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Marvin windows has been in the building products business since 1912.  They offer wood and fiberglass windows along with their Infinity from Marvin line of fiberglass replacement windows.

We find that Marvin is one of the few brand names that people know of before they’re shopping for new windows.  This is because Marvin does more marketing and advertising than most window manufacturers.  This does not necessarily mean the windows are any better than other options.

Sometimes people think that the windows are better from a company with a brand name that they’ve heard of before but that’s not really how the world works.

Most of the products sold under the Marvin brand are wood windows.   These are sold through lumber yards and home improvement distributors across the country.  Marvin windows are known for beauty and quality.  With over 100 years experience Marvin knows how to make windows and doors.

They do also offer fiberglass windows and if you’re comparing wood vs fiberglass window options we’ll be happy to help out.

best replacement windows of 2015

Here’s we’ll be reviewing the following Marvin windows and sliding patio doors:

Check back for the latest reviews and ratings of Marvin windows and sliding patio doors.  We’ll also post basic cost information and warranty details to help provide the full picture of the options offered by Marvin windows.

As always if you think we’ve missed anything or if you would like to contribute additional information please don’t hesitate to let us know.

So, how should I decide who to work with?

The window business is challenging, that’s for sure. Every company says they’re the best and they all say that everyone else is horrible. It can feel difficult to navigate, but luckily it’s really not that hard.

I always suggest starting with a company with a good reputation and a solid track record. Then listed to what they have to suggest. Ask any questions about it, ask about options both more expensive and less expensive. When you feel like they’re offering a reasonable value that fits your needs you should buy it.

It is not a good idea to fall in love with a window brand before yo’ve found someone to install them. That said, you can find the best window reviews on the internet right here.

What if I have more questions about Marvin windows?

We can help!  Find our Marvin windows FAQ page here.  If you don’t see the answer to your question post a comment and we’ll answer your question for everyone to see.

Looking for any additional information on Marvin windows that you’re not finding here?  Post a comment and let us know.  We’ll be glad to help out!

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How can I find a great window company to work with?

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52 thoughts on “Marvin Windows Reviews”

  1. You are awesome (in case you had any doubt when you woke up this morning). Please add the option for us to “Like” this page on Facebook so I can spread the word. Now for questions: We bought our CT home in January and soon found we lacked both sufficient insulation (circa 1957) and our original windows are quite drafty. Had to use the blower-dryer/plastic wrap options on 1st/3rd floors to prevent heat loss. We do have some very ugly aluminum storm windows too. Ideally I want to replace our windows with wood casements, and I like the custom exterior color options of Kolbe & Kolbe, though there may be issues with finding a competent installer. However, do you share the industry perspective that new windows are a better investment than adding new insulation? We don’t have a budget to do the whole house window job yet but we could do the all the insulation. Trying to make the best decision to reduce next year’s heating bills. Thanks! Stephanie

    1. Hi there Stephanie, ask and you shall receive. You should now see social links including Facebook on the top and bottom of each page. Do you think top and bottom is too much? Maybe one or the other is better? We’ll need to experiment a little.

      Now since you gave me a helpful idea I’ll need to try to be as helpful as I can in my answer. You’ll surely find that window people will say you need to replace your windows and insulation people will tell you to add the insulation. Without seeing your house I can’t give you a specific answer on which might be better, but I can without a doubt tell you that either one will make a difference. You’re certainly losing heat from both the windows and the old insulation so updating either will be an improvement.

      With that in mind remember there are also other benefits to new windows. In addition to making your home more efficient they also look nice and they open and close easily. The ability to get a nice breeze in the summer might cause you to run the AC a little less. Insulation doesn’t give you any side benefits. You’ll never be hosting a dinner party while listening to your guests compliment the great insulation in your attic.

      With the additional benefits in mind I would tend to say the windows will likely get you a little more bang for your buck, but then I’m a window person so you must have known I was going to suggest windows. Perhaps asking me a question like that when you had a very good idea of what I was going to say indicates that you would secretly prefer new windows. I’ll happily be your enabler, go for it!

      You will see that nice vinyl windows will be a lot less expensive than wood so maybe that would let you get more bang for your buck.

      Thanks for your kind words about the site and be sure to like us on Facebook! You might be the first one as I just added the buttons 2 minutes ago!

    2. I am sure you have already bought your windows but I still have to say—-in my opinion you should avoid Marvin. I bought a big newish house, built in around 2007, fully fitted with Marvin windows. The two big French door sets are unusable—-the bottom weatherstripping is so hard and deformed I can’t get the doors closed if I open them. One window is damaged and has to be replaced, and the builder put in fixed windows in a loft I want to replace with casement windows so I can vent hot air. I simply cannot find a single company that will work with me. Marvin doesn’t do a thing to stand behind their product. I was just on the phone with someone who was explaining that I have to go to the installer and then was cut off. If I didn’t need to match the existing windows I would never consider buying another Marvin product. As it is, I am just going to hire a handyman to replace the weatherstripping and call it a lesson in Buyer Beware. This is a horrible company to work with.

      1. Sorry to hear about your trouble. Sounds like they think the issue with the doors was an installation issue and that was my first thought too.

      2. Ginny, it sounds like your local dealer is the problem. I have had great results with Marvin in the Toledo area. Maybe try the 800# to the factory if your local dealer won’t help.
        Good Luck.

      3. I have to agree with Tim– it must be your local dealer. I only say this because I work for my local dealer. Customer Service is our TOP priority. It makes me sad to hear, not all Marvin Dealers are the same. Hope you were able to find a different local dealer to go through…

      4. I wanted to add to this comment. I also have Marvin windows in my home. I ordered replacement casements and the have no weather stripping on the bottom of each side over one and one half once. That means three inches is exposed to elements of rain and snow. All there other windows and the one I had in
        Y home have one fourth inch exposure with no weather stripping ..exceptable. Never in a million years did I think I needed to ask for weather stripping on the bottom seal …they say this is there new design and do not stand behind there product. Makes no sense to have three inches exposed but on there other windows ..aluminum Claude fourth inch but wood casements ….three ? Makes no sense…..I say avoid Marvin windows ….better company’s and windows out there. I think surely it must be a mistake but they claim no responsibility.

      5. Sliding doors that don’t operate correctly and chew up the sill weather stripping are 100% of the time not installed right. Your issue is with whoever installed it, not Marvin

  2. Thank you Window Dog! I’ll make sure to like you on Facebook and share this link as well. Our house is already all wood windows and dark wood trim so vinyl I think is out. One last question. Between Pella, Marvin, and Kolbe wood windows, which one do you think offers best bang for buck? I’ve heard Marvin is noticeably more expensive. Even the showroom I visited didn’t think they were worthwhile. Pella has been taking reputation hits in recent years I’ve heard as well (from a Anderson salesman who used to sell Pella) and from family. Best of luck with this site!

    1. I’d say you should probably get a couple quotes for Marvin and Kolbe. They’re both nice and the pricing is 100% dependent on the company offering them. I’m not a huge Pella fan. If Weather Shield windows are available in your area you might give them a try too.

  3. Hi Window Dog,

    Great site!!
    We are looking for vinyl windows and also considered Marvin Fiberglass. Looked at Simonton 5500, Preservation, Marvin all fiberglass (Ultrix), and Softlite (pricy). I am confused by your comments when I read the Simonton reviews. You said there could be better vinyl windows at a better price…and I can’t seem to find a better price than the Simonton. Suggestions on a solid vinyl window (86 wide by 65 high -3 windows, 2 casement 1 fixed middle). Wisconsin so cold winters but don’t want too much sunlight blocked as you suggested under Softlite reviews. Ever heard of Walsh in MN? Guess they make great vinyl for a good price.

  4. Had a terrible experience with Marvin Integrity. Built new house in 2006 and started experiencing issues in the first year. Dealer has been back several times to measure, windows are square. These windows operate poorly and allow cold air to enter the house. This is crazy, new quality built house with less than average windows.

    1. This is good to know. I am on the fence on Marvin Integrity. I was wondering if Marvin is relying on their name and historical reviews. I didn’t like the fact they didn’t break down the price of the actual window and installation. They just have a price for the window and said installation is included. When I went to a Marvin Essentials dealer, they were able to give me the breakdown on the price – which I appreciate.

      1. Typically any dealer should be able to give you a breakdown of the pricing. It’s always seemed strange to me that a company would expect you to spend that much money without explaining where that price comes from. This is a strange business sometimes.

  5. Windowdog,

    After having Home Depot, Pella (terrible sales approach), Renewal and Marvin come out, I believe I’m interested in the Marvin Integrity windows. I’m in the DC metro area…I have 41 windows to replace. I live in an HOA that has specific rules, on the type of windows that can be installed. We are looking at 41 double hung windows with SDL grills. Special outside color, and white interior. These would be replacement windows, no need to mess with the interior frame. You’ve mentioned that windows shouldn’t cost any more than roughly $400 per. What is the average cost to install if it’s just tearing out the from the outside and installing from the outside? Average cost from Marvin is $1122 per window (this is installed)…$722 is a hefty amount per window for installation.

    1. Marvin fiberglass types will definitely cost more. I was talking around $400 for a typical vinyl window and perhaps I should have clarified.

      $1000/window with SDL’s and prefinished inside and out sounds reasonable to me. Enjoy your new windows!

    2. DON”T DO IT ….Marvin is junk and good luck getting problems fixed. When cold I have ice build up on the inside of my very expensive 2 pairs of 9′ French sliders ..not a moisture problem in house there is no moisture on glass …the ice is on the bottom wood panels, you can see the water running down the wood …all 6 wood panels are rotting and the track fills with water…the local co I bought the windows from said this was a manuf. defect…but they are 1 year out of warrantee so Marvin will not cover…so now it will cost me another $5 grand to have the panels pulled out and replaced…they have done 1 set already and the installers from the local Marvin dealer said they have done this on a lot of these Marvin windows…a very common problem. I also have a Marvin casement window that is junk. Don’t spend extra for Marvin windows the are over rated.

    3. I remodeled my house and had Marvin Integrity installed, i have one bay window and 35 windows.
      i had four windows (randomly shatter the internal pains) I have had three contractors investigate what may have caused it? ( it was not from temperature, or improper fit,) each contractor said it seemed to be a defect in that batch of windows i even had the Marvin Representative in the area inspect them and he said it was some type of defect and they (should be under warranty). he disputed with Marvin manufacture and they would not stand behind there warranty !! need to say i was very upset and could not believe they where that unprofessional about it. i even asked them to send over there own tech to evaluate the windows and the declined. i am so disappointed with them that i will not give them one cent to get replacements , i will replace my window with a professional window manufacture who stands behind there product. ( Beware of there warranty, Bullshit. Just saying. )

      1. Did the warranty you recieved include glass breakage? Some do and many don’t. If glass breakage wasn’t covered then it makes sense they wouldn’t cover it. I don’t think that makes them bad people. It’s important to understand what is covered by a window warranty. Companies will honor their warranties, but they often won’t do any more than what is in the written window warranty.

        1. But if four windows broke, that sounds like a defect. Even if glass breakage is not covered by warranty i think they should cover their defectively made products within a certain time period.
          Homeowner should take this up with BBB.

  6. Thanks for the reply! So we had the company who installs Marvin Infinity windows return today to finalize everything. 41 double-hung windows, with security lock, SDL, the 9 front windows with the special clearer screens. $40K installed!

    BTW, Pella…tried the hard sell, wanted a decision before he left. What a joke!

  7. Infinity window is overpriced in my opinion. There are not many companies in one area who can sell infinity,so their is no competition. No competition means high price.
    Did you think about Integrity windows? Very similar and those runs 750-850 installed were I live. This is for full frame replacement,wood ultrex,painted white windows.

  8. Whatever you do – do not buy Marvin Windows. When we built our house we were debating between Marvin and Pella. Decided on Marvin. They have completely rotted out within around 10 years later. We can not open our windows unless someone goes from the outside to push them shut. Horrible! We sent pictures to them years ago and they didn’t do a thing. Windows should not go bad that quickly. I would like to save everyone some money and suggest them to go with Anderson or Pella. Unfortunately, we don’t have the money at the moment to replace all the windows so we have just not opened our windows, that should not be the case! Feel free to contact me for pictures!

    1. I had all Marvin french doors, windows and sliders put in our last house and the seals were bad on the $10k french slider. It had to be replaced. We’re building new house and looking at Kolbe & Kolbe or Sierra Pacific windows and doors. I have heard that SP are better quality than Marvin and much less expensive. Any one else know if Kolbe is comparable to Sierra Pacific pricewise?

  9. You have to maintain wood windows, seal them every year or repaint them. You neglected to properly take care of them. That’s why they rotted. It’s not Marvins fault. Any wood window would’ve rotted faster . Like Norco or ROW

  10. Windowdog, you mentioned Window Shield in an earlier post,
    what is your opinion of their quality, durability and post- purchase customer service? They have had many negative reviews, but these seem to have been rather dated, 2008 and 2011. Have they upgraded the product?

    1. Not sure about Window Shield, do you mean WeatherShield? If so we like them quite a bit. We offer WeatherShield windows in some of our locations and our customers have been loving them. Based on our experience I would recommend them.

  11. Thank you so much for your response.

    We researched this mfg and found many, many negative
    comments re them, but the dating was 2008 and 2011.
    Are you aware that they have updated their service and quality since then? Do you have any experience with poor customer service? Your response will most likely determine our final decision re our replacement mfg. Thanks again.

    1. We’re still talking WeatherShield right? We didn’t work with them back then so I don’t really know what it was like. We’ve been working with them for about 2 years and everyone involved (the customers, our installers, our service managers) seem to like them quite a bit. Hope that helps.

  12. LLooking to replace 1/2 to all of my Windows in Jan/Fed. I live in Central CA and as I only have aluminum builder grade windows the ones on my west get to 120 plus when the sun is on them and although it never gets truly cold here can feel that too plus of course the wind comes through. That’s after them have been sealed and this “NASA grade” film applied plus solar sun screens. I’m looking more at Fiberglass then others, I have been to a showroom to check them out and like the Marvin Integrity. Thinking of all Ultrex as the wood as don’t thing the wood-ultrex would look right in this area with the house style. Pretty sure on no dividers with E3/Low ERS Argon filled. Been reading all over on these and of course there is the good/bad but seems allot of the bad ones are more around cold climates or dividers. My concern is I read allot about air infiltration issues and I am in an area that can get pretty windy. Is that more of an installation issue or is it really the seals are not that good? Do you have any suggestions for central CA, so gets hot but never really cold or rainy, looking for mostly energy efficiency but low or little maint is also important to me.

    1. Luckily everything is rated so you don’t need to guess. Just ask them what the air infiltration is. I believe it’s relatively high for the Marvin Fiberglass windows, but they’ll be able to tell you for sure. Speaking generally casements have a tighter seal that double hungs or sliders and a nice vinyl window will have a tighter seal than a wood or fiberglass window.

  13. Thats the one number I cant seem to find, can find the rest for the Marvin Integrity which is what I used to decide on the glass. I also cant find it in their brochures so not being able to easily find it and the comments about it I have seen make me concerned. Ill be sure to find it out when they do estimates. Im not for sure against vinyl was just thinking the fiberglass as it is stronger, expands/contracts like glass and if years down the road I dont like the color I can paint it. I have heard of vinyl cracking cause the heat of the sun out here but that seems to be pretty rare unless its like 20 years old.

    1. Old vinyl windows from back in the day had issues, but the newer technology has solved those issues. For example, in the past you could not use vinyl windows in the desert. Now they produce them there for use all over the southwest.

      Fiberglass can be pretty and you can paint it easier, but the warranty is often (but not every time) shorter on fiberglass windows which should tell you something.

  14. Help!!!! I’m so confused. Been looking up reviews on Windows. Is there anything out there you don’t have to kill the fattened calf for, along with the seals not breaking so your investment of Windows is significant. Looked at Alside & saw reviews that would scare the bravest. Checked out Pella, Alliance, Kennington, Belmont . . .
    Can’t get over the garbage manufacturers are putting out as Windows. The old days they would of been (double) hung!
    We have been in our home which we had built 15 years ago and known for few years we were in need. Thankfully wife started plasticing the Windows. We had guy out who said it was 56 yrs family business & can’t find him anywhere on BBB. Check him out on Angie’s list but w/no reviews, as recently joining. He has Alside Windows. We are in Chicago south suburbs.

  15. I live in central NJ. I just received a quote for the Marvin fiberglass windows from a company that has the exclusive rights in NJ. For 10 windows 30in x 40in, they quoted me a price of $850 + $270 for installation per window with either a 20% discount or 0% financing for 5 years (can’t have both). I know you said their prices were high, but does this sound accurate. I installed vinyl replacement windows 18 years ago, but I need to replace my windows since the cold air is coming through. What window would you recommend for the NJ climate?

  16. We moved into a very nice home that was built in 2004 and has all Marvin windows and doors. We live in TN so it doesn’t get that cold but we get a lot of moisture on the windows inside during the winter months. So much so that I have to wipe them off so it doesn’t run down onto the wood sill. We have also had the inside glass of the upper sash of two windows just break. The outside pane was not broken so nothing hit them from outside. One broke in October and the next one broke in January so I don’t believe it’s temperature related. I would be very wary of purchasing Marvin windows.

  17. These guys are awful. We battled them each year from 2007 to 2015. Our windows leaked air from day one. Every winter, we would contact them about leaky windows. They would try certain things to get the windows to stop leaking air but no matter what they did, it just never really seemed to solve the issue.
    Finally in 2015, they gave up trying to band-aid and duct tape their lousy product. They offered to give us a partial credit toward the purchase of new Marvin Windows. We had to pay for the labor on the installation.
    We figured that this would take care of the leaky Windows and we finally pulled the trigger and spent $8,000.00 of our own money (this doesn’t include the partial credit they offered us) and installed new Marvin Windows.

    Guess what? THE NEW WINDOWS LEAK AIR TOO!!!!! Of course they blame the installers, the painters, the insulation guys and do not stand behind their product. They have a now informed me that if I want anything additional done to the windows, I have to hire a third-party investigative team to see if the windows actually leak (or if I’m just plain nuts) and I have to spend additional money in order to do that. They said if they find that the windows are indeed leaking, they will (at their own discretion) replace the windows. Hilarious.

    These guys are a joke. Stay clear of this company and spend your money elsewhere. There are plenty of other companies that can manufacture a product and will hopefully stand behind it.

  18. I too must say no to Marvin. Installed wood clads on a remodel I did. They began to show signs of leaking after about 6 years. Like a bad person I looked the other way not wanting to deal with it another 3 years. I brought it to the local rep’s attention in the 9th year of a 10 year warranty. After many trips by the local rep and Marvin representatives to my home they finally decided to do something about it but guess what…it was past the 10 year warranty point. Even though they started the investigation before the warranty was up and said during visits to my house ‘oh yea, these were produced at the same time a bad batch of windows came from the plant” they said they were done because the warranty had expired. That’s customer service!

  19. Do not buy Marvin Windows!!!
    We are extremely disappointed with our experience with the Marvin tilt and turn and stationary windows (wood inside, aluminum clad outside) we purchased for our porch.
    We purchased (7) 3.5’x5.5’ tilt turn and (8) stationary windows, of the same size, for our porch in 1996. Within the 10 years warranty we had to contact Marvin because several were leaking at the bottom. Most were the stationary windows. A customer service rep came and caulked the outside bottoms in 2004.
    Since our warranty had expired it has needed to be caulked several times by myself.
    This spring 9!! Of these 15 large porch windows were leaking and forming puddles of water on the porch. It would have been much more of a mess if carpeted rather than tiled as it is.
    All other windows in the house are Pella and we have had no leaks of any kind.
    I give this review out of frustration and a documentation of the poor manufacturing quality. Note that most of the leakers were stationary and only a few of the tilt turn were a problem.

  20. I need to replace 11 Norco casement windows, 1 large bay, 2-french doors and a half circle with 3 casement windows below.

    I looked at consumer reports and also read your comments that their reviews may not be accurate. What/where is the best way to rate windows. I live in Wisconsin and really like wood look and not real thrilled with the vinyl look as my house has the country look with all oak trim but like the no maintenance part on vinyl.

    Ive looked at Andersons E, 400 series, Renewal, Marvin Integrity, Weather shield, Jeld Wen 45oo and Site line and have a Pella guy coming to give me a price. Is a bay window with 2 casements and a stationary window considered 3 windows or 1? Ive seen blogs saying $400-$1000 in what you should pay per window. Ive been quoted between $22,000-$29,000 plus $3,000 for a fiberglass entry door with sidelight. Integrity and Jeld Wen 4500 are lower priced and Anderson E, 400, Renewal and Weather shield on the high end.

    Ive had quotes that cut back 4-6″ and wrap around the outside of the window and some say they measure exact and fit in without cutting back the siding. Any pros and cons on what is best way to install a full window.

    1. Pricing will definitely be higher for wood or fiberglass than for vinyl. They’re not necessarily better windows, but they do have a nice look. If you want to pay extra for the look of a wood window that’s a completely fine way to spend money. My typical suggestion is that if you want the look of a wood window then get a real wood window vs a fake wood window like a fiberglass or composite option. Wood windows do look nice and you can get some good warranties on them too.

    2. Hello- we’re looking at Marvin Ultimate windows. After reading the reviews I’m starting to rethink this. Help! We need 5 wood interior full replacement windows. We live in Wisconsin, where winters can be brutal. Our remodeler is pushing Pella, but we aren’t interested. Any other suggestions?

  21. I have owned Marvin windows (22)and doors on new construction 1995 . All windows were wood with aluminum outside. I have had to replace at least 10 windows with two more now due to rot. I contacted Marvin but no help. I would not recommend these windows unless you plan to replace all in 15 to 20 years. I do not see them rated on consumer reports and wonder why???
    Very disappointed in these windows.

  22. I live in Fort Lauderdale and plan to replace 38 windows and doors; needing to comply with Miami-Dade Hurricane code. I really prefer fiberglass and like the Marvin Essential line. Looking on the website it seems that they are only certified for zone 3 impact and I believe that I am zone 4. Do you know if the Marvin impact Essential could be Miami Dade approved? Or do you know any other manufacturers that make a fiberglass window with Miami-Dade impact approval?
    Thank you!

  23. Twenty years ago I purchased 20 Marvin double hung windows for my home. I have had the Marvin dealer out in 2005/2007/2015/2017/2021 to replace jamb liner assemblies. This has impacted about 15 of the windows(some of the service receipts did not include the amount so number may be off by 1 or 2). They either have an inferior design or their quality is second rate, or both. When contacting Marvin they simply state that the product is out of warranty. When we did an addition 23 years ago we used 11 Anderson windows. The Anderson windows have never needed any servicing and still functioning great. I wish I would have kept with Anderson as their quality has been superior.

  24. Hello,

    We have original wood windows in our house (1970) that are starting to mold and have condensation in between the panes (not technically double paned, more like a “storm window” locked into the original pane. We are looking to replace many of our windows, with future remodel plans not going to do them all. My Dad, who has friends in construction, has recommended Marvin windows, but we are curious, are they really worth the price? They seem to be excellent windows, but we would love a second opinion from someone who knows windows. Other options in our area (Madison, WI) include Sunrise Restorations, Renewal by Andersen, and Pella. Thank you!

  25. I have Ultimate Casement windows. These are Marvin’s top-of-the-line. The handles break off frequently. The technician never shows up. The technician just sends parts in the mail and then tells you to install them yourself. These technicians are 3rd party and just scam Marvin and the user. Terrible experience.

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