Simonton Reflections 5050 Review

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Update: I was recently talking with a window company owner in Florida and he let me know that we disagree about this window. He’s thinking that if the window is ordered with nicer options it becomes a nicer window than I describe here.  We’ll take another look at it and consider updating this post with any new info.

As we go through our Simonton Reflections 5050 review remember one thing: When some people say that they don’t want vinyl windows in their house because they look cheap, this is the type of window they’re thinking of.  It looks cheap.

Most manufacturers offer a “low end” option and this is the offering from Simonton.  It leaves quite a bit to be desired.  The actual wholesale cost difference between this model and a much nicer option is only $10-$20 per window.

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What are we talking about specifically?

Take a look here at the thickness of the frame and sash.  As you can see in the picture the distance from the outside of the frame to the glass is about 3.75″ .  This is pretty thick, especially for a model with pretty weak efficiency ratings.

Simonton Reflections 5050 review
As you can see here, the frame and sash on the Simonton Reflections 5050 are very thick which reduces the glass area of the window.

To get an idea of how this will look in your home, you can measure your existing windows.  If the distance from the interior stop to the glass is currently less than 3.75″ you will likely lose glass area with this model.  That might be an acceptable trade off if there were fantastic energy savings to be had, but with this model there won’t be.

Another drawback to this model is the lack of balance covers.  If you’re not an expert in the bits and pieces of a window, a balance cover is a small piece of vinyl that snaps into the side of the frame to cover the window balance.  It’s just a small strip, probably costs less than $0.10 to produce, but they’ve left it out of this model.

simonton 5050 review
Notice how this window does not come with balance covers. Is this a small thing, absolutely which is why it’s absence is a sign of a cheap window.

Without the balance cover you’re left with a channel in the frame where dust and debris will settle over time.  It’s tough to clean out and it looks unfinished when compared with other window models.

The last component we’ll look at in this Simonton Reflections 5050 review is the screen.  As you can see in the picture below the spline (the rubber strip that holds the screen material in the frame) is on the outside of the window.  This is a common trait among lower end products and it leads to maintenance down the road.

Simonton 5050 screen review
Here you can see the spline on the outside of the screen frame. This exposes the spline to the sun which can cause it to dry out and fail.

When this spline is on the outside of the screen frame it is exposed to the sun.  This can cause the rubber material to dry out after several summers causing your screen to fail.  Nobody wants to be dealing with loose screens.

I could go on an on about drawbacks to this model, but hopefully you have the idea by now.

What’s the bottom line?

This is a low end product from a well respected manufacturer.  Simonton makes fine products, but this isn’t one of them.  It looks and feels cheap and I strongly recommend looking at other options.

I’m am absolutely not a window snob.  There are plenty of inexpensive options that will work great for you.  Just not this model.

The much nicer Simonton Prism 5500 window only costs $10-$20 more and it’s a much better mid-range option.

To sum up this Simonton Reflections 5050 review: Keep shopping.

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13 thoughts on “Simonton Reflections 5050 Review”

  1. Can you review the Milgard Tuscany vinyl window as you did for this Simonton Daylight Max window?


    1. I don’t believe this is the same as the DaylightMax window. Take a look at their frames on the Simonton website – DaylightMax is considerably thinner. A look at the thermal data posted on Simonton’s website also suggests that they are different. I saw a forum post that suggested the the DaylightMax was the same as the 5050, but they look like different windows to me.

      Having spent way too much time on Simonton’s website, I haven’t come across an east coast variant yet that matches the DaylightMax.

      1. I take it back…I found what looks to be the same as the DaylightMax window. It’s the Vantage Point 6200 sold exclusively through Home Depot. Like their DaylightMax line, it’s only available in the west. I haven’t found an equivalent window in their east coast lineup. I don’t understand why they would need two identical windows in their west coast lineup, especially since HD sells DaylightMax out here by us.

        1. You’re close to getting to the bottom of it. I’m less familiar with the west coast options so I don’t know the answer off the top of my head. You’re right that they likely wouldn’t sell the same model under 2 names at Home Depot so there must be at least a small difference.

  2. I am looking to replace 30 windows in South Carolina along the coast. I have finalized my choices to the Simonton 50/50 and Soft lite Barrington model based on price. I am waiting for a quote on the Simonton 5500 to see if they are worth the extra cost. I am also waiting for quote on upgrading the 50/50 screens. I like the Simonton contractor better and he has done a lot of work in our neighborhood. The Soft lite contractor has an A rating and good reviews on Angie’s list, I saw 2 jobs from the street outside and his work looked good. Is the 50/50 an inferior window?

    Simonton 50/50. 26 windows $11,500. 30 windows. $ 14,200
    Soft lite Barrington. 26 windows $10, 929. 30 windows. $13, 593.

    The soft lite price does not yet include the hurricane bolts and plywood that my be required in my area, so both are pretty close. What additional questions should I be looking at?

    1. Ho Rosemarie, I know it took me a little while to respond to your question. What did you think of the difference between the two Simonton options? And, did you pick one already?

  3. I would like to know the difference between the Simonton Daylight Max (7300 and 7500 Series) purchased thru a replacement window company and the Vantage Point (6100 & 6500 Series) which they claim to be the Daylight Max at Home Depot. I live in the Prescott, AZ area.

    When I lived in Las Vegas area, there was a distinct difference. Please advise.

    1. Hi Leonard, typically the lines they offer at Home Depot are just rebadged versions of windows they sell through other channels. There may be a small change or two, but ultimately the windows are essentially the same.

      That said, the wet coast models are different and I spend most of my time on the east coast. If you’re still tracking this down ask them for the CPD#s for each option and we can look them up to see if they’re the same.

  4. I bought the Simonton reflections 5050 and it has been a terrible window. In the winter the cold air comes right through the window pane and I have to cover the windows with plastic the entire winter or my room will be freezing

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