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1 Year, 30 Day and TODAY ONLY Window Prices

If you’ve received a free quote from some of the larger window companies around you may have seen today only window prices like this.  They probably had some very high price say $13,000 that was good for a year.  This might be called the retail price or the MSRP.  It was probably also offered at the end of a pretty long sales pitch.

You probably didn’t expect to spend anywhere near that much so you told the salesperson that you were going to think it over and he let you know about a rebate or special promotion that was ending soon.  It was good for 30 more days and it would lower the price to $8,000.

That sounded better, but he wasn’t done yet.  After you told him you were going to think it over he called the manager.  The manager gave him a special price because he really wanted to earn your business tonight.  Maybe he needed one more sale to reach his goal.  He certainly had a decent way to explain it.  That special TODAY only price could easily have been as low as $3,000.

Remember, we started at $13,000 which was the 1-year price.  Then we were at $8,000 for the 30-day price.  That’s a pretty big discount already.  Then out of nowhere we’re at $3,000 if you buy TODAY.  This sounds too good to be true, I mean you’re getting $13,000 worth of windows for the incredible price of $3,000 right?!?

NO, these today only window prices are never a good deal.

Ask yourself one simple question and you’ll start to see through all of this.  If the company can sell these windows for $3,000 why would they have tried to charge you or anyone else $13,000.  We know a company needs to make a profit and we’re proud that our company makes a healthy profit each year, but selling a $3,000 project for $13,000 seems a little cold hearted to me.

What if this is really a once in a lifetime type deal?

If you really believe that I’ve got a bridge to sell you.  There is nothing that changes in the window business on a daily or weekly basis.  Prices do change over time just like they do in any business.  For example in the last 2 years our wholesale cost of goods has gone up 4-6%.  That’s about an $8-10 dollar per window increase…in 2 years.

If you were getting a quote for 10 windows and they said the TODAY only price was $3,000 and the 1-year price was $3,100 that would be reasonable.  $13,000 is just lying.

At the end of the day every remodeling company wants to have more customers.  Every remodeling company also only undertakes projects that they make money on.  If they’re making money on your order at $3,000 today then they’ll still take that deal tomorrow or next week.  Anytime you hear about today only window prices you can be 100% sure it’s a bad deal.

Why do they push so hard to get you to sign up NOW?

Because they know more about this business than you do.  They know how their offer compares to their competitors.  They know full well that there are other companies in town who would be glad to complete your project for $2500 with no runaround.  They know that if they give you time to think it over you’ll probably find one of these companies and they’ll lose your business.

That’s why they push so hard.  It’s the only way they can make that extra profit.

If you get that type of hard sell as you’re looking for the best replacement windows for your home just remember that there is no need to rush.  No matter what they say, if you think it over and decide that you do want to work with them they will gladly take your business.

I’ll bet you lunch that you’ll never call the hard sell type company back.  Nobody ever does.

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58 responses to “1 Year, 30 Day and TODAY ONLY Window Prices”

  1. Levi Avatar

    Sounds like you don’t like dealing with people in general.

    If our economy revolved around the procrastinating nature of most consumers without influence from sales professionals, we would be a third world country. Everyone reading this bought everything they have because they were SOLD on the value of it.

    Homeowners are mad because professionals hear the same excuses on why you don’t want to move forward and 9/10 it’s not because of finances, its the anxiety of decision making and the ego of “losing to the big bad salesman”.

    Why deal with a mechanic, who are also notorious hustlers, when your car breaks down? Why not DIY since he’s going use “sales tactics”?

    If you want a window job done without dealing with anybody then just DIY. Problem solved.

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      We would be a third world country if it weren’t for pushy in-home salespeople? I love that you’re saving us from that fate. Thanks for your service.

  2. Rex Corgan Avatar
    Rex Corgan

    I recently had a salesman come and look over my window project. He was a nice enough guy. We did a walk around and took some measurement. We sat down at the picnic table where he showed me the brochure. He did not bring a sample to show me. He did tell me, based on my question, that a 2 lite slide window would be cheaper replacement than 2 side by side double hung windows. He made a call to his boss to see if a 3 panel bay window could replace a 4 panel bay window.
    All was good, nice conversation and not pushy. Then came the buy today price of 9000. I told him I wasn’t going to commit today. He then proceeded to write a 30 day price of 11,600 and that they are supposed to be getting a price increase soon, but I could lock in that price.
    Two days later his boss called to see how he did, asked if he showed me a sample window and blah blah blah. He set another appointment up for the next day so my wife and I could see said sample and see what they could do to make it more affordable.
    After discussing this with my wife, (she was not present when the salesman was there) she felt that it was a little shady. Thinking it was intentional that I wasn’t shown a sample so they could come back with a lower price.

    So I had a $9000 today only price (and it had to be cash because it would cost them money to finance that amount.)
    I had a $11,600 30 day price that I needed to lock in before the price increase.
    And I had a boss call to “see if we can make it more affordable”
    The price they gave me apparently isn’t their best price. And all this without seeing what kind of quality I was buying.
    P.S. I have also received a better price with a much better warranty

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      I would defininltey look elsewhere. If they start out being tricky it’s a sign that they’re not going to be too helpful down the road either. There are plenty of great window companies out there, no need to deal with someone who won’t treat you well.

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