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best vinylmax vinyl windows reviews

Vinylmax is relatively small window manufacturing company based in Ohio.  Their reputation is not particularly strong and their sales pitch typically involves them being cheaper and/or faster than their competitors.

Here’s something to think about, if a company uses a 5 day lead time as a main sales pitch when most other manufacturers operate on 7-10 day cycles does that tell you anything?  Sure it does, it tells you that they don’t have much else to hang their hats on.

Your new windows will be in your house for years to come.  Does it matter if you got them 3 days sooner?  Probably not.  Of course there could be a circumstance, maybe when selling or flipping a house, where you absolutely must get the windows fast.  If that’s a position you find your self in Vinylmax might be a great option.

We’ll be posting Vinylmax windows reviews of the following window lines:

  • Vinylmax Classics
  • The Vinylmax Collection
  • Thermolock Windows
  • Prestige Windows
  • Trends Series
  • SherWood Series
  • Radiance Windows

Interestingly you’ll see the SherWood windows which are referred to as wood windows are actually vinyl windows with wood pieces glued to the interior.  This doesn’t necessarily make them better or worse than real wood windows, but it is strange that they’re consistently referred to as wood windows when the structure is vinyl.  Of course it makes sense that the window is a vinyl window underneath the wood as it’s produced by a company called Vinylmax.

As we’re wrapping up our Vinylmax windows reviews you can find the best replacement window reviews online right here!

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54 responses to “Vinylmax Windows Reviews”

  1. John Houle Avatar
    John Houle

    Ridiculous review totally lacking in content and disparaging. Lead time has nothing to do with a windows’s quality. Pretty absurd statement. If you haven’t had time to evaluate the windows themselves made by Vinylmax just say so and move on. The Sherwood Vinylmax window has been discontinued for some time. You are really behind in your information. Vinylmax produces windows from their Ohio plant as well as Clifton Park, NY plant (the former Prime Vinyl Concepts factory owned by Jim Waters). The products are not the same from both plants. You would have to evaluate window models from each plant separately. Sorry, but you are not up to date with your information.

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi John, thanks for taking the time to write. Which Vinylmax window models do you sell and why did you pick them?

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