Vytex Windows Complaints – What’s Wrong?

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When you’re shopping for new windows you’ll find complaints out there about almost everyone. It’s certainly possible to find Vytex windows complaints and it’s important to understand what is often causing these customers to be so unhappy.

What causes Vytex windows complaints?

There could be a few causes, but one is probably the fact that Vytex installs windows for many of their dealers without the customers knowing about it. The fact that Vytex does the installations ins’t bad, but the fact that many of their dealers will lie about this fact is cause for concern.

For example, years ago I was in the Vytex manufacturing plant picking up a sample and I overheard one of their customer service reps calling a customer. She said she was calling from one of their dealers to schedule a measurement appointment.

Obviously she was working for Vytex, not for the dealer, but the customer couldn’t have known that.

It’s strange to me that some window salespeople will lie to their customers about something so simple, but it happens all the time. The salesman says his company has the absolute best window installers when they actually don’t employ any installers at all. The salesman might also say that they never use sub-contractors when the manufacturer is hiring subs to install the windows.

In my experience this happens all the time.

Why does this cause Vytex windows complaints?

Usually the issue is communication. Since the salesperson only works for the sales company he probably doesn’t know anything about installation. The installers are usually subcontractors working for the manufacturer so they’re a few steps removed from the commission based salespeople.

These salespeople are often only focused on getting the order so they make their commission. Then the order gets turned over to the installers and the salesman goes on to the next sales lead.

How can you tell if a company is doing this?

It’s basically impossible to find out if this is happening. Everyone involved knows that they need to fib about this. The installers know that if you ask who they work for they need to say the dealer. The reps on the phone know that they need to say they’re calling from “Window Company X” when they call to make an appointment. It’ just the way the system works.

What’s the bottom line?

Overall I’d say this isn’t a huge issue. I do always suggest avoiding the high pressure commission based in-home salespeople. That’s true if you’re buying Vytex windows or any other brand.

If you get a good quality product from a company that will be honest with you from the start it’s likely you’ll get a good result at the end.

How can you find a great window company?

That part is easy.  Check this section for recommendations of window companies all over the country. There’s no better way to get new windows. You can find my company here and you can find recommendations of other companies in other parts of the country here.

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2 thoughts on “Vytex Windows Complaints – What’s Wrong?”

  1. I live in Burke VA and just finished having Presidential Exteriors install the Vytex Presidential model. Run! Do not walk away from this company ! I’m a senior citizen who did not do due diligence. But no one could begin to know how bad this is. Lousy felt on the edges. Vinyl plastic tablecloth like on the bottom edge that sunlight will probably destroy in a few years. The 1st day the crew wasn’t using a level or shims . The project manager said they didn’t need to. Frankly, now that they’re in, my using a level, the bubble turns out to be within the rectangle on the level. The windows go up and down all smoothly though. How is this possible? The big disappointment is the window itself wasn’t the full size of the cavity. I waited for them to put foam or some insulation in the extra space. But the design is to use the metal cladding create a new fake width of the frame. But it’s filled with air. The removal of the storm windows and old wood windows destroyed much of the old surround frame the window sits in. Is this normal? The metal cladding has been glued onto the facia boards. I can’t begin to imagine how that could be removed.I admit to not doing any due diligence although for years I watched This Old House. ( I only now recall there were different levels of quality window – vinyl, fiberglass, covered wood-and R factors. but at the time my husband and I , facing possible assisted living and wooed by “we’ll give u a discount if u sign today”- thought any improvement would help sell the house.) there was no effort to add a vapor barrier to protect the wood sill. The screen sits on top of the weep holes. In sum, We got a sliding door and new ProVia steel front door along with 21 double hung windows – plus another ProVia backdoor not installed ( It was originally thrown in for free by the salesman. When I tried to change the style to the existing style of back door, they wanted $500 for a change order. So I have this door in a box which I’ll try to sell. Total tab $40,000. I don’t really know yet how the windows are going to hold up. I didn’t read the contract and the detail about new wood costing $12.50 a linear foot I only saw after they ripped off half the fascia board on the porch , garage and rear of the house. -where gutters hung. I just came out of the house the end of second workday and it was all gone, left open to the elements and animals for two days of light rain. With no effort to cover it up. It’s possible it needed to be replaced as the house is 35 years old and had an area with some persistent wood rot. I’m not really sure how badly I’ve been had yet. The workmen were punctual. Worked hard through the day. I can’t fault their work ethic. I was wondering if the house would be put back together though when work stopped for rain. Also we signed a contract July 8, but didn’t start til November 28. I just don’t know what’s normal. It knocks u off kilter, having paid$13k as a down payment and wondering if that’s the last u will see of them. I’m pretty sure we overpaid and don’t have the final bill. Not sure if I can expect a reduction in price. Painful

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