Milgard Windows Reviews

milgard windows reviews

Milgard windows  are primarily available in the western US and Canada.  They make a complete line of new construction and replacement windows in wood, vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum.  Milgard used to operate plants on the US east cost, but those operations have closed in recent years.

Historically Milgard was known as primarily a new construction window company, but after the drop off in new construction several years back they increased their focus on remodeling products.

Milgard vinyl options:

  • Tuscany
  • Montecito
  • Style Line
  • Quiet Line

Wood window options:

  • Essence Series

Milgard Fiberglass windows:

  • Ultra Series
  • WoodClad Series

Aluminum window options:

  • Standard Aluminum
  • Thermally Improved Aluminum

As you can see there are many options when it comes to Milgard, but you probably already know what frame material you’re looking for.  As our Milgard windows reviews continue to be updated you be able to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Unfortunately, the folks on the east coast who purchased Milgard windows back when they were more readily available in that part of the world will likely have a difficult time with any warranty issues.  If you’re on the west coast or in Canada that shouldn’t be a concern.

What should you avoid doing when shopping for new windows?

I always say you should avoid falling in love with a window model before you know if it’s offered by a reputable company in your area. We see people do that all the time and it’s a classic mistake.

There are plenty of great window options out there. The best first step is to find a great window company to help with your order. They’ll be able to make recommendations and you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

What if I have more questions about Milgard windows?

We can help!  Find our Milgard windows FAQ page here.  If you don’t see the answer to your question post a comment and we’ll answer your question for everyone to see.

Looking for any additional information on Milgard windows that you’re not finding here?  Post a comment and let us know.  We’ll be glad to help out!

Find the best replacement windows reviews here and you can also find information on common window sales tactics to avoid right here.

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39 thoughts on “Milgard Windows Reviews”

  1. New to your site..Just got quoted 1k for a 48×48 bathroom slider..Simonton Clear aHome Depot rep..seemed kind of high..has a lifetime warranty..blah blah blah:)

    after reading a bunch ofHD complaints, I d like some feedback..Tks

    1. For just one window you’re going to end up paying something like that. I’d suggest checking out Angie’s List to find a good window company. They’ll be a better fit for a window project than a big box store. Good luck with the project and be sure to let us know how it goes.

  2. hi window dog.

    what are your thoughts on the milgard ultra / wood clad series? do you think it is a good quality window?

    thanks so much

  3. Milguard windows are terrible. My windows are only 10 years old and leak like crazy. Life time warranty is non-existent. No such thing. This same BS applies almost all these window manufacturers. They make someone else cover the warranty and none do.

  4. I recently ordered a house full of Milgard windows, close to 50. The latch mechanism on almost 1/2 of them is so hard to use that a strong adult male would have trouble with it. My wife and children will never be able to open 1/2 of the windows unless I sue them because Milgard doesn’t give a flying f. Here’s a simple test for them: Ask them how long the wait is to even talk to someone about problems. In my case, it’s 5 months before someone will even come to my house to look at the problem. That’s pathetic. I wish I had read these reviews before I bought them.

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your trouble. Sounds like it’s likely an installation issue. Is the company that installed them helping?

      1. Hi Window Dog,

        I’m a little out of my depth. What leads you to think it’s an installation problem? The installers have clearly messed up a number of things, but it’s hard to understand how this is even possible. The windows are within a frame, so all they had to do (I think) is put them in a spot and nail them in. How would that affect how the window opens and closes? It seems the only answer is that as custom windows, Milgard did some wrong measuring. I put a video of it here if that helps:

        1. Well, I was thinking the locking issues were caused by the window being pushed in one way or another, but after watching your video I think I was wrong. I would bet that the locks could be adjusted to get them working right. Has the company that installed them taken a look at it?

          1. Nope, not yet. That’s one of the things about Milgard that has me so pissed. Super highly stressful for a homeowner because (as the worrying type) I don’t know if this is a 20k problem (meaning I have to replace 1/3 of my windows) or a $5k problem (I have to have my installers do some work on them) or a $0 problem (Milgard lives up to its warranty). Here’s the rub. I didn’t know until long after we received the windows that Milgard’s warranty might be void since my installers didn’t “immediately” paint the windows. Now let me start by saying, this seems to be non-standard and they should have put something in bold on the windows for my contractors to see. It’s not like they are going to go on the web and look at a warranty that is then linked to “Use and Care” requirements. Anyway, we just had the wettest season out here in 7 years so even though the windows were already primed, I supposed they could argue that they windows absorbed moisture and swelled. I don’t completely buy that because 2/3rds of the windows are fine, but given how hard they have been to deal with to date (and looking at all the negative Yelp reviews they have), I can imagine they will latch on to anything to avoid dealing with me. Aside from the swollen windows, I’m unclear now how to test the leaks. We’ve sealed everything up but the rains have largely stopped and so now I can’t show them the guts (although I think I have some video). 🙁 Anyway, I’m in the process of contacting lumber experts to explore the swelling argument. That could just be me spinning out, but I’ve found some good websites and nothing suggests that ambient moisture would make them swell AFTER they’ve been sealed with primer.

        2. Installation is mote than sticking a window in a hole. It has to be squared, level and shimmed if necessary. Poor installation is often the culprit in poorly functioning windows. An out of square window will be hated to open and close and it will get worse with time.

  5. Don’t be mislead by the advertised “Full Lifetime Warranty”. There really is no such thing and is only used to mislead customers. Once the house is sold, the warranty goes to only 10 years from the original date of the window purchase. Which means if you lived in your house for more than 10 years the warranty is void for the next home owner. Milgard tells me if they extended the warranty to new owners they would go out of business. Really? That is because they know their windows will not last a lifetime and they count on the fact that almost everyone sells their house and therefore they really don’t have to honor a “lifetime warranty”. I bought a house within 2 months of the 10 year period expiring, the seals have breached on 5 of my windows at the time of purchase. Unfortunately, I did not figure out who the manufacturer was until April 10 months later which means the warranty was void 8 months ago. When I called Milgard to see if there is anything they could do, they told me no. So beware, there really is not a lifetime warranty unless you are born and die in the same house! I can’t wait to tell this story to anyone who will listen including google, and yelp. Don’t fall for the misleading advertising!

    1. It is important to read the warranty. All the terms are pretty clearly spelled out. I would bet Milgard could send you new sashes, you’ll just need to pay for them. I paid a lot of money for a fancy car 4 years ago and now most of the warranty is up so I need to pay for repairs. That’s life.

      1. What my point was is how misleading the advertised warranty is, not whether the fine print addressed the issue. They advertise a “lifetime warranty” implying that the windows will last a lifetime, but the quality of the product is so poor that they know there is noway the windows will last that long and they bank on the fact that no one ever lives in their house for a lifetime and therefore the “fine print” will always kick in. I’m sure they covered themselves legally, but the misleading advertising speaks volumes to the integrity of this company. It would be one thing if they just admitted that their windows could never last a lifetime but still make a quality product that will last as long as practical but these windows are crap.

  6. I just moved into a house that had several custom Milgard windows installed 3 years ago. The windows are of a few different types – casement, awning, picture and double hung. There are no problems with the double hung or picture windows. The hardware on the casement and awning windows is the problem. A part of, or the whole lever that must be lifted when opening the windows or pushed down to completely close the window are constantly popping out. I can push them back in but they are clearly not functioning as they should. Not sure that I am using the right words to explain this but, getting the cranks on the casement windows to tun back after closing the window is difficult In the case of one window, I can’t seem to get it in close enough to pull the lever down to lock it without being concerned that I’m going to break it. This is completely ridiculous for windows that are only 3 years old. I need to replace 6 – 7 other windows this summer and I am not going to consider Milgard and thought about RBA but the high pressure, used car sales tactics complaints that I am seeing on many different ratings sites really turns me off.

    1. Hi Laurie, sorry to hear about your trouble. Someone else wrote in a while back with a similar issue with Milgard windows. I hope it’s not a trend. Have you tried calling their customer service line? You might have a warranty if they’re only 3 years old.

  7. One thing is for sure it really helps when the window frame is installed with a high degree of accuracy. Most windows perform well for 10 years after that how a will a window perform? Go figure “quality culture payback” kicks in. Most homebuilders use below average windows to save a few buck in reality new home windows selectio IS worth an extra 1000 usd if you plan on being in the home for more than 15 years…so look for above average window quality and lock in “good”.. window quality. Its the most overlooked item in any new home..its “NOT” an after thought get IT right right up front. Otherwise its could cost a lot more for replacement windows after ten years…

  8. The Milgard center lock monticeto is a defective window. We are a restoration company and we have 4 homes with this window that won’t latch. As stated by others it takes an adult male to force them into place. Some still won’t work. Milgard rep came on site and mumbled about installation. We were able to show they were in fact square, shimmed and correct. One showed a banana frame. Our group is now going to pursue relief thru court. I’d never buy another Milgard product.

    1. Thanks for sharing the info and I’m sorry to hear about the trouble. Let us know if you find any resolution.

  9. I have Milgard Single Hung Positive Action Lock windows installed by an authorized Milgard vendor in my house. I have a problem with one window that will not close far enough to lock. I have checked that there are no obvious obstructions in the lower frame drip closure area. The sash needs to travel about another 1/2″ lower to latch as compared to the window next to it. I have tried to apply very firm pressure to the top of the sash to close/lock the window without success. I can open the lower window sash to the full travel without issue.

    Any ideas on what might be the cause.

    Thank you in advance!

    1. There must be something blocking the movement of one of the sashes. That’s the only possible explanation. If you’ve checked out the area at the bottom, then I’d look at the top and and the meeting rail in the center where the two sashes meet.

      Sometimes you’ll see windows with an interlock at the meeting rail, (think the two sashes hooking together when they close) where the interlocks are hitting each other. They used to call this crashing interlocks back in the day. If the lip on one sash got bent or damaged it could be hitting the lip on the other causing them to not slide past each other.

      I’d check the area at the top of the frame first. If that’s clear look at the meeting rail at the center of the window to see if anything is preventing the sashes from coming together properly. If the two sashes are a half inch off when closed there must be something in the way somewhere. I bet you can find it.

    1. We considered carrying them in one of our stores as a test, but never did. I believe the air infiltration rates were on the high side. What did you like or not like about them?

  10. Hi, We’re looking to do a whole home window replacement (32 windows) upgrading from builder grade aluminum to vinyl. We’re wanting black (or very dark) exterior color and white interior color. We like the sleek look of the Styleline windows but I’m afraid they might not be enough of an upgrade for the investment reading the reviews. I asked our rep about the new Trinsic Series and she says they’re very nice but not really necessary for us for the price difference since 25 of the 32 windows we’ll be replacing with picture windows. What are your thoughts on this? Are there any other brands we should be considering? I hope we’re not sacrificing quality for the thinner profile look we want.

  11. We just completed the replacement of 32 windows in our 22 year old custom stucco home. They are Milgard Style Line. While the install was long, we had no problems with the install process. However, while cleaning the windows at the end of the project, I found 7 windows with flaws from the factory in the middle section of the double paned part. Of course they are covered by warranty, but I was not happy to hear that we have to have 20% of our windows replaced due to factory error. I would tell anyone installing Milgard Style Line to examine each window carefully for flaws (scratches).

  12. Hello Window Dog!
    Man, I got to tell you – the dizzying array of windows, installers and pricing out there is painful. I am looking at a $30k -$35k investment in windows for my home and my confidence level in any purchase right now is super low – Some brands rate high with consumers, some are low (granted, people complain more often than positive reviewers), pricing is all over the board -i feel stuck.
    I am considering Milgard Tuscany, Revere Berkshire Elite, Pella 250 or 350, and maybe Softlite though financially that one is a stretch. Any input is welcome!
    Love your site and YouTube channel, thanks for doing what you do!

      1. Hello Dan! First of all, THANK YOU for all you do! The forum is awesome. The information is awesome. There is NO OTHER website I can find with comprehensive and independent thought. You’ve tapped into an amazing opportunity… i would even pay for you to program manage this for me!
        We are in zip code 80528, Fort Collins (north of Denver).
        I have contacted Zen windows (mentioned on your website) already with Softlite quotes coming in between $39k-$43k (33 or so windows). Super awesome team so far to work with but is a bit out of my budget. I am seeking alt product options with them still, but pursuing alt brands/installers as well (for $40k, i think that’s probably necessary…).

        Angie’s List, check. Home Advisor, check. One local guy who sells a “leading” brand is all mad at me now because i have now asked to quote brown exterior instead of white. And the a local Pella guy took three weeks to respond to questions for us, prompting me to call Pella in Denver for a competitive bid. They come out Monday for a measure and a quote on Pella series 350.
        I had a measurement yesterday from a Denver-market company offering Milgard Tuscany. The team was awesome and i will await my quote over the next couple days. Milgard is local Denver which is why i am looking into them for quality and warranty.

        Venting, sorry. All said, $40k and it seems so frustrating to spend that kind of money. The myriad brands available, and stumbles we’ve had in spending that kinda money is a little frustrating. But we press on, and any advise is welcomed, and appreciated. Thank you Window Dog!!

        1. Dan: have you found someone on the front range who sells a good mid grade vinyl window installed for 350-450/window? please let me know if so.

  13. What about MI homemaker3 wi Dow’s and doors. Are they good. Never heard of them until today

    1. Mi Tends to make windows that are very focused on being inexpensive which means not very focused on quality. Different people have different goals, just something to be aware of.

  14. I recommend avoiding Milgard windows like the plague. We bought our house 17 years after it was built. One of the first things that I did was call Milgard. I was told that the lifetime warranty on the failing windows only applied to the original owner. The seal has broken between the panes, making the glass look like it belongs in a haunted house. In addition, locks on three windows have broken. Milgard does not stand behind its products.

    1. Remember, any reputable company will honor their warranty and probably won’t do a whole lot more than what was in their warranty. If they were offering a lifetime non-transferable warranty then that’s what you get. They’re not the bad guys for not providing more warranty coverage 17 years after the fact than they ever promised to offer.

      I’d suggest that your issue is with the builder who picked those windows or the seller (if they told you the windows did have a warranty) or yourself for not understanding whether or not the windows had a warranty.

      It would be like being mad at Ford for offering a 36,000 mile warranty and then not fixing a problem at 50,000 miles. It’s out of warranty, that doesn’t make them bad human beings.

  15. Hello, I’d like to better understand the difference in quality between Milgard Ultra and Anderson Windows. I know Anderson is a top named and rated brand, but it’s 2x’s the cost. Is Milgard a good quality product or is it just marketing? We are ready to make a purchase and appreciate the recommendation.

    1. Hi Kristine, in my opinion Andersen is more of a new construction window company. They do make some remodeling products that are perfectly nice, but I don’t think there’s any reason to pay double the cost to get them. Milgard offers perfectly nice choices too.

  16. We purchased our home this year. It was rebuilt after the High Peak fire in 2012, so it’s a new house built in 2013. Our windows are Milgard. So noisy and leaky. You can hear the wind whistling through them like crazy. It blows the blinds. I would not recommend them in this climate especially. We are in Bellvue, north of Fort Collins. They may be under warranty, but given the reviews I just read, I am not hopeful.

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