Lansing Windows Reviews

lansing windows reviews

Lansing windows are distributed by Lansing Building Products.   Lansing has distribution warehouses in 24 states across the country.

It is important to note that Lansing is a wholesale distributor NOT a window manufacturer.  They “private label” these windows to appear as though they are made by Lansing.

In fact, Lansing windows are manufactured by Atrium.  You can find our detailed reviews of Atrium windows here.

Why would a company act as if they produce the windows when in fact they do not?  It’s a strange concept for many folks outside of the replacement window business, but it’s a relatively common practice.  They do it for a few reasons:

  1. It may be easier for their contractor customers to sell the products as “better” when in fact they just have a different brochure
  2. It can be harder for the end customer to compare options because they don’t really know who is making the products.

In our experience Lansing windows are typically only sold by the tradesman type company.  Maybe he’s the guy you called to fix a leak or replace some tile and he also offers to install a new window for you.

Lansing offers their Atrium windows under the following brands:

  • Lansing Series 10
  • Lansing Series 40
  • Lansing Series 80
  • Lansing Series 90
  • Lansing Series 150
  • Lansing Series 450

Most real well established window companies wouldn’t offer a product like this as it goes through too many hands.  Atrium produces the window, Lansing buys the window, Lansing sells it to the handyman, the handyman sells it to you.  Each party along the way is marking up the cost.  The end result is that you got a cheap window for a moderate price and several people made a couple bucks along the way.

If you’re considering Lansing windows we would encourage you to read through the best replacement windows reviews online right here.  There are better options out there.

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8 thoughts on “Lansing Windows Reviews”

  1. We are replacing 13 old pella wood windows with vinyl casement windows. Duncan Home Improvements is the local business we are using to install our siding. The replacement windows they use are Lancing. They quoted a price around 8500. We are in south central Arkansas. Not a lot of choices here. I am not getting the windows with the argon gas, just the low-e.

    1. I believe Atrium makes the windows for Lansing. There may be better options. You’re right that Arkansas doesn’t offer a lot of options for windows. We almost opened a store in Little Rock, perhaps we should have. I helped a customer down there get Alside windows, but he had to drive to Dallas to pick them up. Perhaps not a scenario everyone would be interested in.

      Good luck with the project!

      1. We called Window World in Bryant, Arkansas. They came out and showed us examples of their double hung. We are wanting casement windows to replace the picture windows. Do you know anything about Royal King Windows in Arkansas?

        1. No, I’ve never heard of them. I would love to have a great company to recommend in Arkansas so if you find somebody be sure to let us know.

  2. I am considering replacing windows, it was suggested by a roofing company to use Lansing which I just read is made by Atrium. Have you ever heard of softlite? What is your take on window world? Window world will not give us any references, they will only say they have done work on this street or this community. What is that about? The one job site they did we were not impressed with their work.

    1. I wasn’t too impressed with the last Atrium windows I played with. Window World can be hit or miss. Each location is independently owned so the only way to know if the location near you does great work is to hear from their past customers. If they won’t give you any references I’d probably look somewhere else.

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