Alside Centurion Windows Reviews

Alside Centurion windows reviews

The Alside Centurion windows are a REALLY old design.  They use mechanically fastened corners on the frames and sashes rather than welded corners that have been the industry standard for years.

Alside Centurion reviews cost price
Alside Centurion window design

Alside custom manufactures a full range of replacement windows and the Centurion is the bottom of the line offering.  In fact, it’s about to be discontinued as the new Alside Fusion will take it’s place.

Alside Centurion reviews
Here’s a glamor shot of the Centurion window. Not all that glamorous after all!

Frankly, if you’re shopping for windows after 2002 and you’re considering the Alside Centurion you must be a price driven buyer.  That’s ok as we know price is an important factor for just about everyone.  Until the new Fusion comes out you might want to take a look at the Simonton 5050.  It’s also a price focused product, but at least you’ll get welded corners!

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7 thoughts on “Alside Centurion Windows Reviews”

  1. Window info my phone number is (phone number removed). Please call me rather than email as I have questions about your windows

    Thank you

  2. We bought from Alside 3-9-2002. At the time we purchased, we were shown 3 different Alside windows. WE were shown what the sales person described as their top window, which was triple paned, the median which was Centurion, and a lower level. We were assured that other than the difference of triple to double paned glass, the Centurion would be a good choice. We needed 31 windows. Almost immediately we began having issues with the seals failing (the first time was within 6 months). Since the first year, EVERY year we have failing seals. The company has replaced them . However, now they charge for an installer.
    Fast forward to 2017. Now the company who we purchased through tells me these were not really good windows and have been discontinued. Lucky us. The bottom line is as a realtor I am constantly being asked about replacement windows. I CAN NEVER RECOMMEND THIS BRAND TO ANYONE!! The local company we used were a nice family run business. However, they only sell this brand so I can’t recommend their company as well. I am not posting their name at this time because I don’t want to be vindictive and harm their business. However, this morning I was told how many windows they sell a year, quite a few, and unfortunately my experience is unlike any other. I’m sure this is true, but I am sorry I didn’t take them to task originally. Maybe they would have done what they should have, and explained that they found these to be defective windows, and replaced them with better windows. We operated in good faith from what we were told by their salesperson. We had no knowledge about windows and we sat for over 2 hours with this man to make what we thought was an informed decision. What a mistake!!

    1. You should keep in mind that there were very few things you could have bought in 2002 that would still be available unchanged today. It’s true that the Alside Centurion window has been discontinued. I don’t think that should come as too much of a surprise considering the time that has passed.

      It’s good to hear that they’re still honoring your warranty. I would expect that they would as they have a reputation as a company that stands behind their products.

      I don’t really understand the exclamation points. You bought mid-range windows 15 years ago, had a warranty issue and the company honored the warranty. Seems like that would make someone happy.

    2. Hi, I am curious what company this is.
      I am in the process looking for a window manufacturer and installer and I don’t want to make the same mistake in choosing a lesser quality window. The price he quoted is for Alside windows and the price he gave me I am assuming are the lowest quality.
      You can email directly if you don’t mind.

  3. I purchased windows, Centurion, and replaced some windows twice. Seals gone, windows permenantly fogged. The company who installed now says the warranty ended and i cannot replace anymore. My front picture seal is gone and completely fogged. Where can I find manufactures warranty??? I don’t need installation but I need new windows.

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