Jeld-Wen Windows Reviews

jeld-wen windows reviews

Jeld-Wen windows can be found across the country and their products include wood, vinyl and aluminum options.  Jeld-Wen is one of the largest window manufacturers in the United Stated.  While Jeld-Wen does make both new construction and replacement windows they are primality a new construction company.

Over the past few years Jeld-Wen windows have undergone some significant changes.  Jeld-Wen has purchased other companies and consolidated manufacturing which has been a process that caused some headaches.

best replacement windows of 2015

As we get into reviews of Jeld-Wen windows we’ll be looking at all of the models they offer, including:

Jeld-Wen wood windows reviews:

  • Traditions Plus
  • Siteline EX
  • Custom Wood
  • W-2500 Wood

Jeld-Wen vinyl windows reviews:

  • Premium Vinyl V-4500
  • Builders Vinyl V-2500
  • Premium Atlantic Vinyl

Jeld-Wen aluminum windows reviews:

  • Premium Aluminum A-500
  • Builders Aluminum A-200
  • Premium Atlantic Aluminum
  • Premium Florida Aluminum

As you can see Jeld-Wen offers a complete line of products.  If you’re considering a replacement window project it is important to note that Jeld-Wen is a new construction company.

In our experience companies that are focused on new construction projects are not well suited to be in the remodeling business.  They are used to selling windows hundreds and thousands at a time.  This means when you order 20 windows for your home you’re a pretty small fish.  This attitude can make service issues harder to resolve.

Be sure to check ratings and review from other customers who purchased these windows for a similar project.  Find a great way to do that here.

Disclosure: based on the info provided here and our detailed consideration of all of the replacement windows available today our company has elected to offer Jeld-Wen windows in select markets. We hope you can see why.

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143 thoughts on “Jeld-Wen Windows Reviews”

  1. Thank you for your evaluations and response to questions.
    When will you have reviews of the Jeld-Wen windows. I’m looking for vinyl replacement windows for my current house and windows for a new construction.

    1. Glad you’re enjoying the site. We will get to the Jeld-Wen vinyl windows, but they’re honestly not a high priority. Our experience with them has been less than stellar. In fact, just yesterday we had someone in Carmel, Indiana place an order with us to replace 25 Jeld-Wen new construction vinyl windows that were just 9 years old.

      1. OK, I’m back to Alside Mezzo for the replacement windows. What do you think about the Jeld-Wen Traditions Plus for new construction.

        1. Once you step into the mid-price arena with the Mezzo,your options really open up.

          The Mezzo is better than the Jeld-Wen but there have got to be a few other options for you out there.

          Mezzo is the best window yet from Alside, and it should be serviceable, but there are better option at the same price depending on where you live,

        2. I built a new home in 2017. I purchased what i was told were Jeld-Wens best windows. Several of them I built a new home in 2017. I purchased what i was told were Jeld-Wens best windows. Several of them came damaged. I contacted Jeld- Wen warranty immediately. They told me someone would come out and make repairs. I live in Minnesota and they waited to call me until December so it was too cold to paint the damaged windows. They told me they would come in spring of 2018. I called them in April and haven’t heard a word since. Misty in warranty is terrible.
          Jeld- Wen warranty immediately. They told me someone would come out and make repairs. I live in Minnesota and they waited to call me until December so it was too cold to paint the damaged windows. They told me they would come in spring of 2018. I called them in April and haven’t heard a word since. Misty in warranty is terrible. The windows leak terribly. Don’t buy Jeld-Wen.

          1. Sorry to hear about your trouble. Do you know what line of Jeld Wen windows they were? We’ve had good luck with the custom line and Siteline, but the others have been questionable at best.

          2. I would not recommend jeld Win.
            I had their windows replaced once and now they are leaking again. What a hassle!!

          3. Keep in mind that one company makes a pretty wide range of options. I agree that their lower end products are designed for builders and are not very nice at all.

          4. Thank you writing this I was considering Jeld-Wen best series for some new construction in Minnesota . After reading your review I will look at a different brand.

      2. Do you know what the quality of Caradco wood windows were back in 1996? We are wanting to know what our windows were when we bought our house so insurance can stop fighting with us on the cost of replacements.

        1. We installed Cradco in our home 23 years ago. These are real wood new construction windows. And because they are real windows not replacement, they were costly to have installed. They offered a tilt in option for washing. They have to be tilted inby pushing in the spring loaded rail that they open and close on on both sides. From the very beginning this has been difficult to do. These all broke shortlyb within their 20 yr warrantee period. They all leaked relatively early in the warrantee period. So, when I tried to file a warrantee claim, I was told that Caradco had been purchased by Jeld-wen, they no longer had these windows and Jeld-wen refused to handle the warranty. I am looking for windows now and not sure which I will choose but I will NOT be Jeld-wen. This site is very informative and I am going to keep it handy.
          Bottom line—br very careful of the sales pitch.

          1. Hi Terri, sorry to hear about your trouble. That’s interesting terminology that you used, real windows vs replacement windows. I think all windows are real, rather than make believe. What did you like about the idea of using a new construction window in a replacement application vs a replacement window in a replacement application?

            I’m always curious to hear how people navigate the process of buying new windows. It’s tricky for everyone and folks seem to typically fall into the same few camps as far as how the navigate the process. The, ever once in a while, I hear something new like real windows. Do you remember if that’s teh way the salesperson described them or do you know where the term “real” came from?

          2. Founded in 1862 by William Carr in Dubuque, IA, Caradco grew into the largest window manufacturing company in the U.S. The company was purchased by Jeld-Wen in 1997, and while Jeld-Wen still holds the Caradco trademark, it no longer offers Caradco windows or replacement parts. Fortunately, Fenster Components does.Jul 26, 2013

            Caradco Window Parts from Fenster USA – Fenster › blog › caradco-window-part

            Funny what 30 seconds of research brings you…..

      3. Bought a house 5 years old and about 1 year after we moved in the windows started to cloud up. Just got the run around about replacement windows big headache. Never buy Jeld Wen windows.

        1. Are they covered by your warranty? If so they tend to honor it (in my experience). If you’re not covered by the warranty then it’s not really their fault. I would guess you can order new parts from them as needed.

          1. Generally windows have a 10 year warranty after 2008. you have to call warranty team at 888-594-3578 opt 5 for info

          2. Thanks for providing that. I know Jeld-Wen often advertises warranties longer than 10 years but it would depend on the product and when it was purchased.

        2. Bought jeld wen windowfeom big box store in our first home 19 years ago. Drove by that home the people that bought it from us still live in it and have never had an issue with the windows. We bought the best of what they sold then and i would say 19 years is prettt good. Installation is key also. If you have someone that does a half ass job on installation on any window you’ll have a half ass window.

          1. Just hope you don’t have to contact Jeld Wen for any missing parts. Absolutely HORRIBLE customer service. 5 or more hours on phone and I still don’t know if my problem is being resolved. God luck to all who try. Glenn of Virginia.

          2. Hi Glenn, sorry to hear about your trouble. I know we had some quality issues with Jeld-Wen but I always found their service department to be pretty easy to work with. I wonder if they’re easier when you’re the dealer vs the homeowner. Did you try to see if your dealer or installer could help out?

      4. New home construction in 2017 and I had 20 Jeld Wen premium vinyl casement windows installed. I was told that these windows were high quality premium top of the line windows that Jeld Wen makes. It’s been 3 1/2 years and 16 out of 20 windows are suppose to be swapped out for manufacture defect. All 16 windows had bugs, dirt and debris stuck in-between the glass panels. The Jeld Wen tech that did the inspection could not figure out how all the “crap” was getting in there and recommended 16 windows to be swapped out for new ones. At first, the customer care representatives denied manufacture defect – they keep claiming it was a “Maintenance issue”. It wasn’t until I demanded the service tech’s report that they relented and agreed to cover the windows under warranty and swap them out. Waited two months for two techs to come to my house and they managed to only get 9 windows done. It’s been 3 weeks and I can’t get a Jeld Wen rep to tell me when they’ll have the techs back to my house to finish the other 1/2 of the job. But it gets worse. They managed to swap out two windows that do not match the “original” windows they removed. Two other windows they didn’t properly adjust and they do not open or close right. Worst company that I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with. They make crap product and it’s follow up with crap customer service. I spent a lot of money and got nothing but bent over by this company.

    2. Worst windows I have ever purchased. The sales rep convinced me of the high quality of their product so I special ordered tbem. WRONG! I have already returned one of the windows because it was bowed when I unwrapped it. I waited two more weeks for a replacement only to have the seal malformed and the top of the window was bowed. The screens do not completely cover the windows so bugs can get in. Also, they put screws on the top of the screens and they are pressing against the screens so in a few months they will definitely have holes in those areas. I should have purchased all stock windows from Lowes because they were made excellently and I do not have a single complaint.

    3. I just installed 4 2500 series double hung windows over the summer and I am extremely satisfied. I have read a # of reviews and the negatives I have read could be attributed to poor installations. Mine don’t leak and operate just fine. I am planning on purchasing and installing more this summer.

      1. hi Michael I hate to tell you. I have 26 replacement IG units just delivered to me today. They are all going into 6 year old Jeld Wen windows all in the same house. They are the double hung all vinyl and no glazing strips to remove and are all 100 % fusion welded. Jeld Wen will not even give a procedure for changing these IG units. This is because they are making a bigger business on selling labour to do these replacements. I will never buy Jel Wen again for this point alone becausde a home owner should always be able to do a repair themself. What do you call a good install a two inch area all around the window so no pressure is on it at all. I guess you dont use wedges either. Remember the idea is to keep the outside outside lol

        1. I guess it depends on your installation. Mine are designed for new wood frame construction. They are all holding up well but if I did need to replace one it would take less than a hour. Sorry you are having problems, good luck.

      2. Same experience for me in Virginia Beach….Replaced old metal framed in 2009 with Jeldwen New construction 2500 with no issues to date. The job included 4 windows and 2 sliding patio doors…totally happy!

        1. Thanks for taking the time to write. There certainly are plenty of happy Jeld Wen customers out there.

    4. I’d like to give you my review of Jeld Wyn windows. In February, 2017, My husband and I purchased a large picture window from Jed Wyn via our local Home Depot. We ordered it with a specific mirrored tint so that you can out but people can’t look in. It took them a month to get them to us and when they did, we installed one window first and at first it looked great but when we went to clean it, we noticed TONS of scratches in between the panes. We contacted Home Depot who contacted Jeld Wyn. They emailed us and we responded promptly with pictures and all the info they requested but a week later, nothing. No call, no email, nothing. I’d definitely go elsewhere. The windows look awful. You can see the scratches from the street.

      1. Are they vinyl or wood windows? I expect they’ll take care of it. We’ve had some service issues with their wood windows, but they were always fixed promptly. Frustrating that there was an issue, but it was easily resolved.

    5. The locking latches for Jeld wen are hard to come by, as Home Depot or Lowes do not carry them. Should you need to replace the locks – latches take care to only remove one screw at a time and rotate the latch out, simultaneously putting the screw back in to hold the stiffener. If this is not done correctly the stiffener falls down to the bottom and it is not possible to screw the latches in. Who in the hell engineered these windows? That is some of the dumbest shit I have seen. Stay far away from these windows………beware……

      1. I recently got ‘screwed over’ by the lack of warnings about the falling stiffener (we removed 2 window latches simultaneously before we realized what happened (the long screws can’t go back in!!) I ended up resolving my situation by utilizing the shorter screws in the latch kit and relocating the latch a couple mm down. The old holes are just barely covered up by the latch pieces. It took a lot of force to self-tap the screws in but they look and function great.

    6. We just had 9 windows and a slider put in. Would highly recommend that you DO NOT choose Jeld Wen. Very poor quality!

      1. Hi this is Mike and was just about to order 5 sliding jelwen windows and 6 double hung windows from home depot and was wondering what went wrong with yours. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks Mike

  2. I trying to find the top 10 vinyl replacements window manufactures and nothing showed up when I clicked on Georgia.

    1. Hi James, we haven’t finished our info on the best window companies in Georgia yet, but we’re working on it. For now I’d suggest starting with Angie’s List and going from there.

  3. Hi, thank you for the window reviews you have posted. I live in NJ, and I noticed that you have “Ideal” window on your list to be reviewed. Can you confirm that this is the same company that is based in Bayonne, NJ? I have a window project in the works, and I have been look for folks who can give me some idea on the history and quality. I have found one installer who speaks very highly of their product, but that could be because he installs their windows and probably have a pricing advantage. I will wait to see your review posted. Thank you.

  4. Disclaimer: I am a Window installer (Note: I love this site and am not ‘trolling’ for business, we are a small installer and very busy simply through word of mouth!)

    A small amount of our business are installs for contractors and property investors (house flippers). This is the only time we install Jeldwen windows. In one case we were installing for a general contractor. The homeowner looked me in the eye and asked “Are these good windows?” So moral dilemma for an installer… Lie to the homeowner, or make the contractor look bad and lose a customer.

    Sounds a little dramatic, but in my opinion, these are not good windows. at all. The glass meets low-e specifications, so putting them in a rental property or flip house may make sense if the cost makes sense. I would never recommend them though. Very flimsy side rails.. for example if you open the sash during install, and then need to sit the window down for a second… the window will wobble like the side rails are made of spaghetti… The bottom rail will bow making the sash hard to close (this is fixable by an installer but a demonstration of a low quality window). This is just my two cents worth!

    1. I agree with you about Jeld- Wen vinyl windows, but their nicer lines of wood windows are pretty nice. We’ve installed some beautiful Jeld-Wen windows in diplomatic buildings in DC with great success. We have had a few screen issues lately which are frustrating, but easily resolved.

      1. Actually, you are right, it seems here that even in the higher end homes, Vinyl is standard. (It is also rare to see cased windows here… Homes up to $1 million have sheetrock turned in to the window. ) Just regional differences in construction practices.

        I have installed wood (aluminum clad wood) Jeld wens and they were very nice!

        1. Ironically just yesterday we installed Jeld Wen Siteline on a Tudor style home. Very nice!

          So I should be clear that my poor impression of Jeld wen is directed to the lower “builder grade” windows.

    2. As an installer, what would you consider the best windows in South Florida. I want to purchase my own windows and have them installed by reputable licenced bonded and insured installer. The prices these companies are giving out here is simply ridiculous, only to find out later that I bought junk.

    3. Do you have a budget vinyl double hung that is the least crap of the options? I have a cinder block house that needs some windows… house is only worth about 40k and I am lower income so money out is a big deal and $100 more per window is not (smaller vacation- I can’t afford vacations…lol, soo…) I have about 2500 I can put toward windows. I have 15 that ultimately need replaced. In Dayton OH, nothing fancy just white vinyl windows. Would love to get all 7 visible from the street done for that, but could settle for as few as 5 if I must… was looking Jen weld – have call in to Gilkey and soft lite but think I cannot afford them. Any info greatly appreciated.

      1. $2500 for 15 windows is probably going to be a challenge. You can get stock size windows at a box store, that will probably be the cheapest option. If they have sizes that are close. They’re not as fantastic as some of the custom made windows you can get out there but those options will cost more.

  5. Worst Windows! Have had problem since day one ! Have had several replacement sashes already. And they take forever we have been dealing with over a year new construction waiting on window issues. Our Home Depot windows were 100% better !

  6. Jeld Wen Windows and Doors has absolutely the worst customer service. Even the local un-named glass company says they won’t deal with them because of it. I have a house full of high end Jeld Wen V-grooved etched glass gridded windows. I have the original invoice for purchase and a copy of thier warranty that came with the windows (and is still posted on their current web-site for the date I bought my windows from them.). The seal is gone in 3 windows and I have condensation between the pains. Their warranty specifically covers this, but Jeld Wen customer service (both Lori and manager Shelby) state that Jeld Wen doesn’t make V-grooved glass any longer, so they won’t warranty them. They state they no longer warranty any discontinued products. I explained that you can still buy these windows from other companies, and just because they quit making V-grooved grid windows, it does not get them out of their warranty obligations. They can meet their obligation by farming the work out to their competitors who still do. I went further to explain that if I bought Ford truck with a 6.0 liter diesel and the motor blew up under warranty, they can’t refuse to fix it because they no longer make the 6.0 liter and now make a 7.3 liter. The smug, matter-a-fact, no other options, just go away attitude of customer service empowers me..!
    I’m not done with this battle. I am powered on high octane “principle” now.
    Their warranty clearly states that it made and extends only to the original purchaser, specifically covers hermetic seal failures and that they will either (1) repair defective products without charge, (2) furnish a replacement, or (3) Refund the original purchase price.
    I am the original purchaser with all receipts and copy of my original warranty and Jeld-Wen refuses to honor any part of their own warranty because they don’t make this specific window anymore. They specifically told me they have chosen to not honor their warranty on discontinued products. (Per Lori and Shelby, Jeld-Wen Warranty Manager)

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. That seems a little out of character for them. We’ve had some warranty issues over the years and they’ve always been handled easily enough. I hope you’re able to get it resolved.

      1. Hi mr Dawg since you know the Jeld Wen windows can you tell me a pocedure for changing IG unit in their double hung vinyle fused connection window. They do not have the glazing strip you can taake out.

        Thank you

        1. Hi Rob, when I read your last comment I was going to ask how you were going to replace them. We only deal with their wood windows so I don’t know the specifics of how their vinyl windows are built. If they shipped you IG units I would guess there is a way to replace them. Either the sashes will come apart or there is a glazing bead that you’re not seeing.

          Have you solved it yet?

    2. Go over their heads!
      Every local Jeld-Wen Manager has to answer to Regional Service Managers. Look up their main phone on the internet and call to ask who the Regional Service manager is for where you live. Everyone has a boss they have to answer to.

    3. I have a whole house full of these windows every window the seals are broke they have replace them 3 time and when I called to tell them the seals was broke on these they would not call back, I’m a widow and I don’t know what to do, the windows has mold growing on the wood and glass

  7. Well 3 calls to the Warranty Manager, Shelby since they told me no on the warranty, all three times she was on the phone and I was asked to leave her a voice message. She hasn’t called me back in over a week. I’m thinking she won’t…

  8. I bought Jeld-Wen windows for a new house. Trouble as soon as they were installed. Double hung windows the top section dropped immediately upon being unlocked. One set takes two of us to lock them. another set we could not lock at all. one set the PLASTIC that holds the spring in place is broken. Plastic in a window of the quality that they are priced at. First Home Depot messaged the service rep at their end with no response in two weeks.One representative started to tell me that when I took them out of the frame that I broke it, I have not removed from the frame as I knew they would blame me. I called and spoke with the service rep Jessie Bogden. I had to get the numbers off the windows that are etched in the lower corner of each glass pane- a 13 digit number!!! Called her back with all the numbers and was told a tech would call me within 2 weeks. 3 weeks later after no “tech called” I call again and am told first it took them 10 days to set up an account. 10 days out of the so called 14 days to call me. I told Jessie I want a call back within the day. She did call me back to say they are out of parts. I should get a call by Oct 10. The temp at night is now in the 40’s and a window that does not close.

    1. Sounds like the pivot bar is separated from the balance. Should be an easy fix. I would bet the installer could fix it up in 5 minutes.

  9. I need to replace 15 wood window that have rotted wood and fogged glass that are 20 years old. I have 10windows that do not need replacement. I have contractors that are recommending Jeld-win aluminum clad sash kits and others are recommending vinyl replacement windows. I have quotes from Window World, Artuim 8700 series, Earthwise and Siminton 50/50 series.

    Am I better off with a replacement vinyl that will last or is the Jeld- win aluminum clad going to maintain the overlook of my home?

    There is also controversy over using a vinyl replacement over the sills and window frame on the outside. I have a hardiplank home with now rotting on the sills or frame and the paint job is in great shape.

    What direction do you recommend I pursue ?

    1. Jeld-Wen makes some nice aluminum clad options, but the sash kits are tricky. Once they’re installed you still have an old window with new sashes. We’ve had several customers who were unhappy with the results. We still offer them, but with a big disclaimer. You can get pocket windows from Jeld-Wen that are an aluminum clad wood window installed like a typical replacement window. In my opinion that yields a much nicer result.

      Regarding wood vs vinyl you just need to decide which you prefer. Vinyl windows are typically more efficient, have better warranties and lower prices. Wood windows have the nice warm look and feel of wood windows. Only you can decide that one.

  10. Well, here’s my experience. I googled jeld wen reviews and got here. I want to share my experience of course there is a disclaimer. If I didn’t install it, I can’t guarantee your satisfaction. I recently, September 2016, ordered a 4500 series Jeld-Wen bay from Menards. This is a 92X56 30 degree bay. My initial impression was very good. As in Wow, that’s a nice looking window. I am beyond happy with the window after installed. I would recommend to everyone to thoroughly inspect each window when delivered or picked up. Look for out of square/plumb and defects in glazing. I should add that I saved 1K+- compared to HD and their Anderson’s and around 200-500 compared to Lowe’s and Pella’s. I am no rookie and I’m confident stating that this window really couldn’t be made much better. The hardware is excellent. Worst windows ever? No way. I wouldn’t even post a review like that. Some people are never happy with anything. There was some excess silicone here and there but that’s nothing. The wood frame and plywood were of the highest quality, there were no gaps, and it was extremely sturdy and rigid.

  11. We are looking to replace 18 windows in Western Tennessee. My installer who seems like an honest guy recommends Jeld Wen W-2500 wood double hung windows. He admits that he primarily installs vinyl and the frequency that he has had to forward our questions on to the distributor would seem to confirm that he has little familiarity with this specific window. Can you tell me whether this is a good window? Obviously, anything beats our single pane windows from 1954, but we want to make sure we aren’t in the window replacement market again in 8-10 years. Also, how important is it for the installer to be overly familiar with the window he is installing? He is well reviewed, but as mentioned above, seems to primarily install vinyl windows.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. We install a fair number of Jeld-Wen W2500 windows with decent success. We have had some service issues, often related to screens, but overall they’re a decent option. Jeld-Wen makes 2 nicer lines, the Siteline and Custom lines, that cost more, but feel nicer. There are always options.

      1. Hate the screens if you take them out can’t get them back in, plastic clips that push in break don’t line up.

        1. Be gentle! If they came out they’ll probably go back in. To be fair we’ve had screen issues on Jeld Wen windows that we’ve installed too.

  12. $5000.00 worth of JELDWEN PREMIUM ATLANTIC ALUMINUM SLIDING DOORS lasts only four years – – BAD SEALS.

    Late in 2011 I purchased the largest and heaviest 16 foot PREMIUM ATLANTIC ALUMINUM sliding doors (each door is movable and 4 ft wide) for about $5,000 from Home Depot. I ordered them without coatings. They face west here in Florida. First, the company could never get the latch on the central doors to work without my special adaptor in place. I used a piece of popsickle stick in order to correct the design problem. But now after four years of use, all of the glass is fogging up. Yep, bad seals the company says and although they say they will supply replacement doors (panels), I will have to pay about $600.00 for the labor. When I asked if I’d have to keep replacing these panels every four years at my expense… I got no response.

    As I understand it, Cardinal makes the glass and all Jeldwen does is fit the frame… But regardless, $5000.00 worth of JELD-WEN product that only lasts 4 years before you have to replace it? Come on, that’s some serious cheesy product AND customer service. I will update if anything changes.

    1. I get that it’s frustrating, but remember anything can fail. A few years ago I bought a very fancy car after driving boring company cars for many years. The thing was in the shop within 30 days while the boring company cars never gave me any trouble. Ultimately they fixed it and my car was back on the rad in a couple days.

      The lock sounds like an installation issue. Was it a Home Depot window installer?

    2. Yup, Nice big picture window in Living room with fogged up glass after about 6 years old. Wanted 700.00 dollars to replace. NO.

  13. Just had 8 new vinyl replacement single hung windows installed a week ago & have had condensation problems ever since. The condensation forms on the sash & also on the bottom along the entire length of the window. This morning we had ice!! The contractor who installed the windows is working with us on the problem. So far Menard’s & Jeld-Wen have given us a book of excuses. We were told these were good windows & would not have condensation. We have spoken with other window companies & were told that these windows were not sealed properly. We are awaiting a call from Jeld-Wen to schedule a tech to come out to evaluate the problem. They keep throwing in our face that this is a humidity problem. Our weather station is saying our humidity level is dry at 34%. Stay tuned……….

    1. Hard to say what’s going on without seeing it. Hopefully they get to the bottom of it. Be sure to let us know how it goes!

    2. They tried to tell me the same thing!! This is horrible I have a whole house of windows and they won’t do anything! Maybe we can get a class action settlement going

    3. We have the same issue. New house built in 14 every year we have ice and water on the windows and now some are getting moisture between the glass. Was told by Jeld-wen humidity issues, problem is last tech said humidity is within limits. Now looking at replacing all 20 windows in this 4 year old house. Did thermal reading and temp reading. House at 70 windows are between 41-52 depending on the windows. Big slider door reads 62. yet it is not a problem with the window.

      1. They make many different energy efficient packages and they all won’t keep out all of the cold. It’s possible that you have a window that is colder than the interior temp on a cold day. The moisture between the panes would be a warranty issue. Take a picture or a video of it and send to them. A lot of times people think moisture is between the panes when it’s really on the inside of the house or the outside of the house. That’s not a warranty issue, it’s just physics. If it’s between the panes I think they’ll cover that for you.

  14. I’m looking for anyone who has experienced frozen casement windows on a new install with Jeldwin windows. Note: It has been cold (10F) outside, but there is no humidifier running in the house.

    1. Which glass option did you pick? They have one specifically designed for the Northern climate zone that works pretty well for our customers.

  15. Jen-weld windows are junk, Brand new triple panes in a new construction. Ice builds up on inside during cold weather, Have Flies getting in every day! There customer service is awful, told me air flow is normal! if you purchase, go ahead and get the 3m seal kit and put the plastic on the inside. Your going to need it! Buy anything else first!

    1. Hi Frank, I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. I’m not a huge fan of Jeld-Wen vinyl windows either. Hope they’re able to do something for you.

  16. I am loooking to replace 20 window units with Jeld Wen v4500 series double hung units, Can you provide any feeedback on quality, Efficency and encountered problems, they will be new construction units. Thank you for any help, it is very appreciated.

    1. I’m not a huge fan of Jeld Wen vinyl windows. To be fair, most new construction vinyl windows aren’t so hot. What did you like or not like about them?

  17. I am doing a major home addition and am installing all new windows throughout the house (in Southern California). Out of all the windows I have looked at the Jeldwen Custom Clad look the best to me. Windowdog, can you speak to the custom line? I was thinking clad would be the best option to have lower maintenance on the exterior, although my architect suggests an all wood window. I am also looking at Jeldwen’s custom clad French doors. The bids are not cheap at all – and some of the reviews here worry me. I will be ordering 21 windows (mainly double hung with a few casements with fixed transits) and three options doors. Primed wood interior and bone white clad exterior. Many thanks in advance for your input!

    1. I think the Jeld Wen Custom line windows are a pretty nice option. We installed some in an embassy building in Washington DC and they came out great. The clad exterior is nice as it provides extra protection. Good luck with the project.

    2. I built in 2007. We installed 18 JELD-WEN custom aluminum clad. They were the top of the line Jeldwen product line at the time. These were all casement. Many of them are slightly curved on top. We have had issues with 1 of them and it was an installation error not manufacturer. Other than that they are fantastic windows. I usually wipe them down every other year outside and they still look new.

      1. I’ve had good luck with the custom line as well. We’ve installed them in embassy buildings in DC and other higher profile projects, all with great results.

  18. Having problems linking to my original comment and your response, but thank you for getting back to me! Thank you for your website – it’s great. I am going to go with the Jeld-Wen Custom clad windows and doors. I am ordering 21 new windows (18 double hung, 3 casement), 1 set french in-swing doors, and 2 sets french in-swing doors with fixed sidelights. 2 of the casement windows will be Siteline so I can have butt-hinges (my vendor said the custom line doesn’t do butt-hinges). Six of my windows (the ones facing the front of the house) will have the Jeld-wen phantom screens… I’m curious to your experience with those, especially on double hung windows? They are spendy! But I am trying to avoid having screens on the front of my house blocking the beautiful windows!

    1. Sounds good, glad you’ve enjoyed the site. The trick with the Phantom Screens is that you need to open the screen to close the window. Let’s say you’ve had some friends over on a summer evening. The windows have been open for hours and the lights in the house have been on. There are lots of bugs at the windows. Now everyone has left and it’s time to go to bed. In order to close the windows you need to open the screens which means all of the bugs come right inside. The Phantom Screens are well made and we have customers who love them. Just be sure you’re clear on how they work. 99% of all double hung windows have screens on the outside.

  19. I live in a northern climate, Canada, and I am wondering about how reliable jeld-wen single hung windows are in temps that can reach minus 20 F? Any info would be appreciated.

    1. I drove from Chicago to Alaska two winters ago and we saw -20 in Canada. It’s chilly up there. I don’t have experience with windows in those temps. We have some family in Anchorage with Alpine windows. They seem to be working well for them.

    2. Installed single hung Jeldwen vinyl windows in new house 2006. About 8 years later all have failed – specifically marks and weird etching like patterns developed between the glass panes ruining them. All need to be replaced – of course Jeldwen has been of no help whatsoever.

    3. I find these windows to be very poor quality.Can feel the draft when standing next to them.We have just moved in to this new home December 2018. Wish I had my Anderson replacement windows that we left in our old villa in Illinois, so much better.

  20. I bought 30 Jeld-Wen windows in 2004-2006. All were new construction for an old house. All were double glazed aluminum clad wood. Most were double hungs. Nine were casement. Early on, whenever I had any problems, the service reps would quickly and easily resolve any issues by sending out new sashes. Eventually, their policies changed and they became slower and more reluctant to resolve issues. They claimed to have added an effective preservative to all their pine windows, but I have one window, a top sash, that has definitely started to rot and discolor and am awaiting a replacement sash. I installed casement wood windows in my attic which registers the highest humidity in the winter, here in Ohio. The attic’s interior humidity hovers around 45% in the winter. The windows require constant maintenance or else they will rot and turn black. Indoor humidity always collects and sometimes freezes on the wood sashes. And when it rains, water gets trapped under the bottom casement sash. So it’s a constant battle to keep the windows dry. So far, only one casement window glass has cracked – due to a significant bow in the wood sash, which causes it to not latch tightly. Not covered by warranty so it’s a loss. The double hungs on the second and first floors are holding up better; however, one window is discoloring on the bottom sash where outside rain water is getting round the exterior cladding and glazing putty. I could see from day one that window was going to have problems because the cladding was not properly wrapped/sealed. So be careful about using wood windows in attics in cold climates – especially casements. And inspect the glazing/cladding carefully to make sure it’s going to be weather tight.

    1. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Condensation is typically caused by the environment rather than the windows. A dehumidifier might make things easier for you.

  21. TURN AND RUN FROM JELD-WEN WINDOWS & DOORS! This company is completely disorganized and doesn’t back up their products. I just had a customer service rep tell me that I was irresponsible in allowing a guest at my home to walk through a door with a jeld-wen threshold because she stepped on the threshold and broke the hollow plastic on the jeld-wen threshold. They can’t identify their parts, so they assign the customer the task of finding their part numbers on the product that doesn’t exist and then blame the customer for not having the part number they want. i’ve spent 2 hours with these jerks just trying to identify the part number for the threshold. They have no conscience about their warranties, the quality of their products, and they blame the client for breakage during normal use. Turn and run. Turn and run. Turn and run.

    1. I agree, I’m trying to replace 9 windows and Jeld Wen is a nightmare….My contractor is no longer around so I’m having to deal with this company that does not respond.

    2. As a contractor that mainly deals with windows and doors I hate when a customer calls for a repair on any Jeldwen product. Their windows aren’t the problem but the customer service makes you want to pull your hair out

      1. It’s funny how people have different experiences. I’ve had good luck with their service people. I just don’t like the percentage of windows we have issues with.

  22. I agree with the previous writer. I’m trying to replace 9 windows and Jeld Wen is a nightmare….My contractor is no longer around so I’m having to deal with this company that does not respond. I had to call the actual factory to speak with a manager as the 800 number is a Call Center that handles all their customer services.
    Their response time is a joke.

  23. Getting ready for major addition and remodel including new windows.
    I think the contractor is planning on Jen Weld windows. Sounds like I might not want Jen Weld’s.
    I live in Phoenix AZ whats a decent window at about this price point. looking at V4500 series.
    Thank you in advance

    1. They make different lines that can vary in quality quite a bit. I’m not a huge fan of any of their vinyl windows, but new construction windows tend to leave a little to be desired so that’s not unusual.

  24. In Oct 2009, I placed a significant order with Jeld-Wen windows for a new house construction on the advice of my contractor. The order was for 41 units, aluminum clad, argon filled, with wood interiors and was close to $55,000. The windows were installed in 2010. The glazing on 3 of the windows has failed, including one casement and 2 stationary windows. I contacted Jeld-Wen regarding replacement of these 3 windows and was advised that Jeld-Wen only guaranteed their windows against cracking for 1 year, but that Jeld-Wen would be happy to sell me new windows. The replacement cost on the 3 windows was $3, 404. Do you wish to do business with a company that does not stand behind its merchandise?

    1. Some companies cover glass breakage and some don’t. Did the glass break or did the seal fail? Read through the warranty to see what’s covered. I know they cover seal failures, but glass breakage is often not covered by wood windows.

      You may be able to buy sashes to replace the broken sashes rather than buying all new windows.

    2. Everything comes with a written warranty. You had the opportunity to read that warranty before you made the purchase. Has the seal failed allowing moisture in or is the glass cracked?

  25. Any comments on the difference between their “builder” vinyl series versus their “premium” series in regards to construction and long term quality? Is it worth the extra money?

    Thanks for the input

    1. I would say it probably is worth the money. The builder vinyl windows I’ve seen from Jeld-Wen were pretty cheap looking.

  26. beware of buying the aluminum clad custom jeld-wen windows , if you need another one or damage one jeld wen charges a set up fee that cost more than most of their windows this should be disclosed. I needed another awning window and they want more for the set up fee than what the window cost

    1. Was this a fee from the installers? There is no setup fee to order a window. Jeld-Wen doesn’t do any installations so I think your complaint my be focused on the wrong company.

  27. We are considering Jeld Wen W2500 to replace our 1947 house’s original windows. We are trying to choose between the W2500, TM Cobb and Migard Essence. It is 9 windows total. We don’t plan to be in the house more than another 5 years. Any advice?

    1. Hi Joanne, I’m not a huge fan of the w2500, but we have used them with success in the past. Did you pick an option yet?

      1. Thanks for the feedback. We haven’t picked one yet because my husband and I can’t agree. I want to go with Milgard Essence and he wants wood -probably TM Cobb.