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best vinylmax vinyl windows reviews

Vinylmax is relatively small window manufacturing company based in Ohio.  Their reputation is not particularly strong and their sales pitch typically involves them being cheaper and/or faster than their competitors.

Here’s something to think about, if a company uses a 5 day lead time as a main sales pitch when most other manufacturers operate on 7-10 day cycles does that tell you anything?  Sure it does, it tells you that they don’t have much else to hang their hats on.

Your new windows will be in your house for years to come.  Does it matter if you got them 3 days sooner?  Probably not.  Of course there could be a circumstance, maybe when selling or flipping a house, where you absolutely must get the windows fast.  If that’s a position you find your self in Vinylmax might be a great option.

We’ll be posting Vinylmax windows reviews of the following window lines:

  • Vinylmax Classics
  • The Vinylmax Collection
  • Thermolock Windows
  • Prestige Windows
  • Trends Series
  • SherWood Series
  • Radiance Windows

Interestingly you’ll see the SherWood windows which are referred to as wood windows are actually vinyl windows with wood pieces glued to the interior.  This doesn’t necessarily make them better or worse than real wood windows, but it is strange that they’re consistently referred to as wood windows when the structure is vinyl.  Of course it makes sense that the window is a vinyl window underneath the wood as it’s produced by a company called Vinylmax.

As we’re wrapping up our Vinylmax windows reviews you can find the best replacement window reviews online right here!

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51 thoughts on “Vinylmax Windows Reviews”

  1. Great site!!! Very helpful! We have a bid for some ThermoLock Hallmark windows. It appears the fall under this VinylMax company. Have you done any more testing or reviews on these windows?

    Thank you!

    1. We haven’t completed Vinylmax reviews just yet. There’s a lot on our plate here and we’re running a replacement window business in several states at the same time. The joys of owning a small business… We’ll get to Vinylmax, but as a relatively small player it might not be right away. If you’d like to send us a sample window or two that would probably move them up in line. Our new reviews will mostly come with videos too.

      1. To thewindowdog: I think the fact that you run a replacement window business is telling. Can you really be objective in your reviews or are you like so many reviewers that have an agenda? What lines do you sell? In a comment you remarked the max someone should pay is $475 per window unit without having have sizes, line, style of windows, location of work, etc… That’s just irresponsible. Pus what does it serve to make that person feel bad about a purchase? Be honest anyone can start a website and claim to be a reviewer without any credibility. You should call this a biased – opinion site.

        1. Thanks for taking the time to write Ken. As the owner of one of the largest window companies in the country I could offer any products I want. We decide which products to carry based on the info here on the site. In fact one of the reasons for starting the site was that we were constantly evaluating the options so we had a wealth of info and thought folks shopping for windows would like to see it. So far that’s been proven to be true.

          In an effort to be transparent I’m very clear about who I am and who my company is. In addition, any time we talk about products we carry we make a note of it.

          If you have any suggestions as to how we could be more clear I’d be happy to hear them.

          1. I have a suggestion….. stick to the facts. I run a small home improvement company in Maryland. I’ve been offered a Vinlymax window to market and sell. Since I am not familiar with Vinlymax, I do what most people will do, Google.

            When I came across your page about Vinlymax I was a little taken aback. You have nothing about the functionality of the window but everything concerning your opinion about turnaround time and the company name. What if Vinlymax is a highly organized and streamlined organization? Thereby cutting two days off of lead to time and therefore being able to produce a good window at and even more fair price? I then noticed that the page is out of date…. 2014. For clarity if you have an out of date page, it should be updated or deleted.

            When I was a sales person for a pretty large window company, I would always come to to see what you guys were saying about various windows. I even watched your YouTube page. I haven’t been there for a long time. Now, the verbiage you use on your pages, resembles same scripted verbiage that I had to memorize during an in-home window sales presentation.

            This is just my opinion. Stick to the facts. If you do not know, or do not have the facts then don’t say anything.

          2. Thanks for taking the time to write. The fact is that if one of the biggest selling points a company offers is saving 2 days that tells me that they don’t have anything more valuable to write about. It’s completely possible that I’m wrong. Maybe there is something fantastic about their windows that they want to keep secret.

            What do you think separates them from other options?

            And, has anything changed with VinylMax windows since 2014? I’ll be happy to post new info. I wasn’t aware of any major changes.

      2. Would def be nice to see this review. I would like to know how it stands up against the Simonton 5500. One of the big replacement window companies that I subcontract from offers the Vinylmax 4600 as their standard base option so would be nice to see how it performs.

  2. We have had Vinylmax windows installed in our home for 8 years and we have only had one problem, one window leaked air and moisture collected between panes, they replaced unit and no further problems, so far the windows have functioned as promised and do better than the two Andersen windows that were already installed and we left them in, they sweat more and mold tends to accumulate on the Andersen windows and not the Vinylmax, so all in all we prefer the Vinylmax.

  3. We have a bid for some ThermoLock Hallmark Double Hung Vinylmax windows. Thoughts/feedback/reviews from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  4. Your comments regarding this company’s products is disparaging but provides absolutely no negative reviews nor any factual support, except that they are a small firm that provides fast service at an affordable price. I’m a contractor whose business is built on doing the same–its the American way. I think that you owe VinylMax a public apology. I sell and install a variety of replacement windows. Truth is, there are a lot of window manufacturers in the market today; the difference between brands is much less than 10 years ago. Properly installed, most brands will serve the customer well for many years. The shoddy workmanship in this equation is the Window Dog.

    1. I appreciate your feedback and I’m gad you took the time to write. My experience with VinylMax windows was several years ago and it wasn’t great. It is possible that things have changed and we’re always happy to update information.

      I asked VinylMax for samples so we could post updated reviews based on their current products and I never heard back. If you’d like to send some our way we’ll be glad to post updated information.

      What do you see as the top two or three reasons to pick VinylMax windows?

  5. I literally just purchased Vinylmax Windows today and awaiting installation before January 25th. The salesman I worked with was great and took 2.5 hours going over everything. My last windows fogged and the alignments started failing so I choose Vinylmax because of the 25 year warranty on the screens and overall promise of the window and if anything other than a break occurs it is covered. I will let you know the outcome as soon as the windows are in and functioning. Pricing I did not look too much into but about 20,000 for 6 Windows and 2 sliding glass doors was my rate plus a small amount of discounts for a few things. New at window buying not sure if that was reasonable for the windows, labor, and disposal of the old products.

    1. 20K is a ridiculous amount for 6 windows and two 6068 doors. At the maximum, you should have paid $475.00 for each window and $3,500 for each door. MAX. Installed. The only caveats would be if you ordered a painted exterior and or a woodgrain interior, then it would be higher, or if you purchased any upgrades on the standard glass package. These can add to the price, but not enough to go from $9,850 to 20K. Also, a 2 1/2 hour presentation is psych warfare. He wore you down, just like he was trained to do.

      1. Agreed. Wow.20k for 6 Windows and 2 patio doors! My hope is that consumers could be more educated on what they should be paying for home improvements in general.maybe this site can help.people need to think outside the box.(primarily the big box stores) when it comes time to purchase Windows. Tom.

    2. Wow! That is a lot of money for 6 windows! I hope they are floor to ceiling. Plus some. I just had the Radiance by vinyl max installed today. They are beautiful. They are crystal clear as if you are not looking through a window. They are very quiet and open smoothly and very easy. I actually chose these because I loved the bay window. I am doing a grant for my father who was robbed years ago when he got new siding, roof, windows and doors. They looked cheap and operated even worse than they looked. Unfortunately the guy he purchased them from died. They did not even insulate the windows. Horrible. This time around I got a great contractor who has great installers. These have lifetime warranty and transferable. This includes if the window gets broken by a freak accident for example a rock going through it.

      I will say I did not like the sales person who introduced me to them. But I loved the window. I was going to go through his partner however my contractor got them through his supplier for $50 less a window and quicker. I feel I was being taken advantage of. However the joke is on them because they lost the sale and I found a great product thanks to their help.

      These windows look very classy for being a vinyl window. The thing I like about them is there is more glass and less vinyl. Once the contractor caulks them completely because the other windows my father bought were not installed properly period. It is 21 degrees today and we are expecting 2 ft of snow tonight. The house is already warmer and they have not finished installing all of them.

      Super happy and I am a customer not a dealer or salesman for them.

  6. I was a rep for Vinylmax for 5 years. I ended the representation to open a hardware store. the ownership and the products are some of the best in the industry. They do not up charge much for triple panel like everyone else. None of the windows I sold have had a problem. I think the fact you own a window company my cloud your judgement, They have many employees that have worked there for over 20 years. And yes the Sherwood is a vinyl window with wood interior but it is NOT glued on it is a free floating, hand crafted piece which allows for expansion and contraction of the frame. Get your facts straight

  7. Think 20k is outrageous? Appleby rep just quoted 38k for the windows and one standard sz. patio door in our late 80’s bi-level, you know the kind with small windows. No we didn’t bite! Doing our homework. Glad the test isn’t tomorrow. Stopped here for some info. I do wish this site was a little easier to navigate. I like side-by-side comparisons.

    1. Glad you’re enjoying the site. You know I’d like side by side comparisons too. I’ve worked on a few times and always found it becomes difficult because each model has so many options. For example, it’s easy to say a Simonton 5050 window comes with cheap screens, no balance covers, single strength glass and a higher air infiltration rating, but almost all of those factors can be fixed by adding options to the windows. My comparisons get a little hard to navigate pretty quickly.

      Anyway, glad to hear you didn’t spend $38k on your new windows. Be sure to let us know how things go!

  8. Vinylmax just redesigned most of their product lines to be ahead of the curve on the new 2016 energy star. Thermally they are rated higher than many of the companies selling at the same price category. Their warranty is lifetime non pro rated and they stand by the warranty.

    When deciding on the quality of a window shouldnt it be evaulated on the thermal qualitys,construction and fit and finish not how they are compared to other companies on how fast they get them turned around.

    So by your evauation any company that has a faster turn around than their competion must be low quality. When you do your installs do you tell your employees to work slow so your company can be regared as being in the better group.

    You shouldnt be reviewing any companies at all until you have all your evaluations completely done and you should stick to the facts on performance values and not your unprofessional views based on nothing. You owe many window companies an apology.

    1. Ha, no and I didn’t intend to insult you. If you’d like to send over sample windows we’ll happy to include the new designs in our information. If not then there is little I can do to help. Hit the contact button on the bottom of every page if you’d like to coordinate a delivery.

        1. We never pay for samples. I could see them charging small companies as everyone thinks they’re going to be huge and wants enough samples for 15 salespeople. In my experience if you’re doing pretty decent business companies will practically throw samples at you. Different manufacturers certainly could be different.

  9. My Vinyal Max Windows are 20 years old, through the years i have experienced trouble with locks on double hung windows, the inside of the lock came apart so i can’t lock them. Two other things have happened too. The seal foam between the windows are starting to pop up and two of my small windows have cracks right up the middle. I have a lifetime warranty on these windows but don’t know who to contact about these problems , can you help? I hve 18 Windows.

    1. There’s a phone number on their website. Try giving them and ring and let us know what happens. 513.772.2247

  10. I just got a quote for these windows as well my front portion of my roof needs replaced do to poor workmanship on the house prior to me buying it, and flashing on the back section were the house meets the 1st floor roof. 3900 to fix everything. Dunno where you all live but your cost of living is outrageous. As far as the windows any thing is better than what we have now. Old wooden rattling air gaping caulked shut windows. And if they the vinylmax last 20 years I’d day it’s worth every penny the contractor asked for

  11. I have had Vinylmax windows for about 9 years. Great window. Absolutely no issues. When I ordered these the supplier said they had no returns for issues. If you are looking for great bang for the buck, they treated me right.

  12. Window Dog ~

    I am having a contractor remodel our house and I lived off site and visited the construction site/my home often. One day I came and the windows were installed without asking me anything about what I wanted. I was livid! I was SO involved in the decision-making of the remodel that he wouldn’t install anything until I approved or picked it out myself before hand.

    Then I found out they were Vinylmax. I insisted he tell me how much he paid for 12 standard ( no bay, doors, no floor to ceiling etc.) and he was trying everything not to show me windows. Finaly I cornered him…he paid $2,2oo.oo. I know NOTHING about windows.

    The original windows had a nice metal lock…these are plastic and very flimsy. I have no idea of their history, quality, etc. I may be wrong, but isn’t $2,200 for a dozen windows pretty cheap? …
    as in “too cheap.”

    I quickly looked up an Andersen with the same size and what I wanted was about $250. Looks like they paid $160. So, he basically bought a window and they turned around and gave him the money back! Made a few bucks at my expense …I thinks it’s a pretty bold move to surprise someone with all the windows put in with NO communication what-so-ever.

    That could lead to insisting on them changing or taking them to court. Either way, NOW where’s your “stolen” profit? That’s why I thought “bold move”. Anyhow…

    Thanks in advance for information on Vinylmax. Mainly looking for quality, price and guarentee. ( I guess that’s about all of it)!


    1. I don’t want to get in the middle of your lawsuit threats. Probably something you should work out with the installer. Vinylmax isn’t a window I would put in my house.

          1. I would Love a recommendation for a double hung either triple pane or double pane window that is vinyl and I live in ZIP Code 20151

  13. I just bought a house and all of the windows need replaced. We are starting with the dining room and kitchen, which is 13 windows total (2 double hung, 11 that will either be fixed or casements.)

    The 2 quotes I am deciding between are using either the Vinylmax Edison series or the Alside Mezzo. All of the reviews are mixed and I cannot figure out what will be best. The Vinylmax windows come out to $511 per window and the Alside or $373. The windows in the dining room are definitely a wow factor and I don’t want to make the wrong decision by buying something bulky. At the same time, we froze last winter and need something that is energy efficient. Any help is appreciated!!

  14. 14 Franklin style windows have broken cam shoes these are new construction. One has damaged glass. Regional sales rep is not a nice person to say the least. All he cares about is making the sale. After that is done he doesn’t stand behind the product quality. All he tries to do is belittle the customer to make his point. Tries to make the customer feel inferior like they damaed the windows by neglect rather than quality failure. Lies about past service calls to house. The repair techs have done subpar work and displayed sub par craftsmanship. Now that 1 year is past they will only ship new parts. The warranty people try to claim manufacturing defects rather than product quality defects to avoid warranty claims. I’m not happy at all with them. I have issues with parts failing and the sales rep refuses to concede that the product quality is sub par and needs redesigned. Buyer beware. You get what you pay for! I would go with other companies before these people again.

  15. My neighbor installs Vinylmax windows, double pane, u-factor 0.28, Solar heat coefficient 0.39,Visable transmittance 0.56, Air leakage less than 0.3. I wanted to support his business. I did not do m y homework. I had to replace my casement windows – they were falling apart. My neighbor did a very good job in extracting the casement windows without damage. Sealed them well. I can see the savings in my gas bill. The only problem, and it is significant, is that I can hear cars and motorcycles go by on the next street over. LI lve about 1 mile from I-75. When the atmospherics are right, the sound is really distracting. The best way to describe it is that the windows amplify the noise. My casements blocked out the noise. The upside is that I replaced all the windows in my small home (8 windows) for $3200. I would not recommend that you purchase these windows.

    1. Hi Tim, thanks for writing in and I’m sorry to hear about the issue you’re having with sound. That sounds a little unusual.

  16. I had them installed in the Fall of 18. Do you think it could be the seal? I see no gaps. I watched him caulk. He was generous with the compound. What else do you think it could be?

    1. Well, if you’re seeing an improvement in efficiency and you don’t feel a draft or anything then I’d say it’s safe to assume they’re sealed relatively well. It could just be that the certain frequencies of sound that you have outside happen to be frequencies that the product you have isn’t blocking as well as the previous windows.

      You might be able to get new glass for the sashes that would be different, maybe triple pane, that might help. The risk is that it might not help and you’d have already paid for it by the time you find out. Unfortunately I don’t have an easy solution.

  17. Vinylmax actually produces a couple great windows. Energy Star National Partner of the Year 4 years and running. It’s also a family owned, 2nd generation operated business.
    It takes about the same amount of time to manufacture all of these Vinyl Windows. However Vinylmax are able to do if more efficiently. All of their specs are comparable if not better than the Alside Windows you sell, and have much less issues coming off of the line.
    You don’t need a sample to “know more about it”. You can look at the specs and tell what kind of product it is. And if you do want more information, don’t take a positive about the manufacture and turn it into something that is a negative review; instead act like you are selling it, and do a fair review. Makes you lose your integrity.

  18. Better windows, like cars, are more expensive. To many consumers purchase based on price and are unhappy with the results. Window manufacturers make different models for a reason. Mass market models are not the same qulaity and their more expensive window models, neiher is their permformance. Top of the line windows differ how? Maybe thicker vinyl extrusion (more sturdy). Better Insulated Glass (triple is a real energy saver). Better Insulated Glass Spacer. Better Glass Warranty, double strength glass. May have hidgh density foam filling in frame and sashes for more sound deadening and energy efficiency. Heavier duty balances. Consumers can’t realley tell by just looking at a window. Expect to spend in $700-$1000 for a typical high quality double hung vinyl replacement windows.

  19. Ridiculous review totally lacking in content and disparaging. Lead time has nothing to do with a windows’s quality. Pretty absurd statement. If you haven’t had time to evaluate the windows themselves made by Vinylmax just say so and move on. The Sherwood Vinylmax window has been discontinued for some time. You are really behind in your information. Vinylmax produces windows from their Ohio plant as well as Clifton Park, NY plant (the former Prime Vinyl Concepts factory owned by Jim Waters). The products are not the same from both plants. You would have to evaluate window models from each plant separately. Sorry, but you are not up to date with your information.

    1. Hi John, thanks for taking the time to write. Which Vinylmax window models do you sell and why did you pick them?

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