Kensington Windows Reviews

Kensington windows reviews

Update: This post contains some info about Kensington Windows and Kensington HPP which are 2 companies that sound very similar, but are not legally related.  If you’re shopping for new windows or are looking for service for windows that were installed since 2013 this is not the right page for you.  You can find our page about Kensington HPP that started in 2014 here. 

Below is the post I wrote back in 2014 with some updates about the difference between the 2 companies.  For the most up to date info use the link above.

Kensington windows are produced in western Pennsylvania.  They produce 3 main lines of vinyl replacement windows that are available for sale in the surrounding area.

The name Kensington has been around since the 1970’s, but they filed bankruptcy in 2008.  This left all of their past customers with no warranty which can turn into a real problem.  You can find more info about that situation here.

After the bankruptcy, the company was purchased by Serious Energy in 2009 and reopened.  After a few years Serious wanted to get out of the business and the company was sold again to a group of longtime Kensington managers in 2013.  They are a relatively small manufacturer with only one 100,000 sqft manufacturing facility in Vandegrift, PA.

None of this means that Kensington isn’t capable of producing fine products, but it is worth considering as you’re purchasing products with a very long warranty.  The folks who bought windows called Kensington in 2008, before the bankruptcy, thought they were getting a product with a lifetime warranty and they’re now out of luck.

We’ll be posting detailed reviews on the following new Kensington HPP models:

  • Quantum2
  • Huntington
  • Kingston – 300 Series

If you’re considering Kensington windows for your home you may want to get quotes from some other local window companies as well.  There are a whole range of options out there to choose from.  You can find detailed reviews on many other popular window options here.

Remember, while the names are similar the Kensington HPP or Kensington High Performance Products windows that you can buy today are not produced by the older company called Kensington Windows the went out of business in 2008.  The names are similar, but they not the same companies.

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29 responses to “Kensington Windows Reviews”

  1. tom tusing Avatar
    tom tusing

    First why are we mot engaged truthful on the glass issue. 99% of glass is outsourced most glass in replacement windows are from Cardinal or Gardian glass. I’m a khpp dealer and I have replaced glass that was installed by Sears. They use to sell Kensington windows under Sears name. If they have issues and the frames are out dated there is not much they can do. They will replace the ig glass that fits just fine. Just a word of advise as everyone is talking about khpp as a company that won’t stand by the warranties, that’s is incorrect. Or them being sold. Well if you seriously search window companies the vast majority have been sold some multiple times. We have some wonderful people running khpp now. You would be pleased with the windows. Check out heat mirror one of the best invention of the 20th century by Popular Science. Great rating all around.

    1. Cindy Avatar

      I had a Kensington representative, Levi, call me today. We set up a day and time for somebody to come and give us a bid on 15 windows and 1 sliding or French door. I don’t understand who this sales representative works for. He said they work with Cat Exteriors and the window is made by Anline.
      What is the name of the current Kensington company so I can access the proper website.
      I live in San Antonio. Why do I need a representative from Kensington to sell me Anline windows from Cat Exteriors. Shouldn’t I contact Cat Exteriors directly and avoid the middleman?
      I tried to call Levi back and for some reason his number was not showing up on my cell phone under recent calls. How can I find his phone number and the actual company he is working for?

      1. thewindowdog Avatar

        What makes you think it was a Kensington representative who called you? If they work for a company called Cat Exteriors and they’re selling Anlin windows it doesn’t seem like Kensington would be involved at all. You can find info on Anlin windows here on the site. If you’re not sure about anything relating to the project you should ask the person who is trying to sell you something. If you’re not comfortable with the answer you should not buy anything from them.

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