Now remember, I generally really like sales consultants.  I post videos like this because I think you might want to know what kinds of maneuvers are being taught by the home improvement sales trainers out there.

When you’re inviting a sales person into your house you may think they’re just there to measure the windows or to give you a bid.  In reality they’re likely to be trained professionals who have worked on their closing strategies and have practiced all of the possible scenarios so they can close the deal tonight.

Of course this is the old fashioned way of doing business, but it’s out there and it’s happening every day.

You don’t need to deal with companies that use these maneuvers, but it can be hard to figure out who the good guys are.  If you’d like you can check out our list of great window companies from around the country here.

For now, check out this funny video on the you deserve it close.  Maybe you should buy those new windows before you die.  Ha.

These guys are really still out there training salespeople at some of the largest home improvement companies in the country.  I suppose it’s good for my company that so many people still act like it’s 1970, but it’s bad for our industry as a whole when salespeople are too pushy and aggressive.

Have a question or comment, post it below.  You can also find our explanations of other common sales tactics and replacement window reviews here.  Want to get a quote from a reputable company?  Find our list of fantastic window companies here.

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2 responses to “What is the You Deserve it Close?”

  1. Ka Wi Avatar
    Ka Wi

    Believe it or not, I had a psychotherapist use this one on me!
    Since I was there to try to find resources to help my aging parents face the challenges they were facing at that time, internally I translated this to “my family deserves whatever sacrifice I need to make in order to get help for them to make it through this difficult time”.
    I really was NOT there because “I deserve it” – – I was there because my family deserved
    getting the help they needed. After my father ended up getting surgery, and then dying from pneumonia while in rehab, I stopped going to see the psychotherapist.

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