The “neighborhood discount” and other replacement window tricks

window salesman scams and tricks

So perhaps you recently had a knock on the door from a friendly local kid.  He was all excited to tell you about a neighborhood discount that a local remodeling company was offering.  They were working nearby and they were offering a discount to any of the neighbors who wanted to have a similar project completed while they were here. They could see you had older windows so they wanted to offer their services.   Once they finish that project and leave the area the great pricing will be gone.

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BEWARE: This is NEVER a good deal.  

Remember the first rule of avoiding a contractor’s tricks: you NEVER need to sign up immediately.  Of course they’re trying to use your fear of missing a “great deal” to entice you to sign up without giving the project the proper consideration.

Think about it this way.  The workers need to get up every day and leave their houses to come to work.  They’ll drive to your house or your neighbors house or a house across town.  It doesn’t make any difference to them.  Work is work and windows are windows.  If they work in the same neighborhood every day they still need to drive there each day (unless you’re letting them sleep over).

When you get that knock on the door you should thank that kid for letting you know.  What he’s effectively told you is that this company is the type to pull marketing tricks and you’ve now learned that you should avoid them.

If you’re the type who likes to have a little fun, ask him where they’re working in the neighborhood and tell him you’re going to go by tomorrow to see the workers.  They’re probably not working nearby at all.  This is just something they tell folks to make you feel like this is a great deal.

Take a look through some of our other posts on common replacement window sales tricks and keep an eye out for an upcoming post on the most effective ways to get a great deal!

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6 thoughts on “The “neighborhood discount” and other replacement window tricks”

  1. Have talked to two window companies. First said he would give discount because it was first visit. Asked if we could have time to talk about, he said it would not be fair to everyone else.
    Second company just happened to have a rebate because someone else’s deal did not go through. We declined.
    Rep from second called a week later. She said the vice president was going to be in the neighborhood. She said we may be able to get a big discount.

    1. Ha. Just keep saying no and the price will magically keep going down. Or find a company that treats people well and the price will be fair from the beginning.

  2. I just got finished running a saleswoman through the ringer. She wasn’t able to explain to me why the deal isn’t valid after the evening they come out. She was no match for me. Poor gal.

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