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Find our Stanek windows FAQ below. Here we’ll look at all of the common questions we get about Kensington HPP windows. If you have a question that isn’t answered we invite you to post a comment at the bottom to ask your question. We read all of the comments and will be happy to answer your question for everyone to see.

Who owns Stanek windows?

Stanek windows is owned by Great Day Improvements. Great Day has been in the sunroom business for many years. They purchased Stanek windows to get into the replacement window business. Since then they’ve purchased Apex Energy Solutions and Universal Windows Direct. These companies are all known for using some of the old fashioned high-pressure sales tactics that we talk about on the site frequently.

Did Stanek windows get sold?

Yes. Stanek windows was purchased by Great Day Improvements.

Are Stanek windows good?

They’re average. Stanek was a smaller manufacturer based in the Cleveland area when they were purchased by Great Day Improvements. Since then the brand is available in more locations, but they’re still a relatively small window manufacturer. In our opinion you’ll typically get a better result from a larger manufacturing company.

Are Stanek windows overpriced?

Historically Stanek windows have been priced on the high end of the spectrum and we haven’t seen anything about the windows that makes them any nicer than many other options. The Stanek windows are often sold by companies that sell sunrooms so they’re a bit of a side product for those salespeople. In our opinion you can find better solutions.

Are Stanek windows energy efficient?

Yes, but not any more efficient than windows you’ll find from any number of other manufacturers. There’s nothing particularly unique about the efficiency of Stanek windows.

Should you buy Stanek windows?

I probably wouldn’t. There are so many other options out there that it just doesn’t make sense to buy Stanek windows.

Where are Stanek windows made?

Stanek windows are made in Macedonia, OH and are distributed in the surrounding area.

How long does it take to get Stanek windows?

Stanek windows are custom made so there is a lead-time involved. I would expect you could see your windows in 10 weeks or so. Demand will vary throughout the year. If the timing is important to you ask you salesperson about the current timing. It’s also a good idea to ask them what happens if things don’t happen on time as salesmen are known for telling customers what they want to hear in order to get a contact signed.

How much should Stanek windows cost?

The pricing of Stanek windows will vary a lot based on the options you pick, the nature of the installation and the sales commission. In-home salespeople often have a lot of discretion when it comes to pricing which is not great for the customer. That’s why more people have been ordering windows online to avoid the in-home salespeople altogether.

Does Stanek windows own Apex windows?

No. Both Stanek and Apex are owned by Great Day Improvements.

Does Stanek windows own Universal Windows?

No. Both Stanek and Universal Windows are owned by Great Day Improvements.

Do you have a question about Stanek windows that was not answered? 

Post a comment below to let us know. We’ll add your question to the list so everyone has more info. If you think we’re wrong about anything post that too and we’ll be happy to address your concern.

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