Vytex Window Warranty Review

Vytex windows reviews

Is the Vytex window warranty any good? We’ll find out here. It’s always important to consider the warranty when looking for new windows. Everyone hopes to never have a problem but issues can come up and a good warranty can make all the difference.

In my opinion, the Vytex window warranty will be a little weaker than some others because they’re a relatively small window manufacturer. Over the nearly 20 years I’ve been in this business I’ve seen many smaller window manufacturers vanish leaving all of their customers with no warranty at all and no access to replacement parts. That’s not ideal.

I don’t have any inside info into the finances at Vytex and I hope they’re doing great, but there is a risk there that shouldn’t be ignored.

What does the Vytex window warranty cover?

The Vytex warranty looks pretty good. It’s a lifetime warranty that is transferable when you sell the house. That’s relatively common in the replacement window business so this is good, but not really remarkable.

They do cover glass breakage and the glass breakage portion of the warranty is also transferable. That’s a nice feature, many manufacturers don’t do that.

Hardware and moving parts are also covered for as long as you own the house.

What doesn’t the Vytex window warranty cover?

There are some important limitations to the warranty that are important to understand. You can tell by reading them that they’ve dealt with the same type of warranty claims that everyone else also gets.

For example, they make clear that condensation and/or frost build up on the interior of the glass is not a warranty issue. It’s true that this is generally an HVAC issue, but I would say that’s not the case 100% of the time. Here’s the section.

Vytex window warranty limitations and exclusions.

They also do not cover caulking which is very standard. Caulking is usually part of a window installation, but it’s not part of the window so it would not be covered by the window manufacturer.

You’ll also see laminated and tempered glass are only covered for 10 years. It’s important to note that all patio doors have tempered glass. That means all of their patio doors only have a 10 year warranty on the glass.

You’ll also see the labor coverage is limited. If they installed the windows then they cover labor for 1 year. If another contractor installed the windows then there’s no labor coverage at all. You may not even know if they actually installed your windows as many of their customers will use their measure and install service and the installers will act like they work for the dealer rather than for Vytex. That part can get a little tricky.

What else isn’t covered?

Another notable exclusion is that crooked grids are only covered if they’re more than 1/8″ out of square. If the grids rattle inside the glass that’s not covered at all. I would say that’s not a big deal for 99% of customers, but occasionally there’s a customer who gets very concerned about both of those issues.

I would guess Vytex has dealt with enough of those folks over the years that they wanted to spell this out in the warranty. If you think you’d be concerned about grids that were 1/8″ out of square you might want to take note of that. See the exact wording below:

Vytex window warranty limitations regarding grids.

How do you transfer the Vytex window warranty?

When you do sell your house it’ll be a good idea to leave a copy of the warranty for the buyers so they can transfer the warranty. You can find the warranty on their website.

The warranty needs to be transferred within 60 days of the sale of the property. It’s also worth noting that the warranty on the insulated glass gets worse when transferred. After 10 years from install the coverage is only 50% of the cost and there’s no labor coverage .

You probably won’t care about that since you’ve sold the house. The buyers of your house probably won’t even know about it until they make a claim. I’d say that’s not a huge deal.

What’s the bottom line?

Overall I’d say the warranty from Vytex is pretty decent. It has some important limitations, but you’ll see that from every company. The insulted glass coverage is good. The glass breakage coverage is also good.

If you decide to buy from them you are taking the gamble that they’ll be around for the long haul. If they’re not you might find yourself out of luck.

How can you find a great window company?

That part is easy.  Check this section for recommendations of window companies all over the country. There’s no better way to get new windows. You can find my company here and you can find recommendations of other companies in other parts of the country here.

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  1. We bought 19 windows from window nation 12 of the windows when we unlock them the window will raise about 6 to 12 inches. There service is bad we had to contact the bbb just to get a response. So six months later they are replacing the lifting springs now the window frames are distorted but for 14 k you would of thought you was getting something that was checked at the factory before being installed. We s see the not a bit happy with this entire process for the price we’ve paid.

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