luck with the project.

      1. I finally went with the Harvey patio door. Very pleased with the overall quality of the glass and door construction. The price point was really good and I would recommend the company.

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