ClimaTech efficiency packages explained

ClimaTech Glass Options Explained

If you’ve recently heard a sales pitch for Alside windows you’ve probably heard all about ClimaTech glass. What is ClimaTech, is it good, are there different packages available?

it’s not the easiest topic, but I’ll try to break it down without getting too complicated.

What is Alside ClimaTech glass?

ClimaTech is the catchy name that Alside uses for their energy efficient glass packages. There are MANY available packages so don’t think that they’re all the same. There’s ClimaTech PriME, ThermD, Elite, TG2, SC, TK2 and many more.

The best way to understand the ClimaTech glass options

When trying to make sense of the efficiency options it’s helpful to remember that there are basically only 4 ingredients in an insulated glass package.

components of climatech glass
Here you can see the basic components of a glass package. The Low-e glass, the Spacer, and the Gas fill.

First, the type of coating on the glass

There are 3 types of low-e glass available. Low-e is a coating that is applied to the glass to block the sun. There’s SolarBan 60, SolarBan 70 and one they call S3 which stands for surface three. Now there’s another called S4 which is on the inside of the house. They can also combine the SolarBan 60 and 70 packages into one glass unit just to make it a little trickier.

The labeling looks like this:

  • SolarBan 60 = ClimaTech
  • SolarBan 70 = ClimaTech Elite
  • S3 = ClimaTech S3
  • S4 = ClimaTech S4
  • SolarBan 60 on 2 surfaces of glass = ClimaTech 2

Second, the spacer between the panes of glass

The spacer separates the two or three panes of glass. There are three spacer options, Intercept, Stainless Steel and a foam type called Super Spacer.

The labeling looks like this:

  • Intercept = ClimaTech
  • Stainless Steel = ClimaTech ThermD
  • Super Spacer = ClimaTech Plus

Next, the type of gas in-between the panes of glass

Gas in-between the panes of glass is heaver than air and increases efficiency. There are two types of gas available Argon and Krypton.

The labeling looks like this:

  • Argon = All packages unless otherwise noted
  • Krypton = K

The K stands for Krypton. Any package without a K is using argon gas.

Finally, the number of panes of glass

In most replacement windows you can order double pane or triple pane glass.

The labeling looks like this:

  • Double pane = all packages unless otherwise noted
  • Triple pane = TG2 or TK2

Any package with a T is triple pane. The T stands for triple.

That’s it. If you’re still with me you’re probably going to understand the options. Every available package will be a combination of the components listed above.

Here are a few examples of the combinations to help you prepare for the quiz:

Based on the info above you can identify any package.

ClimaTech = SolarBan 60 glass, intercept spacer, argon gas, double pane

Climatech Elite = SolarBan 70 glass, intercept spacer, argon gas, double pane

ClimaTech ThermD TG2 = SolarBan 60 glass on two surfaces (2), stainless steel spacer (ThermD), argon gas, triple pane (T).

ClimaTech Plus = SolarBan 60 glass, super spacer (plus), argon gas, double pane

ClimaTech ThermD TK2 = SolarBan 60 glass on two surfaces (2), Stainless spacer (ThermD), Triple pane (T), krypton gas (K).

Are you seeing the pattern?

If you know the labels they use for the different ingredients then you can tell what is included in every package just by the name.

If you’ve heard about an Alside glass package that doesn’t make sense from you it’s aways possible the salesman was confused. Those guys sometimes seem to be doing their best to make the process harder. Feel free to post a question and we can help to make sense of anything.

You’ll probably also want to know what packages make sense for you. We’ll work on that content, for now just post a comment below with your situation and we’ll be happy to help out.

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9 responses to “ClimaTech Glass Options Explained”

  1. Glenn Avatar

    I just received a quote for ( 5 ) L201 fusion double hung climatech elite windows for approx. $3700. Each window is approx. 35.5 x 34.75. We live outside of Phila. Is this a reasonable price and are they good quality windows?
    Thank you

    1. thewindowdog Avatar

      Hi Glenn, those aren’t particular nice windows. They’re the lowest quality Alside replacement window that is made today. If you’d like another option my company can send you a quote online with no pushy salesman for a significantly nicer product. We’ve been offering windows in your area for a long time.

      The main downsides to the Alside Fusion windows are the high air infiltration rates, meaning they let in a lot more air when closed and locked than other options. They also use low quality screens that are more likely to bend and break. They were designed to be a cheap option so you get cheap results. It’s just not a great choice.

      To get pricing and product info by email for another option check this section. Depending on what is involved in your order the pricing won’t be too much different but the window quality will be on a different level.

      Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

  2. Big M Avatar
    Big M

    I got a quote today for x4 Double Hung Climatech Plus windows with a 35×46″ dimensions. The quote was $5800 and $5330 if paid in cash. From posts earlier, this seems like quite a lot…..

    I live in central IL

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