Wincore Windows Reviews

wincore windows reviews

Wincore is a relatively new replacement window manufacturer based in West Virginia.  Wincore was founded in 2007 by a group of former executives from Simonton Windows.  They currently produce 2 lines of replacement windows and 2 lines of new construction windows.

We’ll be providing detailed Wincore windows reviews on the following replacement windows:

  • 5400 Series
  • 7700 Series

We’ll also be providing Wincore windows reviews on these new construction options:

  • 400 Series
  • 500 Series

Beyond these Wincore windows reviews we’ll also be looking at the Wincore windows warranty.  The basics of the warranty are pretty strong.  There are a few drawbacks and it appears the warranty is structured to avoid claims in the first place.

For example, it says that in the event of a warranty claim the products will be inspected, then the replacement products will be produced (if necessary) for you AFTER you ship the old products back to the company at your expense.  That’s a strange one that we haven’t seen before.

Beyond that the warranty is pretty standard.  If doesn’t cover glass breakage and the insulated glass warranty is prorated after 20 years.

The cost of Wincore vinyl windows can vary quite a bit.  There is nothing remarkable about the products, so we wouldn’t recommend paying a premium for them.

What’s the bottom line on Wincore windows?

Bottom line, these appear to be fine windows, but the manufacturer is relatively young.  The warranty is ok, but not fantastic.  We wouldn’t fall in love with these windows, but if they’re offered by a reputable company at a great price there’s nothing specifically wrong with them.

What if I have more questions about Wincore windows?

We can help!  Find our Wincore windows FAQ page here.  If you don’t see the answer to your question post a comment and we’ll answer your question for everyone to see.

Looking for any additional information on Wincore windows that you’re not finding here?  Post a comment and let us know.  We’ll be glad to help out!

What should you do if you think I’m wrong about something?

Post a comment below and let us know. It’s always our goal to post accurate info along with our opinions and I’m interested in your opinion as well.

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56 thoughts on “Wincore Windows Reviews”

  1. Home Install Services inc. says:

    We can attest to the quality of the Wincore product. We have been installing replacement windows for over 36 years. In that time we have installed most replacement windows you will find on the east coast market. Wincore consistently provides us quality windows for every job. If some windows aren’t approved by us, we have never had any issues with having a new product made and delivered in a faster process than the original lead time. You can see from our customer reviews, absolutely zero complaints about the Wincore window.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Thanks for the feedback. We’d like to get our hands on a few Wincore samples so we can get to the video reviews, just haven’t found the time yet. We’ll get there!

      1. Home Install Services inc. says:

        Please let us know if we can help expedite this process for you.

        1. thewindowdog says:

          You probably can. We’ll shoot you an email.

          1. Dennis Desorcy says:

            To the window dog as a further examine the windows the upper sash Springs which don’t even look like Springs there more of like a spiral rod pretty much popped out of a cylinder 9 out of 20 windows 5400 series wincore House was built in 2007 when the company first started I am looking for a recall or something before I take legal action.

          2. thewindowdog says:

            Sounds like your windows have spiral balances which were common back in the day. Have you asked them what the warranty was on those windows? I’d start there. If they’re covered by the warranty you’ll be in good shape and if they’re not you likely don’t have any legs recourse. Unfortunately new construction windows tend to be cheap and they tend to have short warranties. I’d start by asking them for a copy of the warranty from 2007 and then give it a read.

      2. Sears windows are made by Wincore with a huge mark up

        1. Gerry Clark says:

          you pay for what you get
          Sears sends windows installers to wincore training and certification.
          Sears adds a extra layer of warranty on top of wincores
          Sears actually respond and correct any issues if needed
          Sears is safe and will be here in another 138 years

    2. martha b smith says:

      What is the largest size DH window in the 5400 series and in the 7700 series?

    3. martha b smith says:

      Wincore Windows
      What is the largest size DH window in the 5400 series and n the 7700.

      Largest Size picture window in both series, 5400 and 7700

  2. I can’t find a full Wincore review on your site. I assume you haven’t gotten to it yet?

    I see your points on the Wincore warranty, but I can not tell any difference from the Simonton warranty (with Simonton breakage is only covered for 3 years, only on their double strength glass). Labor is not covered in either. Can you point out any material differences?

    What manufacturer do you recommend based on warranty coverage?



  3. I just recently had wincore 500 series new construction windows installed in my brand new attached garage which I heat. Being I live in Pennsylvania I wanted a well built window. After installation I noticed how poor quality these windows are. Save yourself the headache and purchase a better quality window. I honestly would not install this wincore window in a barn. I contacted the lumber yard where it was purchased and got the run around saying to wait till summer and see if it gets better. I don’t want a replacement made by wincore just take your junk so I don’t have to pay for disposal of these windows.

    1. Tom Salamone says:

      Wow, that sounds pretty rough. Sorry to hear about your issues (months later). However, what was poor about the quality? Wincore has been extremely reputable and lenient with our Wincore window services. We purchase thousands of these windows every year. Yes, no manufacturing process is perfect, but what truly makes the difference is that these guys will make you a new window if you are dissatisfied. Maybe you received a poor service from your lumber yard where you purchased these windows from. It could also be installed incorrectly as well.

    2. Dennis Desorcy says:

      A 5400 series window came down on my sisters head when she stuck her neck out the window the top sash came down and gave her a serious back injury she didn’t realize how deadly these windows are buyers beware new home owners beware children like to stick their heads out of Windows as well the weight of these windows are sure enough to kill that’s it. If you have Windows like this and your property you seriously need to contact the manufacturer immediately or give me a call 401 771-3866

      1. thewindowdog says:

        Windows don’t typically just fall down out of the blue. Were you able to find out what caused that?

    3. Truckin S says:

      I am in the exact same situation, new construction home, lumber yard wincore 500….HUGE amount of FROZEN CONDENSATION ON THE INSIDE OF MY HOME WINDOWS!! got the run around from lumber yard, now I’m getting it from the wincore rep! …I’m scared….

      1. Heather F Otteson says:

        mine too! Wincore are awful windows. Recently taken up the flooring against the bay of windows to find they had leaked so much causing the subfloor to begin growing mold! Any luck with the Wincore rep? I am in the same boat!

  4. Not happy. They let air in through the tracks the window slides on.

  5. C Wasserbauer says:

    Which do you think is the better window for my apartment bldg? The Wincore 5400 LowE DH OR the Alside Mezzo DH? Have used the Wincores and was satisfied. My contractor thinks the Mezzo is just a good. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

    1. thewindowdog says:

      To be honest I’m more familiar with the Mezzo windows and I think they’re a good option for an apartment building. We’ve installed them in several apartment buildings all over the country with good success. What’s the zip code of the building? I may be able to help out.

  6. I’m comparing the Wincore 7700 to the PGT 5400 . Which is better ? I live in Ocala Florida . I have a quote for $3200for 7 PGT windows vs about the same for wincore 7700. I think the 5400 PGT is the energy Vue line . For the same $$$ what’s the better deal of the two . Thank you.

  7. Looking at replacing 26 windows for my home in Pensacola. Have received quotes for Wincore DH 8800 Impact windows and Viwinco DH OceanView Impact windows. Any recomendations between the two? Also, would you know what the average cost to replace windows in this area would be?

    1. I’m no pro but I think you would be making a mistake not getting a quote from CWS or PGT . Bother these brands are made in Florida .

  8. Im really torn between the Wincore 7700 and the Alside Mezzo. Any thoughts?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I’m more family with the Alside than the Wincore. Did they tell you what the air infiltration rate of the Wincore 7700 was? That may be a differentiator.

  9. I didn’t consider the Alside just CWS ,PGT,& Wincore. I then focused on CWS ,& PGT due to quality & being more locally available for parts being made in Florida . I believe the Wincore is made in WV .

  10. Couldn’t tell you a thing about alside . I hear they are good . Wincore is made in WV I was told from Simonton people but don’t no much more than that . The Wincore windows I saw look quite nice ,& I didn’t go with them due to location of manufacture and I didn’t trust the locals installer . I went with PGT with a installer in A neighboring town due to local incompetent & scethy people . The PGT are also made in Florida where I live so I figured parts & service would be better . I will be commenting on my PGT windows in the future . They have been installed & I am dealing with one issue the installer will be taking care of (low e film put on wrong side when made ) on only one of windows I ordered .

  11. Tracey Duncan says:

    Just had wincore 7700 series windows , replaced my very old aluminium awning windows this month. Not sure on the quality, now that they are installed. Window sashes hit each other when opening/closing, some bow up in the center, difficult to lock windows, some do not close evenly even when locked down. For this I have great concerns, I brought this to the installers attention, I was was very insecure with his response, as per the sashes hitting- he simply stated if they break or scratch real bad, the warranty would replace them, and that it was possibly a design flaw, as per the bowing in the center- stated it would fall into place, as per difficult to lock- stated thats because of the tight seal, and if the locks break there covered by the warranty and can easily be replaced. Is this a norm for these windows???

    ON a personal note, I have a great concern of how well they will keep out the wind, keep in the ac/heat, due to they don’t appear to be closing evenly. They feel rather flimsy to me, noticed they tend to bend easily while installing, maybe that’s how all vinyl windows are. The framing is to wide taking away from the light coming in window (that maybe due to I’m use to my old aluminum windows which had more narrow framing which allowed more light), I find it odd aluminum windows were more narrow but definitely more sturdy of a frame. I don’t like the look of the corners of the wincore windows, not a nice finished look.
    Well thats my concerns, and present issues at this time, I’ve only had them for a week or so. I’ll try to keep in touch, please give feed back on my concerns!! It would greatly be appreciated!!!
    Sincerely, Tracey
    Have a Blessed day

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Sorry to hear about your troubles. I would talk to the company you bought them from and see what they can do to help out. I would assume that the sashes are not supposed to hit each other when they open. A reputable company would address those issues for you asap.

    2. Roy Thumme says:

      Can you update me on your wincore windows? Are you happy with them? We are considering buying them but we have the same concerns you mentioned.

      1. Glenda Elkins says:

        I had wincore replacement windows put into my home on the east coast of Virginia a few months ago. I have an enclosed porch and their large beautiful window go up and down nicely and have two locks on them. I don’t hear noise when I lock them down and my I could open my Barn door entry to allow AC in that area. I love them and ordered some mirror film and put it on the inside to reflect the heat off even better. I feel no cold air or have any issues with function or air leakage. I have had them installed all through my home. I’m adding an addition and I will order Wincore Windows. Don’t get so twisted people, these windows are working great for me. The price was reasonable. It could be some of you did it yourself instead of paying a window installer. I have a old house in Portsmouth VA and my neighbors tell me how beautiful my windows look. I’m happy with their function and efficiency. Thank you Wincore for a very good product.

        1. Do you still like your wincor windows ? I have about 25 windows to replace and have had several quotes at $1100-$1400 per window . Someone suggested wincor windows instead of pella due to the expense of them . That’s why I’m emailing you. Thanks any information is helpful !

        2. Hi Glenda,

          I’d love to speak with you directly. I live down at the oceanfront of Va Beach…I’m 3 blocks off of the beach. I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure out which replacement window to put in without breaking the bank. I had an installer recommend Wincore 400. Can you please let me know what model you used?

          1. thewindowdog says:

            Hi Glenda, my company offers windows in Va Beach and I’d be happy to help out with an online quote. You can find us here.

      2. Tracey Duncan says:

        Hi, this is Tracey, just saw your message in a update from the window dog. Never got our problems resolved. We’ve had our windows for alil over two years now, still not happy with the quality, rather flimsy, the sashes are very wiggly now, they have not fallen out but there have been times i thought they were. It seems each time i let the sashes lay down to clean for some reason they dont seem to fit snug. And the window locks you see slightly bend when locking, and the screws waller out very easily. For me Im not impressed with the over all quality of the windows… Strongly thinking of trying to sell them, if i’m able to find a buyer without loosing to much money. I don’t that will happen, so I;ll probly have to wait till i when the lottery to replace them again… lol…

    3. Tracey do you like your wincor windows ? I’m getting ready to sign a contract to have them installed in my youse in Valrico Florida. Email me and let me know

  12. Thomas Bathavic says:

    We built a new home and the contractor installed (31 ) Wincore 500 series vinyl double hung windows. Ice forms on the inside of every window where the glass meets the sash ,some windows the ice forms around the entire window glass edge. The humidity is 28% and the thermostat is set on 82 degrees just enough to raise the house temperature to 68 / 70 degrees. When it is really windy I can hold a lit match in the window jamb opening and the match will blow out, every window leaks cold air to some extent. I put a thermometer on the window sash and the temperature would read 41 degrees. I bought Duck Max strength window kit to seal off the worst windows. Some of the triple windows (106″x 58″) make creaking or cracking noises when it is very windy and the center jambs move very
    easily in and out when pushed on. Between the double pane glass usually in the upper right corner there is a 2 ” metal strip with a small white plastic plug sticking out some farther out than others did I lose my argon seal?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Thomas, have you talked to the builder or contractor about it? They might be able to help out. It does sound like there may be an issue with the windows, but it doesn’t sound like you lost the seal. If you had a seal failure you’d have fog or moisture in between the panes of glass. If you don’t see that then the seal of the glass unit is probably good. Hard to say what is causing the air infiltration without looking at them.

      Are there curtains over the windows most of the time?

    2. I didn’t go with them I went with PGT even tho a friend sold wincore . There were reviews I recall not liking on the wincore that made me have second thoughts .i feel vinyl frame around the PGT windows was more sturdy . 2 years in notone problem since install issue that was taken care of in a week. Can’t say enough about PGT . I got more for my $$$ from them and contractor with windows and doors .

      1. I have sold Wincore windows sense day one of the company. They stand behind their warranty 100% I have never had to send back a window for inspection. Moisture building up on the inside of window is caused by moisture in your house place a glass of ice water on table and watch moisture build up on outside of glass. The glass is not leaking and neither is your window and those who say sashes won’t lock or rub just speaking from experience 90% of the time it’s an installation problem.

  13. Thomas Bathavic says:

    Dan, No curtains, most of the windows have Levolor blinds. The Wincore windows have weep holes a lot of air infiltration. I spoke with a Wincore representative and was told the windows were designed with a certain amount of air infiltration. None of the French doors or man doors glass ice only the windows. They replaced three windows, the white plastic plug was in on the new windows and out on the existing windows. When the windows are locked together I can move them up and down 3/16″ to a 1/4″ in the jamb. When I raise some of the windows about 8″ or 10″ I can move them sideways 3/8″ to 1/2″ or more in the jamb.

  14. Richard Flakes says:

    I’m trying to enclose my back porch with Windows. The height has to be at least 78″. I’m looking at double hung windows. Currently I have 2 quotes.
    Window World series 4000 for $9500 for 14 windows
    Southern Industries Wincore 5400 for $11,475 12 windows.

    Also in your professional opinion do you think I’m trying to make the windows too high? I.E will they still operate properly.

  15. Just had new house built with wincore 500 series windows and not happy at all. Every double hung window has moisture in the middle where top and bottom windows meet when the temp. Gets 32 degrees outside. 11/5/19 is todays date. Moved in about 5 or 6 weeks ago. Live in north central kentucky. Window supplier says its to humid in the house. Had a humidistat that says humidity is 52 percent. Also bought another Psychometer. It read within 1 percent of the one i already had. It has not gotten that cold yet and i am expecting the problem to get worse. I think I have made a terrible mistake by purchasing or allowing these windows to have been installed into me and my wifes dream home. Will update as the weather gets colder. I have nevered reviewed any product before but I feel I needed to let people know before they make the same mistake I did. I did look for reviews before I considered wincore windows and I thought they were descent windows. Will update when weather gets colder.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Thanks for taking the time to write and I’m sorry to hear about your trouble. Have you talked to Wincore about it? I know one of the manufacturers we deal with has a pamphlet about condensation that is really helpful. It shows what temps and what relative humidity levels will allow for the potential for condensation to form. People do tend to sometimes blame the windows when it’s really just an environmental situation.

      That said, I do think it’s a little strange to have condensation on the windows when it’s only 32 degrees outside. Maybe there’s an issue with the windows that they can address. Also, leaving blinds or curtains open a bit will allow air to circulate and may prevent condensation on your windows.

      Good luck.

  16. David Cody says:

    First of all, I wanted to thank you for the trove of useful information that your site provides to people like myself who do tons of research before pulling the trigger on a major purchase.

    With that said, I’m trying to decide if I’m comparing Apple’s to Apple’s in my decision. I’m replacing all 12 Windows in my home and have quotes from a couple of sources in my small town. Thus far it’s from the following manufacturers.
    Wincore 5400 and 7700 series
    Great Lakes 6000 Series (made for The Window Source)
    Magnolia 5000 Series

    One additional question that I have is if the Energy Performance Ratings are fairly close what other factors should I consider in making my decision (other than price and warranty)?

    Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


  17. I am considering replacing 10 windows on my house with Wincore windows. I haven’t found out much about them. My contractor is an independent guy who I trust. He’s done work for me before, replacing windows about 15 years ago. The manufacturer of those windows he used then went under. Wincore has been around since 2007. Relatively young company. Should I look elsewhere? Looking into WindowUniverse out of Pittsburgh. My Wincore quote was $7483 for installation and windows.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I may be biased towards Window Universe. If the last company this installer picked went out of business and the company he’s offering now hasn’t been around very long I might suggest looking elsewhere. Why take a gamble with a smaller company? Especially when the installers track record of picking manufacturers isn’t the greatest. Let me know if I can help with anything.

  18. James Rossi says:

    Hi Window Dog,
    I live in CT and working with a local exterior organization. They partner with Wincore for windows…looking to install 5400’s for a total of $7700 or 7700’s for a total of $9,300. 14 total windows, one which is pretty large.

    Is this good pricing?

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi James, hard to say what all is involved but that pricing seems reasonable. Our pricing for projects in CT is in a similar range.

      1. James Rossi says:

        Appreciate your response. The windows are original from 1985 and wood. Looks like a decent amoutn of work to swap them out and put in new ones.

        Are you able to share your organization for a quote?

        1. thewindowdog says:

          Sure. Find us in this section. You can get a quote online with no in-home salesperson. We’ve created the easiest way to get new windows.

          1. James Rossi says:

            Thank you!!!

  19. Truckin S says:

    I’m back to update on my ONE year ago comments, on wincore 500 in my brand new built home. STILL getting the run around from wincore rep. STILL have ICE building up all over the locks and sash area. Yes I can feel the cold air rushing in…..yes they came out and checked my home humidity levels and yes they tell me it’s environmental, although my numbers read good.
    They did SEND ME, TO INSTALL, (which SUCKED!!!) some plastic chimney type pieces, balance covers, to “divert the cold air coming in from the drain holes outside”. so far winter has been mild, so no ice yet, BUT SASHES STILL HOLDING WATER AND GROWING MOLD! must clean daily and NO CURTAINS CAN BE HUNG!!! I have a custom wood interior shutter/blinds man on hold, because I cannot put any window coverings on my brand new home because of these leaking, junky wincores! And yes, a professional carpenter Installed them! The wincore rep checked all the specs for level and plum, all was good on the Install side….
    THEN, AFTER NO RESPONSE FROM REP FOR MONTHS….I got a text saying he is in the hospital and there is nothing else wincore can do for me!!! Really??? So,The only reason I chose these windows in the first place was beacsue my lumber yard salesman told me they had the best warranty…….here we go…
    I called the main office today and asked about a NEW REP IN MY AREA??? she took notes and said the grandson of my rep was the new rep…ok….well just somebody call me and give me a final answer so I can get my wood blinds intalled OR come get your trailer park windows out of my house!

    1. X wincore inspector says:

      They do not keep there word on anything, they put out a less then satisfactory product. They only care about getting there numbers They don’t care about the actual quality of the window . They probably didn’t properly fabricate your weep holes or it would drain fine. They use a paint pen to color The 77 window

  20. Lori Waschak says:

    Wincore windows are a complete disappointment. I purchased over 20 8800 series impact windows. They are draftier than the broken 20+ year old vinyl ones that were removed. Cold and hot air comes rushing in between the upper and lower portions and around them. There are excessive gaps between the frame and the sashes. The impact sliding door is even worse than the windows. ALSO, all the product make a tremendous amount of noise in the window. They whistle and squeal, driving us nuts during the day and wake us at night.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Have you talked to the company that installed them, is there anything they can do to help with those issues?

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