1 Year, 30 Day and TODAY ONLY Window Prices

window salesman scams and tricks

If you’ve received a free quote from some of the larger window companies around you may have seen today only window prices like this.  They probably had some very high price say $13,000 that was good for a year.  This might be called the retail price or the MSRP.  It was probably also offered at the end of a pretty long sales pitch.

You probably didn’t expect to spend anywhere near that much so you told the salesperson that you were going to think it over and he let you know about a rebate or special promotion that was ending soon.  It was good for 30 more days and it would lower the price to $8,000.

That sounded better, but he wasn’t done yet.  After you told him you were going to think it over he called the manager.  The manager gave him a special price because he really wanted to earn your business tonight.  Maybe he needed one more sale to reach his goal.  He certainly had a decent way to explain it.  That special TODAY only price could easily have been as low as $3,000.

Remember, we started at $13,000 which was the 1-year price.  Then we were at $8,000 for the 30-day price.  That’s a pretty big discount already.  Then out of nowhere we’re at $3,000 if you buy TODAY.  This sounds too good to be true, I mean you’re getting $13,000 worth of windows for the incredible price of $3,000 right?!?

NO, these today only window prices are never a good deal.

Ask yourself one simple question and you’ll start to see through all of this.  If the company can sell these windows for $3,000 why would they have tried to charge you or anyone else $13,000.  We know a company needs to make a profit and we’re proud that our company makes a healthy profit each year, but selling a $3,000 project for $13,000 seems a little cold hearted to me.

What if this is really a once in a lifetime type deal?

If you really believe that I’ve got a bridge to sell you.  There is nothing that changes in the window business on a daily or weekly basis.  Prices do change over time just like they do in any business.  For example in the last 2 years our wholesale cost of goods has gone up 4-6%.  That’s about an $8-10 dollar per window increase…in 2 years.

If you were getting a quote for 10 windows and they said the TODAY only price was $3,000 and the 1-year price was $3,100 that would be reasonable.  $13,000 is just lying.

At the end of the day every remodeling company wants to have more customers.  Every remodeling company also only undertakes projects that they make money on.  If they’re making money on your order at $3,000 today then they’ll still take that deal tomorrow or next week.  Anytime you hear about today only window prices you can be 100% sure it’s a bad deal.

Why do they push so hard to get you to sign up NOW?

Because they know more about this business than you do.  They know how their offer compares to their competitors.  They know full well that there are other companies in town who would be glad to complete your project for $2500 with no runaround.  They know that if they give you time to think it over you’ll probably find one of these companies and they’ll lose your business.

That’s why they push so hard.  It’s the only way they can make that extra profit.

If you get that type of hard sell as you’re looking for the best replacement windows for your home just remember that there is no need to rush.  No matter what they say, if you think it over and decide that you do want to work with them they will gladly take your business.

I’ll bet you lunch that you’ll never call the hard sell type company back.  Nobody ever does.

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58 thoughts on “1 Year, 30 Day and TODAY ONLY Window Prices”

  1. Your an idiot and have obviously never actually worked in the industry. Everyone knows you can always find a cheaper price. The question is what are you getting for that price? If I company knows there window this the best solution for the home owner they should absolutely push for the sale. If they don’t push the homeowner a) procrastinates and doesn’t make the decision they turkey want to make and B) they forget all the information you told them about your window and they when a cheaper price comes along they go with that and get a horrible install or a low quality window. Also no one would ever go from 13k to 3k. I can tell you’ve never been in sales or construction.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Jeff, it sounds like you have me all figured out. Thanks for taking the time to write. I just tried to lookup your website and the page won’t load. Hope you didn’t go out of business.

      1. This may be the most amazing response ever. Bravo.

        1. thewindowdog says:

          Ha, we aim to please!

          1. Afternoon WD

            Love your site-so spot on..
            In any event, we are in the market to replace two large picture windows- each 97 x 67. Each has a large stationary middle picture window & a casement window on either side. We sat with the RBA rep -great guy, but as you stated-two prices before the today price. The difference is he was sincere about this & explained himself. At the conclusion of our meeting we explained that we were not ready to make any commitments as we also had scheduled a meeting with Windorama & wanted to complete our due diligence before making any decisions. He completely understood, reserved any pressure tactics & asked to see us afterwards depending on our decision-all fine with us. The pending WR meet will provide details on Anderson windows as well as Marvin. Now the RBA rep only offer Fibrex while the WR rep stated his associate will show us the brands mentioned in Vinyl. The WR meet is in a few days. In the interim I put a request out there for Window Universe & without much detail from me other than mentioned a three paneled window a quote was received for $4800 for two Berkshire Revere Elites… Summary -RBA=$13k with truscene screens, prairie grill & smart sun option. 20 year warranty on installation & product. WR=Pending WU= $4800… Needless to say-help! Big price swings, however I do not mind paying for quality & would pay the $13k if it makes sense. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
            Thank you in advance for your wisdom

          2. thewindowdog says:

            Hi JR, it’s always my opinion that Window Universe will be one of the best options out there. I was one of the founders of that company many years ago and I know most everyone on the team. I’m sure Drew and Emily will be happy to help out with any questions and they can also make any revisions to your quote. As you can probably tell I’m not a huge Renewal by Andersen fan and I do think the WU option will be a good one.

            Let me know if I can help with anything.

    2. Jeff, I can tell you from my own experience with Renewal by Anderson AND another home improvement and roofing company that this article and sales tactic is true and it DOES happen.

      I got taken in by Renewal by Anderson to my regret. But I learned and saw it coming with the roofing company.

      The roof went from $27,000 to $13,500. I had a real company do it for $8,000.

      It’s foolish to think YOUR experience is the only truth and you are flat out mistaken.

    3. True. He seems pretty ignorant about both windows & retail sales. In almost 40 years in construction I’ve never heard of anyone dropping their price 75% like that on ANY home improvement service or product. It’s a ridiculous example. And very misleading.

    4. JOHN BRANDT says:

      BS…they are out there!

    5. Wrong Jeff! Been in sales and the top down approach is a multi leveled approach to see how much money they can get a mark to part with! My guy started at 43k and my today price was 29k.
      He never got to call the manager before being politely shown the door. Went to a reputable contractor, bought a high end window with great installation work for 11k. Top down selling never works with anyone who has more than a 5th grade education.

  2. William Paholak says:

    You are a window dog!! Anybody can write anything with nothing to back their words with but more words. Show us an invoice or quote that goes from $13000 to $3000. You won’t! Hack!

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi William, thanks for taking the time to write. People post about that kind of thing all the time. If you really think it doesn’t happen that’s ok with me. Read the comments and you’ll see what I mean. Have fun out there!

      1. Yep … this happened to us this weekend. The guy came in, immediately pounced on a hold in the stucco on the window sill. Proceeded upstairs walked in the bathroom and said “this is a $2k window” … it’s a small window !!! He then checked out the rest of the 8 windows …they are not big! He told me $2k per window and grids another $100 per panel ($200 per window) … but somehow he came to a total of $24k … he then proceeded to plug in a code and brought it down few thousand, then threw in another code, I still thought it was too high and he then offered a “buy today” discount, followed by another discount for placing a sign in the yard and giving a review! … they came down to $17k from $24k+ … felt like a scam …we did not go with them

      2. Jack Ford says:

        I just got done sitting through 4 hrs of the most high pressure sales pitch I’ve ever experienced in my life by a salesman from Paradise Exteriors. It took 3 hrs and 45 minutes to even get to the price, which I’m still not clear on. I just know it was somewhere between $36K and $13K depending on how fast I would write a check. All that time and I never even got a brochure or a written estimate, just a card after I had to answered a bunch of questions so “Dan will know” what I thought of the deal. It was truly a surreal experience.

    2. Kevin Hartery says:

      William paholak he’s right!! I’ve had 3 different window companies come to my home within the last week and all they did the same thing. And they are very big companies in the ny area. Renewal by Andersen started out at $27,500 by the time the guy was leaving it was down to $20,350!!!

    3. Just yesterday, I received a quote that went from $15,400 to $6500 in just 20 minutes and 3 phone calls to the salesmans manager.

    4. William,
      As a consumer that was take. By sales tactics 8 can tell you this article is ACCURATE!
      Obviously you’ve never met with Renewal by Anderson. Make an appointment for yourself with them and you’ll eat your words. I promise.

      Experience is a harsh teacher. Window Dog is providing a valuable service to consumers to be better informed of the shady part of the sales industry.

      What have you done besides ridicule someone for shining a light on the truth?

      1. Paul, I’ve met with a renewal by Andersen rep, they charge more for their products than anyone else but there’s a market for everything, and yes they do use this tactic but never 13-10-3, that’s just a joke and very immaculate, I know they are better windows than Renewal out there for less cost, but no one plays that crazy drop price, unless that guy is straight out of the 60’s and 70’s TinMan kinda salesman, which I’m sure they won’t last too long in that company

        1. Hey Jay, last night Universal Windows Direct quoted me and my wife $16,400~ for an 8 window job, claiming that was the MSRP. But, since they offer BOGO on windows, the price dropped to $8,200 and is good for 30 days. Since this is the first company we have gotten a quote from, of course we wanted to think about it.

          The sales rep wasn’t done yet. He got on the phone with his “manager” who told him if we signed and agreed to do business TODAY, we could get away with paying only $3,400 for the job. This tactic is absolutely in use in this industry.

          1. thewindowdog says:

            You’re right, it sure is. It happens every day. Thanks for sharing your experience.

          2. Hi John.
            The question shouldn’t be on the price, it should be what are you getting for the $ they’re asking
            The window fmdog is gonna be bias since he sponsor universal windows or the other way around
            Questions for you if you need my help
            What kind of climate you get most of the year? Are you worry about cooling vs heating cost? Is this a property you’re going to be for a long time? When do you want to do your windows again? Also, what type of material are they using for frames, screens, glass and gas, do you know the SHGC or U values?
            If you tell me what are you tryin to get for your window project it may or may not be a good investment.
            Let me know if I can help

          3. thewindowdog says:

            Hi Jay, thanks for writing. I’m not at all connected to Universal Windows. They’re definitely not a company I’d recommend. I did start Window Universe and I think that’s where a lot of people will find the best value around. Similar names, completely different companies.

            What company do you work for?

          4. Hi windowdog, I guess I’ll be the window guy, I’m sorry for my mistake about universal and universe, I was wrong, I haven’t looked you up I’m a while so I know it had to do with universe, universal type of word.
            I can’t say I prefer or I’m biased a specific brand or trim model or certain installer neither, if I say I’m with a company it will mean my recommendation I give to anyone could potentially be tainted by my “interests”
            By keeping myself a free agent, I can comment about any window, and believe or test me, I know almost any window out there, regardless if there’s a window a homeowner can buy for themselves and install it on the weekend or hiring a company which they sell and install windows as a package, I can not and will not recommend any contractor as i don’t know contractors all over the 50 states but I do know brands, and universe windows is a good as any option out there, it’s great to have options, there is no one wonder window that can check all boxes, so if I feel someone is lost or confused purchasing windows or getting into a window project, I’d like to help if asked
            That’s all
            Nice, friendly , unbiased information depending on their specific needs.

    5. Lee Flyte says:

      It was an example of what goes on.Thank you

  3. Thank you Windowdog! Your site is very informative. Keep up the good work!

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I sure will, glad you enjoyed the site!

  4. I have just had my third window replacement consultation appointment which turned out to be with the Today Price marketing person who can give me 60% off the labor cost. The retail price for 14 windows started at $25000 – WHAT?? and ended at $15881 for the today price. They make their own windows that are triple pane and that’s why their quote is about $1500 more than the second consultation . I did of course say I needed to think about it and have not signed anything.
    I didn’t realize there could be a range from $7450 (single hung windows for 12 and double hung windows on 2 windows) to $12400 for double hung replacement windows. The prices are good for 30 days with the first company, good for 30 days or until the special July 4th promotion goes away.
    I have my next consultation with an Angie’s List company and am looking forward to it. I am a believer in Angie’s List. I have a reputable electrician and a reputable plumbing company through Angie’s List and have shared their names with co-workers and friends!

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Hi Kathy, sounds like you got the full treatment. What’s your zip code? I may know someone I can recommend.

      1. We just sat through 3 hours with Renewal by Anderson.. please help us find a good company 😱

        Kent, WA

    2. I just went through the same ordeal, we felt like we were dealing with a used car salesman. It was horrible!

  5. Like someone above stated, you can reduce window prices significantly based on what you compare your original price to. So let’s say you get a Marvin or Anderson quote just for the windows, no installation. Doesn’t matter were you get the quote from, everyone will be very close. I’m talking pricing from distributors, which are typically lumber yards. So for example you get a first quote of say $27,000 your other quote might be $28,000 or 26,600, maybe even $26,000. But you will never ever find the same exact window spec’d for thousands of dollars cheaper between the distributors.

    Now if you want to take the same $27,000 and say it’s a Marvin alum clad and go get a qote at home depot for an American Craftsman, well then my friend you’ll get a much much better price. Bottom line it’s not apples to apples.

    Now if you want to talk incorporating install into the pricing above, well then it will be all over the place. The number one biggest joke for me is you get the most idiot of contracts which are the biggest thieves and uneducated say…oh the guy you gave the job to is way to low, you will get shit work…blah, blah, blah. Big red flag there, you get a contractor like that run away.

    So install sometimes is a great place to save on window pricing. I can tell you I’m not always the lowest bidder, and sometimes I just don’t want a particular job, a general contractor pushes me to give him a number (I’m I’ve even up front with him telling him I’ll be way to high, it will be a waste of time for both of us for me to give you a price) and i’m high. Other times I’m the low guy or middle price. Low price doesn’t mean bad work always, you need to ask question and compare what’s included.

  6. Most window companies will of course offer an incentive if you buy today because it saves them time and gas money to have to come back out to sign papers depending on how far away the local office is. BUT it should be 3 to 5 % of the retail cost. They also run promotions, some better than others depending on how busy they are in that season. (Supply and demand). It’s how they advertise and stay in business and pay their employees. But a price gap THAT big…. that’s a bit over the edge.

  7. We just had a renewal Anderson consultation, for 13 windows , the premium uv, double pane and he quoted us 45,000 . A little to pricey for my taste, but anyways . That was the 1 year price , although if I did the special buy it now 20 % off and the 3 optioned 6.99% apr for a $735 monthly payment or the 18 month no charge , no interest, no down, but pay it all at 18 month is over. And the pay by credit card , check or money order. Well he presentation was very good but when pushed come to shove , he told us in the beginning he wasn’t like the other companies never trying to push us to buy , in the end that’s what exactly what happened. He tried a couple times . Finally i said no, I have to take the one year quote and and not the 30 day or today only special price.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Based on how often we hear feedback like that I assume that is part of their training. It’s funny that he knew in the beginning that he was going to do that, but he still tells you that he’s not. It’s a funny business.

      1. Any profitable business will work that way, free estimates cost money, maybe not to the customer but someone is paying, if the rep doesn’t have to come back WHY pay for that customer acquisition cost, it’s never about how many quotes you get, it’s about getting the right quote from the right company, saying yes to the products and price it puts a fuzzy warm feel in your gut telling you is the right thing to do.
        Otherwise “tire kickers” will just waste salesmen time by getting a quote after quote after quote.

        Window dog, I’ve follow and read many articles you wrote, more than have of your opinions and data is accurate but I must say some things you have here may confused an overwhelmed homeowner, I don’t think there was massive research on your part, don’t get me wrong, I think you’re doing the best for your readers but I also feel like sometimes you’re bias on your recommendations, one things is an opinion another one is posting an article that may make a poor product look good or a great product sound mediocre.

        1. thewindowdog says:

          We certainly don’t need to agree on everything. I know plenty of profitable businesses who are happy to give customers time to consider their options. I don’t think putting artificial time pressure on a customer is a requirement to running a successful business.

          I usually think it’s a sign that the company knows their offering doesn’t compare well. If it really is a good value why not give the customer a month to decide and then let them email in their contract? The only reason I can think to make the process artificially difficult is that you know if the customer thinks it over they’ll likely decide not to buy the windows. To me that’s a sign of a bad deal. Other people might come to a different conclusion.

  8. Just found your site. Thanks you for educating consumers. It’s a jungle out there.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Ha, it sure can be. Happy to help out.

  9. Ray Hockensmith says:

    I will need to replace 7 casement windows probably in the fall of this year. My problem is I live in a small rural community in Missouri and the brands you seem to recommend most are all located in kC or ST Louis, both about 125 miles away. I am looking at mid priced windows and probably be in our present home for at least 10 years. Would love your suggestions as all I seem to locate in nearby Columbia are ones you don’t think highly of ,thanks for any hep you can provide

  10. It’s never about pressure, it’s about being comfortable, if a customer needs time so be it, if they need a year then fine, if they found what they want and the homeowner wants to get started sooner than later, why not save some money along the way

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Because there is no difference in cost to the company. The only reason they’re presenting the pricing that way is to artificially introduce pressure on the customer. Why couldn’t you leave the contract for the customer to email you when they decide? You could do that, you don’t because you think they won’t do it. Why won’t they do it? Maybe because they’ll figure out this isn’t the great deal it was cracked up to be.

      Lots of companies do things that way and they can operate any way they want. I think we shouldn’t pretend we don’t know the reason why.

      1. I agree with you that anything more than 3 – 5% off at the time of quote is contrived. But it is not a scam. Companies that cover more than one or two zip codes offer that incentive because the homeowner has ALL of the information at that moment – and so does the sales rep. Why not ask them if they are ready to get the project started today? That’s not pressure. It’s good business. If you find a coupon for something that you want to buy and it expires today, wouldn’t you want a better deal? The sales rep isn’t selling windows so much as they are selling a project that may have other costs besides the window and some caulk. Multiple visits cost the rep/company money. A “get off the fence” incentive of 5% is reasonable. Dropping a price by more than 25 to 30% from the one year price is certainly disingenuous, in my opinion. As you know, there are many variables in the window products being used in these projects and an informed homeowner will know if the price is a good value or not.

        1. thewindowdog says:

          I’m all for asking for the sale. I sold cars in college and my best closing strategy was to just ask people if they were ready to drive this car home at the end of a test drive. You’d be surprised how often they’d look at each other and say, “yeah, I think so”. Car sold.

          The challenge that we’ve found in offering a small discount like that in this business is that is that it’s not enough to push people over the edge into buying. 3% of a $5k contract is $150, not a lot. They still think it over and then when (if) they call you back to place the order they ask you for the discount again. You can tell them no, but that makes you the bad guy or you can tell them yes and that makes you a liar. It just doesn’t work well. They might ask to mail or email or fax the paperwork back so they can get the discount without you making a second trip, which you might be ok with or you might want to just go get the deal signed right away.

          I’m sure different companies operate differently, but for us that strategy didn’t make us or our customers very happy. It takes a bigger discount to get someone to buy who wasn’t already ready to buy and to do that you need to inflate your original prices higher and doing that makes you look just like everyone else.

          At least that’s what we found. Your mileage may vary as they say.

      2. Craig Polman says:

        I can’t see how a company who has to come back twice isn’t spending more of that company’s resources in doing so. They can’t be in 2 places at once. Of course there’s extra costs. Thanks for providing so much great info, but this notion that it costs the company the same defies simple business economics 101. I agree with almost everything you say, but you should reconsider that position. I would estimate that a company may save 15-20% (my guess) on just being able to serve another client since they can’t be in 2 places at the same time. You wouldn’t have to know anything about the industry to see the logic in that.

        1. thewindowdog says:

          Hi Craig, that’s the line they’ll give you but it’s just not how it works. The typical window salesman doesn’t work 8 hour days. They have plenty of time to run back to pickup a contract or the customer could always drop it in the mail or sign online. Don’t believe the sales hype.

          1. I am a window salesman and I work 8-10 hours a day when you add in drive time, customer service and paperwork. You could sign contracts via mail and online but thats bad business because its best to do it in person so you can walk your clients through the details which is important for all parties involved. In addition its best to sign it at home because that entitles them to the legal three day period of cancellation for any in home consultation and thats the law. If you sign in a store you dont have that protection at all.

          2. thewindowdog says:

            Hi Vince, thanks for writing. That’s a funny way to explain cancellation rights.

            You can let people cancel anytime they want to and you can include that in your contract. If the company you work for doesn’t let people cancel their orders after three days or if the contract wasn’t signed at the house that’s because your company has decided to limit the customers rights. It’s not because a contract signed electronically can’t be a better deal for the customer.

          3. Vince, I’m a part time window salesman and that is total bs. I mean, you can believe that all you want; either way it still reeks of poop. I bought my home through electronic signatures and so have a vast majority of today’s home owners. Next

  11. I live in Orlando and i was looking to get my windows replaced I sat with Renewal by Anderson the gave me a quote for 54,000 for about 10 window project and they offered me a today price of around 27k. Salesmen was really nice till it came to the price and began to push and wouldnt give me time to think about it. But he did give me a lot of information and made me feel that the other companies offer bad products. Anyone have any suggestions of a company that makes good windows that are great for the Florida heat. My windows are 20 years old and time for a change and the Salesmen from Renewal by Anderson was saying that there are signs of moister damage

    1. thewindowdog says:

      Remember that the other companies don’t offer bad products. The salesperson may have been doing some creative storytelling.

      1. Hey thanks your probably right..The main thing was he made it seem like all other companies use vinyl which he made pretty clear is a terrible material to have especially with all the Florida heat

        1. thewindowdog says:

          Yeah, that’s what they tend to do. It’s not based in reality as millions of vinyl windows are installed in hot climates with no trouble, but sometimes a pushy window salesman won’t let the truth get in his way. They can be very determined.

  12. Peter Cartman says:

    Thank you for the article. The estimate after 5 hours with a sales rep? Over $150,000 brought down to $110,000 due to today’s discounts, only good for today. I know those numbers seem insane, right? Unfortunately they still are insane but also accurate in the state of Alaska.

  13. Sounds like you don’t like dealing with people in general.

    If our economy revolved around the procrastinating nature of most consumers without influence from sales professionals, we would be a third world country. Everyone reading this bought everything they have because they were SOLD on the value of it.

    Homeowners are mad because professionals hear the same excuses on why you don’t want to move forward and 9/10 it’s not because of finances, its the anxiety of decision making and the ego of “losing to the big bad salesman”.

    Why deal with a mechanic, who are also notorious hustlers, when your car breaks down? Why not DIY since he’s going use “sales tactics”?

    If you want a window job done without dealing with anybody then just DIY. Problem solved.

    1. thewindowdog says:

      We would be a third world country if it weren’t for pushy in-home salespeople? I love that you’re saving us from that fate. Thanks for your service.

  14. Rex Corgan says:

    I recently had a salesman come and look over my window project. He was a nice enough guy. We did a walk around and took some measurement. We sat down at the picnic table where he showed me the brochure. He did not bring a sample to show me. He did tell me, based on my question, that a 2 lite slide window would be cheaper replacement than 2 side by side double hung windows. He made a call to his boss to see if a 3 panel bay window could replace a 4 panel bay window.
    All was good, nice conversation and not pushy. Then came the buy today price of 9000. I told him I wasn’t going to commit today. He then proceeded to write a 30 day price of 11,600 and that they are supposed to be getting a price increase soon, but I could lock in that price.
    Two days later his boss called to see how he did, asked if he showed me a sample window and blah blah blah. He set another appointment up for the next day so my wife and I could see said sample and see what they could do to make it more affordable.
    After discussing this with my wife, (she was not present when the salesman was there) she felt that it was a little shady. Thinking it was intentional that I wasn’t shown a sample so they could come back with a lower price.

    So I had a $9000 today only price (and it had to be cash because it would cost them money to finance that amount.)
    I had a $11,600 30 day price that I needed to lock in before the price increase.
    And I had a boss call to “see if we can make it more affordable”
    The price they gave me apparently isn’t their best price. And all this without seeing what kind of quality I was buying.
    P.S. I have also received a better price with a much better warranty

    1. thewindowdog says:

      I would defininltey look elsewhere. If they start out being tricky it’s a sign that they’re not going to be too helpful down the road either. There are plenty of great window companies out there, no need to deal with someone who won’t treat you well.

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