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Note: Since we published this post we’ve been in touch with Home Depot and they’ve provided some additional information.  The original post is here and you can see additional notes at the end.

We’ve also added a new post on Home Depot window complaints and you can find that here.

So here’s a funny story.  I was recently visiting the team at a home and garden show in Richmond VA.  We had some information to show prospective customers regarding typical pricing for replacement windows.  We try to be as transparent as we can regarding all of the costs associated with a project like this and we find customers tend to appreciate it.

One of our examples showed a real quote that one of our customers received from Home Depot At Home Services along with the quote he received from us.  We use this to illustrate the idea that we can typically offer better pricing for similar products that a big box store.    The example shows our pricing was over $2,000 better for a typical project than the pricing offered by Home Depot window installations team.

While we were there, someone with some affiliation to Home Depot window installations came up to one of our managers and told him that our information was incorrect.  We asked him what was incorrect and he stated that Home Depot At Home Services offers a lifetime warranty on their labor.  We’ve never heard this before and we’re pretty in tune with the window business so we asked him for a copy of the warranty.  At first he said it was proprietary and when we asked why their warranty would be a secret he said we could find it online.

Our goal is always to be accurate so we checked online and found that the Home Depot At Home Services website clearly states that they offer a 1 year labor warranty.  This isn’t the end of the world, but it is a pretty short warranty.  It would be a real shame to pay thousands more for a project and then have to pay again a year later to fix something.

Our manager tried to show the friendly gentleman from Home Depot that their own website was pretty clear, but he didn’t seem interested.  He told us he was a district manager in charge of 90+ stores.  You’d think he’d have his facts straight 😉

Anyway, we got a kick out of it.  Here’s a screen shot of their site and a link as well.

home depot window warranty
Here’s a screen shot straight from the Home Depot website. Seems pretty clear to us.

Home Depot At Home Services – Why Home Depot

 Update: Since we wrote this post we’ve been in touch with Home Depot and they’ve provided some clarity on their warranty for installed replacement windows.  Home Depot offers 2 main lines of replacement windows through their installation program.  They are American Craftsman (made by Andersen) and Vantage Point (made by Simonton).

The American Craftsman windows from Andersen come with the 1-yera labor warranty that we mention above.  This is pretty weak, but folks buying these windows likely aren’t focusing on getting top quality.

The Vantage Point windows from Simonton do come with a lifetime labor warranty.  They call it a craftsmanship warranty which the salesperson in me really likes.  Craftsmanship sounds nice and warm.  They did provide us with a written warranty this time which we certainly appreciated.  The labor warranty comes from Home Depot and not from Simonton, and that’s the way all labor warranties work.

There are some limitations which mean it’s not the greatest warranty we’ve ever seen, but it is better than the 1-year warranty that comes with the cheaper products.  We’ll likely write up a full post on window warranties from big box stores in the future.

Thanks to the folks at Home Depot for providing additional info about their services.

If anyone reading this has any specific questions on the warranty or the limitations post a comment and ask!

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33 thoughts on “Home Depot Window Installations”

  1. In regard to the comment that Home Depot’s warranty for Simonton 6500/6100 series windows is limited to one year for craftsmanship is absolutely incorrect.

    The craftsmanship warranty for these windows is a Lifetime warranty for the original purchaser for as long as they own the home. This is clearly stated in the Vantage Pointe Warranty Brochure available through any Home Depot Exteriors Consultant. Nothing is veiled in secrecy. It’s a great warranty and Home Depot stands behind the product and the craftsmanship.

    The website you referenced was general verbiage for all installed product categories and is the minimum granted by Home Depot. You failed to note the comment directly below that stated “warranties vary by product category “

    1. That’s great info, thanks for posting. Do you have a copy of the warranty and can you explain what they mean by craftsmanship? Does the warranty cover the work of the installers or the labor required to fix a manufacturing defect? The strange response we got from the Home Depot regional manager made us a little skeptical. If you have any concrete info we’d be glad to post it.

      1. Yes, I’d be glad to scan and email you a copy of the warranty for your review. Please provide an email address.

        Verbiage from the brochure:
        “Craftsmanship Warranty- What the warranty covers and for how long- In addition to the product warranty provided by the manufacturer of the vinyl windows ans patio doors, Home Depot will, upon notice from the property owner(s), correct faults related to the workmanship or application of the window or patio door for the life of the product at no additional charge.

        This information is widely available through any Home Depot exteriors representative. I certainly can’t speak for why the Regional Manager’s explanation was so vague.

        1. Thanks Mike, we’ll send you an email to touch base. Are you affiliated with Home Depot? It’s not a problem either way. If you are we may have some more questions for you.

  2. Just had Home Depot at my house yesterday to price 9 windows. To install Home depot’s own window (their wording) the price was $7309 which appears to be Simontons 6100 series window. I could buy the American Craftsman 70 series from them for $199 each but installation would be $6798 for a total cost of $8598. – – I’m going to buy from my local contractor 9 Simonton 5500’s for an installed price of $425 each, a huge difference, for a total price of $3825.

    1. AC70 is not on Par with the Simonton 6100s. That’s apples to Oranges. Simonton also has a lifetime warranty on labor and window.

      1. We didn’t say that the American Craftsman by Andersen windows were comparable to the Simonton windows did we? Someone else from Home Depot provided us with the Simonton warranty. We asked for the similarities between the model offered by Home Depot and the regular Simonton line and he stopped responding. It hasn’t been a high priority, but we’ll post that info soon.

        You’re absolutely right that the Simonton windows are generally much nicer than the American Craftsman by Andersen line.

    2. Thank you for this information. I just got an estimate for almost $10,000.00 for 10 window from Home Depot yesterday Vantage Pointe by Simonton 6100 series. He refuse to discuss the price of a single window and I understand but with your information I definitly canceling this order and will find a contractor to order the same and install for probably half a price.
      Thanks again!!

  3. If you are going to review products you should know American Craftsman is not made by Andersen. They are owned by them but have no part in the production of windows.

    1. That’s an interesting angle. Where are you going with that? It’s called “American Craftsman by Andersen”. It’s right in the logo. Are you trying to separate the two because you think American Craftsman windows aren’t any good?

      You could say BMW doesn’t make Mini’s they just own the company, but when you own the company you are the company. Saying they own the company, but they don’t make the windows sounds silly.

  4. Let me put something in perspective for all, I have consumer experience in this.
    In 2004 I had 16 windows installed at my home by HD with a “lifetime” warranty, they were Simonton 6500/6100 windows.
    Several windows fogged and were replaced. However, the installer did a crappy job and years later 50% on the product started leaking, destroying my home. The first repair cost HD 20k. Baseball sized caulk that was put on the sills shrank and water leaked behind the walls all the way to the foundation blocks was rotten. The next disaster is still pending and it’s been six months. 4 windows at the same time leaked destroying my Great Room. it took HD three attempts to try and repair the window but it was Simonton that finally had to come in and correct the issues.
    The missing information is….HD uses a company for their insurance claims called Sedgewick which then tries and have you sign off on 40% or less of what it actually cost to get the repairs done and then they take off for what they call depreciation and then,,, you have to get three bids and they will choose which contractor to use and then, you have to be the general contractor. You have to use vacation time and stay with the crews, sign-off that you are satisfied with the contractor they choose and then agree never to open a claim against them for the work that contractor did. HD stays completely out of the picture, you are on your own. Sedgewicks tried to get me to sign-off on a check for $3990 when the bids I got back were from $14,000 to $22,000. It is not quite the warranty HD projects to the public

  5. YIKES! We had the Simonton 6500 Series put in last August. Based on your experience I’m very concerned. How long did it take for the windows to start showing problems? I have the bill stating that these are “lifetime” guaranteed, but no brochure-is this another problem? Since window pricing was not broken down is there any site that explains cost of individual windows without having a free in home estimate?

    1. If you don’t have a problem, don’t sweat it. You can probably get an itemized invoice if you want. You likely have other things to spend your time on than windows that work fine.

  6. I recently had Home Depot install a Vantage Pointe sliding patio door. The problem is if the door handle is tugged on when it is locked, it becomes impossible for me to unlock. My husband is able to jiggle and jimmy the door until he can unlock it. I had a contractor over for another project and he suggested putting duct tape over the piece of hardware that was catching and locking. Should I contact Home Depot about this or is it a known issue with Simonton?

    1. I bet it can be adjusted in under 10 seconds by someone who has dealt with those locks. I’d start by trying Home Depot. You can also loosen the screws on the keeper and move it up or down a bit to get it to line up better. It’s probably something pretty simple. There is no known issue with Simonton sliding doors. At least not one known by me!

  7. Home Depot and their Double Lifetime warranty is a joke.
    I’ve had over $20k in windows installed about 5 years ago. We remodeled a year later and needed the size of the window changed and Home Depot refused to do it. Claiming that they don’t do that kind of thing, and the only reason they did it the first time on another window was because we “spent so much money with them”. So we called a local window company who came out, and while removing the HD window discovered no insulation, no calking, no glue. Basically the windows were just screwed in and not sealed. HD had to come out and address EVERY window in my house.

    Fast forward 5 years, I have a broken glass. It’s been months and months. My husband and I call multiple times a week, we get no answer or when they do reply, they say the work order is in or the window is on order, or some other excuse. We’ve talked to managers, filed BBB complaints. Getting them to actually honor their Double Lifetime Warranty is a joke. It’s takes an average of about 6 months to get any glass repaired.

    The way I see it is, it doesn’t really matter what their warranty is if they don’t honor it.

    1. Hi Jill, I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. Wish there was more I could do to help out.

  8. We are very hesitant to order windows based on the reviews here so your advice is appreciated.

    We have narrowed it down to PGT and CWS since our home is within one mile from the ocean in St Augustine FL. We felt like it was worth the extra expense per window to go with Home Depot’s PGT. But now after reading the negative experiences of many posters here, it almost feels like a better option to just repair our 30 year old aluminum windows.

    We have found this forum a valuable tool in our research.

    Thank you.

    1. It is important to remember that the many customers who are completely happy with their windows don’t go online to write about it. The only people who do that are people who are unhappy. The trick is trying to figure out what percentage of any companies customers are unhappy and that’s not so easy.

      Unfortunately I don’t the magic answer.

  9. Initially we were ok with the replacement of our windows with new vinyl windows. The installer did a poor job caulking around the trim and we had to mention it while he was here and fix it. It’s been 6 mos and the caulking has continued to shrink and change color which looks horrible since the windows are white and the caulk is now yellowish brown. There is also mold growing in some places. I have called four times, each time being promised by customer service that someone would call back right away. To this date, no one called me back and I am super irritated. There windows cost us over $24,000 and our house now has a problem that Home Depot created. With the rain we get here in Georgia, I do not appreciated paying that much to get leaky windows. Apparently they don’t care despite what their warranty says. DO NOT make the same mistake by going with Home Depot.

    1. Sorry to hear about your trouble. I might try popping into the Home Depot store and see if you can get the guy at the window desk to give you contact info for the installation manager or someone who can help. I don’t know if that’ll work, but it’s worth a shot.

  10. I bought the hurricane-proof windows from Home Depot back in February or 2018. My house has several windows which are a little over 2 inches wider than the largest standard size, and I was billed for windows which would fit the openings.

    In the end of April the installation crew came and began installing the windows. I was around at the beginning however I had to work and was not present the whole time. When the time came to install the windows for the wider openings, the crew installed standard size windows with gaps of over an inch on each side. They filled the gaps with pieces of WOOD and FOAM!!!!

    They left the windows in this state, with no cover on the inside and left. I was billed for the full amount and no one ever showed up to fix what was done. I’ve spent countless hours on the phone only to hear “Someone will get in touch with you within two days” and “I’m sorry but your installation manager is not available at this time”… and how about “I will try to see what is the status of your installation but it will take me at least a week.”

    And how about the installation manager… not picking up his phone, not answering messages, and when I ask the support people to dial him in he just says “I’m sorry but I’m with a client. I’ll have to call you back later.” which is just a nice way to say “I’m sorry but I’m busy scamming other people so please wait for your turn and I promise I’ll screw you over real good next!”

    They left the windows unfinished because they need to pass city inspection before they’re finished on the inside. The inspection cannot pass because they were installed in violation of the permit.

    It’s now the end of July and I still have not been able to get anyone from Home Depot to do anything about it. My next steps are reporting the violation to the city and filing a lawsuit against the home Depot.

  11. I’m struggling with whether to go with a longstanding brand (Simonton) installed by Home Depot, or a relatively newer brand (Okna) installed by a local installer. I keep coming back to this question: 10, 15, 20 years down the road, who will still be around to honor the product warranty and the install warranty?

    My options are:
    (1) Home Depot – 24 Simmonton 6100 windows – $17,940
    (2) Local Installer (30 years in business) – 24 Okna 500 Series windows – $13,200

    Would really appreciate some guidance. Thank you!

    1. Oh, and I have one more option:
      (3) Local Installer #2 (30 years in business) – 24 Sunrise vinyl insert windows – $18,000

    2. The price $ 13,200.00 is good, I am not sure about the brand of the windows.
      Pella has good replacement windows, it should be within the same amount, except they been around for long time and I don’t think that they aren’t going any where for a while. Some of my costumers have 18 year old Pella windows and they still honor their warranty. Personally I use all different manufacturers, but what they claim and what reality is I just don’t know.

  12. Not only the window brand but the installation is very important. Any time caulking is used it should be painted, silicone it’s better choice for exterior.
    If window to be installed is measured correctly the bead of caulking in small amount is applied to the window stop, and then caulking inside of the interior window stop and paint. When the window is installed it should look like it was always there. If you need to use a lot of caulking it means window size is incorrect. Any new window is better, double glass and double glass with Argon gas for insulation.
    Good windows around $ 260.00 38”x 54”
    Labor about $ 220.00 . If existing window frame needs capping with aluminum coil it would be additional $ 85.00
    All that was for replacement windows.
    New construction windows is different pricing

  13. We also had 9 Simonton 6500 series windows installed in 2009. The windows were improperly installed and two leaked. Cheap plastic trim was placed around the windows and tons of caulk. We called and called and called Installation Services to come out and fix it. They would send contractors out to assess our windows and each one would say, they are properly installed. Finally in 2013, we were able to get one honest contractor out from HD to reset 7 of the 9 windows. We fought with them to replace and paint the wood trim. Since then, we have been replacing the flimsy plastic snap trim onto the windows and experiencing drafts in the kitchen and bedrooms. We called HD in April. Two contractors sent by HD were appalled at the installation, citing missing shins, overuse of caulking and unnecessary plastic trim which they said was used to make the windows fit. We were scheduled for July to have 9 windows reset, trim replaced, caulked and painted. We coordinated having T1-11 siding replaced on 2 sides of house with HD, asking how to handle trim around the windows if they were replacing it. They said to leave off the wood trim. Siding completed week before HD scheduled to complete our work order. They canceled because the installer was hospitalized. Subsequently, their jobs were pushed back and the 60 day expiration set by HD had been met. Work order was resubmitted and lost for 3 months. At one point, we were calling HD several times a day trying to track it down. We tried to escalate it and could not get a single person to respond. It finally went to the HDIS Manager and he reneged on the work order, stating we should have received a denial letter in April and should have never been scheduled. His reasons were we nullified the warranty by painting the windows. I provided photos showing it was not paint but caulk slopped on the plastic trim by the installers. Second reason, we didn’t caulk yearly. No where in the warranty does it state that yearly caulk maintenance is required to maintain the warranty and how do you prove or disprove yearly caulking? Lastly, he stated there is only a 1 year warranty on labor. For the 6500 series, there is a lifetime craftsmanship warranty for installation. Now, not only do my windows need resetting but I quickly need to replace wood trim around my windows! They have duct tape on them since July since we thought it would be less than a week before our windows were reinstalled by HD. I filed a complaint with the BBB and they said it was not covered under warranty and closed the complaint. I disagreed and told the BBB so. We are in the process of having an attorney write a letter to HD and plan to possibly file in small claims court. Two contractors we had out to give an estimate on the windows said they think HD installed the wrong size windows bc ideally there should be a 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch max gap between Sheetrock and the window and we have 1.25 inches. I will never shop at Home Depot again. Hope this saves someone else from falling prey to their bait and switch warranty scheme.

  14. So I found this article online after multiple bait and switch routines with the Home Depot. I wanted to buy and have installed two windows they have in stock on the shelf – American Craftsman series 70 as they had the exact size window to fit on the shelf. The windows are impact windows at $434 a piece. I call the expert line for help through Home Depot website. I get a quote for $4500 for two windows the quote doesn’t include anything just says how it is going to improve that value of my home. Huh? I email back that it is nonsense. I then get a quote from PGT windows for two windows about $3300. I think its a bait and switch scam so I go back to Home Depot. I sit down with a person in the windows section and say you have windows on the shelf I would like to have installed I am looking to get an installer for these windows. I tell him about what transpired going through online. He says that shouldn’t have happened we set up an appointment to have someone come out and measure my windows make sure all is good and get an installer. Guy comes to my house this morning doesn’t measure anything tells me they won’t install the windows on the shelf they want installed and continues with the PGT windows and its going to be about $1500 window for installation each plus the window they want to use that is 3x more expensive – $1100-$1200+ each. This is for two windows so agin for two windows that are $434 a piece on the shelf that fit my need and desire for impact windows home depot guy at my house says they won’t install the windows I want. I say I don’t understand the bait and switch? He says its not a bait and switch they should not have put me in the program because they won’t install the windows in the store. They will only install the windows they want to install at the price they want to charge with PGT windows. What? Don’t you use local installers for everything you sell? I am having a hard time understanding why you seem to want to just try to rip me off several thousand dollars for a few hours of work? I open the door to let the Home Depot guy leave my suggestion because at this point I don’t trust any of these people. I started this process on the Home Depot website. The n went to the local store and clearly asked for an installer of the windows they sell in the store. That store was Cape Coral Florida on Pine Island Rd. I call the local Home Depot customer order specialist. She first tells me they only install after purchase so I explain I wanted an installer to make sure I can get the windows I wanted so I had made an appointment to have someone come out today with Home Depot. That person pulled a bait and switch trying to upsell me windows that are 3x more expensive and wants to install what they want for the 3x more expensive install price then what any estimate is reasonable from all my research. Again this guy shows up hasn’t measured anything, won’t install the windows I want and wants or says $1500 a window to install. I said well I am going to do something different I guess I open the door and say see ya! escort him out of my house.
    WTF is going on here? Home Depot doesn’t and won’t install the windows they carry in stock but they will set the appointment to do so and offer and suggest they will do so? Who is fooling who here? At this point I don’t trust anything with Home Depot. The $434 window each, two ($868 and I get a military discount), plus I need an installation of these two windows. Home depot on the front end is cooperating, behind the scenes and the installation side or project side is only willing to do what they can if they all feed their pockets by upselling and charging 3x more. My friend says welcome to Florida.

    1. Strangely, the box stores have always been bad at trying to be window companies. They’re really retail stores and they don’t understand our business. Maybe one day they’ll hire me to expand their window business. We could kill it but until then I’d look elsewhere.

  15. First, Home Depot Installation Services HDIS will not nor has it ever installed windows purchased in the stores. The mistake is made by new hire associates who do not fully understand what we do and don’t do through Installation Services. So they tell customers the wrong information and schedule appointments that they shouldn’t have. We only sell and install specific windows, we do not want to install a builder grade window which is normally used on a rental property, flip house or garage. They will not last longer than 10 years and then need to be completely replaced, we will not deal with that. We only want to install a proven quality window that has a 25+ year lifespan, such as Andersen and Simonton. FYI in 2/23 Consumer Reports came out with their annual list of best windows in America in three categories; #1 VINYL: Simonton 5500/6500, #1 WOOD: Andersen 400 and #1 PREMIUM: Andersen A Series, these are the only windows we install and for that reason!

    1. Hi Bob, thanks for taking the time to write. You’re saying the windows that Home Depot sells in the stores are the lower end windows that will not last longer than 10 years and the windows that Home Depot will install are of better quality? Do you know which models they sell in stores in your area and which models they will install?

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